New Moon in Taurus: Uncomfortable Change

By April 23, 2020 August 21st, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey it’s Angel…

How’s your week been going?

If you’re like most people, you’ve been feeling the massive tension that has been sweeping the globe concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

This tension is mirrored in the astral conflict that enveloped last night’s Taurus New Moon. We have all found ourselves in a stressful situation that is begging to be reborn. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, if it’s what you choose.

However, just as a Phoenix rises from the ashes, true rebirth does not come without a death of the old. This can be a painful process, as transformation is rarely comfortable.

This influence will be felt the strongest between now and Sunday. You can expect uncomfortable changes, but in the end, your transformation will be worth it.

Taurus New Moon: A Time For Taking Stock Of Yourself

Taurus is the most physical of signs. It is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and relationships. In the green pastures of Taurus, Venus nourishes herself with beauty rest, eats like a queen, and indulges herself in the earthly pleasures of life.

As ruler of the second house of the zodiac, Taurus is associated with our relationship to our money and everything else that we value — especially physical items.

Taurus asks us: How well are we taking care of our stuff? Is our relationship to our stuff healthy? Or do we need to slow down with our spending and tighten our belts for the long haul?

Remember, the things you own, on some level, also own you. The way you treat what you have is a reflection of how you treat yourself.

Traditionally, a New Moon in Taurus can be a great time to recreate your financial plan for the rest of the year, and trim away unwanted expenses from your monthly budget.

Right now is a great time to Look for monthly expenses that you can cut, and find new ways to save. Taurus encourages us to invest our money and resources wisely.

Overall, Taurus is very practical. Traditionally, during this time of year, Taurus urges you to take stock of your stuff and do your spring cleaning – both in your house, and with your inner values.

This year’s particular Taurus New Moon, however, comes with a unique set of challenges that will impact us all. There is more tension during this new moon than any other new moon we’ve had so far this year.

The Urge To Rebel Against Authority

Since March 23rd, there has been an approaching clash of storms between two of the most influential planets in the solar system – Saturn and Uranus.

A year ago, on March 6th 2019, Uranus shifted into Taurus, bringing both innovation and sudden disruption to the way we approach our finances and what we value.

Uranus energy is far from stable, and disrupts the safety and steadiness Taurus often provides.

Both as a stroke of genius, and a flash of lightning that exposes everything previously hidden from our awareness, Uranus in Taurus has helped us change the way we relate to the physical world entirely.

Saturn, on the other hand, is the definition of stable. Saturn rules the boundaries and limitations that physical reality imposes upon us. Government, parents, bosses – these are all roles that Saturn plays in our daily lives.

Since moving into Aquarius on March 23rd, a sign that Saturn rules, we’ve experienced a shift from a “worker bee” mentality, into more outward expressions of Saturn, like working for yourself, or taking the leap into new projects.

Think back: What shifts in authority happened in your life at the end of March? Did someone enter the picture that caused you to change your approach towards structures in your life?

The influence of Saturn brings a somber, yet unpredictable tone into our emotional lives. You may be feeling sorry now, or suffering in some way due to recent actions.

You might find change more difficult now than normal, and may find yourself clinging on to the wrong things when the situation is urging you to let them go.

Now is a time for new beginnings, yet with the Saturn and Uranus conflict being amplified, those beginnings might require pushing through frustrating feelings of hopelessness and despair.

In other words, the safety and stability you crave now simply isn’t there.

Chaos, Conflict And Spontaneous Change

You may experience unexpected news that thwarts your plans, especially if you have been blinded by circumstances that you’ve been dealing with from a place of fear, or in a subversive way. Lying — most of all to yourself, will get you nowhere now.

Uncomfortable truths may arise that affect your finances, specifically about what’s yours, and what is not. Be careful who you listen to now, as the advice you receive could lead you down the wrong path. Do not ignore important messages now, even if you feel like avoiding them.

You might have seen the first major glimpse of this conflict show up on or around late Monday night. What stressful situations came to light then that you are now still dealing with?

You may feel a strong urge to rebel against authority. Given your situation, your restlessness and impatience are warranted now, so find some way to break from your normal routine and express your need for spontaneity in a healthy way.

At the same time, beware of acting on impulse and taking too much of a risk. The energy of this moon cycle wants you to try something new, but doing so without caution can lead to unexpected consequences.

The changes you experience now may not be as positive as you may have hoped. There may be delays and restrictions that force you to change your plans, so stay open minded and be flexible.

Do not make any moves on impulse. See the situation from all sides before you make your decision. Things happen so quickly now that it might be easy to jump to negative conclusions.

Riding The Cosmic Tidal Wave To Safety

It’s important to stay calm and think rationally while this chaotic energy surrounds us over the next week. Acting irrationally may lead to unwanted aggression and potentially accidents.

However, you can’t just let the energy stir inside you. Now is an excellent time to explore new exciting interests.

Anything that has to do with innovation, technology, science, or even spiritual studies like astrology, numerology or tarot.

Anything that allows your intuition to go to work finding connections and insights that bring you joy.

Even if you feel weighed down by responsibility, your best use of this energy is to confront your problems head on and deal with them. If you face problems with authority now, realize that the choices you make now will chart the course of your entire year.

This is not a time to procrastinate or let yourself be distracted by things that truly don’t matter to you. If you ignore your obligations now, they might come back to haunt you a month from now.

But don’t worry: Even if it feels like you’re pushing a boulder uphill today, it will eventually get easier, and far more rewarding.

Making progress and reaching your goals becomes increasingly difficult. But as long as you strive for a strong work ethic, patience, and determination to meet your responsibilities, you will prevail.

Try not to procrastinate or become distracted. If you ignore your responsibilities during this new moon they may come back to haunt you later.

You are better off biting the bullet end embracing change now, even if it hurts. Even if your first instinct is to overreact, pull back for a moment and take a more methodical approach.

If you feel the urge to make changes in your life, start with changing unwanted habits and patterns that are holding you back. It’s the only thing you can truly control.

Expect A Radical Reappraisal On Sunday April 26th

While the New Moon is tonight, the Sun does not come into perfect contact with Uranus until this Sunday April 26th.

This means that whatever unexpected surprises you are dealing with now will ultimately manifest on Sunday.

Pay extra close attention to your feelings on that day, as you may feel spurts of instability as events come to fruition. It could be a harsh reality check if you are not ready for it. The events on Sunday will give you a chance to break away from negative circumstances

Plan to do something relaxing as a way to balance the tension you may feel. But keep a notepad handy, as Uranus is bound to bring you rapid and useful insights that could help you later on. You’ll want to write them down, because you may find they disappear as fast as they come!

Use this day to finally come to terms with your situation, and be prepared to let go of what you once thought was yours. Because sometimes, the best change is to walk away and move on with your life.

You’ve got this. This too, shall pass.

Angel Adams

Angel Adams

About Angel Adams

Angel Adams made Classical Astrology a part of his life 15 years ago, and has lived by the stars ever since. After reading thousands of charts, personally and professionally, he’s turned to writing horoscopes to help you navigate through the best (and worst) of times. Follow Angel Adams for more horoscopes, and please leave him a comment below!


  • Paula says:

    Hi, the reading was very useful, although I only just read it. I look forward too more thank you.

  • Hello Angel, I can’t believe how some of that is spot on.. Ever since I was a kid growing foster care house to house.. I never had a solid foundation to grow on. So I had to teach my self to be a respectful to myself and to others.. I never felt as if I fit in anywhere or with anyone. I always felt like I was the girl looking through the glass at other families and the live they possess for each other something I never had. So I would hate myself for everything. Being poor. Ugly and unloved. Today I still struggle with it but not as much.. I’m very strong and confident. But when it comes to relationships with men. I knew I had to be at my best. But coming from nothing. I couldn’t provide a good home. It would end up shellow and I felt as if it wasn’t my home, it was my partners. And they made sure I knew it. So it would year a piece outta me everytime.. I’m 53 soon to be 54. I’m still with little money, but material things never meant a whole lot to me..I never had them so I wasn’t missing it.. I just got out of a 18 yr relationship with a man, with a black heart, but only with me. It was complete hell. The sad thing was, I didn’t want to see it.. I was gonna show this man he could love me. Boy was the dummy. Today I’m well happy as much as possible. I meet up with my first true love. I couldn’t have him when we we’re in high school. But my soul was completely content with our situation.. long story short. I keep this man in my life by pure living beautiful memories. Today, what I imagined as the perfect man for me. Is right in front of me. He compliments me non-stop. I’ve never felt so much happiness since we were last together. Learning to live and except each other with pure love and joy. But there I go, feeling that he is to good for me. I’m gonna lose him just by being me. I’m strong as hell but so weak on the inside.. my insecurities will ruin what I’ve always dreamed of.. A loving man, a strong man, mentally and physically, but gentle. when it comes to me and my kids. He’s a Gemini.. so I get scared of this dreamer will get bored of me and needs someone else to get his imagination on fire again… I love this man, he’s my best friend and my first love. It just feels so meant to be.. I feel he was chosen for me and I for him. But I’m always on him about bs, like I’m trying to ruin it before I get tossed to the side once again in my life here on Earth… we fight and make up. How do I love myself .so that I can love him and my children fully and pure from my heart and soul..?? All I want is to be loved for me.. just beautiful crazy not perfect me. I’ve been abandoned since 3 on up. It’s a curse.. It has to be!!

  • Destiny says:

    Thank you so much, Angel i will print this out and hang it up on my wall for guidance and when Im feeling like giving up.

  • Daniel Huppatz says:

    Is jumping in the ute and haeding off directly an option for me?

  • Dan says:

    So I’m to pack up every thing i can and leave Monday morning. Or is it that i have a lift waiting for me? I will comply i will get things ready. I really hope you don’t think I’m one of those 12 you have never believed me in the past but i can assure you that I’m not. Is there anything else.

  • camiya says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom I love these readings that are so in line with what is going on in my life.

  • peter says:

    thanks for the insight.


  • Marija says:

    Moram poudariti,koliko astrologija zadnje čase vpliva na mojo miselnost,in razvoj mojega duha.
    Vzporedno z vsemi mojimi težavami,in astrologijo ponuja vpogled v naravnost obstoja,za katerega živimo na tej zemlji..
    Moje vsakodnevno življenje mi ne dopušča prostor,kjer se lahko z notranjimi,in zunanjimi vidiki soočam z vsemi problemi,
    ki se mi postavljajo na pot,kajti to je pot nenehnih zgodb,občutkov,in ne nazadnje,je pot preobrazbe,in iskanje lastnega JAZA.
    Zavedanje vsega tega,je pravi blagoslov.
    Ko se vsega tega zaveš,veš kam greš,čeprav je premagovanje vseh ovir najboljša preizkušnja vsega dobrega,in slabega,ki ti življenje lahko da.
    To je pravi zaklad,oziroma modrost,katero ti ne morejo dati vsi učenjaki tega sveta.
    To pišem iz lastnih izkušenj,katere mi prinašajo vpoglede v moj proces življenskega vsakdana,na katerega poskušam vplivati z razumom,in osredotočenostjo položaja v katerem se spopadam iz vseh vidikov svoje razsodnosti.
    To so poti za vsakega od nas,katere nam ponujajo takšne,ali drugaćne ovire,katere nam dajejo možnost razne izbire,za katere odločitev prispeva naša duša,naš um,in naš razum,da ne zanemarim ljubezni,ki je edino vodilo,katero nas pelje tja,kjer naše srce prostor ima.
    Poglejte v nebo,poglejte v vsemir,kajti tam boste našli svoj mir.
    Bodite zdravi,in imejte se radi
    Z ljubeznijo

  • jan says:

    it is interesting since the end of March my friend and I began to collaborate on a new project. Our exhibit for photography had been cancel so we brainstormed. As I was getting feedback on facebook of how helpful it was to many healthcare workers and others. I have alway known nature is calming and healing so we set out to bring awareness about the earth and working to get people more enlighten and calm. So even from our social distancing we can all feel connected and a new way of moving forward I seeing created. its completely inline with the energies which still fascinates me. thank you

  • Wanda Pauet says:

    I have so many problems that have been ongoing for years with authorities in my small town. We have a union called 371 it includes Citizens Police Academy, Human Resources (mental health), D.O.C., Social Services, Veterans associations, churches. And much more. My county receives hundreds of thousands of $ via Government Grants Federal and State, and through other organizations. So me being a felon for OWI’s or DUI’s (last one was 2007), I went to prison in 2010-2014. I vowed to change and become a stronger better person and I did , while in prison and jail I slept in a bottom bunk bed and I wrote above me on the back of the top bunk ; “ THIS TOO SHALL PASS”. Psalms. Too give a positive word to the next person who would be laying in that bed staring up in despair. So since coming home I’ve been facing almost unbearable problems. The county gets these grants for dealing with problems like drugs and crime and criminal. I haven’t caused problems and mind my own business. However they send people, paroles that make a deal to get out of a charge by turning narc and illegally set up people like me. I have 12 vehicles a day , ALL DAY 24/7 follow me EVERYWHERE. they park 200 feet away from my house. I found cameras (spyware) in my electronics, they know my every move and the worst part is they turned my 16 year old daughter against me and use her to steal my prescription medication and they swap it out with something else. My daughter lets them know when we leave the house so they can enter as they track her I phone they know when and where were at and I’d i make a unexpected trip back sooner she panics and texts them! My family hates me, my brother and mother have terminal cancer and they are the only two I actually talk with. My 2 sisters use this union to keep them active in surveillance by telling them lies and coach my daughter as she has “ladies” she speaks with constantly about me. I am completely ISOLATED and stayed that way since my prison release December 14, 2014. I was afraid to trust and being on parole afterwards for 5 years I didn’t trust anyone nor would I chance it . I haven’t dated in 13 years , no relationships whatsoever. On August 12 I got asked to go for a drive as it was a beautiful sunny fall afternoon. I went after my daughter persisted. I was given a date rape drug and blackouted for 17 hours. I woke up in jail with a felony. I was set up again! 3rd time! The police and this union need to have signed Warrants to continue the electronic hacking, the home invasion the “Survalliancing” which is EXTREME HARASSMENT, and a felony as it’s effecting my life mentality, physically, financially, they even have sent people to seek employment at my work!! They think I don’t know who they are. It’s INSANE, that this would be going on in any humans life to this extent. I work, go shopping for essentials, take care of my house, eat sleep and repeat. That’s it, that’s all. Why u ask ? Well it took me 4 years , from 2014-2018 to figure out WTF was going on with the home break in’s and my car being sabotaged to the point I was spending $400-800 a month on repairs! One thing after another for 4 years and 2 cars! I found all this out through INTUITION!!! I prayed and would be searching for something unrelated on the web and I was lead to one thing then the next and on and on for years until the BIG AHAAAAA! My town was embezzling major amounts of cash through these programs!! Over 4 years of telling co workers even my P.O. About the stalking/break ins car problems of course everyone thought I was CRAZY and MUST BE DOING MAJOR drugs! I was being paranoid and needed help! ( that’s where Social Services and Human Resources come into play!) that’s how they got their warrants. I needed Watching! Because when I figured it all out I told anyone who would listen about the cash following in and lining pockets if they FEW. I was and am a threat! A big one simply because I was 100% correct. So they formed a UNION in 2018 and went about their task LEGALLY and now they need to justify ALL that money for 4 years previous! So figure 38$ per hour for a full time job, 18.50$ part time. In the past it was paroled people who didn’t get paid as the cut a deal with the D.A. So figure 12 people per day at 38$ / hour times 365 days a year that’s $887,040.00 per year for 12 people, that doesn’t include that others late at night and on call in case I decide to run to the gas station for cigarettes at 1 am then I get about 4 people. So they are spending close to 1 million a year for the since 2018 to today, JUST ON ME ALONE! They need to spend all this and show documentation that defines the petition they write up asking for all the Federal/state and other grant like the Bill and Melinda Gates foundations! MILLIONS A year for a town population of 55 thousand! I AM SCARED SHITLESS TO THINK A NEGATIVE THOUGHT as I manifest EVERYTHING! I’m stressed out and live in fight or flight mode every waking hour! There are other super natural issues as well! I’m extremely spiritual and believe that GOOD prevails I’ve bad in time! I have more live in my soul than anyone I have met in my lifetime and I’ve paid dearly for that GOD given nature. I couldn’t change it if I tried. My motto is “ live and let live” and the GOLDEN RULE ! Learn it live it. I’m so fucked! I feel it building and when I read, which I rarely do, the Tarot, it was……. 100% spot on minute to minute . I’m alone so I know myself well, I have no relationships except my daughter to distract me so after isolating for 13 years I’m very in touch with ALL my intuitive instincts. I hate it as I want it all to go away! I ask u this! Do u know anyone who could survive for 6+ years with this shit going on and not one single person believes in a word I say!! It’s 4:24 am and I hear 2 people talking, they set up a WIFI of their own in my attic after I found out they were using mine to hack. So the transmission from the audio/ video spyware sometimes comes through. I could say so much more but this is a novel. I know something is going down and I was going to write the Milwaukee Sentinel news papers hoping some of their Legal investigative journalists would take a interest, (I have factual data and proof that I didn’t bore u with) I hopes to protect myself and make this stop and lead me to a civil attorney to get the ball in motion for my protection, BUT I PROCRASTINATED! Now I’m screwed, my inner voice was SCREAMING at me for 4 weeks To contact them ! So u got the story first and maybe last. I may end up in jail prison or an institution or dead! The elite few here want me gone and to shut up this the set up and new felony charge. I will get your reading , however it needs to be specific to the actions I need to take to move forward without ended up, …. I don’t want to say it.

  • Elias Hiltunen says:

    Thx for this revealing New Moon In Taurus blog Angel. Now i know, why i woke up depressed about my New Job. I just have to push thru so i get use to it and that brings me hope too.

  • Willhelmina Henry says:

    Thank you for this timely message Angel. The past few nights l have been tossing n turning in my bed unable to sleep felt like unseen forces are around me. I had to close my business because of Covid and I am doing my best to see the bright side behind this whole situation. I feel a strong urge to meditate and create a more meaningful connection to my Higher self. The authority that l can’t do without and have been so stubbornly and foolishly ignoring. Who know the begining and the end of all things..l am grateful that l have the chance to slow down n acknowledge what truly matters.

  • Faye says:

    My ex turned up in my inbox on Monday night, after months of not speaking, I thought I missed him but as soon as we got talking I realised nothing has changed with him, he will still hurt me if I let him back in, and it really is time to let him go, the love that we had is over and that story has ended and I need to accept it so that I can move to the next chapter of my life.

  • Deanna Rice says:

    I have recently designed a prototype device which I use. I’ve spoken with authoritative figures and am now in the first phase of getting a patent on it. The object is in redesign right now with an engineer. According to my readings and the feedback I’m getting this will be successful. The people I’m working with say there isn’t anything else like it.
    Thank you for your input of the energies that you are picking up on me.
    ❤ Deanna

  • Corie hart says:

    Thank you you Angle,i have had news about my illness,’s i have in regards to my depression and anxiety i can now add irritable bowel syndrome to which i found out 2 days ago and has felt as if a heavy load hie been removed from my soul.i need to start a fodmap diet in the next couble of days,end goal is to feel healthy and hopfuly have more energy. Thanks again Angle your friend Corie Hart

  • Thks Dear Adams! Im so grateful to you and for everything which you said about my life! My life have many difficulties with the man which i hnew since 35 years marriage. 3 childrens girls. In fact we are not togheter since 3 years but in the same house doing things separately
    BECAUSE I just want to have that divorce which i since waiting for but is not come. I try to do my Best and rest in the Peace of God cuz i hnew that my prayers are not in vain to have a Peace and wellbeing which i desire . Truly : A PEACE OF GOD! JUST THAT I gives tkhsgivings for all that you spoke about me and i wait for that hood or bad. But for me to have The PEACE WHICH I NEED IN MY LIFE ANSMD START A NEW LIFE SOMEWHERE! Have a blessed day.

  • Max says:

    Thank you for your insite of what has been has been quite demorolizing for me for the last 3 Months.I have no luck,I have been down that nasty Black hole,so I am hoping that I can get out okay.

  • Zemina says:

    Hi. I just wanted to let you know that you are so right and thanks for the insight. Well what I am relating to is the beginning of this week I was not my self at all and what I am taking about is my mood. Oh my gosh I was so mean hateful and rude well because I was feeling sad hurt disappointed and nervous and the reason why I was feeling like this is because I have been working on a career as a Author for a very long time and my children don’t seem to understand why it has taken so long for me to move forward. Well on the 23, of April 2020 I had got an email about an offer I could not refuse it was a blessing from heaven.

    Thanks I truly appreciate you all so much.
    Zemina , Sifontes

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