Mars in Aries: Success on Your Horizon

By January 2, 2019 Astrology, Horoscope

Just the other night, right before the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, the planet Mars shifted from Pisces – where its been swimming through since November 15th – into his home sign Aries, a sign that Mars rules.

While Mars in Pisces was about integration… Mars in Aries is all about “initiation.”

This fiery homecoming is just what we need to start our new year strong, because mars in Aries sparks our drive for initiating new things that will benefit our lives.

(Hint: For this reason, those partaking in the tradition of “New Year’s Resolution” will get a major boost this year. This means the goals you set now have a better chance at manifesting than any other time in 2019!)

Mars represents your masculine drive, regardless of your gender. It is the energy of “doing” and achieving through effort and action… as well as your passion, your inner fire, and your sexuality.

In Aries, this planet demands results. You may find yourself hungry to dive in and make your goals a reality. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, so you may find yourself thirsting for new experiences. The spark is certainly there!

On a positive note, this may give you a new found confidence in yourself, as you start new projects and tackle new responsibilities. Mars rules Aries so your burst of passion and lively libido is welcome in the gladiators home.

You may feel healthier than normal, especially after the usual holiday feast. You may even feel like you’re on top of the world! Just don’t get ahead of yourself and bite off more than you can chew… even if you feel like nothing can stop you.

Because… on the other hand…

The negative side of this influence may rear its ugly head, and set you off into a rage that not only gets you angry, but upsets people around you. Tempers flare while Mars travels through Aries!

Be aware of aggression, not only in yourself, but with others, because people tend to take on a fighting spirit during this time.

You may even feel eager to rush into newly discovered territory with the confidence of a seasoned pro. While this can be inspiring to most, it may feel threatening to others. Make sure your brash approach doesn’t toss your good intentions out of bounds.

However, when harnessed correctly, you’ll find that new personal opportunities will present themselves, so keep your eyes open! These ventures will inspire new enthusiasm in you, if they are in alignment with your heart.

Just Remember: Haste is not your friend, no matter how bold or brave you may feel. March forward purposefully yet cautiously to avoid arguments, accidents and conflicts at this time.

The exception is in your romantic relationships, as Mars in Aries is a very sexual energy. Don’t be afraid to go for it, even if you feel unsure. Your strives towards pushing your own bedroom boundaries are welcome and might be just what you need to experience at this point in your life.

Aries and Scorpio men will get a major boost in their libido, as will Leo and Sagittarius. Gemini and Aquarius men might show a new spark of passion for their ideas, while Libra men may find themselves forced to compromise. Cancer and Capricorn men might be rattled by this energy. Virgo and Pisces guys may get even deeper into projects, and want to take you along for an inspiring ride.

Even if your single, your creativity is still heightened at this time, giving you a firestorm of directive insights, and the energy to follow through. Now is the best time to express yourself and tell the world what you want. Go get it girl! You have a universe of creative energy inside of you that is bursting at the seams and begging to meet the world.

You’ll find that challenges are more easily overcome with Mars in Aries, so don’t be afraid to take action! Now is the time to conquer your fears and breathe new life into your goals and dreams.

This fierce and fiery energy is a welcome respite from the otherwise limiting and structured energy of Sun in Capricorn. When you can recognize what factors these energies represent in your life, and combine the two, you are setting yourself up for massive success in the near future.

It’s time to pioneer the new year, and hold deep in your heart, your truth.

Have a wonderful first week of 2019 ❤️

With love,

Crystal Aryana

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  • I am not in to men never have been never will be… I have recently split from my girlfriend of 19 years I don’t understand why you keep mentioning men in my readings not happening fact.

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