“Magic is not a practice. It is a living, breathing web of energy that, with our permission, can encase our every action.” — Dorothy Morrison

Hey lovely soul…

Here’s a bit about what’s been coming up for me lately…

As well as what I’m seeing around me.

I’ll be making a video following up on the topic of this post which is all about facing accountability, but for now here are some nuggets…

Ahh, we just had the Taurus new moon of the year after that intense Scorpio full moon…

For me, speaking to knowing your core essence, your own being, your own magic within, and your own choice to tangibly create.

Including knowing your trauma and being informed, so that you can see from “the whole.”

I feel so much about transformation comes down to truly owning it.

Owning ALL of it.

Taking up the spaces you are afraid to fill. In every kind of way.

Even facing the ugly, unmet, unresolved ones.

Because settling on a life of simply “enduring” won’t hold anymore.

Your happiness matters.
Your wellness matters.
Your soul level desire matters.
You thriving matters.
You receiving your own love


You don’t need anyone’s permission to evolve into a way of being that allows you to live your very best life possible.

You don’t need examples of how everyone before you decided on their definition of going their own way.

You don’t need anyone else’s script.

You are the boss of your own life, love.

Really take this in.

In this same conversation of facing accountability, trust keeps coming up.

Learning to trust communicating with the body.

Learning to trust self-sourcing within. Even in how you relate in all your relationships.

Relationships are a tool that allows you to see different aspects of your relationship with yourself.

Where are you lying to yourself?

Where are you abandoning yourself and wanting others to save you?

Ultimately where are you not trusting yourself?

Because if you can’t trust what your body says to you…

If you can’t trust your essence and nervous system, how can you recognize what authentically vibrates to your core vs. what doesn’t?

How can you tell what is heart vs. what is trauma?

Because your soul already knows and vibrates expansively when it hits authentic truth.

So trust really comes down to your own relationship with Self.

Your own union within.

To “believe” that trust is gained through external circumstances or relationships is illusory.

Any trust issues that surface for you through the external; your relationships, are only showing you where you do not fully trust yourself from within.

Trust in a relationship must be cultivated with oneself first, not the other way around.

Just like anything…

Everything always leads back to the self.

Trust is between you and the Universe.

It all comes down to YOU + YOU like I’ve been mentioning lately in my emails…

The experience of being authentically you is powerful, rare, and magnificently fascinating when you own it.

FACING accountability…

So as you step into this next era of life…

Building out your Master Plan on what to do next…

Growing yourself and your life to be more sustainable as you live more and more in alignment with your authenticity, instead of suppressive patterns, co-dependencies, and external expectations…

Yes, coming home to love and returning to yourself. Realize it’s an unfolding, layered process.

Even if you’ve been on the personal growth path a while and peeling layers…

You most likely have been operating off of false narratives and beliefs that don’t belong to you to whatever degree, for a very long time.

So your gauge on how you see life existing…

Your scope on what’s possible…

Your understanding of your true nature.

Your evolved sense of WORTHINESS…

ALL need to be recalibrated.


There will come a time when you’ll run fast towards the call of your name; when you allow loving yourself to be easier.

Where you trust what your body and nervous system say.

Where your first knee-jerk reaction is to face the wound…

Face what IS and CREATE something new from self permission, self-provision, and LOVE instead of run, deny, bypass, and hide.

Turning in toward the unacknowledged children within; inquiring how you have unwittingly abandoned yourself in ways you couldn’t even see because… it was just so…normal.

This is why energetic hygiene and being grounded in your body is so important and I’ll be sharing more about this coming soon…

Without this, you are stuck in a swamp and your perceptual capacity, body, and nervous system are rerunning over and over again, trauma from the past.

Where are you hanging onto the identity of trauma?

Where are you unknowingly revisiting the same old places even though you already know “what has died” must be buried?

Facing accountability isn’t just about self-love.

It’s being willing to see where you are “off” and truly being honest about it.

You do not have anger issues.

You have personal responsibility issues.

You need to self-provision, self-regulate, and MEET your pain AND self-love within.

These are the distinctions of maturity.

Real love does not pretend and bypass what is.

Real love is not running away in the face of evil.

Real love is also not running away when faced with shadow —with what is unmet, unacknowledged, and unresolved.

God’s living light isn’t afraid of what is evil and loves openly in the face of it.

And as you open up more and more to a life where you embody (IN-body) your authenticity, love, and healing — as you wake up from our collective amnesia and dream of separateness…

You’re not just met with the bliss of being alive and all its existence, but also its pain…

Open and available to the joy and highs of life, but also all the agony and sadness too.

And it’s really healthy to keep in mind that the “real work” isn’t always self-love bubble baths, butterflies, and rainbows…

The real work is confronting your deepest fears and darkest shadows and it isn’t always going to feel “good” or feel comfortable, blissful, or “spiritual”…

The real work of reintegrating the parts of YOU that you have cut off, denied, repressed, and numbed yourself to all these years, and the meeting can get really raw and messy!

Eventually, through adulting and owning our lost little children within, we connect as “the whole” that we are.

And as we arrive from “already whole,” we come to trust the process of no process at all.

We learn to see even our deepest sorrow as an intelligent movement of life, not a threat to life.

Even the “worst times” are windows of insight, lessons, and deeper opportunities to love.

We remember that we are vast enough to feel all of it – the “good” and the “bad” the pain and the pleasure, the light and the dark, the agony and the ecstasy.

This doesn’t mean wear, nurse, and carry the suffering or pain because you can “handle it” (because you’ve been through so much trauma it’s so ingrained in your identity.)

It means finding ways to be and stay in your body even as stuff comes up.

The “fight, flight, and freeze” wants to release from your cells as you make new paths in your life from here…

Many will twist what I’m saying and not even know it.

Suffering in repetition is mostly NOT facing what IS (because we are twisting truth and not facing it head-on.)

You can own the trauma and lost parts never loved and allow yourself to get intelligently informed, instead of just being a victim to your own patterns.

We are not nearly as limited as we once imagined.

We are life itself.

Yes, Creator.

You are the shift.
You are the key.
You are love.

So own it.

Learn what medicine you need.

Learn to speak to the parts of you that don’t know what it’s like to be loved.

Learn what is NOT lifting YOU higher and lighting your fire…

And let what has died, go.


Step into the creation of what you truly desire, even the smallest steps.

Especially in the small ways.

What are you creating?

New Earth frequencies are calling you to align with your deeper authenticity and create with it.

For some, this can be making tangible money doing what you love.

Or to align your life in some tangible way to the deeper truth of who you are now.

The Taurus New Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle for us all on both a collective and individual level and it’s time to move toward our goals and ambitions and take action, action, action this month.

Of course, taking care of your body, resting…

Being present in the moment, too, grounded within your body and within your physical reality…

This is the gift of being the divine-human creator that you really are.

And gratitude is your amplifier.

So it’s time to get into deeper alignment with yourself: your own wholeness.

And it may be a good time right now to really reconsider what beliefs you consider “the truth.”

Maybe not take things so seriously (ego/mind) right now…

And release those past beliefs and conditioning holding you back from being truly authentic (honest) with yourself…

Accountability (+ feeling on a body level) and owning all of it.

Focusing on creation (being the gift) as you meet head-on whatever IS.

And remembering that connecting with your innate “already whole” self-worth is key for navigating these intense changes.

On a practical level, it’s time to get real with body physical health, the projects you are creating, and the money you are bringing in.

Some are just realizing this. Others are creating new waves. All is perfect.

Just keep in mind that nothing you’re leaving behind has the power or love that is already within you.

Nothing you’re leaving behind can chase away your ability to know YOU — to know Self.

It’s only really allowing you to be stripped of what you think you needed, yet is already available within you all along (yet you don’t find out until you source it!) m

Yes, lovely human.

Getting really honest with yourself and owning all of it…

Owning your humanity.

Owning your divinity.

Giving permission to love those lost parts.

Drinking the medicine; in-bodying lessons.

And facing what you really need.

Daily AFFIRMation:

“I AM my own Creator…

I AM my own whole.

I AM choosing to be free.

I AM releasing all that is not in alignment with my greatest and highest good.

I AM forgiving myself for leaving me first—and learning how to witness without judgment/punishment every way I have bypassed or abandoned myself in all dimensions, on all timelines: past, present, and future.

I AM forgiving everyone who has hurt or deceived me in all dimensions, on all timelines: past, present, and future.

I AM asking for forgiveness from those I have hurt or wronged, in all dimensions, on all timelines: past, present, and future.

And I AM learning how to fully forgive myself for hurting those I love or have loved on all timelines: past, present, and future.

I release all beliefs, persons, and situations, that attempt to blind me to my wholeness and power in all dimensions, on all timelines: past, present, and future.

I AM releasing all that distracts me from my life’s purpose, as planned by my soul prior to this incarnation.

I AM releasing all beliefs, persons, and situations, that have prevented me from seeing the array of abundance and opportunities that continuously flow to me.

I AM ready to receive it NOW and allow all I desire to come to me.

I accept control of the circumstances of my life, at the same time surrendering to Divine Will.

There is nothing that can prevent me from moving forward.


And so it is.

More soon on the topic of Accountability (and Creation) soon.

Love you… ♥️

Crystal Aryana
Tarot Reading Daily

P.S. Leave any comments or questions below.

Crystal Aryana

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  • Erna Heath says:

    Please unsubscribe me, since there is no link on e-mail to unsubscribe. Thank you.
    Kind regards.


  • yetta williams says:

    It’s time. That’s what came up. I’m ready to admit I’ve been harboring so much trauma that has halted me again and again in my progress. I latch on trying to control frequently ruining my peace. This was powerful and the affirmations I will do because I felt a release. So much came up, but I’m finding the words to be difficult.
    Thank you for this well timed message.

  • Sharonda says:

    Thank u for your thoughtful reading. My very existence has been confirmed, not only by your words, but also by what I’ve been feeling.

  • Karon O A says:

    Thank you very much for this absolutely fabulous reading,
    It resonated with me all the way 🙂 if I was good at putting my words together like this, I felt it would of been Me writing it.
    Many blessings x

  • I need to get the powerfull magic

  • Candy says:

    Everything you have sent me is totally correct .im in a steuggle in my life always have been im stuck in a disses that I cant let go of . but reading your message only makes me see what I need to do but im so scared but i know the out come is songood ao I dont understand why its so hard for me . I juat want to have that inter peace and love

  • Phyllis Lane says:

    Thanks for making me whole again. I need to slow down and smell the roses and think about what’s coming to greet me.
    Thank you Love

  • Shaun Hines says:

    Hey love, how are you and the family doing? (Well, I hope..)
    That was a very beautiful, real and triggering message for me as always.. probably because I know I’m
    struggling a bit in silence.. well, it’s more of a choosing to hide rather than struggling in silence.. but sometimes that’s better than what comes from being honest about ALL of who are.. because if we’re being truthful than we all know that we only share what gives us attention and respect.. unfortunately “addiction” doesn’t fall into that category.. but you know?? No one ever wants to be an addict! And from my personal experience, which has sadly been since I was in my late teens and experienced fear that was paralysing.. so numbing myself with something to cover the pain is what I “chose” to do..
    (You know the story)… I mean I was literally frozen when the whistle would blow.. everyone would be putting on gear and running to the engine and I remember it all in slow motion.. I remember them saying, “Shaun what are you doing, what’s wrong with you??”. And I couldn’t even reply to them because I was so terrified that it be someone I know again.. to the point that I couldn’t speak… I was absolutely scared to death and I wish so badly that there was a way to deal with that back then but it wasn’t something that happened to others, in the freakish way it happened to me.. it was back to back, 5 times in a row one summer.. and it was fucking so gruesome.. i mean, these were young people who I knew my whole life.. and the accidents were so bad that I’d honestly rather not share the details because I don’t want to have those images in my head anymore than what they always have been.. So do I need “help” for this or if it’s something I’m over now or if I’ve numbed it for so long that I’ve buried it so deeply that I believe I’m over it? I mean, I don’t know if anyone can help me in anyway that I truly can’t help myself?? No one can change what you seen or what it made you feel inside and still makes you feel after 20 years, right?? So as I’ve been sitting here talking to myself about all my secrets, it only now occured to me that I’ve never ever dealt with one of the main underlying issues?? Or is all that just an excuse so that I have one? I mean, did me experiencing all that really have that much of an impact on me? Is that normal?? Or am I just playing the victim by saying how I felt by it??
    I don’t want to not own my mistakes and say well this is why it’s okay that I’ve done things that I’ve done.. because I don’t think it’s okay, mature, healthy or wise for any reason at all.. but is it something I need to actually DEAL with or should i allow it to be what it is?? (Does this make sense at all?) I just know something needs to change. And not within anyone else but within me.. and I need to be okay with sharing this part of myself because obviously hiding it for so long has not benefited me at all…
    Anyway, okay thank you. Love you

  • Salima says:

    I just wanted to thank you one more time. Your emails stated to come to me at the perfect time, it’s incredible how synchronicity works. Your words speak to my soul and I am always very touched, in a deep level, by everything you write. It’s amazing. I love how pure, simple, and sincere you are. You feel like me and that’s the best part of all. Everytime i read your emails I think “omg this feels like me, did i write this? I could totally have written this… Is this me??” I absolutely love this feeling. Thank you.

  • Abena Yankah says:

    Hello, Crystal, I love the insights and then information, about grinding into my self and being accountable for my actions and decisions I also love it he affirmations, they are very powerful, and great to reclaim lost power, what speaks to me most is not playing victim to life circumstances, but allowing myself to accept the good, the bad and the pleasures of life. Thanks so much I truly appreciate you.

  • Debra MacDougal says:

    I truly loved what you wrote and sent. I look forward to receiving your knowledge. I love the Affirmations which I will do everyday from now on. I have been reading Eckert Tolle The Now and New Earth also Wayne Dyer both excellent reading and so true. I feel you are right there with them. You are very inspirational, (to inspire) and spot on. I have Awakened and it is beautiful to be your true self. I am working to rid the little voices of the ego and I am making progress. Once you realize the thought is ego you are on your way of terminating it more and more. I have been faced with many intense challenges within the last 5 months and I am happy!!! Individuals would look at me and say you are really handling this really well. When it all was happening and a major challenge is still going on, I just put my arms up in the air and to the side and said looking upward, “I accept”. I accept the challenge and whatever happens, happens. You have to trust the Universe or Source and you must trust yourself b/c after all, all of us are Source energy from the stones, sky, trees, everything. Thank you
    Crystal, I look forward to your next Tarot Reading Daly.

  • Ani says:

    Wow. I know when it’s TRUTH that speaks, hiwever, I will need some time to wrap myself around this, considering what traumas I have been through lately. Thank you for speaking THE TRUTH!

  • Karen says:

  • Yanelisa says:

    ❤️The love I felt from this reading was enough to heal the whole me, the universe must be overwhelmed by my gratitude as I danced and rejoiced to affirm all my pain to be great gain of love and strength from God’s light. ❤️Thank you so much I really enjoyed this reading I’m ready to work and making this transformation an unforgettable one. Love & Light

  • Jade N. Plunkett says:

    I just would like to say that reading Owning Your Inner Magic was amazing for me. I’ve always struggled w/comprehending what I read. When something is so powerful and relatable I’m able to engage and start the steps necessary to finally act on what my fear/my mind usually stops me from doing. I’m even embarrassed to leave this comment that I’m not saying the right things. I just wanted to commend you for your ability to reach out to people like me and help them. You are amazing and on point. TY. JP

  • Crystal Marie Crier says:

    I dont deserve it

  • Deborah Mick says:

    Wow!!! You once again have hit the nail on the head. Thank you for this message and it definitely speaks to me where I’m at in my life this very moment.

  • juan villanueva says:

    amasing, thak you

  • Brandi N Smith says:

    This message was intense and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much

  • Violeta says:

    Absolutely beautiful, your words came in a divine timing. I truly needed to hear this today as past pain came back. You are a true blessing. Thank you. Sending Infinite blessings to you and all your family.

  • Sally Sunshine says:

    Your words touch and heal my inner being. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.

  • Clover says:

    I chose my dad, he didn’t choose me. I could always see his truth, even at a very young age. He was unable to love, and accused me of having bad intentions. My frustration and anger have masked my feelings of abandonment (deep sadness, betrayal and loss). I’ve been trying to mourn my father metaphorically many times over the years. He finally passed on just over two years ago. I could cry for him because I didn’t feel like he could let himself love me. I’m crying now because I know i am suffering from multi- generational patterns of abandonment.

    • Dana says:

      It’s like your reading my soul. I need to start loving myself and leave my unfortunate past relationship in the past and move on with my life leading with love.

  • Kristy says:

    Wow, i think i really needed to read that and will read it over and over cause im at breaking point iv had enough.
    But that was pretty much what i needed right now to keep going just a little longer.
    Much love

  • Frannie Freitas says:

    Was very inlighting

  • Debbie Ferry says:

    Exactly where I am. Thank you. ❤

  • Kiel Williams says:

    Deep. Thank you very much

  • Amy Hunt says:

    Once again Crystal you speak to exactly where I am at. Thank you for your gentle guidance bringing me back to myself.

  • Great read. Very insiggtful and helpful. Thank you.
    Bkessings to you and yours,

  • Patricia Hansen says:

    My dear
    Over a period of years i was scammed out of a lot of money
    I thought he was a nice loving man but no i was just the idiot
    Then i was evicted from my flat .No i am a boarder at a Rest Home

  • Leighanne says:

    Thank you for helping me integrate and what needed a voice and what I need to IN-Body and grow, I am in choosing to align and will read this everyday. Gratitude


    That as a lovely reading. the Tarot card reading resonated with my current feelings and clarified my insights in the current situation I find myself in and possible outcome if I follow my intuition. Thank you and God bless you.

  • BH says:

    That was a truly amazing read, timely and relevant to me. It’s the type of truth that I am slowly embodying and wish to pass on to others. You spoke straight from the heart. I could just imagine the moment of inspiration you felt as you wrote with such eloquence and conviction.
    Thank you and many blessings to you..

  • Theresa Flannery says:

    Hello! I am Theresa Flannery , Crystal! Yes! I am fighting for my life and tying to forgive and move forward. The man you speak of is a damaged ,hurt man. He is manipulative, hurtful and is the blockage in my life? I never realized how hurtful he is. This is my husband who changed so very much and became someone I do not know anymore. Please think of me as this divorce proceeds not sure whether peace can come, but I am trying. He may have great evil in him. I must be careful and fight with all my might. I know who I am.? I just don’t know what he is capable of. I am very scared at this point. But I will make it!thank you Crystal. Theresa Flannery

  • Caitlin says:

    Excellent message to hear today! The affirmations especially were the intentions I had when I went to my reiki session today. Love and light ♥️

  • Stacy says:

    BOOM!!! Holy moly Crystal… That was fire!! So perfect for this moment… And exactly what I needed! The last line though… When I read “I CLAIM MY SOVEREIGNTY!” it was like an explosion in my body… Like my cells all started vibrating and I felt the tingling at the back of my neck area that happens when I hear a deep truth… When I feel something very strongly! Thank you… ❤

  • Van Hai Nguyen says:

    Thank you for motivating me everytime i falled. I was really depressed and have been doubting about myself. This is life-saver.

  • Ruchika says:

    Lovely reading! Thanks a lot

  • How very true ❤️ and straight to the heart ❤️ of things. Just like I understood this All Last night. Just as if my head hurts and I understand that even the pain is good. It made me stronger. Yes I am in charge of myself. Yes it’s really ok to love myself inspire others too love themselves.

  • Juanita Noone says:

    Thanks so much for this poignantly timed word. It was much received and I appreciate the encouragement I received as much confirmation in so many areas. You hit the nail on the head lady Crystal

  • D. M. Laura Jones says:

    Dear Crystal,
    Thank you so much for this beautiful reading. It reads so much like the channeled readings I did for groups or even individuals. It really brought me into a much greater state of awareness of myself in present moment. It spoke directly to me what I needed to hear.

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