Are You Ready to Be Seen?

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Art by Anne Salvie

Hello love…

Hello, human being, who is remembering…

Remembering WHO TF YOU ARE.


I hope this message finds you well.

It’s quite a time in history…

Here’s the transcription for this video below…

So pretty. I don’t know if you guys can see all those birds or hear them.

Sending you love.

Crystal Aryana here.

I’m just walking through, actually on my last walk through my neighborhood. I’m so glad you could join me.

Look at all those beautiful birds. You might see them behind me.

And I wanted to come out here with the next couple of videos and send them out amongst this move that we’re going through cause things are a bit hectic right now.

So I’m kind of bringing you along just in my spare moments and just wanted to share a little bit because there’s so much heaviness that’s coming up for me that I have to take accountability with.

Okay. So I guess I’ll organically kind of move here more than ever, sharing some vulnerable stuff that’s going on with me accountability-wise.

But just to catch up from the last video, if you didn’t see it, I’ll put it in the email.

Just click on it and watch it in your own time, but I’ll shorten it up. It’s basically if you feel called, there’s no more time to wait.

You know, not waiting on the things that we desire that we authentically you’re in for, you know, following our intuitions without delay, you know, putting aside our differences, et cetera.

Really uniting with ourselves, uniting within, which is really how we claim our power into sovereignty, into untrapping our soul. Right. Freeing our soul.

Ooh, I’m shaking. I can feel this transmission to sit by you, tree. Thank you.

Oh goodness. Hi, lovely. I know there’s so much heaviness releasing.

It’s hard to not read some of the stories of what’s happening around the world and not, you know, for me, I was deeply crying in the shower just over the things that I at the same time feel so grateful for, but I don’t understand why others in the world are in such a completely different spot, such innocent souls.

And my heart has blown apart and I wanted to share a bit on, sorry, guys. I wanted to share a bit on what is really showing up for me and just trusting myself in this moment.

But a lot of it has to do with facing accountability. We have the ability to have a lot more impact than we realize on our world and how we are showing up for others, for ourselves in it, and not abandoning ourselves.

Everything to do with our own sovereignty, our own union.

And I wanted to give you guys a few days to watch the last video. Because it was very much raw and in the moment like any video that I shoot from here. And I got to really feel in the moment.

So if you are in pain, I am holding you. And I want to show how to hold it… because I know many don’t have the option to align to more ease and grace.

And I feel like there is stuff coming up in the future where we’re going to have to ground in our light, even in the darkness.

We’re going to have to focus even during distraction. We’re going to have to show up in our own truth even in distortion.

And to really embody, anchor our voice, embody our being, embody our light, know ourselves, know our own energetic hygiene, know our core authentic values, and to just really know ourselves authentically is such a life journey.

I can feel this so much.

Yeah, loves, the time is now to stand in our heart and truth. I’m so sorry for crying.

I’m going to keep these videos as succinct as I can from here, but yeah, it is time to stand in our heart and stand in our truth.

And what do I mean by that? I’m meaning all the ways that I am abandoning myself still, all the ways that I’m collapsing instead of initiating.

This has everything to do with sacred wound into sacred union, generational curses into generational wisdom, and to understanding and to opening up the portal of conversation.

Oh man, accountability… really feeling that one. Let’s talk about that. I feel like I need to move my body for this.

Where do I begin with this? I feel like the, okay, first the whole plan is reorganizing power within. I feel like I’ve been going through so much restructuring.

It wasn’t just me not being able to know how to digest the messages I was getting from my soul, from spirit from, from God.

However you see god… mother god, father god, I feel there’s both energies, the Trinity, but solar energy, solar energy, God.

I feel there’s so much about anchoring this light in our bodies and really how we understand and recognize our already-existing power that is inside of ourselves.

For me, stripping back allowed me to turn things up and allow myself to see a bit more clearly.

Not publicly sharing for a while, allowed me to get more grounded in the physical life with the things that I need to embody deeper in the foundation of my family and the foundation of my business and the team, the people that I hire, or the teams that I’m working with.

Oh man, I, and I, and I asked for it. I asked to meet accountability this summer, like May, June.

You know, in ways of prayer and connection and just overall openness. I felt closer to God than I’ve ever felt in my life this summer.

And I asked him to show me my stuff, show me all my unhealed stuff. Show me my wounds. I want to face my own union.

I asked for it to take accountability. I started getting out a couple of weeks later, this needing to take a full operation of my entire being, what I’m doing in life, in everything in full mode of soul authenticity.

And that I can’t be afraid. I can’t be hiding parts of what I’m going through or what I’m experiencing as the world is going through what it’s going through.

I can’t be afraid to voice things and it’s not that I’m judging others and what they are doing with themselves or their body. Absolutely not. It’s that.

I’m with organic architecture. I stand for what is organic and for Christed Christos, Christic organic light and not synthetic, not dead energy, not dead light.

And I asked for what is standing in the way of making my life more balanced in the foundations of my family all the way throughout my business so I can stay consistent.

And I asked for, to be triggered, to have all of what’s in my way to come forward so I can move my life forward from here, even from the trauma I’ve experienced in the past and fully bringing it to the present, healing these generational curses through opening the conversation, through opening the portal, through allowing myself to trust what it is that I need so I can land what it is.

I most authentically desire. So I asked for these triggers to pull to the surface of what else I need to move forward. I asked to, to be attacked to give me the projection so I can sit in the mirror and see myself, you know, just a bit more deeply.

And I feel like I got my butt kicked a little bit, definitely humbled and I didn’t know how to really process. This is a busy road. I’m going to walk this way.

I didn’t really know how to process some of the messages I was getting because it’s going to come down to a process of disintegration.

And I’ll talk about this later, but you’ll remember this in future videos that there’s going to be a mulching down process of the old.

And we have to, we can’t be afraid even in the fear we have to stand in the now in what we’re creating now.

So I feel like, yeah, I’ve been getting my butt kicked a lot at the end of this summer and last couple of years, but really culminating around my shells of protection…

Around my pride, especially around my pride and how it’s gotten in the way, of how my pride is getting in the way of receiving my own love or grace (growth).

That’s all culminates down to how I feel about being a better mother, being a better wife, being a better person in society, to even be offering anything to anyone.

And as always, I’ve always mentioned in previous energy updates that I’m not here to guide anyone I’m here just as a person, as you guys already know.

And I’m just sharing my journey and sharing insights. And, yes, I’d love to do astrology updates again and everything, and that’s all going to happen, but I’m putting together the right team and I’m not settling anymore on anything.

And that’s where I’m at. I mean, I need to be patient and do the work.

But back to my pride, I’m not trying to condemn anything, by the way, when I say my pride or let’s look at that… I’m really meaning… I have to slow down.

I’m really meaning that what’s getting the shells that I have that’s getting in the way of me expanding.

Now let’s look at that from a really compassionate place. Because I’m not coming from a place of shutting it down or demonizing or condemning.

I’m coming from a place that is being with, that is opening, opening the portal, the curious, innocent conversation or eyeballs like I’ve talked about in history.

It could be because pride really is just simply a defense mechanism that’s built to protect us. It’s stemming from what we’ve been through. It’s stemming from childhood.

And, yeah, we live in a world that supports and advertises and encourages all these different, you know, ill-fated coping mechanisms, right.

That has to do with siphoning our soul, right versus anchoring in our own body and light and own sustainability and real strength.

So I feel like so much instead of protecting myself, I really need to allow it to be seen realizing more.

It’s less about hiding the wound. It’s more about keeping the channel open so we can open up a new way so we can express constructively.

You know, is it helping or is it harming? I’m asking myself that more and more, even in how I’m emoting.

You know, the stories I’m tapping into about what’s happening in the world. And you know, either I can help or I can’t.

I’m going to release this in the future, but I’m going to donate a big portion of all proceeds to a couple of certain groups that I’ve been taking the last almost 40 days to research.

And I’m going to tell you guys about this in the future because I would love you guys all to participate with me cause I know that even the small things, even the small actions, make a difference and they can grow and I trust and I believe that.

So yeah, I feel like many are feeling a lot of rage or deep meltdowns, the deepest triggers coming to the surface.

And I feel, it felt like I asked for this medicine and I got it. And that was like this period that I went through that I didn’t know how to communicate.

And when I sent out that last video to you guys, it all culminated to fully stand in my being and to trust.

And so I’m going to let you guys in on these energy updates a bit more closely and intimately, so you guys can really see and feel what it is I’m going through and not just a big, long update.

So I’m going to break it up also so it’s easier to digest. So, yeah, accountability is where our power is, guys, and we need to be in it in our bodies.
And I love you guys so much. I’m going to connect it or cut it off here and connect in the next video. I respect your time and I love you guys so much.

And I appreciate you. I’ll see you in the next video. Thank you for taking this walk with me.



Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

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  • WE ARE BEING REBORN IS WHAT YOU SHARED WITH US AND I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOU. Your tears are the BAPTISM in water. Our hearts have been eating the bad fish of emotional distress caused by the ship masters of this world that have been feeding the children of CREATION prisoned fish. We DO NOT WANT TO EAT THEM ANY MORE. I AM WITH YOU-YOU AM I WITH. LETS KEEP SWIMMING TOGETHER UNTIL WE DANCE ON A NEW OCEAN FLOOR. LOVE-LOVE.

  • David says:

    Hello , you are hurting for many reasons and on many levels , peace be with you , know this one phrase caught my attention

    “You must become comfortable with the discomfort of the Unfamiliar in order to Grow…”
    it is the most important statement , embrace the unfamiliar , and make it yours .

    peace , love , light , David

    • Tiffany R says:


      Funny.,.. yesterday I was reading Crystal’s update and copied this quote “You must become comfortable with the discomfort of the Unfamiliar in order to Grow…” and saved it on my computer. I was reading Crystal’s newest today post and on the side of the page I saw your name and “Are you Ready to be Seen.” It caught me eye because I am working on fully being seen on a few things… I click on your name and it opens to your comment above, and as soon as I open I see you referenced the same quote that also caught my eye.

      I hope this makes sense how or why I a writing, but I love these reminders that we are meant to see….

  • Noland+Steven+Williams says:

    Thank you for the very insightful words, needed to hear them.

  • Loretta says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I appreciate the pureness of your heart. There aren’t many with a heart like yours. Your messages have given me comfort, a kick in the rear and assurance. My entire being is in chaos right now. My whole world has fallen apart. You’ve shared many things I needed reminded of. Keep looking up! Blessings girl!

  • Tina says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    I really needed this. Last year my son of 26 yrs old died in an accident, believe me I knew 6 months before that something was going to happen. My heart broke and on friday my bestfriend my partner for 20 yrs died. I seen the signs but did not connect them to him until the last month. Another piece of my heart is gone with him. Not easy to move forward but I know i need to face my fears of living alone for the first time. I will keep watching your videos as you are amazing and again thank you

  • Good evening honey crystal Aryana, in your vedio i keep some good feel and understandable things. Sometimes from your eyes the Happy tears seems. Anyhow very good message, advice and overcome good in heart and mind. Wish you all the success in your way.

  • Nerida Winters says:

    Thank you Crystal. Your honest and open truth is a huge help. It is a bit of a lonely existence feeling these feels but being in lockdown. Quite isolating. Particularly over the last two weeks I feel I have gone through the wringer. I don’t think I have ever felt so much fear for my loved ones and fear for the future. I have never felt so much grief or anxiety in my life. I have done A LOT of healing and continue to do so. I realise now that I can force nothing. What I can do is to share love, to still stand in the truth but to allow. I am ready to stand up when needed. I have been preparing programs for women which I will push forward and get out there. Thank you again for sharing and supporting us through that sharing, it is so greatly appreciated. All the best for your move.

  • Sarah Daley says:

    Crystal, i stand for organic , I have been asking to be pushed into my place . Idk what , how I don’t know where I am going wrong . Crystal, I know with every ounce of my being that my souls purpose is to fight this battle I know I am here for this transition. For some reason I am being held back , I don’t know how to push this transition m I have been shifting into this spiritual form this person of clarity and calling , now I am stuck. All progress has hauled , I don’t watch news , I cant It destroy me, I get sick , I take on too much from the news Miagrains take over .if you Can help please help me complete the , my depression has stopped me and this toxic relationship I deal with has constantly been hijacking my positive hopes and vibrations. I am being called forth and can’t seem to fucking move . My devine my spirit guides all 7 spirit animals and all of my protectors I need you . Hear me when I say I call you now I am telling you now I am here , I give you me … Show me the way and help me find my path now before it’s too late ? I trust in you and am giving you all my worries and fears . I am here.
    Crystal? What else can I do ? I feel it ALL coming , I hear
    things others don’t and I see things other people don’t and I feel Everything on a higher vibrational level. I don’t know what to do with it though if you have any advice please help me. Or if there is anything you can do to help please do . Thank you

  • Misty says:

    I just want you to know how you have touched my soul to inspire me and motivate me to do more, to reach out more, to live more in the moment and to help more people get to the same place, This has been a very challenging year, as my husband passed away. He had many health issues and his heart finally gave out. He told me he was going to die, it was very unsettling, but he knew somehow. He wanted to be at home and he was when the time came. I spent months crying, not eating begging God to take me too so I could be with my husband but it isn’t my time yet. I have been trying to figure out who I am and what my purpose is in the universe. I hope to find some answers. I really appreciate your videos and the way you speak from the heart.
    Thank you so much for being there for all of us and the universe. God bless you!

  • Tiffany Magnolia says:

    This was exactly what I needed to hear. I appreciate how real you are being and I know that takes a lot of courage. Your efforts are not in vain.
    There is a lot of truth here.
    Love You

  • Ani says:

    Thank you for being and doing what you do! I am learning about accountability myself! I am trying to right a lot of wrongs due to past karmic debts. Being extremely empathic towards situations has really been difficult, and hurtful to my psyche. I need to learn how to dispel the negativity. I feel I’m on the right path to help myself. Sending you much love your way on your journey!

  • Godwill says:

    Hii Crystal, i just Wana tell you that
    WHat you are currently experiencing right now, is so great, and I love the work that you are doing for us, as your clients,it really is awesome to give the journey a try, because after all I came to realize the fact that this recovery face, that is taking part in human is very very important n we need to make clear decisions for the year following this one, so that at the end of the day we don’t find ourselves struggling to obtain the things that are currently in good process for our sake, n also are willing to give us the unimaginable blessings that we have been seeking for quite some time now, n same time we do feel the process this Massive transformation,n truly speaking my lovely aryana , I’m willing to do what is right for me, but the thing is that I don’t really know exactly, what is it dat I have to consider at the moment, n what is it that you can offer as an idea, to me so I can be able to use it for my benefit and most importantly for others out der who are willing to embrace the good that’s hidden in the US.

  • Jean Trudgen says:

    Thank you sooo much, Crystal. The past two years have been a total disintegration of my old life. From being forced to retire, discovering that my only brother stole everything from my parents, my mother developing dementia, my brother kicking me out of parents house, moving 400 miles to be with someone, only to be dumped, my mother trying to kill me… and on and on… I know that this disintegration is necessary in order to be restructured. I realize that I have felt abandoned on every level and that I need to nurture and accept myself. Thank you for showing your vulnerability.

  • Niana says:


  • Andrew says:

    ….you are so beautiful Crystal, !!
    Be close to YOU, its the r/ship I personally never had the fkn faintest idea even existed. But God damn that ‘prick'(our Ego) always wanting to fkn make the HARD work it is already trying to ‘digest’ the ‘truth’ of ourselves that is of just YOU, just ME…our ‘true identity’!! Not this misnomer, ‘Ego’!
    But its tough now, emotions running high, youre coming from a place where you are trying to hard to define-its is what it is beautiful YOU, so gorgeous uncontrollably tearing up, the emotions you are feeling are that of a’new beginning for YOU’!! FK it is so so easy to let that prick ‘EGO’ back trying to be the spoiler lol!! It was so so much easier not knowing what you just realised Crystal
    Thinking about you with a helping hand to guide you in ‘true’ spirit of the ‘identity’ YOU just realised was laying almost dormant within the physical you. Sending you my Heart felt energy to assist you whenever you wish to call upon it x x

  • Antionette says:


  • Hi from Malaysia

    I feel you. I am going through the same walk in life for the past year. It’s painful. I asked Creator Source for the same that you asked.

    I thank you for sharing as you boosted my confidence to not stop and give up.

    Am still digesting the data I am receiving from “above”, coping and struggling with each moment to the next.

    I wish you love and light.

    Redza Shahwis
    Kuala Lumpur


  • Anne says:

    Thank you for being open and free. I too have been going through a change, almost like a snake shedding its skin and feel I am on the precipice of a perhaps rebirth or return to my true inner being. It is very humbling and exhilarating at the same time I don’t know how to explain it. Scared, thankful awed and deciding to ride the wave whatever. Trying hard to be positive and am most of the time although I have moments of despair and bringing myself back to having faith and belief and joy in all the opportunities and possibilities. Shine on Crystal. Felt your pain like my own. ❤️

  • Rich says:

    I have been feeling this calling my whole life but don’t exactly what it is or what to do, so I’ve been just waiting, being as kind and Inspirational and helping to people as much as I can. Idk. Sometimes I feel like I am not receiving the messages , no I know I have been missing the messages from the universe because it has to tell me directly so I can physically hear it in preset for me to realize it. Anyway I don’t even know where I’m going with this, but I know I do want the same thing that you asked to be shown to you and revealing the blockages. How can I do this? What did you say that made it actually start to happen? If you don’t mind sharing it I mean. Anyway thank you for your emails and your personal wisdom with the love you spread. You keep a lot more light alive on this planet then you think. May love and light be replenished in your being at this moment in time, and your personal power be multiplied ten fold for the war ahead…… thank you for your time reading this as well.


    Here Aryana is been a while how is Isabella doing i hope she is doing well i am sending her and you lot of love and inspiration energy to move forward and to let you know that everything will be fine a mean everything is already fine no need to worry at all what most be will be we can do this happen in a great way of how we want it GOD is there to guide and protect us towards our aims and ambition you don’t deserve to cry happiness and prosperity is our birth right already done ❤ i am sending you blessed love and light ✨always just keep on the great work that you doing everything will be fine already done you are beautiful and wonderful enough love you to life take care all is well Aryana the sun will always light on the blessed hearted people’s like you me and others God is great much love and light blessing always keep it up high vibes ❤

  • Lorenza says:

    Since August, my Twin Flame left me. I feel part of life is missing. I do the work. I am trying. I am sending light to the world and ahowing up by showing up for me. Myself. But there’s this F* sadness inside me! I am in pain.

    Thank you beautiful Ariana.


  • Hello my dear Twin Flame sister of mine.

    You are on the same path as me. The universe has plans for you and me.

    It is time for me to start my own business.

    Time to strike that cord and send out of my call.

    I know that it will be answered.

    Time to bring joy and happiness to the world as I do the same for myself.

    Much love and light and do what ever the f..k you r heart desires. Dream big amd be into the details

    Manifest your destination.




    • About your use of can’t
      . Be fearless. Never do something with the thoughts of that word.

      You will find yourself in a space of I don’t knows and give up notion.

      Always embark on a positive frame of mindfulness.

      I love you.


    • You say…

      Everything to do with our own sovereignty, our own union.

      We are not our own… at all… we are connected to each other. I know that I am on a path that is my destiny and my connection to the universe is like a puzzle 0piece that is my life as part of the whole universe.

      The aquarius blanket has been laid upon the universe to be certain that it is time to k M ow who we are. Not separate from each other. Connected with the universe.

      Much love


  • Hello my dear Twin Flame sister of mine.

    You are on the same path as me. The universe has plans for you and me.

    It is time for me to start my y own business.

    Time to strike that cors and send bsb out of y call.

    I know that it will be answered.

    Time to bring joy and happiness to the world as I do the same.

    Kuch LLP ove lo ight and what ever the f..k you want. Dream big amd bebinto the details

    Manifest your destination.



    • Your words of getting your hutt kicked…

      You are moving from one cycle of your life to a new one. Like the Phoenix who rises from the ashes. Let go of all the people places things thoughts that no longer serve you and as you say take accountability for that past life you have shredded and move to that which you know is your destiny. No more struggles
      Just joy and safety and family community.

      Love and light


  • Diana Decker says:

    Thank You for Loving me And Send Me The Video

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