The Portal Of Transformation Has Opened | Weekly Tarot Reading | 9/4 – 9/10

By October 4, 2020 Tarot Cards

Hello Sweet Friends, 

This is Jonathan with your Weekly Tarot Reading. 

You have entered the onset of a massive transformation which will continue for some time. Two powerful Major Arcana cards have arrived for you this week. They hold the energetic template for weeks, and possibly months, to come. 

These cards foretell potent transformation and new beginnings. The events they represent may shake up your life and push you beyond your comfort zone. Ultimately this is fantastic news. 

Many of us have been wading through a particularly unusual and stressful year filled with uncertainty, restrictions, and challenges. Luckily, this week marks the beginning of seeing through and moving beyond the mess. You hold in your hands the spark that lights the fire of transformation. 

It can be scary to step into your power and your truth after months, years, or even decades of playing small. However, the call for you to step forward is getting louder. I sense it will come naturally for you if you are willing to meet the fear and step through the threshold. 

Let’s take a look at your auspicious catalyst cards.

Card 1: Judgment | Karmic Completion

The Judgment card symbolizes a lifting of the veil. It represents your cosmic and spiritual up-leveling as a result of the work and integration you have been doing. Consider this a celebration. You are being reborn into a new way of perceiving life and yourself. The people and opportunities you will magnetize into your world will also be more aligned from this point forward. 

That being said, Judgment is often karmic, meaning ruled by cause and effect. If you have been avoiding the work you know you need to do, you may have a revelation about how your avoidance has negatively affected you. This insight might provide the loving kick in the bum you need to re-align with your true values. 

On the other hand, if you have been authentically attempting the work of transformation and soul development, this card marks a great breakthrough where what has felt like a great weight on your shoulders will be lifted. 

The Judgement card is calling you to align from toe to soul with the true values and gifts you were born to bring to the world in this lifetime. Take heart! The cosmos calling to you to pick up your sword, in service to your heart, and to truly commit to living at your highest level! 

Card 2: Five of Wands | Above the Chaos

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, when you align with your inner truth and raise your vibration, your environment and the people around you feel the shift as well. While we hope the people around us will congratulate and support our blossoming new self, we are often met with resistance and conflict instead. 

The Five of Wands represents conflict and fighting in your life. It may appear as competition, but more often it manifests as unnecessary arguments and tension. This can happen when you uplevel your life and hold better boundaries. The people around you have gotten used to a certain experience of who you are to them. There is an established pattern of how you relate. When you truly decide to honor your commitment to yourself and your higher purpose, it jostles their comfort zone and makes them aware of where they are compromising in their own lives. 

Your best move in this situation is to stay strong and steady.  Peacefully hold your ground, and pay them no mind. This is not a moment to fight back or stubbornly defend your position. Rather, stay with what you know to be true, and don’t get sucked into the drama they so dearly want to stir up. Instead, take a walk, or change the subject. Do whatever you need to stay centered in your own process. 

I know how tempting it is, especially when someone seems to be arguing or being disrespectful, to push back and defend yourself. Keep in mind, this type of energy will only drag you down if you engage with it. Instead, ‘do you’ and stay on target. 

Card 3: The Tower | Choosing Grace

You might feel some apprehension about the transformational symbol of The Tower, but in relationship to the Judgment card, it will show up in a gentle way. The Tower is a delicious card, in my opinion. It invites you to be willing to change at a core level.

The Tower represents upheaval, however it can be one dictated by grace if you’re willing to take an honest look at where life is leading you and what it is asking of you. The Judgment card offers a clear view of what is ready to be changed or perhaps what is already in the process of transforming. Now, with The Tower, you only need to trust and let go of the old way of doing things. 

This is a great time to find something to put your faith in that you can focus on to keep you aligned with what is true. You could create a sacred altar representing the positive qualities coming into your life. Or you may keep your vision more internal, by simply imagining what your future self looks and feels like, or what kind of environment you’ll be in. Perhaps your faith drops in a felt sense of your heart, or a feeling of wholeness you’ve experienced at some point in your life. Finding something to stay connected with will help make this transition easier. 

Life is coming in full force to dissolve what no longer belongs. If you’re willing to trust in this process, and let go, you will make it a beautiful, natural event. If you decide to continue to engage with the old, as in the Five of Wands, you’ll find yourself wrestling with unnecessary drama for no apparent reason. 

Remember, the Tower will fall whether you are willing to let go and flow with it, or if you fight with it from start to finish. Move with the energy happening now, and you will be able to build a new tower on a stronger foundation. 

Deep Roots

The ability to transform in a healthy way comes from the depth of your roots. This week, make a commitment to stay grounded. One way you can do this is to imagine you have roots reaching deep from your feet into the earth below you. 

You can sit or stand and imagine your roots, breathing awareness and attention down into them. As you walk throughout the day bring your attention to your roots. Thank your legs and energetic roots for keeping you connected to Earth. This practice will help you overcome any worry or uncertainty about your path forward.

This is also a particularly good week to choose what you can commit to for the coming months or year to stabilize your new vibration. It should be something simple you can add to your daily routine and won’t be difficult to accomplish regularly. 

An example is sitting for five or ten minutes in meditation each day if you’d like to start meditating. Or you could find an affirmation you resonate with, and practice it multiple times a day. Maybe it’s as simple as taking a walk when you get home from work. Whatever it is, this is a fertile time to plant an affirming and generative seed in your life. 

You are beautiful 🙂 

As always, In Service,

Jonathan Lionheart

P.S. What kind of storm are you weathering in your life right now? What’s your plan to make it through? Let me know in the comments below.

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Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • Jackie Jerles says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    Over the last couple of months, your readings have truly kept me together. As a frontline worker, life has been truly chaotic for me… as I know it is for everyone. Im not comparing my experience with anyone else, because we’ve all been effected in various ways.. but I’ve been extremely overwhelmed, exhausted and drained. I’ve sucked in so much negative energy, yet my coworkers have told me that they depend on me to be a positive for them.

    This, and your readings, have brought forth he reality, of how I have truly ignored myself and my inner child(ren) peace, love and a sense of security, by putting others’ needs, first.
    I m working hard to stay aware of my own needs and set boundaries. Its very interesting how people are pushing back when I do; so, I’m realizing how those that are not supportive of my boundaries, aren’t positive forces in my world.
    I struggle with letting go, mostly because my inner child(ren ) beg for acceptance that we never had growing up.. yet I can also identify the many, wonderful people I’ve come to know and developed a relationship, that I can call the family.

    I just want to share how your readings have been so powerful for me. Especially your reminder to remember my inner child(ren)… (btw, I consider various ages and stages of my childhood separately, ie early childhood, pre teen and teen, because their needs are different).
    Anyway, I just want to say thank you for helping through such a traumatic time by teaching me learn how I react, based on my unresolved feelings… empowering my whole being, and reminding me to love all the parts that are me

    You are truly gifted

    • Thank you Jackie, and thank you for being on the front lines and learning to navigate life in a conscious way. Such beauty. I love your understanding of your inner children, and resonate personally with that myself. I am often aware of how important gathering the ‘orphaned’ parts of myself is in order for me to feel whole. Thank you for your wisdom. –Jonathan

  • Donna DeNudt says:

    OMG! I fancy myself a writer; words are everything. I had a bad trip (not acid, an actual fall) almost a month ago. Talk about “grounding”! I broke my (dominant) R hand, bruised many other parts. I was walking very fast – lost and late for an apt. and looking at my phone (yes, we all know better). I was a music therapist, play guitar and had plans to do elder sing-along videos. “Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans”(J Lennon). I felt “adrift” but now I see I need to “go with the flow” and “BE HERE NOW” (Ram Das). Ha ha ha. Symbolism, metaphor, metaphysical seem to come crashing into life when we are aware. Love you, Brother. Thanks for all the encouragement. Many of us are finding exactly what we need on-line. I need your words sometimes. 😉

  • Pia says:

    Thank you for your accurate reading. At the moment I am weathering more than one storm: I am in the healing process of having a toxic and manipulative mother, careerwise, even though I still have a temporary part-time job (60%), I am still looking for a new full-time job, but this uncertainty of not knowing when, where I am going to get that new job, drives me crazy more often than not. As if these things were not enough to deal with, I am also in the process of meeting and making new connections/friends/acquaintances, after a long period of loneliness and overall loss. If I am lucky enough in the coming months, I will bump into my soul-mate, my partner in crime 😉 This year 2020 has been so far nothing short of dreadful, one of the worst years of my entire life. I am looking forward to having a happier, more meaningful, prosperous and enriching life in the future.

    • Thank you for sharing Pia. This has been a challenging year for many people. Hopefully it will afford the kind of self questioning that will open new insight and direction. Blessings on your path 🙂

  • Shay says:

    I am weathering trying to break a soul tie from a recent relationship. This readying was uncannily accurate for me. Thank you

  • william endicott says:

    You ask what i am weathering today , I had a phone call on Friday the 2nd fropm my Brother to tell me that HE was given just 2months to LIVE maybe less maybe a few more we dont know, that is my storm at the moment and i am finding it hard to live with at the this time , as it was only Christmas last year that i got a phone call from another brothers daughter to tell her Farther had died, and because he lived in Holland we could not get there in time , all i would like to know what is the next thing that is going to happen

  • Sharon says:

    Thank you brother. I am here. I am important. I matter. Your gifts increase my strength and resolve. Sending peace to you.

  • Mary says:

    I too have been going through so much . I try everyday to stay focused and rooted and then something else happens. I am ready to move forward. We have been in a legal battle for our lives for a year and half now and I through this trial a lot of blessings have come forth but these last few weeks have been one thing after another . I am trying to remain positive and go with the flow however sometimes it just pisses me off. I will meditate today and find positive energies . Thanks for your messages as I really appreciate them.

    • My pleasure Mary. I’m sorry things have been challenging. Yes, keep coming back to the positive, even when it’s hard to find, it will help pull you through to the other side. Sending love.

  • Stacy says:

    Thank you. I am in such a change of life. I have been praying for direction as I have no direction. I was laid off this past Friday from my job. Sitting in silence asking for direction. Not sure where a relationship is going and it’s the healthiest experience I have ever had and that even scares me. Going with the flow as much as possible with that. New beginning and feeling I’m in a good place for the universe to move me where ever I’m meant to go next and so ready for the change and new beginnings. Thank you again for taking the time for the reading

  • Catherine says:

    Jonathan, I am new at this. Not meaning the Spiritual, Tarot, psychic side of life, but figuring out how to motivate and keep going and learning to let go and accept my Karma. I am an Empath and have always found it hard to let go of loved ones from my past and present. Any advise will help. Also, your readings are probably one of the most helpful that I have read.
    Thank you!

    • You’re so welcome Catherine,

      Letting go can be very difficult. I often go to the belief that is behind holding on still, such as “If I let them go I will lose them forever,” or “If I let go I’ll be alone.” depending on your situation, there is probably a belief that is keeping you connected and from letting go. Once you find it, you can look at it and even ask it if it is a true thought. Comfort the part of yourself that may have fear or feel obligated to holding on. Hope that’s helpful. 🙂

  • Mary Collette says:

    Strange 4 me. I quickly see & only read- …I have been struggling with… (above) & already
    I can’t read it. Autom. I think- really? Bcuz I
    Have been abused as a victim of covert
    Malignant narcissism since 1985. That’s 35 yrs!!! What the hell?!!!!! But at least I now know why all these weird confusing & horrible things happened to me & why the heck I responded the way I did- it’s so painful
    That painful is not a good enough word. Omg!
    To think I tried to love love love & from day 1
    I was picked , literally picked , & pecked at like
    An incessant demonic serpentine grotesque
    Monstrous thing pecks pecks pecks at your
    Heart your mind your being your very soul
    & u start to feel ever sooo slowly like the very
    Air substance morals energy being is slowly
    Being sucked minute breath by tiny pump of air sucked out from u til u are deflated but not dead. Not dead, that is key right there.
    Not dead but rising inflating energizing w your massive power of faith in God your awesome power of ancestors breathing into
    You the incredible knowledge & clarity of
    The truth truth truth – truth that has been tied up tied up & twisted all screwed up on you like your brain has been tied twisted & screwed you’re heart same your body same
    Bruises healed but there forevermore cracked teeth but not important no not as important as the crushed heart weeping heart & the soul broken down down down
    Like a deep dark hole that used to b so
    Light! Fresh! Beautiful! Gorgeous! Colorful!
    Loving! Free! Where is it? O yes it is there!
    Trampled left for shit out on the curb exposed freezing naked vulnerable burned
    Bruised & palpitating gurgitating sputtering
    Wailing wanting to pick up pick itself up but
    Where is the strength? The beauty? The will?
    The hope? The gorgeous shining light? Color
    Boundless? Laughter endless? Thoughts concrete? Strong? Strength! Love? Love! Intelligence? Intelligence!
    Can’t write anymore.
    Angels. Angels blow softly blow softly
    Effortlessly purposefully gently soothingly
    Peacefully mightily blow the air of truth
    Goodness love faith wisdom patience love
    Love love o no! They do not stop not one
    Second do they stop
    & that is how much the Lord loves me
    The universe loves me
    Family love me friends love me
    For Gods sake people love me after just
    Minutes of connection! Animals sweet animals love me my mother loves me my
    Most Blessed Mother …
    & I am not dead.
    Mary Collette.

    • Kathryn says:

      Hello Mary,
      It took great courage to speak out as you have against covert, malignant narcissistic abuse. The only way to “endure” it, is to speak out, as women have been conditioned to remain silent about every kind of abuse for far too long. Women have been taught by a patriarchal system to carry the EGOS of men who never grew up emotionally, and can’t cope with differing thoughts and feelings. They deny any responsibility or complicity in their actions. Adding insult to injury, it is as if in stealing others’ souls, they are able to live within them– thinking their thoughts and experiencing their feelings. Since we can only experience our own thoughts and feelings, Malignant Narcissism is a complex cognitive and personality disorder. When their thoughts and feelings do not match up with those of their significant other, they define their partner as being either completely wrong, or worse, crazy. That in itself is enough to cause their target/victims problems, since certain issues can be contagious. When the wearing down of one’s boundaries is done over time, one hardly notices. The end result however, can be devastating, with cognitive dissonance becoming first a habit, then a pattern, and then a trait. The good news is that you are not the problem, and never were. The great news is that you can be helped. It is time for you to direct your thoughts, feelings and actions towards yourself, and to work on you. Seek a therapist who has experience with victims/survivors of narcissistic abuse. This is key, and more important than any other aspect of your personal recovery. Read everything you can find on narcissism that strikes a chord within, to be advised of whats actually going on. Then, try to figure out what you want to do, moving forward. Suggested reading: Anything by Sam Vaknin, a self-admitted malignant narcissist. And for you own peace of mind, I would also suggest any PSYCHIATRIC literature on narcissism where neuro-scientists confirm the role genetics play in the development of NPD, and other personality disorders. The DSM-V might be a good place for you to start.

    • Thank you for sharing Mary. Please tend to your sweet soul and self with kindness. And find support if that is helpful as well <3

  • Karen says:

    I have been struggling with my boyfriend whom we were engaged but his ex wife she is a big problem in our life, she messaged him with inappropriate things . She is remarried . And can’t seem to leave my boyfriend alone to find his happiness with me . She has to broken us up a lot and now I longer live their . I had to leave the home we shared because of her . She has threatened to take his daughter out of his home and move her in with her if I come back to the house and live with him . He just lost ahis oldest daughter she was murdered by her boyfriend at 18 years old and this is the only child left he is scared he chose his daughter over me I can understand in a way . But if he loves me he will have to put his say down ..and choose me too . His daughter does not know what happened whey I got so mad and upset they told her lies. I can’t tell her it up to them so now she said she don’t want him to bring me back. Listening to her mom and not knowing the truth. I gave these girls everything they wanted pluse more, will he tell his ex wife he wants me and I am coming back or am I going to be leaving for good please can you help me thank you karen

  • Karen says:

    Ii am so thrilled about this reading I have waited so long for my life and love life to be the way it supposed to be , and with this reading it tells me it is finally going to happen for me . I have so many health issues and boyfriend issues I didn’t think it would ever give me peace and it looks like I am going to get it thank you so much karen

  • Sharon Naicker says:

    Awesome reading, definitely resonates. Thank you

  • Iris says:

    I feel lost because I love a man and everything did feel Wright I did feel his energy but now I don’t know he is always busy. Is it time to move on.

  • jillian lea says:

    Hi Johnathon I am hoping to leave a toxic partner after 13 years of verbal and mental abuse , I am praying that I do get a bungalow near my family that I am waiting to trying to secure this is my ultimate dream so I may life my twilight years out with no bullying but with the added security of my family a few doors away to take care of me , Please guide me and pray for me thankyou so much

  • Donna Dubose says:

    I’m confused due to all of the love that is predicted in my future! I have been single since 2006 and have not had a love interest since then. I have not even met anyone that interests me!
    I do have the desire to be financially stable and at last that worry is out of my life for good! I want to be able to travel and enjoy the latter years of my life! That’s my goal and desire’

  • Tricia says:

    You are so generous with your knowledge and wisdom .I am eternally grateful your time and guidance .
    Covid. Stoped me in my tracks but did open a door to doing my art and truth be known it makes me very happy from soul to toes
    At 72 I need to make up lots of time to much struggle not enough happy .
    I hope this is the change not working for money working on creating something special .

    Warmest regards to you .
    Thank you when the wind starts to blow hard my feet have very long root system To keep me upright .

  • Brenda says:

    Jonathan you are spot on. I have been going through something. My husband had left me and I have to live on my own again. I am a strong God-fearing woman and I will make it I want to thank you for all your wisdom and advice and your talent thank you. Blessings to you


  • This has been the year of perfect vision for me even tho the world has blown up into chaos and misunderstanding. I had a split with ex-wife/girlfriend on her terms instead of our terms. Drama Mama action. I have been set free and am learning all over how to be a helpful and kind person that can feel other people’s appreciation of my actions unlike coldness from my disabled ex. Each week I have read the Weekly Tarot Reading, it has been on Q with my plans and actions. This year I will be 61 on 10-07 and actually, It will also be the actual day I was born, Wednesday. I have lived my life with a code 7 (out to lunch, out of service attitude) to keep the people I didn’t want in my life. If the person I associated with felt genuine to me (and my instinct was 99% accurate) they were and still are in my life. My life right now is Like the ole cliche from a song goes, my future is so bright I gotta wear shades. I’m stumbling trying to figure what direction to go in at this point. Don’t fret, I always get on track when I stumble.

    Love and peace to all,

  • Maria says:

    Yes, a big transformation is coming in my life.
    I’ve been trying to approach the subject for months, and there always seems to be “not yet” factors. Or, is it me?
    Either way, as someone above had said: you read my mind.
    I’ve learned two things from you that are now my daily mantra.
    One: you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
    And two: treat yourself the way you want other people to treat you.
    Thank you
    I always look forward to your messages.

    • You’re so welcome Maria, and thank you for sharing and doing the good work! you’re asking good questions, and you certainly are where you are meant to be 🙂 where else could you be. Sending love.

  • Lisa says:

    Your readings are correct my life is changing and it’s big and yes I’m being way open to it, not only following my dream job for my second chapter , and freeing my self from a relationship that was holding me back , I’m very excited for what’s coming I can feel it ❤️✌

  • Klaus Schlotz says:

    Thanks Jonathan these three cards affirm what my soul has telling me all week long. I got revelations, answers and insights to a experience with a woman three years ago that kept me from moving forward and now I can.
    Another step in my career that will transpire May or July next year goes with these cards too.
    As you have foreseen in the cards my future will be bright. Uncertain right now and yet I already know that the best years of my life are about to come))
    Always a pleasure to read your readings!!
    And for weeks now they circle all around that personal breakthrough and my career change!

  • Rachel Anne says:

    You read my mind <3

  • Saundra says:

    Thank you for all that you do!

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