Mercury Direct in Pisces: Out Of The Mist We Go

By March 28, 2019 Astrology, Horoscope

Normally, a Mercury Retrograde shakes our lives up, jolts us backwards, slows us down, mixes things up and throws in a heavy dose of confusion.

But THIS recent retrograde cycle has taken the cake.

Mercury has been in Pisces, where the messenger already has trouble making connections and ends meet.

Yet this has given you space and time to dig deeper and ruminate what you might have repressed (deeper truths and feelings) that still need to be seen.

You cannot create from a “sustainable place” when you are not being real with the truth of your feelings. To move forward, you must acknowledge what is real.

I know for many the past few weeks have been a rollercoaster, and now, as Mercury ends his backwards journey through Pisces and that which was hidden is now coming into full light.

These truths and realizations are helping many close out karmic loops and situations that are not healthy for them.

Yes this has been an emotional retrograde for Mercury yet given us the disruption we needed to GO IN. This 23 day period has been allowing us to change everything about how we “think” about our emotions —highlighting ALL of where we’re not being embodied with our greater alignments and truths.

Highlighting and digging up the last remnants of our soul lessons around love, receptivity, abandonment and our inner sources of beauty and power.

Yes this is a powerful time to flow with this supercharged energy, and make drastic change in the right direction.

Afterall, this Mercury Retrograde has taken us through an intense healing phase, dealing with our repressed emotions, realizing where we are not fully loving ourselves …

This included severing any ties that energetically binded us to people or situations that were getting to the point of detrimental and limiting our truth & power.

You also may be facing, very directly the unhealthy habits, extreme behaviours, outdated beliefs, feelings and irrational, fear-based thoughts coming up that diminish your source energy, your love energy, and your capacity to create from the new…

So many are excited for all the NEW that is rooting and at the same time the desire to close and securely lock old chapters. THIS is good as it allows you to fully be ready and receptive to what you don’t know — to fresh new beginnings, because you are putting your focus into the expansion — and not the loss.

Obviously for many, this means walking away (even abruptly if needed) with peace and forgiveness. We can now detach ourselves from those who regularly offers or provokes complaints, arguments, and who is controlling or has an agenda. Also no more saving anyone, regardless of how good they are. Stop purging your own pain on their lessons – let them live. Focus on you.

Many chapters are coming to a close, and hidden problems come to light during this time. And now, as of this morning…

Problems Will Find Solutions As Mercury Marches Forward

The theme of March, as it comes to an end, is about completion of ending of long cycles.

Know that whatever built up emotionally over the last week – and since March 5th in general – showed you the deep emotional truth of what you no longer need in your life.

You were tested and triggered until you recognized your own mirror of self sabotaging patterns, and moved away from them…

Yet still, yours seeds are sprouting.

Trust even what you can’t physically see as you do the work.

Even if what you want fully has not sprouted, you already set the energetic wheel in motion and you just need to do the work — and keep doing the work.

“Stop looking back and clinging to once was. Let it go. That person or thing that wasn’t meeting you, is a sign. You don’t need to love, do that or be that anymore to be loved or free. Look forward”

Beginning of April is all about believing in the seeds we have sown and new cycles. N

NEW CYCLES meaning how we dress for it, set the table for it, allow it and trust going bigger than our own mind.

It’s about applying all that we know and walking out talk.

Trust your inner divine. Practicing early in the dark mornings. Setting up new routines that hold space for more capacity. Eating right so you have more juice and energy. Even the basics of going to bed early and waking up to the rising sun. It’s about putting into practice whatever you have learned so far, no matter how basic. Remember the sacred is in the mundane.

This time is also about identifying preconceived limits, judgements and triggers, honoring your boundaries, self care, unity consciousness – your energetic and physical, masculine and feminine, right and left brain, conscious and unconscious – because the depth of what spirit is saying is TRUST your multidimensional soul and embrace your wholeness. It’s GO time!

Don’t go back to sleep because you don’t yet physically see energetic wheel you’ve been turning, it’s really about showing up more than ever before.

LIVE IT! But stay lighthearted and playful and April will flow easier and you’ll see things from a broader, higher perspective.

A Cosmic Shift In Love And Understanding

The high energy equinox this year, combined with the recent super full moon, burst the gate of intuition wide open, for so many people… including you.

Trust your body and it’s messages.

IF you are willing, you CAN tap into unlimited wisdom inside yourself, and step into a higher timeline that manifests with more ease. Or, you may feel like there has been another downgrade of energy lately if you haven’t been taking care of yourself…

There are disowned parts “still in separation” from the past you haven’t completely healed from. Did you recognize the deeper truths and feelings around what must be healed and acknowledged in order to move forward?

If not, you may be missing out of the love or opportunities of your life by not acknowledging deeper truth that has been repressed because it hurts.

This way you change old patterns of your life that no longer serve you is to move straight through them, and take new actions anyway, until they become your new normal.

Opportunities to master this purging of old paradigms of self and the world memories, and stagnant emotions so that we can face the truth as it really is, AND still love ourselves.

This is your opportunity to square away the issue once and for all. The RISING opportunity to exercise your specific vision, reassess your priorities and complete existing karmic loops or even simply a long, hard project.

If you feel it, take a step back, meditate and relax on whatever is happening for a while and observe. Do this everyday until you have more clarity and direction from what’s inside you … ask your Angels and your guides to help you; invite them.

Fortunately, as we head into this new season, we will be putting the last few months fully behind us, as energetically the coming months offer a totally different vibe – which is calming, releasing and all about divine soul growth…

A Higher Timeline Awaits You, Now

As we go into this next cosmic season, you might ask yourself…

How can I be more WILLING to step into a higher timeline, live more flow and manifest with more ease?

Am I stuck in a victim mentality in any way in my life? This includes when we wait or want something else to save us.2

Do I feel like I am trying to “heal” the same wounds over and over again?

Am I obsessing over past history, or a person or soulmate?

Have I taken action toward what I truly desire from the truths that have been already revealed to me?

This is about creating new ways of being and seeing.

Only if you can step out of a victim mentality and take mental, emotional, and spiritual accountability for your life direction – and decisions from YOUR HEART – can you claim full sovereignty over yourself, your purpose and your happiness.

Use your intuition. Practice. Begin to experience the stillness within. This stillness brings with it access to ancient wisdom existing inside you where you just intuitively know how to use it.

Trust your inner stillness “egg” of fertility. Trust your vision as you do the work this April.

A New Direction Where Things Finally Work Out

This is a powerful awakening period that brings insights and breakthroughs if you have been being receptive to what Mercury Retrograde has been showing you, regarding your emotions, truth and power.

This has been such a delicate entry of birthing a blank new space, embracing new vision and also what we don’t know yet, trusting what hasn’t formed yet.

Watch what has been expanding or restricting your energy. Too many rush this sacred space of blank spaces and run back to what seems familiar – but again, don’t go back asleep.

This is a time to not bury our minds in old programs because things look different, or didn’t work out the way you thought they would.

As this very weird and emotional Mercury retrograde is coming to a close, ask yourself – have you taken care of what you needed to? Have you been able to see the depth of your dreams, or have they been repressed?

Will you continue to evolve or repeat — or both?

It’s all comes down to your focus, thankfully we’ve had a lot of help lately. Since the equinox I’ve felt a complete autonomic nervous system reset. It’s like my inner compass has been plugged back in with the batteries charged.

I know that everything in me is asking me to stop holding back my light and be all of who I am.

To not be scared of dreaming and asking for what I want very specifically: to receive more easily and rest in this frequency of trust …

This takes not waiting or looking for something to save us but always embodying, taking accountability, deriving and building from within.

This means we must know our energy and stop hiding from our own light and our own dark — and know ourselves as a whole.

A Chance For Karmic Clarity

Mercury retrograde has also been asking us to close up the past karmic loops that we have been seeing up close the last two years, and especially being given the opportunity to RISE through these loops over the past 6 months.

All the clearing work you have done in removing what’s no longer aligned (and feeding your own soul) is now opening new paths for you so be open to receiving.

If you have been feeling like you’ve been moving “1 step forward and 2 steps back” the last few weeks, and extra ungrounded or generally out of sorts… just rest, and receive the bigger picture of the truths coming to you.

It’s time to draw the line in the sand and jump. Say enough is enough, no more.

Are you permanently letting go of what’s holding you back and/or what’s not growing with you?

It’s time to call yourself back into yourself and free yourself, express yourself!

Ask from the place of already whole. Be radically honest but be gentle and self honoring …

What you would create if you knew everything would work out?

What do you truly want if you knew you were fully supported, you would ask and know you were worthy of receiving?

Have you been receiving your soul’s call, drinking your own medicine and nesting within?

Have you been solely focusing on what has been expanding and evolving?

Have you waved goodbye to everything that has been causing you friction and pulling you down so that you ARE open to a new way of existing?

Or have you been focused on what doesn’t work?

Have you still trying to chase and fix and make the old things that used to work — work once again?

Can you embrace and love yourself more and “let go of your objects of love” and allow your heart break open into the pure experience of all that is?

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anonymous”

Yes, we had to shed layers of skin to go through this transformation, so don’t doubt that YOU are more than ready for this. Just keep recognizing little wins you have, and look back at how far you have come!

Trust all the truths you have seen — all the distortions, imbalanced ways and agendas that came up for your highest good.

It’s all within you, as you can no longer “save” or “fall in love” … own something, be owned or be rescued!

Your job is only to make room for abundance and follow those boundaries that support love.

Learn how to share love with those people and places who share love back to you in the same flowing, deepening, authentic and pure ways.

Don’t Run From Connection, Embrace It

Don’t take on others peoples lower vibrations during this time.

Those are not yours. Breathe. Get into your body and allow yourself to ground.

Find ways to release. Consciously cut these energetic chords by learning spiritual discernment and setting better boundaries for love. Completion happens through self mastery when we no longer resist.

It’s a good time to see the truth about things, even if it hurts. Seeing the truth is your doorway to receiving something different, to receiving the match to a more evolved version of you.

Seeing radical truth gives you direction and clarity, liberating and opening up the world for you, giving you a new path. Seeing the truth just as it is, without ego or separation, is WHAT empowers you into the new.

Remember, a cycle is reaching completion. New blessings and new movement is about to resume, possibly faster than expected.

Trust the connections coming forward is for your next transition. Be at peace with what is gone and trust your own soul. Don’t relate from the wound. Relate from the heart. Know there are greater more aligned connections for you.

Know your energy. Know when you are operating from your own sovereignty or when you are reaching outside yourself or manipulating for love ..

Know when your ego is being manipulated by others opinions because you don’t trust yourself. Be gentle. When you don’t know, be softer.

A soul who is grounded in living their own truth can not be persuaded by anyone else’s agenda.

“The point is that the loss of soul connection, loss of connection to our Femininity, may be the real cause of our anguished condition.  If we have no bridge to the unconscious depths that drive us, our rational attempts to correct our situation are merely band-aids. They work only so long as we remaining cut off from the living fire inside. When that fire blazes forth, our band-aids go up in smoke.”

~ Marion Woodman

Trust yourself as the old is dissolving away…look at how far you have come and feel good about even the breakdown days.

These aren’t just tests, like I said in previous updates. They are opportunities for receptivity and expansion and to strengthen your own higher timelines by neutral witnessing the lower collective chaos when it shows up.

You as a lover or healer DO NOT need to transmute other peoples toxic energy to heal the planet. This old thinking is part of the victim/villain/hero dynamic.

You are not and the savior or a healer —that belongs to ego. You hold space and meet other half ways through the whole of you BEING this.

Walk away from those who can’t meet themselves.

There’s no need for you to enforce negative behavior that tells the universe you are ok with bad treatment because you want to “save and help” people.

There’s no need to fill the cracks of unloving people and “make up” for how they don’t treat you with love.


You Are Not Here To Be A Projection Mirror For Someone Else

You are here to love and expand yourself and grow your receptivity. Each soul is responsible for their own energy, heart, will and actions. ‬

How can you be more in service?

Can you flow more easily and be more happy?

How can you RISE (instead of fall) in conscious love?

Where are you still choosing fantasy (the wound of abandonment) over sourcing from within your own love?

Where are you still choosing to blame circumstances rather than to rise to the occasion?

Where are you still wanting to own the t shirt or even the human (be comparative and jealous) — instead of lift them up into their King-hood or Queen-hood?

Where are you still asking others to change before you are willing to DEMONSTRATE the solution with an open (blank slate/present) heart?

Where are you still preferring to hold on to petty grievances and ego conflicts of “who’s right and wrong”, rather than to begin softening the contractions around your heart?

Where, are you still poisoning yourself with thoughts of unlove — instead of drinking your own medicine and nurturing yourself with this profound “new data” and intelligence?

This is the time to see if the Mercury retrograde has shown us all of what we have been limiting in ourselves …

Your greater calling into being WHO you really are…🙏🏽🕊✨

Crystal Aryana

P.S. So tell me, what has your recent Mercury Retrograde experience shown YOU, please tell me below and let me know what part of this message resonates with you. I will read your messages. Soon I am going to be much for active on the blog we are slowly hiring out more help) so I am excited to have time to reply and be more interactive with you and writing more blog posts regularly.

So leave me a comment and let me know if this article made sense to you, if you have a question or whatever feedback that flows and resonates with you.

Thanks lovely!

Crystal Aryana

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  • Georgia Michaelides Saad says:

    Excellent reading which has helped me a lot. Thank you!

  • Mandi says:

    Hello Crystal,

    I have been searching for an answer to a question and your words resonate so strongly for me. Yes, we must not go back to sleep. Move forwards with self compassion, shielding the self from emotional vampires, learning and growing in love.

    Thank you so much.

  • Jessica Brown says:

    This really hits home for me Thanks!

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