Step 1:  Trigger His Archetypes

Your first thing to do is to generate a True Love Activation System profile for the man you’ve chosen to analyze.

This will give you a True Love Profile for him based on his birthday.  In this profile, you’ll discover the following information:

Part 1:  His Personal Archetypes

Every Tarot card has a unique and powerful archetype.  Each of his personal archetypes use Numerology calculations based on his birthday.  They have to do with his purpose and drives in this lifetime and beyond this lifetime.

  • Birth Card #1:  His Life Path Archetype: This archetype reveals who he is in this lifetime and what his purpose is.  This is a very powerful thing to appeal to in a man, because by supporting his purpose, he feels like you completely believe in him.  Start by reading his type and make suggestions for things to do that have to do with his life purpose.This way you’ll see you as someone who can naturally help him succeed.  This might also help him DISCOVER his purpose, since he may not know it yet.  If so, you will be the woman who helps him find it.
  • Birth Card #2:  His Soul’s Purpose Archetype:This is the Archetype of his soul’s desires.  This is what his TRUE purpose is for existing beyond this lifetime.  This is also the soft spot of his heart.Find out what his soul finds irresistible and show up in that same exact way.  Find ways to hint at satisfying his soul’s purpose and see how he responds.  When you appeal to his soul, it makes him feel like you are soulmates, so make sure to show up strong in this way.
  • Birth Cards #3:  His Spiritual Ascension Archetype:This is his Soulmate Archetype number represented in cards of the Minor Arcana.  These 4 cards combine to represent one major spiritual concept that drives him in this life.

Use this information when trying to motivate him.  Bring up his main concept as the driving reason he should do something. See how he responds.  You can use different ways to appeal to the same thing and you can set his spirit ablaze.

Part 2:  His Relationship Archetypes

Each of these Archetypes are represented by a “Major Arcana” card.  These are the 22 main number cards without a suit.  Arcana is another word for Archetype.  They are derived from his Astrology chart, and what signs his Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars planets were located at the time of his birth.

  • Birth Card #4:  His Personality Archetype:This is his basic sense of self, based on his Sun sign.  This is the main source of personality compatibility and conflict.
  • Birth Card #5:  His Communication Archetype:  This is his communication and intellect based on his Mercury sign.  This is how he processes information and expresses himself.
  • Birth Card #6:  His Romance Archetype:These are is his relationship and romance instincts based on his Venus sign.  This is how he forms connections and feels intimacy.
  • Birth Card #7: His Sex Archetype:These are his sexual and willpower instincts represented by his Mars sign.  This is how he gets turned on, turned off, and makes love.
  • Birth Card #8:  His Commitment Archetype These are his commitment and devotion instincts represented by his Saturn sign.  This is how he makes serious decisions and restricts himself.
  • Birth Card #9:  His Abundance ArchetypeThese are his abundance and prosperity instincts represented by his Jupiter sign.  This is how he gets bonuses in life.


Once you download his Love Power Reading, read each one of these birth card archetypes in detail.  You may find that some are the same card!  If this happens, this card is extra important and extra significant for him.

Study these 9 cards as much as possible using the information we give you, and google them yourself.  This way you’ll get a well rounded view of the card and find new ways to use it.