New Moon In Libra | Calling In Your Twin Flame

By October 16, 2020 October 18th, 2020 Astrology

Hi, it’s Luna! 

Get out your candles and incense, because tonight is the New Moon in Libra, and you’ve got a golden opportunity to set intentions that will redefine and balance your relationships for weeks and months to come. 

Even though the moon will barely be visible, it’s presence will be felt deeply. This new moon will be closer to the earth than any other time in 2020, making it the biggest supermoon of the year. 

While the next few days will be highly transformational, expect some friction with this moon. The planets will be coming together to provoke your darker, more controlling tendencies, which will ultimately help you let go of the past and breathe new life into current and future partnerships.

Let’s take a deeper dive and demystify the gifts of this moon together, so you can make the most of what it has to offer.

The Union Of Opposites 

The new moon is a time when the Sun and Moon are in union, symbolizing harmony between your inner and outer worlds. This lunar phase marks a potent occasion to create new internal habits, patterns, and rhythms that will bring your partnerships into greater alignment and harmony. 

Your romantic interest or partner naturally reflects the aspects of yourself you don’t identify with. For example, you might be grounded and steady, while those you feel drawn to are more changeable and unreliable. There are near infinite polarities like this. The yin and yang of polarity is what creates a spark of attraction and brings people together. 

During the New Moon in Libra, you have a heightened opportunity to redefine your points of attraction in a relationship. By intentionally adopting qualities you admire or respect in others, and releasing the qualities you overplay in your personality, you can become more internally balanced. As a result, your increased inner harmony will allow you to access your potential for a soul mate or twin flame connection. 

By strengthening your weaknesses, you’ll no longer attract those who reflect your wounded, rejected or neglected aspects. Instead, you’ll begin to magnetize others who embody a higher level of integration and are capable of truly meeting you where you are. 

Tonight, or anytime over the next three days, is a potent time to manifest your twin flame by increasing your inner harmony. Make a list of your heart’s desires, specifically those you feel are unmet, and meditate on the sensation you would feel in your body and mind by having your deepest needs and desires fulfilled.

Your life experience may not have given you a taste of what better relationships look and feel like yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible for you. Stay in the mystery of the dark moon, and allow yourself to plant the intention for more ideal, beautiful and harmonized outlets of connection with others.

Putting An End To People Pleasing

While Libra can be a master mediator and harmonizer, this sign has a tendency to cut uncomfortable corners and try to avoid conflict altogether, which can result in a victim state of being. If you have a habit of editing your own voice to create superficial harmony with others, it’s likely you often feel disempowered, helpless, and resentful.

The New Moon in Libra is inviting you to express your authentic voice. In doing so, you will resonate with and attract those who love and appreciate the real you. 

If it’s easy for you to discount your own feelings, wants, and needs in order to escape confrontation or people please, this new moon will encourage you to take charge of your well being. 

On the flip side, if you’ve been overly independent and uncompromising with others, you will feel the desire to make new habits that prioritize greater peace and harmony with those close to you.  

Remember, the only way you can maintain peace with a toxic person is by denying yourself. Until you are willing and able to accept the fallout of standing in your truth within that dynamic, you will remain dislocated from your personal power and continue to quietly suffer. 

Mars in Aries opposing the New Moon in Libra, will give you an extra push over the coming days to stand up for yourself and bravely embrace your inner truth. 

Mars isn’t the only planet affecting the new moon this month, there’s one more heavy hitter coming in to create big waves. 

Moon square Pluto | Don’t Go Down With the Ship

Over the coming days, Pluto in Capricorn will be stumbling into your life like a belligerent, drunk uncle at your wedding. The planetoid of power and soul will be in a hard aspect to the Moon, churning up charged, disturbing emotions and causing outbursts of controlling energy. 

Obsession, stubbornness, and power struggles, along with situations that challenge you to confront old habits and emotional addictions may be part of your experience for the next few days. Rather than going down with the ship and hurting yourself in the process, opt to lean into deeper grace and release anything trying to escape your grasp. 

Keep in mind, something new is coming to take its place. You will only be able receive it if you are willing to surrender what you’re holding now.

It can be hard to let go of people and situations you strongly identify with, because they’re places you’ve given parts of your soul to. However, all things change. Through the turbulence of strong emotion, this new moon will highlight the importance of being able to release attachment and allow rebirth to occur.  

The New Moon is Libra is powerful, indeed. I am here with you, holding the intent for you to stand in your beauty and power as you step into a higher level of love and relating. 

A subtle portal is opening now and for the next three days. Use it now to seed new habits that will transform your relationships into reflections of true harmony and joy.

I believe in you!

In Cosmic Union,

Luna Dragowell

P.S. What’s feeling out of balance in your relationships? Does it seems like the scales are leaning more to one side than the other? Let me know in the comments below! 

Luna Dragonwell

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  • Hi Luna,
    Twin flame sounds very familiar……..but can you tell me why someone in my life seems to be distancing themselves from me,are you bake to give me the reason?I have an idea but would very much like a second opinion…..thank you in advance Luna!x……and I of course just love receiving my “Tarot Readying Daily”-))))))

    • Teresa Sims says:

      Thank you so much for your time . I am defiantly in alignment with this article. to the point. I needed this. I feel my twin flame close

  • WOW, LUNA…You just pulled out ALL the stops tonight❣ There was more insight in this 1 reading, I found myself taking screenshots just to make SURE I didn’t forget a WORD! HUGE,

  • MARCOS says:

    Luna Dragonwell
    My name is MARCOS A. Paz and I was reading your predictions about me and I have to bull shit on your predictions. I don’t mean any disrespect and I’m sorry for my rude behavior. But when I red your predictions about me I was having some trouble understanding what you wrote but I got the jest of it. I feel disappointed by your predictions about me past present and future.

    • Hi Marcos, I’m don’t make predictions for people. I write about current astrological events, but it’s up to you whether you’re able to take advantage of them or not. Take care!

  • Wendy says:

    How do you overpower the heart? Mentally you know you have to give up on someone, your brain is yelling for you to run and don’t look back. But your heart, body and soul won’t let you. Its a constant battle of tug of war. How do you make the heart quiet and accept what your brain is telling it, accept all the proof the brain has given it. More importantly how do you quit listening to the heart when its pull is stronger and overpowering logical thinking

    • Hi Wendy, I understand what you’re going through. A great sage once said that environment is stronger than will. Surround yourself with people and activities that support you making the positive changes you desire. I’d also recommend working on attachment trauma and healing any fears of abandonment. Best of luck <3

  • Jeanni Lester says:

    I feel like this may help me to get the peace and happiness I’ve been looking for. It will also help me to get past all the hurt my family has caused me. I want to just live day to day and live each moment being happy and loved. Not sure it with the one in with, beginning to think we are heading for the end, but I want so bad for us to make it to the end. Thank You for such a wonderful blessing!! J.L.

  • Jesse Loya says:

    Thank you always for your messages. They always seem to come precisely at the right moment.


    I can easily relate to much of this article. I am going through a process of letting go. I created a Poster of sorts that says “Release with Grace” two days ago
    Thank you for the encouragement.

  • Karen says:

    It is eerie, but spot on fo me because I have a twin sister who passed away a few years back. she wants me to be happy and strong and settled that’s not been in my journey lately , only turmoil . I’ve gotten pulled in and have been unsettled and seeking peace to long now, past and present , spot on, hitts home ,had to say Wow.

  • Shirley Johnson says:

    This is so eerie. A guy I have talking to online mentioned to me about Twin Flames. I never heard about twin flames until he educated me about it last night. He is an Aries and I am a Leo. He is divorce and I am going thur a divorce but I feel a strong connection to him. Wow!

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