Mini-Series Part 1: The Forward March Of A Goddess Reborn

By November 16, 2018 December 5th, 2018 Energy Update

Venus Direct:  November 16th

It started three weeks ago.  

When Venus Retrograde ends and Mercury Retrograde begins on the same day.

Venus was in the underworld for 40 days as she dug up every layer of unstable foundation that needed to be dug up sot bag we can now align with what we truly want. The rose colored glasses are off and our relationships, values and current circumstances are perceived with crystal clarity.

This carries with it a dramatic shift where we begin to see our lives through the lenses of what we truly need on a soul level to feel fulfilled.  

This means that we will or have been ending relationships, partnerships and connections that have fallen out of alignment.  Anything that was lost was actually a stepping stone.

This means we can’t bang anymore on closed doors.  It’s time to be walking away from anything that your soul is screaming a resounding “No” to.

The Time Is About Rising.

No more listening or feeling at war with either our heart or head, as the energy now is calling us all to pay closer attention to our inner soul voice, following our intuition and instinctive knowing, doing the work, tilling the lawn and planting the seeds and trusting that our steps into the unknown are leading us closer towards the exact life we’ve been trying to create.  

As doors close and stay closed, new ones are opening, and even if it’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable these new doors are offering far more rewarding opportunities, possibilities and pleasure than ever before. If you still can’t see the new doors, you ego has not been exhausted or options yet and you are too noisy to see the gift yet. 

It’s time to go within and see the gift and stop hiding ourselves or stopping what will give us transformation.  

Venus took us through a period of intense, uprooting and deep refinement.  We squeezed and rinsed and released a lot of what caused conflict, dysfunction and harm, mostly involving karmic connections and life mission lessons, and many are now feeling a bit more uplifted and cleared – ready to receive healthier dynamics in all ways of connection, worthiness, personal value and inner substance.  

A Tango Of Relationship Fate

Mercury Retrograde has arrived with divine timing, on the exact same day that Venus goes direct, so it is going to be testing our strength and resolve on everything we’ve gone through recently, particularly since Oct 5th when Venus Retrograde began.

We may notice that people from our past will be unexpectedly reappearing, some to sincerely make amends or for genuine connection because they are doing their inner work, while others who have not done their inner work will be seeing if our boundaries are weak and if we’re quick to forget about the mess they left behind.

This is a time of reorganizing what we value and love and how “connected and whole” we are from HOW we value and love so choose wisely who is allowed back in, as not everyone who cycles back during a Venus retrograde (in Scorpio) has the most conscious of good intentions.  

Some people pop back up solely to serve their own agenda – maybe for attention, validation or for gain of some type – but whatever the reasoning, just be sure to listen carefully to your inner voice and notice how your energy feels when you’re in contact with them and also when you’re away from them. Does there energy fill you up and inspire you or drain you?  This will let you know who to be more around and less and less around.

Retrogrades don’t happen to just bring us back into the past so that we can reminisce and feel nostalgic!  It’s more about the new action and new perceptions it’s creates.

Retrogrades are simply like wise spiritual teachers that show us our past us so that we can see how much soul-growth has occurred, and so that we recognise that we’re no longer fooled by surface level friendships, relationships & commitments that don’t have any purposeful depth.  

And in the greater ways of the ways, if there is no depth, integrity, authenticity and sincerity then it will cause harm rather than nourishment to our soul, and the universe is always collaborating and aligning to assist our soul and remove anyone or anything that is out of alignment.

Yet essentially is is still up to us and our own hearts will.  This is why it’s so essential that we don’t fall at the first hurdle and return to people, places, things or stories in our head that drag our vibration down low and take us straight back to chaos and unmet pain.

Mercury Retrograde is notorious for being a wild roller coaster ride, with emotions flaring and fizzling and communication going awry.  All this means, is we need balance, organization and usually a deeper understanding for clear connection, communication and even healing.  

Fortunately Venus has spun our lives over and over, and at times out of control, during these past several weeks, and thankfully has done a lot of “tough work” clearing out what no longer intimately resonates or what no longer aligns with who we are now and where we’re heading.

This means that i don’t think for most that this Mercury Retrograde will not be as dramatic and painful as previous ones, thankfully!

Mercury Retrograde occurring at the end of the year is perfect timing as it will radically, and brutally at times, cleanse and clear our lives so that we close 2018 freer, lighter, and emotionally, mentally and spiritually healed, ready and prepared for a magnificent start to a brand new year …

However – that’s only if we’ve been doing the “soul work.” If we’ve dug our head under the ground and ignored and rejected whatever has tried to get our attention, we’re in for a wild ride – but take heart as ultimately retrogrades happen for our highest good, for healing, evolution and soul ascension, so regardless of whatever we go through, have faith that it’s all happening exactly as it is meant, and needs to.

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Deanna Cross says:

    Thank you for this! It totally resonates with me and has given me the wind for my wings so that I can be free and take flight to te next leg of my journey without having to drag an anchor of drama and chaos behind me from the people that no longer belong.

  • Shauna Hines says:

    Dear Alli,
    You and your children will be fine. It’s hard I know but just have faith that things will be okay. I’m sending you and your children positive energy, light and love. I’m sorry that I can’t be of more help to you however I have no doubts that you will find the guidance you’re seeking.
    All my love,

  • Shauna Hines says:

    I could say “welcome back”, but my heart knows you never left us to begin with……(Regardless of the ill intentions of this “spiteful and jealous past partner of yours”!) That’s the whole meaning behind what he will never have the ability to understand. Or, I should say feel. He isn’t aware that we’re all connected by soul so despite his most cold hearted efforts he can never take you away from us. His attempts will just lead him to his own failure. I feel sorry for him honestly. You’re far too powerful and your gifts to us and this world shine beyond limits that he could ever reach. So I won’t say, welcome back, instead I’ll say, “Thank you for always being here!” Thank you for being the strength, courage, and inspiration that you are in all of our eyes! You’re the one I personally turn to for words of advice and wisdom which speak directly to my heart and are exactly what I need to lift my soul back to the heights it’s meant to discover.”Keep letting your light shine because it’s our way through the dark!” I’d personally be lost without you love. Thank you for being the gift that you are meant to be. We will never stop supporting you and sending you are strength, love and positive energy. I truly have the upmost respect, admiration and gratitude towards you.
    All my love,
    Shauna Hines
    ✨(Light, Love, Laughter)❤️

  • Olga says:

    Hello beautiful soul 🙂 I hope you are feeling better now. I just wanted to say that no matter how hard the time is challenging you, I’m with you too <3 I'm going through hard times as well but I believe everything will be ok soon. I've always been thankful for your wisdom and support. Now it's the time I supported you back 🙂 I'm glad you are here!

  • Susie Lumpkin says:

    Hello Crystal so glad you are back I have really been missing you you are so much of a inspiration to me you really seems to know exactly when I’m down or what I’m going through at the exact same time I’m troubled. I’m glad things are working out for you now and please don’t stop helping me Thank you so much

  • Fredy Chiteta says:

    I appreciate so much.

  • Samantha says:

    Crystal so sorry what this evil negative person has caused you, and my positive thoughts and vibes were being felt for you and sent. I love your words and expertise on many areas and i always fill up with more positive inspirational energy when i listen and read your writings and thoughts thank you kindly for being here for me and all your friends.

  • Melissa says:

    Your wisdom has been missed. I resonate with what your saying as I type this my life in the last two months has been a roller coaster ride with old friendships returning. Looking forward to the fresh start of the year and all the new possibilities.

  • Tammy says:

    ❌⭕️Doll! I feel for you! There is nothing worse than placing your trust with someone who is deliberately deceiving you for their own personal gain! I have been through so many similar situations myself!! And some worse! But at least he didn’t try to hurt and destroy you physically! He maybe stole your ideas and visions , but he didn’t steal your health! You can shake the maggot dust off your feet and can move on with no traces of it in your future! I wish you all the best and pray you get through this quickly! God bless you sister! I don’t have my reading glasses on so hopefully autocorrect didn’t change my words! Much ❤️ I can relate wholeheartedly because I have had worse done to me! Criminal it was and they were able to get away with it! Ever since I have only felt like a walking dead man! (Women) yes I may be here physically but I have been kidnapped inside! Only Healing can now save me if it can find me! Don’t forget about contacting the BBB and see if they can help!

  • Natasha says:

    Hello Crystal and Thank-You x
    I want to thank you for openly displaying your emotions about this awful trying time you are experiencing with people whom you trusted and I sincerely admire your honesty and strength. I’ve always from a child felt connected to the universe and very alien to most of the beings I’ve met or have been around on earth so far. Thankfully I have now been lead to you Angel of light and peace even though your so far away I carry you close crystal in my heart. I eagerly await your updates I enjoy them so so much xx

  • Sandy whitmore says:

    Thank you crystal. I have missed the wisdom .. so glad you are back on track now .. much love …
    Yr follower Sandy ..

  • Patricia Daniel says:

    This is patricia daniel .i wish you luck on winning out on top .to best everything that your so call partner has done .that he fails on any thing else he tries to do .to you .you made tears come to my eyes with you crying .i know it hurts i feel your pain deeply .I’m with you .take care with love your friend patricia daniel bless be

  • Nombulelo says:

    Thank you..hope you are well.

  • Colette Rogers says:

    Crystal it’s so lovely having you back!! I did write to you as I felt you needed contact in your darkest hour.
    Looking forward to more from you now.
    Sending Healing Prayers for you.
    God Bless,

  • Ali says:

    Please I need some help. I think my children are in a very unsafe dark energy environment. I can’t get any answers I don’t know what to do. The few people I’m close to aren’t awake enough yet to really truly believe or help me. Please help

  • Williams says:

    Thank you so very much. I had look forward to reading your update.
    Please keep it up God will always be your guide

  • Mildred Ramos says:

    I live for your updates. Please keep at this beautiful craft of yours. Love you more

  • Heather says:

    Thank you for these uplifting words and aid to stay the path. It pains me to hear all that you are going through. However, sharing your battles also comforts those of us going through our own battles….to know that we are not alone……and to re-fuel our energy in fighting the good fight. You will get through this and come out even stronger! Thank you for all that you do…..truly. Stay blessed.

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