Step 2:  Detect His Deception

If you haven’t already, generate his True Love Activation System profile for the man you’ve chosen to analyze and start at step one above.

Once you do, turn your attention to Part 3.  This is where you will discover all of his “Minor Arcana” archetypes that monitor his honesty levels.

These cards are based on the exact degree of his astrology planets in their respective signs, and represent the “go to” function in how he deals with different areas of his life.  Each card is connected with his destiny.

In daily life, if he is congruent with these cards, he is telling the truth.  If not, he is being dishonest with his own self.

In readings, when these cards come up naturally upright, they are offering messages about his destiny in that respective area of his life.  If these cards come up reversed, it means there may be deception in this area.

You are looking at the following archetypes for clues:

  • His Destiny Archetype:This card represents where his life will ultimately end up, based on the degree of his Sun in the zodiac.  This is the card of his destiny.  Reversed, it means he is going AGAINST his destiny.
  • His Honesty Archetypes:This card represents the full blossom of his intellect, and what he is most proficient at on a mental level.  When this card comes up naturally, he is being honest with the situation.  If it comes up reversed, it means that either he or someone else is deceiving you or him.  Use your best judgement.
  • His Love Affair Archetype:This card represents the destiny of his romantic relationships.  If it comes up naturally upright in a reading about YOU, then it is a great way to confirm you are in each other’s destiny.  If it comes up reversed, it may mean there are blockages in your love affair, or possibly someone else.
  • His Lust Archetype:This card represents the deep instincts of his sexuality and what they will ultimately mature into as he grows older.  When this card comes up naturally upright, it means he is likely turned on in that moment!  When it shows up reversed, it means there is a delay in action, or that his lust has shifted towards someone else.
  • His Divorce Archetype:This card represents the conditions he is destined to be married and divorced.  If naturally upright, it means his commitment is strong.  If upside down, it means his commitment might be fading away and you should do something about it.
  • His Lucky ArchetypeThis card represents his lucky streak.  When it comes up naturally upright, it means he might get lucky, either in love or with money.  When it comes up upside down, it means his luck might be bad, so hold off until another day.