Mini Series Part 2: Transmuting Darkness Into Light

By November 21, 2018 December 5th, 2018 Energy Update

Full Moon: November 21st, 2018

What an absolutely beautiful day with some soul family … wow, very thankful indeed.  🥰🔥🌕✨

A beautiful energy and release today I felt with the integration of old and new …

There was a lot of joy in the air for me and genuine connection and the melting open of its all really cracked me open today.  

I know for the whole world, 2018 is has been about embodiment of the new and letting go.  

For many these were forced events and happenings in your lives where someone you love got very ill or passed away, or perhaps you experienced a great loss in some way.  

I know for many they are unwinding great distortions and having to stand in the light anyway, realizing what they recently “lost” no matter how important was actually standing in the way of greater things.

Truth has prevailed and you have a bigger and more connected, powerful, beautiful path ahead of you …

That even in the “eye of the storm” you float in the sweet spot of your alchemical heart and create as you know that “losses” are truly the path to freedom..and every time you unwind and “release” … every time you surrender… you remember more of who you truly are at Source.  

Transmuting Darkness And “False Light” Into Great Breakthroughs And New Opportunity

Right now so many breakthroughs are happening collectively as everyone is slowly engaging and feeling more uplifted.  

Lessons that took a decade or more are finding completion and people, teachers, lovers and family are leaving and/or possibly passing.  Grieving and loss has been in the air.

Even when we feel alone we are ALL ONE and the world is waking up to this understanding more than we ever have as a whole collective.  

Trust what has happened.  Trust that people and things and situations that have left your life is to help you focus on YOU for higher GOOD.  

Choose now to redirect your energy and discover what lights up your soul and fills your cup without settling or sacrifice.  It’s time to believe.

Take time to get yourself into CONSISTENT self care rituals that automate better into your life.  Eat early and wake up early and spend that time on just you. Only spend time with those who truly value you and who you value.  

What truly lifts you up … what is purely bringing you joy and reminding you to come back home to yourself?  If you keep banging your head on closed doors, you will miss the message.

Don’t go to the places that are ‘dead ends’ now.  Stop banging on closed doors. Go to the things that fill your heart and allow you to unfold more into your gift or purpose right now …

Flow with was inspires you and breathes creation to your heart and desires.  These heart desires feel like newness or expansion and also possibly totally scary but it’s so necessary to expand into what we want.  

I know the energy has been intense throughout the entire Venus retrograde and self care is a mindful choice when we are leveling up from the depth.  

You are supported more than you know to JUST TAKE THE LEAP.  Please my love … please Stop going back to what’s already gone.

Trust you are supported and know that your connection to self-worth has been inviting you to uplevel and trust, through this Venus Retrograde and now that Venus is direct.  

Stop going back and release the energies that keep calling you back to the same places and that are not for your highest good.  

Let go of false power and false positivity.  Let go of mind and distortions of Soul. Let go of imbalanced, co-dependent, disempowering or draining bonds …

Let go of meaningless activities and unsustainable things that don’t “fill our cup” … or just feeling “dead inside” or less than your true divinity …

Yes we have all been seeing distortions and manipulations and false powers come to light more than ever.  We are learning love isn’t enabling what is willing to freely abuse you or manipulate you. Love is supporting just that — LOVE.

Where there is dysfunction we are seeing we were imbalanced with our “self to other” and even with our simple daily energy exchanges or our give and takes.  But truly this is about integrating dysfunction into harmony and wholeness, the breakdown into the breakthrough.

Love isn’t the “more you give, the more you receive’ but ‘as you give appropriately in the appropriate places, you receive something that’s a match to what you were looking for.  It’s all energy. And everyone and everything is a vehicle to host Source essential to remind us back home.

When you are fully at home – even when you are uncomfortable within “the eye of the storm or trigger” you have so much capacity for emergence.  

You also get you are the inner sprint vortex of it all and the more you understand and value yourself, the more all of life around you values you.

Time if lifting up I feel even if things are still turned upside down.  You got this. Keep going.

You are unstoppable in the sense that you won’t go back to certain ways. You have set your standards.

You are now re-entering the greater arena of life.

Life will respond to those inner shifts accordingly. Have faith. Follow the signs & what inspires now.

It is going to be time to explore & experience again. Stay in your highest ground.

You will receive what you were looking for.  Remember what was “bad” that happened to you was only the messenger.   Don’t miss the lesson because you didn’t like the messenger.


Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Anna says:

    Continue your goals ! You have an important role to portray . You are chosen to be instrumental to us . There is a Big Man guiding you and holds you in the plalm of His hand . God Bless . Namaste

  • toni says:

    I have cleared a lot of negative energy out of my life. I have been sensitive of certain ppl around me. I have got in contact with a soul mate I have nt seen or heard from in 11 years. My divorce is done and I am looking for a life partner. I have an opportunity for new love. I still have very strong love for my soul mate. Im releasing a lot of tears. Tears I know I need to let go of. He was a great loss to me I am enternally grateful to have an opportunity to see if this can work again. Thank you for guidance, experience, love, sharing out loud whatwas confusing to feel. Namaste….

  • You have already won Crystal, no need to fight just claim who you already are, powerful, magnificent, free from the mind Matrix of illution…I AM with you and so is your Higher Self connected to the Creator Source!

  • Audrey says:

    So happy to hear that you are coming through your own dark days beautiful insights on your readings today. It resonated so much. Look forward to the next 2 readings. Have a beautiful carefree weekend. Xx

  • Sandy whitmore says:

    So much h wisdom in your words .. so much sence is beginning to find me .. Thank you xx

  • Colette Rogers says:

    Good for thought in your words today Crystal.
    So good to have you back and I look forward to tomorrow and Fridays part of the series.

  • Sanna says:

    Thank you a million Crystal! I was super happy to read these messages today, and I felt like I really needed your words. I need to find a better seat and read them again. Have a magical day!

  • Tiffini Jones says:

    This couldn’t have come at a more timely moment in my life than when it did today and wow it felt as if you had crystal clear insight on my life and world and spoke directly to me! Thank you for this. This was absolutely and most certainly a direct message from the Universe!

  • good words that I need at this time thank you glad having you back

  • Archannette says:

    It’s great having you back!!! I look forward to the rest of your series .

  • Archannette says:

    Thank you it is nice to have you back . I love the beginning of your series and look forward to the other three .

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