New Moon in Pisces: Sacred Homecoming

By March 8, 2019 Horoscope

Transits Observed:

  • New Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces
  • Chiron in Aries (new 8 year cycle)
  • Taurus enters Uranus (new 8 year cycle)
  • Mercury Retrograde (29 degrees Pisces, final degree of the Zodiac)

Yesterday, we experienced the dawning of a New Moon in Pisces. Accompanied by several other powerful aspects, this rare full moon alignment triggers a cascade of energies that cannot be ignored.

A new cycle is upon us, just in time for Mercury to retrograde (also in Pisces) to make sure our mind is open enough to understand the energies truly at play here

This new moon is like a nurturing soft egg. The beginning and end of going back home. A deepening of receptivity. And allowing and peeling back the layers of.

‪This also marks ending the old and culminating straight through into beautiful creation and liberation over the past few weeks and into this next decade.

And, with every change in cosmic cycle, we are called by the Universe to reflect upon ourselves, how we have shown up, and what we need to do for the next cycle to come.

Ask yourself: In what ways am I holding myself back?

What positive behaviors need to be used more, and what harmful behaviors need to end from the past decade in order for you to truly move forward into your new life?

Where can we set healthy boundaries in our lives? How can we show ourselves our own self worth?

This is a very introspective time and a huge culmination of a longstanding cycle.

There is nothing to figure out or fix, nothing to forcefully work out at this point at all. This is about going in to your already existing essence.

Even if you feel rushed or urgent with life mission projects we are being asked to sit within and reset and envision and activate what we really want from within. From an energy first perspective.

This is a time of honoring and culminating inner worth. When you own your worth there is nothing that can stand in your way.

Take the time to be really present within yourself and slowing down.

This is a time of allowing and going deeper within. Resting within.

Observing what’s arising with playful curiosity to see from different frequencies and perspectives.

We are all returning to the original wound of separation within, and it’s time to rise from seeing our own relation and mirror of energy to the world.

Many have been on this journey have been feeling this since 2011-2014 forward, yet the greater collective is awakening to this now.

Unconscious or old paradigm relationships are not longer working as well as we are seeing a massive breakdown collectively.

Fixing and “healing” is just a mask for being unwilling to let in love and to receive and create.

It’s time to trust yourself and receive what you don’t know is even possible yet.

It’s not about fixing anymore. It’s about receptivity.

You can hold space for it. —-

You can create and dress for it. —-

If you don’t feel like this yet, you will be as you are moving through the remaining layers of separation and not feeling life “just as it is” …

In fact, these layers of come up and cloud your awareness of connection so that they can dissolve as this is the process!

Everything that needs to be seen and released in order for us to birth is coming up now.

It’s time to dissolve the deeper layers that are keeping us stuck on lower level playing fields of separation and our abandonment.

Everything that is collapsing out of your life right now is being illuminated. This is your soul and the universe saying; the previous path is over, this can not come with you. Surrender and release.‬

It’s time to go within hold life “just as it is” … It’s time to sit with our pain. We are more than what hurts.

We are whole and already worthy. We must stand up and live it even as this New Moon speaks directly to “the hurts” still yet holding us back.

Those hurts that prevent our empathy and “soft animal” from realizing what it’s truly loves …

Or from its own potential, not realizing that itself IS consciousness experiencing itself … that it IS love experiencing itself.

We are more than what has hurt us. We are more than the hurt we have inflicted upon others, the world, and ourselves.

If fear and painful memories arise, breath straight through them. We are all in this together.

Know that darkness wants to be seen, it wants attention and wants your love …

…because if you don’t face the dark…the pain, the shame, the guilt, anger, resentment and all that stuff that is inside each and every one of us – it will erupt in not so healthy or not as intended ways.

We all have shame, guilt and pain and it depends on what we do with it that matters and turns us into heaven or hell.

Don’t distract and bypass. If you believe you won’t be loved because you are true to how you feel you are placing yourself in old boxes that no longer fit your soul.

Don’t fit yourself in boxes that you have outgrown.

People on the ascension path always want to know more about topics they don’t fully understand.

Lower vibrational humans will instantly dismiss information as not being real if they can’t comprehend it.

Trust yourself. This time is about creation from cultivation and incubation.

Your going to be telling a very different story soon, how miracles found you, and how you listened to your soul through the dark night.

Ask for it. Dress for it, set the table for it, turn inward, be silent and honor your truth …

Set and know your boundaries. Be disciplined about what you respond and react to.

Not everything to everyone deserve your energy. Stay in your heart.

You are not responsible for what other people do or do not understand.

Set and maintain the boundary of what you know is true inside you.

Self love and care means not arguing with the people who are committed to misunderstanding you…

Not trying to heal, fix or save others by lowering your frequency to meet them on their level. Instead, stand in your own frequency and letting people rise up to meet you.

Trust yourself even when you don’t know which step to take. When you don’t know, surrender.

Feel lost and ride the flow; trusting yourself also means trusting the universe and that bigger forces are at play …

You can’t possibility predict or see ahead into what has not unfolded yet … now is NOT the time to draw any fast conclusions ..go inward and rest instead.

Remember your depth, flavors, authentic self as it will be like no one else and trust yourself as you move deeper into discovering your own light …

Stop trying to gain love or approval from lower vibrational people who are choosing to stay in their old ways as those souls are dropping out of your life as they energetically fall away from you …

Those who live in the past instead of their hearts can’t see you or understand how you are healing, shifting and changing … don’t take in their projections.

Glow anyway … this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces will show you where we need to expand your minds into what you can’t yet see …

What areas of your life could use more magic, creativity, joy, beauty and connection?

This New Moon is all about releasing the identity of who you think you are.

Everything that is not currently authentic to who you are unfolding – is being dissolved.

It’s really important to allow this process to happen through surrender so that you can make the most out of this next huge 8-10 year cycle.

Don’t settle and judge, set the table instead.

Try to focus on the beauty, lessons and the growth. This is a transition period.

Keep moving through this in between period of old and new. We are all on some level experiencing a dividing of energy.

This energetic division in our lives is highlighting what was by rapidly closing doors.

Sometimes we have to complete “one more cycle” of the lesson repeating as we master it.
To enter a new way of being or seeing, we must first go through the process of dissolving the old one.

Everything happening right now is a blessing.

Your heart expanded perspective is key, sit in mental calm and witness the feelings that can no longer be ignored. This is about release.

The mind can be controlled, manipulated and programmed but the heart can only live in truth, when you let go of control.

Remember it isn’t the heart that breaks — that’s the ego. The heart only expands and this is how we learn to RISE before and as we remember our truth.

Investigate your fears. What are you TRULY scared of? Is that fear even real or is it an illusion or an idea of the real thing? Is there a mask that must still be removed?

We are going to have to let truth scream louder to our souls than the lies that have infected us …

There is a sense that BIG change is on the horizon for us all in March and April.

It’s already happening if you allow this transition to take root.

Yes the old falling away from you is out of vibrational alignment. Your rising will trigger those not rising. Your rawness will upset those still wearing masks.

This isn’t personal. It’s universal. Polar forces always face each other in a reversal to confront each other. Don’t let the limits of others stop you from expanding.

The past is still closing out as your soul steps into what it doesn’t even know is possible yet.

Trust that you are still in the process of allowing the release of what won’t be coming with you as you embody the energy of this year.

Ask yourself what are you honoring to stay in your life? What could you no settle for?

If you trusted your own worth, would you give energy to this thing or that person, situation or connection?

Alignment is everything and in order to flow we must stop putting our energy into the very people and things who can’t see or understand us.

Receive big anyway. Align within. Don’t look outside for truth. All you will find is other people’s egos. Truth is innate and can’t be given to you.

Your truth is what feels right in your heart and in alignment to your soul.

Set the table for it and trust the thirty seeds are growing more with your daily water.

Dress for it. Exercise for it. Ask for it. Envision it. Be uncomfortable and show up anyway.

Allow clearing to take place so that you can renew. Set your boundaries and trust the Universe to meet you make the way happen as you are impeccable to alignment.

As we evolve and awaken, we learn to define where we place our standards.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you, lift you up and celebrate you.

Be honest about all you have discovered and how far you have come. Hey honest about who you are, what you want and how you want to be treated.

Be and live this, when you are alone in the dark by yourself.

Our standards determine what we decide to allow within our space and they only scare off who’s and what is not meant for our space.

Allow the truth. Allow your relationships to becomes less about attachment and expectation and more about self awakening and pointing awarenesses to your own inner belonging.

See the truths and sign for what they are. Don’t distort the messages. Find your inner peace and don’t feed into the collective fears.‬

Allow illusions to fall. Allow the movements that are trying to take place. Trust that you are divinely guided.

If you feel pressure, trust what is being shown for you to expand and what things are stifling you as it’s the wrong box for you …

The energy through this contrast are in fact asking you to see and step into more of your own truth and soul’s evolution.

It’s time to see your unique soul path and you may have to walk alone. It time to set out boundaries and align within, the universe will respond and line up to what’s inside you.

It doesn’t have to fit with anyone else’s perception of you, or to even match the way that you saw yourself a year ago.

It’s time to stop trying to heal others and translating our soul to those who cannot yet understand.

You no longer have to justify or explain your intuition to others, just live it and move forward.

No two unique souls will perceive the same way. The filter of which we see all of life comes from our own level of self awareness and healing.

No one can give you your truth and help you take the masks off covering your heart. You can’t care about what others think of you, as their perception is a direct mirror of their frequency.

If someone is full of broken light, inner child wounds and disowned parts, they are perceiving you through their own lack of belonging and filter.

Stay in your own lane. Embody your power. Don’t compare your magic to anyone. Jealousy comes from feeling powerless.

When you embody your heart and raw authentic being, you receive access to your biggest inner soul power.

Let them or whatever do or say what they want; it’s it’s false, it will show itself. Truth in the heart cannot be distorted or manipulated – only felt.

This is why your body awareness and connecting more to your inner medicine is so vital to embody energetic discernment.

This way you can “feel first” truth even when you are blinded by rough weather.

And this I know the energy has been chaotic as we’ve been in the middle of a cosmic solar storm. Every negative emotion you are moving through will pass. You got this.

This year is about self mastery and rising your embodied living as you redirect your 3D physical energy into 5D level seering, expressing, living and knowing what you truly want on a heart level.

This transition period will be smoother if you can stay in your heart space.

In fact the more you focus on what fulfills you – emotionally, spiritually and physically and connects to what you truly want your day to day life to look like.

You have been working on, living, understanding and mastering a cycle of your life to a sufficient extent now, which is allowing its karmic completion out of your life.

Now is the time to dream and don’t think that things are too good for you to be true. Do not limit yourself – this is an undefinable energy coming through and it wants to be shaped solely by your vision and relation to yourself.

This is a birthing time so listen to the messages, visions and truths that keep coming to you. Feel into and trust these symbolic messages.

Keep your heart open and listen. ‪it’s time to shine through the inner pain and step into your self worth.

Instead of focusing on what separates, feel into what unites and allows you to moves closer and deeper into your soul and heart …

This is a time of new beginnings, don’t restrict yourself on old templates of what you can or cannot do.

Pay close attention to your intuition, as things are being communicated through your energy and field right now.

Notice how you energy expands or contracts, that’s how you know what stays and what goes. What wants to leave, LET IT.

Ask “if I truly rested inside my own worth, possibility, trust and knowing what my soul deserves, would i give my energy to this person, situation, thing or connection?”

Many situations in our lives that are collapsing now albeit painful were actually blessings in disguise as they teach us who we are and how to love ourselves deeper.

Use this dreamy seed planting moon and this cosmic electrical life shifting decade long transits to churn wounds into gold.

Allow this grounding electrical revolutionary energy to just feel right now and get in better touch within.

Don’t fix — receive, drink in and expand.

Don’t chase all the answers. Let the mystery descend.

The next few months are going to play out so let this energy time now to reset so that you can see the bigger picture unfolding.

Unwind back to your natural essence; take care of yourself and release your grip on the old.

Reset now and get clear on what makes you fully turned on and in pure joy. Remember your truth and authentic self even more.

This next few months are about getting what you actually want in the outer world from a place of total integrity and inner vibrational alignment inside you.

There a place and a time to get IN emotional alignment with what you want and that time is now.

Ask. Set the table and send the ripples out into the world. Rise up from the darkest soil.

Speak the worst pain with gentle soft lips. I feel the feminine is peeling back the deepest layers right now to her inner soul Union and remembering. This revolutionizing relationships within our own divine feminine of knowing self and belonging.

Stay really big with your mind, the details will naturally come but not because you are holding tightly but we because you are allowing it all the way through.

This is about feeling and sacred to what is just as it is.

This isn’t a New Moon for massive lists of vision boarding or scripting or planning some mastermind out in your head.

Don’t force, yet don’t coast. Stay active in creating, receiving and playing as this will turn your “antenna sensitivity meter” up to the right alignments for you at this time (and the wrong ones to leave alone) but don’t get pushy.

This is about resting inward and allowing this incubation to sink to your deepest layer and sink in how you truly feel and what you truly want.

Let the new info and messages come in and surprise you.


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  • Dorina Costea says:

    The mind can be controlled, manipulated and programmed but the heart can only live in truth.
    Thank you, Crystal!

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