Creating Room For Love | Weekend Love Tarot Reading

By February 5, 2021 Tarot Cards

Hello Tarot Love Birds, 

While it may be too early to blame this romantic energy on spring, there is clearly something in the air. 

The Knight of Cups is one of our most romantic cards in the deck, and it could be a sign of a new love in your life. 

While The High Priestess isn’t traditionally considered a romantic card, her wisdom around taking care of yourself and your relationships is very helpful. 

Finally, the ‘creme de la creme’ of love cards, the Two of Cups, finishes off the reading this week, with promises of harmonious and spicy love connections. 

This is a very special love reading, I hope you enjoy what the cards have to say. 

#1: Knight of Cups | This Might Be the One

Did you just start a new relationship? Have you been yearning to be swept off your feet? The Knight of Cups is nearly a perfect symbol of the classic ‘knight in shining armor.’ 

He is brave, honest, and wears his heart on his sleeve. If you’ve recently met someone, this is a great sign they are a good match for you. You can look forward to a fulfilling connection, and a healthy dose of romance soon to come. 

If you’re already in a long term committed relationship, you can expect your significant other to display their devotion through romantic gestures, and loving attention. 

This warm, creative, and emotionally intelligent Knight brings with him a sense of safety and ease. The love and trust between you and your lover could be entering a very special period. 

On the other hand, if you are single, it’s quite possible you’ll be meeting someone soon. This person will be able to meet you with emotional maturity and depth. 

This is either something you have been waiting for and you’re ready to accept, or it may feel a little daunting if you haven’t been ready to open your heart again yet. 

Regardless of whether you are either single or coupled, your next card is a reminder to let love happen of its own accord, without forcing anything to happen. 

#2: The High Priestess | Letting Love Bloom

Have you been reaching for love, hoping someone will show up in your life? Has your relationship felt like it’s lacking something lately? 

The High Priestess tends to arrive in a reading when we need to listen to our intuition, and to go inward to the source of our own wisdom. 

In a love reading, The High Priestess is asking something similar. She wants to remind you that love happens in it’s own timing. 

Maybe you are with someone now, but it feels like the spark has gone. Or you are single and waiting, trying to force things to happen in a certain way. 

You might have expectations about how your love life should be: that your partner should act a certain way, or the relationship should be headed in a particular direction. These expectations can generate discomfort, cause unspoken tension, and create a sense there is something wrong with the relationship, or wrong with you.  

Instead of going down this path, now is a good time to tune into your intuition and to listen to what you know in your heart. The High Priestess is encouraging you to trust the perfect timing of love, not to push, but to let it bloom in its own way. 

Loving someone unconditionally does not mean sacrificing yourself. Rather, authentically sharing yourself with another can be a natural, and mutually joyful experience. Your next card is a sign of exactly this kind of soulful, loving relationship heading your way. 

#3: Two of Cups | Soulful Connection

Are you ready for deep and lasting love? Have you allowed yourself to fall in love with life again? The Two of Cups is a prolific lovers card that radiates harmony and balance. 

Anyone who has worked with Tarot cards knows how beautiful it can be to draw the Two of Cups. This card is renowned for its juicy romantic implications. 

The image on the card has a man and woman, gazing fearlessly into each other’s eyes. Above them, the caduceus symbol of two serpents weaving together, symbolizes the combining of the masculine and feminine. 

At the top of the card is a Chimera: a lion with wings on either side of its head. This is a powerful symbol of passion and sacred desire. 

While the Two of Cups can indicate deep and lasting friendship or non-romantic connections, in a love reading, it certainly implies a deep and passionate romance. 

You may be reaching a new stage in your current relationship. Particularly if you heed the wisdom of The High Priestess, and trust the perfect timing of love, your relationship could be in the process of becoming a once in a lifetime romance. 

On the other hand, if you are single right now, your next romantic connection could be particularly special. 

That being said, this kind of love tends to surprise people when they aren’t expecting it. This is why listening to The High Priestess’ guidance by practicing patience and trust is important here. 

The symbolism in the Two of Cups is related to western alchemy. It can be viewed as a minor Connunctio, which means internal union. Your own masculine and feminine are being called to enter a romance – that is, to fall in love with yourself again. 

Then, when you least expect it, someone could knock on your door who is ready to be with you in the way you deserve and desire. 

Exciting, isn’t it?

Divine Timing

What a love filled reading! While no one fully knows what will happen next, it seems pretty clear you are entering a very special romantic period. 

No one understands romance like the Knight of Cups, who brings forward emotional depth, kindness, and the type of chivalry you see in fairy tales. 

Regardless of whether you are in a relationship right now and remembering how lucky you are, or if you are single, The High Priestess is reminding you to trust your intuition. 

Let love move at it’s own pace, and give it room to show up the way life wants it to. 

You can’t manufacture authentic loving connections. While they require attention, nurturance, and a willingness to grow, relationships can’t be pushed into being something they’re not. 

Luckily, the Two of Cups is a good sign you are either entering a deeply loving relationship, or truly connecting with love deep within yourself. 

With love, 

And in service, 

Jonathan Lionheart 

P.S. What kind of relationship are you yearning for? What holds you back loving yourself fully? Let me know in the comments below!

P.P.S. Curious about your love life and what to expect? You can schedule a private reading with me here, and we can look into it together. 

Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • Cynthia Mills says:

    Jonathan why don’t I hear from you anymore?

  • L says:

    Thank you! I admit that for most of my life I’ve been acting out of fear in my romantic relationships—a fear of abandonment that stems from being a latchkey kid early in life, of being an only child often left alone while both of my first-generation immigrant parents worked: our extended family lived abroad, we didn’t know a lot of people. I need to remind myself that I’m able to live alone and take care of myself, that love is freely given and that whenever I force or manipulate, control or go against divine timing my being abandoned becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. No more! So hard to get rid of an old bad habit but your reading is helping me to meditate on my new beginnings.

    • Hey L 🙂 Sounds like you get it. Keeping loving up that latchkey kid, that aspect of the inner child tends to be the one that goes looking for love when it doesn’t feel it at home with you. Blessings.


    As a child, I grew up thinking, thanks to my father and family, that I had no choice but to grow up into a psychologically broken person due to being the spitting image of my mom. She was institutionalized multiple time during my young childhood, thanks to childhood abuse and from my father, where she endured horrific treatments. After she admitted herself into the hospital years later only to be told that all she had was personality disorder, due to all of the trauma in her life. She committed suicide, when I was 23. But I knew then that I didn’t have to become like her. But I was never able to feel true love for myself or that I really deserved it from anyone else. I finally learned about Toxic Shame when I was 55. I had to leave my marriage of 30 years as it was just as toxic as my childhood. I am trying to come to terms with my own guilt in staying in a known toxic relationship for so long that it did destroy me ways I may never recover from. Since accepting this instead of just blaming the people who hurt and betrayed me. Is this the direction that will finally allow me to move on and find true happiness and love in my life? Learning to love and respect myself so others will also?


      I would also like to add that I am still trauma bonded to my husband even after being separated for a year. But am still going to counselling and taking anti depressants. I would also like your opinion on if maybe the anti depressants could also be another reason for not being able to reach deep meditation and true inner peace or if it is because I have am just now accepting my own blame in my living hell? Any insights that you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

      • Hi Bonnie,
        thank you for the question. I’m not a clinical psychologist, so I can’t give you precise information about anti-depressants. I can say that anti-depressants can play a vital role in helping someone find equilibrium when they are stuck in a pattern of imbalance. I don’t think anti-depressants get in the way of meditation, in fact having them as a tool could be helpful in this regard. It’s more likely meditation is challenging because, well, meditation tends to be challenging – particularly if you haven’t been properly instructed. Inner peace is a massive achievement, and requires time and patience. I’m an advocate of not getting trapped in the past, yes you made mistakes, yes you probably did stupid things, but dwelling on them will probably not solve them. Rather, what is it you feel now? what is it that is alive for you now? What parts of your self can you care for with loving attention? I’m glad you are in counseling, and in terms of meditation -and without knowing your background in this area- I would recommend finding a way to move your body, let your emotions move as well -perhaps taking time to dance, shake, scream if you need- before sitting and meditating. When you do sit, you might put your focus on one thing for a little while, breath, a candle etc, but then transition into simply allowing everything to be. If you mind is racing, say yes to that and allow it. If your body is hurting, or emotions swirling, say yes to that and allow it. Total allowance. Something different begins to happen when we are no longer reaching or trying to make something happen. This is surrender in the sacred sense, it’s admitting we don’t know what life is all about, it’s trusting that life (God) will guide us when we get out of the way. Blessings, thank you for reaching out.

    • Hi Bonnie,
      Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry for that challenges you have faced in life. You are asking a big question, that probably requires more information to answer in a good way. What I can say, is that yes, there is a time for taking responsibility, but laying ‘guilt’ on yourself may be something that needs to be grown out of at some point. My perspective is you likely learned to survive, defend, and protect yourself in the complex situation you grew up in. Thus, you found a relationship that matched this kind of toxicity. But this wasn’t your fault, nor -dare I say- was it your parents. Rather they likely came from a lineage of trauma, and you have carried that within you as well. But you are transforming this lineage by taking ownership and doing the work to change. This is a huge step, not just for yourself, but for your familial line. Rather than taking on guilt, my recommendation would be to see the innocence in your ego structure and the child in you that believed life and love were choatic and toxic. This part of you created ways to protect itself. It was probably necessary for your to do so, and you are likely still alive and functioning as a result. Forgive these parts, and have compassion for the massive work they did to help you survive. Now, it’s time to retire these defense mechanisms, the’ve served their role, and you are now wiser and more capable of protecting and loving yourself. So rather than guilt, or beating yourself up, be the loving mother to yourself you need, be the safety of the father you need. Not blaming other is huge – something most people don’t get beyond – now it’s time to not blame yourself either. Let me know if this is helpful. Sending Blessings

  • angela capani says:

    this is angela i never had sex and i think that i will never be able to have sex i dont know what its like to have sex i think that i fear having sex for the first time

    • Hey Angela,
      There are plenty of people who have not experienced sex. And it’s understandable to be a little afraid of sex, just like any new experience. I don’t know your situation, but I can say that having sex with someone you trust, and care about, are the best ingredients for a first time experience. You might ask yourself what is it about sex that scares you, and then really listen like a best friend to yourself. Blessings 🙂

  • ingrid seals says:

    Can`t wait Jonathan! I can feel it.
    Thank you for being so intuitive.
    I do like and trust your readings a lot.


  • L says:

    Thank you Jonathan! I needed to hear this. I am often anxious when it comes to love, I realise that patience and respect for divine timing are lessons I still need to learn and master. Still a long way to go but I’m learning to unite my Internal energies. Trust, have faith, alllw, surrender…❤️

  • Marija says:

    Ljubezen, in sovraštvo?
    Pri obeh je proces neizmerne teže, katere se še njen lastnik ne zaveda.
    Pogledati v globino, in videti njeno vsebino, je tudi zmernost presoje, kaj vidijo oči, in kaj srce govori.
    Včasih se je dobro umakniti, svoje soglasje s srcem dobiti.
    Življenje ni praznik, je delavni dan, ko naj vsak pri sebi se potrudi, da ljubezen še drugim ponudi,
    saj s tem se bo slehernemu od nas sreča vselila, in svojo pot dobila.
    Z vsem spoštovanjem, in hvala

  • Barbara says:

    Hi I am unable to do conference readings so are you able to do chats or calls instead.

  • Sharon says:

    Hi Jonathan…
    ThankYou For Your Scarily Accurate Reading:
    I Must Confess That I do Try Forcing Situations And…At The Same Time Talking Myself Out Of A Situation:
    If I Listen To My Intuition Then I would Remove Any Doubt That I Have And…
    Patiently Await The Outcome:
    What Kind Of Relationship Do I Seek:
    The Kind That IS Seeking ME…
    I Have Found What I’m Looking For It’s Just Time Dependent , And…
    Nothing IS Achieved In Haste Only Waste.
    Wishing You A Glorious Weekend Jonathan
    Stay Safe:

  • Moe says:

    Hi Johnathon, firstly I would like to say thankyou for your sending readings to my email. I receive many from different readers, but something connects with you. I look forward to receiving your tarot readings each time. They resonate with me.
    I am interested in tarot myself too, and love your descriptive interpretation of the cards.
    Looking forward to receiving your kind service throuh your intuition. Thankyou

  • Jennifer Sumner says:

    Hi Jonathan. First, I love your readings. Im glad I receive them. I had almost given up looking for love, the right guy, the one for me. I met a few and thought that’s it, perfect. Only got let down. So I decided if it happens now I would be so happy. If it doesn’t then I’ll be ok. Well a couple weeks ago I started talking to someone, he is a few years older and we had so much and so many people in common. After a couple weeks he asked me out and I said yes. It couldn’t hurt, even if there was nothing more than a friendship. Well, it’s so much more. I am in awe of this man. He is everything I’ve been looking for and more. So this reading? Made me smile more than I already am. I’m so thankful knowing this. Thank you, for sharing this. Namaste,Jenn

  • Yanick Rmaida says:

    Hello Jonathan,

    Thank you for the all the reading you have done for me. However, I must say, I am single in search of my Soulmate.
    I really appreciate it.


    • Hi Yanick,
      Thank you for sharing 🙂 Times when we are single can be very important, even sacred. The more you bloom, the more likely a sweet soul mate bee will be attracted to you. Blessings 🙂

  • Mary Allen says:

    I want to truely fall in love with my soul mate. However, I know I must fall in love with my self and gain deep trust. Working on it. Trying not to rush into something to soon.

  • Richard Briant says:

    I’m looking for a long term loving relationship. I believe I know whom the lady is. I guess I will ha e to keep waiting and see.

  • Jonathon, First, I would inform you that I am not gay and have been married for 43 years to my bueatiful wife Cindy who takes care of me during my illness. I hope this will give you a complete eye view as to who I am. God forbid if I ever turn to the other side. Well thanks for the opportunity to know what the cards say and they are wrong about my gender and I love my wife dearly.

    • Hey Leodegario, thanks for writing. I certainly am not implying I know your sexual orientation. The cards are giving a reading for a collective of people. That being said, I see no reason why the Knight of Cups couldn’t be representing you. In other words this masculine, romantic, card doesn’t necessarily indicate someone else, but rather could be you, expressing your loving romantic side with your wife. Maybe take another look at the article and let me know if reading it from that perspective helps. Thanks for reaching out 🙂

  • Gail says:

    What kind of relationship are you yearning for? After 25+ years alone following divorce, I’m yearning for a male companion who is brave, honest, and wears his heart on his sleeve. He is a mature, heterosexual, warm, creative, and emotionally intelligent, a Knight who brings with him a sense of safety and ease.

    What holds you back loving yourself fully? In 2019, I had a toe amputated on my right foot, and have felt deformed ever since, hence I feel unattractive, undesirable. I have other physical scars also, but it’s the internal psychological/spiritual scars that may be the bigger obstacles to loving myself.

    Is there hope for me at this late stage of the game? (I’m 67 yo.)

    • Kate says:

      Gail, I hear you and you go girl! Trust is a very important ingredient in life.
      I sincerely hope you meet your true Knight in shining armour and not just another loser in shiny tinfoil!
      Best of luck and stop looking at your feet, look up and ahead.

    • Hi there Gail, absolutely there is hope for you. And you’re already on the right track by noticing it’s the internal fears, and uncertainties, that are getting in the way. The Knight who searches for the Grail, is looking for someone who has made there bodies a temple, and their hearts overflowing. While that is an unrealistic ideal, there is something to be said about truly taking on the work of loving yourself, tending to yourself with care, and forgiving yourself. These are very courageous tasks, but if there truly is a desire for love, it is a worthwhile endeavor. Sending love

    • Cono says:

      Why would you not accept another
      Love is for everyone

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