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By November 4, 2020 Astrology

Hi there, it’s Luna!

Mercury retrograde is notorious for causing technological mishaps and issues with communication. Have you been facing issues like this in the last three weeks? 

We have! Here at Tarot Reading Daily, we experienced a stubborn glitch in our mailing list software, which prevented us from sending out your Weekly Tarot Readings and astrological updates. Here’s what you missed:

Thankfully for all of us, Mercury is now direct and will be until 2021. 

We spent the first two weeks of the retrograde revisiting taboos in our lives and learning how to communicate about them more effectively. The last week of the retrograde was spent reevaluating close relationships and making necessary adjustments. 

Now that Mercury has turned direct, some intense aspects will be occurring as it retraces its steps in Libra and Scorpio for the final time this year. Let’s find out more about what Mercury will be up against over the next few weeks.

It’s Now Or Never

Whenever Mercury goes retrograde, it creates a valuable opportunity to rethink your position related to whatever sign its retrograding in. This last retrograde passed through two signs, Scorpio and Libra, which are concerned with intimacy and relationships respectively. 

While Mercury was retrograding in Scorpio, from October 13th – 27th, issues around sexuality, power, possessiveness and all things hidden or taboo were on the table. You may have used this time to release obsessive thinking or communication patterns, talk more openly about your sexual needs, or revisit your interests in mysticism.

After spending two weeks in Scorpio, Mercury continued its backward journey into Libra from October 27th – November 3rd. During this time, issues around relationships came to the forefront. You may have had an old flame reappear in your life, or gotten to the root of a longstanding communication issue in your current relationship. Maybe you became more clear about what you want and don’t want in your relationships. However it manifested for you, relationships were in the spotlight during this time.   

Starting November 3rd until November 29th, Mercury will be in its “post-shadow” period of the retrograde, retracing its steps through Libra and Scorpio for the third and final time. 

During this time, you will be assimilating all the information you received about your relationships and intimacy during the retrograde. This could mean recommitting to an ex-partner, or doubling down on your choice to separate. 

You are in the process of sorting through the information that came to light during the retrograde and seeing how it all fits together. Consider the post-shadow period of this retrograde to be an integration process.  

This final step of the retrograde has you in a now or never position with your relationships. Over the last three weeks, Mercury retrograde pointed out the broken elements in your close partnerships, particularly around communication, but it’s up to you whether you make changes based on the insights you received, or sign up for another round of the same old dynamic.

Give yourself some space away from others to be still and reflect on what you truly desire. The next few days will probably distort your perspective and judgment toward the negative, so I wouldn’t suggest finalizing any big plans or changes until at least the second week of November.

Mental Heaviness

From November 1st through the 7th, freshly direct Mercury will enter a challenging aspect to Saturn, planet of duty, structure, karma and responsibility. This transit can mark a productive time when you’re able to get a lot of work done. In fact, the more routine and technical your work is right now, the better! 

However, this transit can also be associated with depressive, pessimistic moods and mental heaviness. You may have trouble seeing the bright side of any situation right now. Try to keep in mind this is a passing influence, and you’ll soon be back in touch with your inspiration.

If you still need to master the energies of Mercury and Saturn, this influence can bring up insecurity, fear, and feelings of rejection. Rather than being hard on yourself, and blaming yourself or others, try to channel your need for structure and discipline into tangible projects. 

You are capable of working very hard right now, and if you undertake a project you have been procrastinating on, you could be surprised at how much you’re able to accomplish right now.

Under this planetary influence, be mindful of how you come off to others. The dark clouds hanging over your head right now could have you expressing yourself in a way that pushes other people away. 

This is a good time to be alone and work, but if you must be around others, be mindful to not express yourself too negatively, otherwise you may find yourself saying the wrong thing and making the mood even worse. 

You will have better opportunities to socialize and express yourself later in the month. There is one day in particular when words will flow with ease, and your mind will be in effortless alignment with your heart. 

Getting Things Off Your Chest

November 14th is a day when you will be more in touch with and communicative about your feelings. By this date, Mercury will still be in its post-shadow, but it will have left Libra, and will be moving forward through its backward steps in Scorpio. 

With Mercury conjunct the Moon in Scorpio, you will feel inclined to speak from your heart and get anything that has been weighing on you off your chest. You won’t feel like you’re in your head, so inhibiting, self-censoring tendencies will be low. 

This is a great influence if you have trouble expressing yourself. Words will flow with ease, and you’ll be able to share whatever has been on your mind successfully. 

Since this transit is happening in Scorpio, the nature of your conversations on November 14th will be deep. Topics that are normally uncomfortable or feel unapproachable will be easier to discuss. This includes issues related to sexuality, intimacy, emotional needs, death, personal transformation, spiritual experiences, and anything taboo. 

If you need to have a difficult conversation with someone, November 14th is a good time to do so. Chances are, both parties will be able to communicate from an open and honest place. Conversation happening on this day will likely bring to greater completion any issues or insights that came up during the retrograde. 

November 14th is also the day after Mars goes direct, so you’ll be cosmically empowered to take action on whatever the conclusion of your conversation is. More on this in my next article. 

In the meantime, be gentle with yourself and others! Enjoy the process of integration as you take a final look at the valuable information you received during the Mercury retrograde. 

Enjoying the cosmic dance,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. What kind of revelations did the Mercury retrograde bring to your relationships? Are you still wondering if you should stay or go? Let me know in the comments below, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Luna Dragonwell

About Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Teka Mecha says:

    I thank you for the reading that has done for my in great pressure. As i see my reading , i recognize it . Because each and every information that explained in the message is real and true that is being in did.

  • Elisha Miechile says:

    Hi, Luna! Your reading for me is so connected to my current situation today. That’s why I’m can’t wait to read your upcoming readings for me. Yes, for now my relationship becomes complicated because of the miscommunication, denial & trust issues. I didn’t communicate w/ my favorite person these past few weeks because of these reasons but I forgive my favorite person and I admit I was wrong too due for too much worrying. And now I’m looking forward to start a new beggining with my favorite person. I’d like to let go bec of the bad things that really hurts me, but I can’t do it because I love my favorite person so much.

  • Nellz B says:

    Hi Luna,
    Well for me, Mercury retrograde was in my 9th/scorpio and 8th/scorpio & libra. I had the opportunity to have an open conversation with an ex-lover to finally bring our chapter to an end. We’ve had similar conversations before and our initial breakup where I chose to end “it” was in 2015, but for an additional 5 yrs there was a lot of fence straddling despite my efforts to never look back. I even vowed not to enter this decade with him, yet somehow it still wasn’t clear enough to me. Possibly because I wasn’t strong(scorpio) enough to fight his emotional manipulation(scorpio). Until this retrograde, which is also in my 9 personal year.

  • Nancy Bowers says:

    Thank you so much Luna! Your reading is so accurate it’s scary! My ex-husband and I decided to reconcile after we went through a divorce. We’ve been back together for over a year and a half now. We promised each other to be very open and honest with each other about everything to avoid creating any doubt in our relationship but just as I was finally letting go of the past and starting to really trust him again I caught him in lie. I don’t even understand why he lied. For what ever reason he decided not to be forthcoming about the amount of bonus money he received through his company, and even coming up with a lie to try to cover up a motorcycle purchase. He doesn’t know I even know the truth or accidently seen his checking account to see the amount of money he has, had. I am heart broken but instead of confronting him about it I’ve given him every opportunity and dropped settle hints that I know somewhat of the truth just so he’d tell me the truth. Unfortunately he ended up telling me half the truth only to try to cover it up with a bigger lie. It’s going on 3 weeks now and he goes on like nothing is wrong. Obviously he doesn’t ever plan on telling me the truth. I’m not even mad about the money or the motorcycle, just the fact that he lied. I don’t understand why he felt like he needed to lie about any of this and it hurts knowing he didn’t care the risk of losing me in the process. I know I can’t just let this go and I only want to talk to him about it but I’m scared to bring it up because I’m still in disbelief he even risked our relationship over such a stupid lie and money and how he obviously doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal. I plan on taking your advice and taking about it on 11/14. I only hope he can take responsibility and talk openly about it like two adults. For me however, this has made me doubt everything all over again. He says he wants to remarry me and that he loves me, but I feel like if he did he would have never risked losing me again over another lie. I’m so lost and confused.

  • Noor says:

    Thanks for this I learned alot , I’m currently in relationship but during this mercury retrograde its true my old friend appeared and suddenly asked me if I’m willing to get married with him, but with one condition that I don’t like and can’t do it and the truth I don’t love him only friend. But my current relationship still no plan to get married and I love him. Now I started to think about the two. And praying to God to guide me of what is best for me.

  • Eline says:

    Hi Luna, so An old flame I was talking too early July has reappeared last weekend on October 31st. We had fallen out because he wasn’t looking for a relationship and I had distanced myself from him, he had messaged me that weekend and I had told him why I stop talking too him… and express what I wanted. He drove one hour down that late evening just to come and apologized for how he had mislead me during the summer… so now here I am figuring out if things will be different this time around…

    • Hi Elina, sounds like a your reconnection is right in line with the cosmos. You can expect a lot more clarity on the situation after Mars goes direct on November 13th. Wishing you the best!

  • Lisa Stanton says:

    Still trying to lay a marriage down after 28 years that is not even working and agreed on both parties but my husband wants to continue to try.
    A new. Love has presented himself over the last year but will not impede a marriage
    What path should I follow,?

  • Melissa Amadio says:

    Wow i was shocked at how close lunas reading was to were i am at this point in my life. I dont really understand astrology but i got the jist and she was right on point. Wow it lwas impressive. Thanks from m.amadio

    • Beverly says:

      Peace and Blessings Lunai I find that your information is very true. A lot of things came to my attention reguarding my relationship with my so called love of my life. He has been very harsh to me and disrespectful to the point that I can’t have a word to say. I realize that he is trying his best to kill my love , emotionally and destroy my mental state of mind and break me down. I’m at the point where I can walk away and not associate myself with him. It’s been 36 years of us being back and forth in this relationship. It truly hurts my heart to find out that he don’t care what and how he say things to me and making me out to be the bad one. I’m very tired of it and I am starting to distance myself from him. Now it’s gotten to the point I’m not communicating with him. On Nov 14 I will make the changes and express me walking completely away from him and this relationship. In this retrograde season I’m learning a lot about people that suppose to be close to me. But nevertheless I will survive. Thank you for your insight and I don’t trust them and I’m being Very Mindful of what you have shared. Thanks again. I’m out of tune and going to focus on me and my Business

    • Hi Melissa, you’re very welcome! Thanks for commenting!

  • Anneberitkarstensen says:

    I vil Comino the love relationship but he is not shore

  • andrewmy says:

    my girl friend cheating on me and my love life

  • ab says:

    Luna Dragon,
    This retro grade has shown so much in my personnel relationship. My “mate” reveled he has been in several committed relationships outside of us and more.

  • Lena says:

    Well Mercury retrograde helped me to make a firm decision to cut all ties with my ex fiancé to stop the vicious cycle of our toxic relationship and continued miscommunications ten years and I tried but my well being my spiritual growth and my spirit was taking a hit to the point of doubts and depression but No longer I am FREE AT LAST LOL

  • Hi Luna! During this retrograde, my partner and I gained a new level of trust. I found out that he didn’t trust me as much as I trust him due to his past experiences. I was able to ensure that he has no reason to believe that I choose anyone other than him.

  • Luckey Edwards says:

    Shocked at the accuracy here. My relationship has been the main focus. It has also been draining, worrisome and a headache. Yesterday something happened that is causing me to decide to end things. I just can no longer ignore what the universe has been trying to tell me ! He isn’t the one for me. As bad as it hurts, I don’t think its worse than the pain of staying. Thank you for the insight!

    • Hi Luckey, congrats on your insight. Although it’s painful to realize such things, by acting on your inner truth, you’re on your way to better, healthier and more loving connections!

  • Evelyn says:

    Hi luna , am feeling down I don’t know why ? My feeling pain on my throats , to be honest with am not with myself lately , I have a lot on my mind and round me and for your reading today , it makes me understand something thanks .

    • Hi Evelyn, sometimes pain in the throat can be connected to unexpressed emotions, but definitely get checked out by a doctor. Glad my article was able to help give you insight. Wishing you the best!

  • Pinyora says:

    Thank you Luna dragonwell for your accurate reading it’s amazing to think how planets can have such an interesting influences in our life and so much more, yes I noticed some technology difficulties glitching and malfunction on my phone like sending text messages the phone will show the message was sent but it didn’t show up on the receiver phone “blame it on Mercury retrograde”
    Most importantly I want to thank you for every valuable posts and guidance it does really make a difference.


  • Lola says:

    This definitely resonated with me and I’m so happy to receive your emails again. I felt like I found my soulmate and then things went downhill during Retrograde. We recently reconnected and we both decided to focus on ourselves and see how we can contribute in a healthy way going forward. I actually feel at peace about everything. During Retrograde I couldn’t quiet my thoughts and I was too much in my head. I’m learning to surrender and let things just happen instead of trying to control.

  • Ree says:

    Hi Luna I made a decision to walk away from dysfunctional family violence. At 65 yrs old I said to myself I am done. I laid down the sword and shield walked across the bridge and torched it behind me.
    Still licking a few wounds but they too shall heal.
    Kinda fitting for a Scorp.
    I enjoy your weekly news, thankyou and blessing.

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