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What This Blood Moon Eclipse REALLY Means For You…

Hello love,

How are you?

It has been quite a turning point of time.

And for me, again, a necessary pause…  

Turning within, to the ghosts inside and holding all.  

A time of turning life’s wild surprises into leverage.

A time of truly learning how to thrive in crisis!

When I am able to see the power I already do have.  I realize less is actually more.   

And now, there’s no going back…

Something must die to make room now, so what must come to an end? 

Maybe it’s separating from someone or something as you grow…

Maybe it’s whatever is limiting or stagnating your authentic self from blossoming?

It’s time to take the risk.  

Make the leap in an area of your life, yet first, something must be given up… 

What is it? 

Like I’ve been saying the past few months, Death and Rebirth.   

This is very much a time of releasing outdated habits, roles, programming, and paradigms; sometimes people. 

In order to make way for the new you to live, express and thrive in greater alignment with your own heart.  

Including living your soul truth (soul tribe), purpose and mission.  

As a messy human and energetic being.

Living Now, just as you are.  

I feel so much from the past can be dynamically released and integrated between now and August… 

It’s also a good productive time right now to focus, stay the course and do the work or things you know you gotta do.  

We’re all building a better, more solid, loving foundation for our lives and future if we choose it amongst the “old falling apart.”

If it feels like life will never be the same, this is true.  

Since the end of last month during our first eclipse of the year…

With the Taurus (Uranus) partial Solar Eclipse, we all entered brand new territory and energy to create from. 

In fact, this eclipse portal has officially entered us into a space of reality co-creation that no one alive has really experienced yet…

Also since the Solar eclipse, life’s wake-up calls about what we must do for our own freedom and liberation are screaming.

Especially as this heightened energy is culminating over the Scorpio Lunar eclipse today and this week (theme of the next 6 months and beyond!)

Perhaps you’re in the middle of massive reinvention or situations requiring forced change. 

Keep in mind this eclipse period is bringing it all up, in your life and in the collective.  

If you’ve been feeling emotional or overwhelmed.  Rest and allow it to be.  

Know you will be okay.  

It is all leading you to what is more aligned if you choose it.  

You see, we’ve been gearing up for this change for a while…

With Uranus in Taurus (major transit since 2018), we’re slowly awakening to what we truly love… 

What is soul-level valuable to us and building a life more based on this.  

So what this past (Taurus conjunct Uranus) eclipse has been asking you, is to build MORE of what’s in alignment with your current understanding now and authenticity. 

Yet what we desire to create must really be in alignment with our heart (Uranus) including what feels right on an authentic, instinctive, intuitive, body-based level (Taurus). 

The alignment of really living your voice, truth and heart and taking leaps into the unknown.  

All things and life forms in order to grow and unlock their potential, must at some point, break open… 

Like a flower to the sky or when a baby bird first opens its wings to fly.  

If we don’t, we might unconsciously bury our heart and truth inside an energetic swamp severing us from the life, value and experience we deeply yearn for.  

Now at the same time, we are entering a total Lunar Eclipse today May 15-16th in Scorpio! 

This eclipse is bringing about endings for many of us…

How you make this plutonic Scorpio eclipse time work for you rather than against you is by removing what is stopping you from taking the leap! 

Whatever this means for you in whatever area of life.  

Taurus is about building tangible new (inner and outer wealth) while Scorpio is about eliminating in order to empower (and birth something new)!

So together this is quite the time for breaking through old walls and seeding your new beginning in anything you genuinely want.  

We’re all shedding our old skins, masks and protective mechanisms. We’re also all rising up from the ashes.  

Rising from the ashes of the old falling away…

Unlocking access to more of your life force to create better things and relationships!

This is about releasing stuck energy, especially related to emotional security or any attachments (co-dependencies) to old memories, old traumas, old habits…

Or people, situations, and events that drain or hijack your energy/happiness/joy preventing you from moving forward in a mature and healthier way.

When you allow the old to go, the new can emerge. 

You may be feeling it. 

Something is having to fully die so it can give you back the energy you need… so it can be freed for growth to unfold.

So you can make the room and energy resources you need.  

Ultimately we’re all alchemizing one of the deepest wounds in humanity right now connected to enslavement to the material world and matrix. 

There is a timeline collapse that is happening in the higher heart personally as well as collectively…

This is clearing anywhere that we are chasing (consuming) instead of becoming and embodying our magnetic soul frequency…

… therefore experiencing our deeper mission or least lived authenticity, in this lifetime. 

As long as we chase and try to feel better by chasing the external for love or acquiring material possessions or outside validation…

We will be sending off a signal that we lack what we are and it’s only a looping cycle. 

We can let go and become now, this will activate our highest timeline acceleration. 

I know many are dealing with what feels like “dark forces are fighting back and throwing black magic” through each other.  

Yet stay strong and rooted in your heart.  

Psychological warfare on an elite level is at a most desperate state….

And I feel it’s because so many of us are slowly beginning to go beyond (or in and out) their frequency bandwidth, meaning they’re losing control over a lot of souls.

So keep this in mind, you chose to be here at this time and you are so needed; maybe more than you know…

I’m also noticing it again lately…

Seeing and hearing from those who are on their Authentic heart path despite the adversity, yet are facing a lot of “attacking” energy…

Or many of those working through projections with others right now. 

Or grieving at this time. Loss. (And, take your time if this is you…)

For many currently working through major life and soul lessons right now, I know there’s been a lot of deceit and betrayal being uncovered too. 

Those “using each other” or pretending are being revealed. 

Keep in mind, if you are a cycle-breaker and you’re breaking cycles for yourself in any form, this usually comes with people disliking you for it. 

Especially those who may have unconsciously fed off of you being small, or were comfortable as things were.  

It’s true, hurt people hurt people…OR they are blessed with the fortitude to break the cycle. 

So don’t let someone else or even something else, suck your “space” dry. 

Your energy is sacred. Eject yourself from it. 

If you remain it takes longer to pull yourself out of it. 

Actually one of my toughest life lessons right here was fully witnessing someone important to me (family member… ex-partner) …

…a couple years ago changed into a person that I no longer want to engage with! 

Yet it was more heart-bending to look within… 

Knowing that what choosing love meant at the time for me, actually meant standing up and “saying NO.”

BE the change. 

And No. 

You don’t have to be available for people that you need to protect yourself from…

And their criticism of you only hurts if you respect their judgment.

It’s OK to live your truth even if others dislike you for being true to you. 

And if someone isn’t in your life anymore, it doesn’t mean they have to be a bad person for you to make that choice. 

Perhaps it’s less about “good and bad.”

Maybe it’s more about feeling “heard, seen and safe” or perhaps more about “aligned or misaligned.”

And that is okay for you to make choices that allow you to embody love, grow and thrive. 

Also, we must remember the core, driving force of the whole astrological picture over the past few years has been Pluto in Capricorn…

Meaning the destruction of old ways of doing things that have become too restrictive and obsolete by nature. 

You don’t have to stick to an identity or label you created for yourself or was created for you.

This is really about transforming into greater authenticity and alignment with your soul mission and truth and allowing this to be reborn!

Old ways no longer working, old traditions, roles, attitudes or behaviors rooted in fear, including ideologies and belief systems (collective and personal) are crumbling…  

So it really is a time of stepping into the unknown driven by the core of our own heart more than any other!

And the lunar eclipse culmination we are walking into this week is really asking us to sit back and reflect.

This is not the time to do ritual or manifestation work! 

Eclipses are highly volatile energy that asks us to simply ride the wave, witness and B-E.

This is a time to take it all in and get clear on your alignment from here.  

Think Of Now As A Celestial Checkpoint…


Astrologically speaking, eclipses speed up time and simply expedite the inevitable.  

They open new doors by slamming others shut, so we often find abrupt and sudden shifts occurring during eclipses…

Especially anywhere we’ve been dragging our feet. 

No need to control how things happen.  

No need to force logic into the liminal space. Allow it to unfold and create from it.  

Meaning intentionally use whatever is happening as leverage to move into your true center.

Claim it!

Think of this time as a turning point where seemingly fated events step in to take us further on our true path…

So let the creative and unfolding replace goals, plans and linear thinking right now…

Then, set some boundaries with yourself and your relationship with the Universe after looking within.  

You get to BE the recipe…. 

Like I said above, this may mean an end to something. 

When you clear away the old, you are able to create the new…

Yet this takes living your authenticity and boundaries! 

You must begin by saying an absolute NO to whatever diminishes you followed by an absolute YES to anything that increases your ability to self-support, self-regulate, self-generate and self-realize.    

One of the most powerful things you can do to get the life experience you desire at this time is set boundaries with yourself and the Universe.  

You may be feeling the need to fully release, cleanse and purge something too. 

Ask yourself…

What’s dense, heavy and weighing me down? 

What am I tolerating, putting up with, or settling for? 

What am I always dreaming about leaving or radically changing?

What would I love never to do again?

What is chronically inflamed or irritated in my body?

What am I tired of feeling and what makes me feel this way?

What is dead in the water? 

What no longer has traction? 

What am I going to stop doing? 

What is the one thing I’m afraid to say about my life and what am I going to do about it? 

This isn’t about others or what they do. 

This is about your own highest will to be the change. 

Here’s the thing…

Your greatness can only be obtained in this life when you marry your heart to the truth. 

The truth of how you feel…

And honor it. 

The truth of what you know…

And stand for it. 

The truth of the capacity at which your destiny has been waiting for you…

And birthing it through you. 

It’s time to let go of the inner game as a distraction from seeing it, on earth. 

You’re ready, love. 

To truly live in the world where you walk with the flow of your soul…

Through the lense of the relationship to life, you have been getting ready for. 

Today is the day to choose it!

And will you? 



This is the turning point of you speaking, acting and receiving these new boundaries that you have with yourself.

Claiming your Alignment. Your relationship with the Universe.

And much of this comes down to…


Right now the energy is asking you to define, claim and act upon (alignment) your values to yourself and the Universe.

This means defining what you are ultimately creating in your life from here…

And then doing the hard yet rewarding work of facing all the things that have been preventing your authenticity, expansion and ultimately happiness from blossoming.

Those things in the shadow keeping you limited, yet are part of what sets you free when you bring it to light. 

The bottom line here is integrity to your own soul and heart and whether or not you are living with a sense of it, personally and collectively. 

This time period is most definitely NOT about clinging onto old security structures, habits and needs…

Rather it’s about breaking through what is blocking you from being in alignment with your own light and true heart. 

The time right now, this week, if focused, is a very fertile time (Saturn square Aquarius during this eclipse) and can be very productive for you until May 20th!

This is a time of reinvention and upcycling. 

And what releases the pressure valve for this eclipse time period (giving you the most renewal) really comes through your discernment, clarity and vision…

WHAT do you really want? 

RIGHT NOW you must set boundaries to ultimately live the mission you really came here to live. 

Just like you create boundaries with others. 

You also LIVE these boundaries with the Universe.  

Boundaries are the heart of all relationships as they assist to create union from within, starting with your relationship with YOU.  

And boundaries are also KEY for your relationship with yourself and with the universe at large. 

Your free will is what you get to consciously choose. 

This includes the boundaries that YOU embody from within. 

How you honor your own feelings, your own integrity, your own personal desire and most importantly your own truth. 

Boundaries are so much more than just how you want to be treated and what your limits are.  

It’s about YOU powerfully choosing and defining what you will and won’t say yes and no to, regardless of what “the other” decides to do.

What matters is your own relationship to self. 

Boundaries are not about telling others or telling the universe what it can and can’t do for you. 

Your boundaries are up to you to live them.  

For this reason, the universe wants and needs you to set boundaries for your life experience. 

And doing so will change the reflection you are getting in your life.

Remember, cosmic warriors, endings are hard, but everything is cyclical…

A culmination always occurs on the edge of a beginning!

You got this love. 

Be willing to end what needs to end so you can receive what is more authentic. 

Don’t get entrapped because of false needs or control or someone’s underlying fear of abandonment. 

If you’re the one holding it up and it’s not a reciprocal situation. 

If it dissipates when you stop holding it, well then you know. 

And that is good, worthy information (not “bad”) regardless of your preference or wishes.  

Let GO of the People Who Walk Away…


Especially the ones who ‘exit’ with no communication, little respect or connection. 

Don’t seek closure, or chase them for answers. 

This is an intervention and correction, trust that. 

True love always returns home.

Know that you’re likely triggering to those who would rather be comfortable or stay in possible trauma loops.

And also a little alchemy wisdom…

Don’t forget the innate feminine intelligence within us all, especially innately women. 

And yes this info is wise even for the most masculine fellow.  

As a man integrating his inner woman doesn’t make him “weaker” yet allows his masculine aspect to be more free, wild, intuitive and primal…. 

And as a femme woman, naturally, anything you withdraw your energies from will usually collapse if it’s negative…

You don’t actually have to “battle” so much. 

Just withdraw your attention and essence completely out of it fully, and watch it fall down. 

Reminds me of this info I kept seeing circling lately about the ancient African Yoruba Goddess Oshun. 

She was an ancient Goddess of water, love and creation…

She knew herself, she could see herself. 

The good, the bad, the ugly, the forgotten. 

And from this depth and relationship with herself, she knew the truth of the world and those around her. 

In fact, she trusted her own feminine power so much so…

…that even when masculine deities disrespected or belittled her, she didn’t get angry, explain herself or try to fight them. 

She didn’t have to.

She just withheld her energy and watched them fail. 

When this Water goddess felt unappreciated, she left the earth and let everything dry up and die…  

She knew she couldn’t be taken for granted. 

She was okay when others couldn’t see her essence; for who she truly is. 

She was also okay with even letting these mofo’s die if they didn’t understand how essentially she was needed. 

Because she was responding to her own relationship to herself…

You see, the painful yet deeply needed truth is—

It’s not about others…

It truly is about our own relationship within.  

You don’t need to explain yourself to or fight those who don’t respect or understand you…

You only must stop giving them your energy.

You don’t need to manipulate for love…

You don’t earn your self-worth.  

Value isn’t something you earn, it’s something you are!

You are worthy as you, be

Love you,

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

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  • Istah sargon says:

    Using your pains to heal the sick
    Using your own suffer to pleasure the mad
    Using your tears to lick your wound
    Use your true feeling to signal the trend
    Oh this world is mad cracking by the sick
    Sad Sad Sad Tear Tear Tear
    True love is not mad
    True love is not lurk
    True love is to Love
    Keeping you from the hurt
    True love is to Love
    Keeping you from the wound
    True love is to Love
    Keeping you from the mad
    True love is to Love
    Nurturing you a healthy mind
    True love is to Love
    Issuing you a happy safe world.
    Life’s meaning is: Be
    Be in love!
    In God’s Love

  • Karen says:

    Thank you for being a guiding light in these confusing times. Much Love to You!!!

  • Manuela says:

    Great statement: “Your greatness can only be obtained in this life when you marry your heart to the truth.” I loved the article!!!!! Thank you and congratulations for your work!

  • Angel says:


    Thank you for such a powerful massage a real mind opener. I found it to be thought provoking in a good way. as I asked my self questions and had the answers which is rear for me that’s a good thing right? ❤️❤️❤️

  • Melonie says:

    Thank You, I have been resonating with most of what you have stated here for sometime. You have helped me to see some of the confusion I have recently been experiencing. With much Respect, Love & Light, Thank you

  • Geraldine says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Margarita Estrada says:

    Crystal thank you. This was so insightful; many pearls of wisdom and depth were expressed in your writing. I will reread this again, there’s much to reflect on. Some of what you wrote triggered situations that I’ve been slowly digesting as I feel my feelings in the process, digging to understand the how, what and why of what has happened. You helped me to clarify what’s been streaming through my consciousness by using words that spoke to how I’ve been feeling and in getting to the truth of the matter. For this and more I am very grateful to you.

  • michael says:

    THANK YOU so very much for ” enlighting ” me,,,,showing me too bring my femmine inner side out,,too power over my male side,,

  • Jenifer says:

    Truth has been spoken beautifully.

  • Jan says:

    Another amazing message and reminder, thank you so much beautiful soul x

  • Elizabeth Whitwell says:

    Thank you so much just what I needed to hear x

  • Stephanie Louzader says:

    That was excellent, thank you!!!

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