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Crystal, Wendy, and Kelli Fox

Hey lovely human,

So since I’ve been emailing again, I have had quite a few people ask me to run their Astrology chart.

I do read Astrology charts in my one-on-one’s, however, I don’t have my own products yet for understanding your birth chart (your planets, signs, and houses).

Now I don’t recommend people often yet when I do, it’s for a real reason.

So after getting so many requests for learning Astrology it made me think of my friend Kelli Fox.

She is the world’s most accredited astrologer (no kidding!) so I wanted to make an introduction to her.

I met her at a private mastermind in Orlando in 2019 and you can see a picture of us up above. Kelli is on the left, my friend Wendy is in the middle, and I’m on the right.

Kelli created the only dynamic personalized astrology video in existence, so it’s basically a complimentary movie about your life that is quite accurate as it shines a light on what you subconsciously already know …

As well as revealing what you may have never fully understood about yourself at your core so that you can choose new patterns, align to your authentic desires, and trust the unfolding of who you really are.

Since your Astrology birth chart reading is given to you entirely through interactive video, I feel it is incredibly easy and fun to learn your planets and signs — and super helpful to anyone just learning Astrology too.

It’s also a perfect time of the Astrological new year to learn yourself deeper and get more in touch with your own self-accountability and self-power.

Taking ownership and learning YOU is what allows a deeper unfolding of your “I AM” instead of collapsing to the validation of the external or “other”…

And taking ownership of your own self-discovery is key to making the most out of the energy of May and using it to your benefit.

As I said, I don’t offer things like this often, but I like real products that really help people “return back home” to themselves and this is one of them.

I especially like how visual, interactive and demonstrative your Astrology reading will be for you, it’s like you’re watching a personalized movie all about you

Anyway, I feel it may be helpful to you right now, especially if you’ve always wanted to learn more about Astrology and your birth chart, but haven’t found the time yet.

Go get your complimentary astrology video reading now and let me know what you think!

Crystal Aryana
Tarot Reading Daily

P.S. Leave any comments or questions you have below.

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