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What Do You WANT Your Future To Be?

Did you know?

Tarot cards, while they are great at reading the energy surrounding you now and giving you insights into your future to come  …

They are even BETTER at helping you quickly manifest the things you want into your life, giving you the power to create the future you desire – rather than the dull and boring future you might otherwise settle for.  

In fact, your future … as it is read right now …  is NOT set in stone!  

The future you’ve been shown is where you are LIKELY to end up if you stay on the same course you’re on now. 

However – if you’d like to CHANGE your romantic future and CONTROL your own destiny …

Then this is the most important article you will ever read.  

And, since we just read your cards, I’ve gone ahead and put together additional interpretations for you personally how these affect you on a “karmic level” – so read this short article until the very end so you can have them.  

First, I want to talk about …

How An Effortless Relationship Changes Your Life

You know those couples who stay together forever and seem completely perfect for eachother in every single way?

Those happy-go-lucky people who never feel alone and always know someone is there for them into the long years of their life?  

Their secret?  They are not perfect – they are compatible.  

They arouse each other in some ways and balance each other in others – yet together, they blend into one effortless energy exchange. .  

Becoming one soulmate.  

One partner.  

For life

If you are tired of games and would like the unfair advantage to…

  • Harness what makes you irresistible from the inside out (no matter your age or what you look like ) …
  • Read the heart and mind of any man before he says a word so you know his true intentions and can see if he’s honest (or not) …
  • See how compatible you are with ANY man in seconds so you never waste time again …
  • Weed out the WRONG men for you like a gardener (to make room for Mr. Right) …
  • Track down your real soulmate faster and keep him as long as you want him for (because – yes, finally YOU are in control, not a man …) knowing how, why and when you’ll force him to fall madly in love with you …
  • Manifest the fairy tale romance you desired as a little girl – even though it may seem impossible now after years of failure after failure …

Then read on to discover the fascinating TRUTH about the reading you just had, and …

How A Simple Deck Of Cards Could Be Your Secret Key To Finding  Your Perfect Match And Making Him Yours Forever

You see, the Tarot is not what you think it is.

What’s cleverly disguised as a card game, is secretly a spiritual undertaking.  

A doorway into an exciting new world PLANTED inside a game so no one would take it seriously – unless you’re initiated by the masters into knowing the truth.  

You don’t need to know what every card means to see that they are full of sacred symbols.

These symbols have been traced back to ancient Egypt – and some perhaps older than that!

Long before Tarot images were printed on cards, they were seen inscribed onto stones and slates dating back to ancient Sumeria.  

Sacred order’s known as “mystery schools” study Tarot for it’s deep psychology and practical use in everyday life … except …

… they don’t call them cards – they call them KEYS!

And, just like the keys to a piano … they create a specific vibrational frequency that manifests in the world around you as something you experience with your senses.   

Even more, research supports that now these sacred “keys” have a unique purpose in helping you understand the TRUTH about who you really are, how your relationships manifest, and what sort of love life you’re destined to live …

..giving you an unfair advantage in your love life that saves you years of heartache and failures by putting you directly on the fast track of compatible relationships and a balanced love life.  

It all starts with …

Three Secrets To A Nearly Perfect Partnership

The secret of a successful love life … to find your soulmate and KEEP them in your life … is this:

There are actually THREE relationships you must care for, not just one.  

If any of these three relationships are out of order, then your connection will fall apart.

This is why so many men seem great at first then slowly pull away and never come back!

The first connection you must nurture is your relationship with yourself.  

Understanding yourself … knowing who you are and why you do what you do … is absolutely CRITICAL!  

If you don’t even know who you are then how can you connect with another person?  

If you DO know how you work … your true nature … how you operate – not only are you more confident and assertive in general – but you understand HOW and WHY you attract the opposite sex!

The second connection you must have is your relationship with your lover.  

Are you compatible or not?  How well do you communicate?  Are your ideas of love the same?  

Does this person make you feel sexually alive and has you buzzing all over your skin?  

There are so many factors that make or break a connection – especially in the fast paced world of modern technology – that it’s surprising that anyone stays together anymore!

You need a way to cut through the chaff – a tool that helps weed away the deadbeats and losers in your life up front so they stop getting in your way of finding true love.

The third connection you are having is your relationship with your DESTINY.

Some lovers come into our lives for a reason.  

Some stay with us for a season.  Others – our soulmates … the one who you’re meant to be with … the one out there, wishing he could meet your right now – are here for a lifetime.  

A true love relationship is a relationship of DESTINY.  

It’s the one you’ve always wanted that makes the life of a Disney princess look bland.  

If you’re not in alignment with your destiny … if you’re not picking up on the clues that the Universe is trying to give you so you can fulfill your life purpose, marry your soulmate, and love every second of your life as it slowly ticks by … then you might as well be driving your car blind.  

I’m sure you’ll agree that when all of these relationships are running on a full tank then your partnership becomes unstoppable.  

And that, is you’re single, finding that perfect partnership is ten times easier when you have all of these three relationships set up ahead of time, right?

So what does this have to do with Tarot?  

I’m glad you asked …

How The Tarot Can Boost Your Chance At Finding True Love By 300% Overnight

I’ve discovered a secret 3 part reading system that lays out your perfect love life on a silver platter and helps you connect with (and control) your true romantic destiny.  

This system combines three ancient sciences:

1 – the Numerology secrets of unlocking your true self and controlling your life.  With Numerology, your numbers mean more than some man’s notch on his bed post.  Your numbers reveal your natural source of charisma that makes everyone want to know you and be friends with you.  Also, what your heart truly needs for you to be your most powerful self possible in love and in life.  

2 – the Astrology secrets of your relationship alchemy with others. What you really need to be happy and now to get it.  What you look for versus what you say you want (hint they are not the same thing). How you ac tract the opposite sex and what keeps him around and why.  What true love means to you (and to him) and what life’s your sexuality on fire whether you know it or not.  

3 – the Tarot secrets of your destiny.  What specific cards mean your destiny is in question.  Your soulmate is around the corner.  Your intuition is talking to you.  Whether the Universe is telling YOU (and only you) secret hidden codes with messages that only you should take.

After working with these ancient 3 systems for years, and helping thousands of women just like you make sense of their love lived and finally get the relationship you truly want, we’ve done the impossible.  

We’ve created a simple way to combine three Love readings into one that lays out your perfect love life on a silver platter …

…handing you an easy-to-follow treasure map to manifesting your perfect romantic fantasy and living the relationship of your dreams.  

And it can be in your hands in less than 24 hours from now.

Announcing … The World’s First 3x Love Power Profile Guaranteed To Help Manifest Your Dream Love 300% Faster – Or It’s FREE.

Dear Friend,

My name is Crystal Aryana and I’m here to help you take your tarot reading experience to astonishing new levels that most card readers on the beach don’t even know exist.  

Why?  Because the information I’m about to share with you comes from the deep inner wisdom of “mystery schools” – ancient secret societies that know the true power of Tarot and how it can transform your love life almost overnight. 

Using the three ancient sciences I’ve mentioned here – Astrology, Numerology and Tarot – I’d like to write up your personalized Love Power Profile so you too can gain an unfair advantage with men.  

Remember when I said how the images inside each Tarot card are secretly keys that unlock different vibrations of energy in your life?

Well, by using the 3x Love Power Profiling method, we can now hand you very specific keys that unlock and uplift different factors of your life life.  

And, it’s literally as easy as using your house key to unlock your front door.  

Your love power Profile starts with …

The Numerology Secrets To Unlocking Your Self Satisfaction

Using Numerology, we reveal the primal keys to your true nature … such as …

The Key To Your Character

This key reveals your most fundamental nature, describes the flow and fate of your entire life, and what hidden opportunities and talents you have that you’d otherwise miss.  

Use this key to become more genuine with who you are – the ultimate power when it comes to living a raw, authentic love life.  

Wondering why you’re not truly fulfilled yet?  Try using …

The Key To Your Heart & Soul

This key explains your soul’s actual purpose over the course of many life times… the one thing they fulfills your heart and satisfies your soul … allowing you to life an enriched and fulfilling life.

Use this key when you’re not sure how you truly feel about someone and their actions to gain complete clarity that would otherwise remain a fog.

Are you spiritual?  Then you’ll raise your vibration quickly by working with …

Your 4 Keys To Spiritual Awakening

These four keys can trigger a massive spiritual breakthrough if you know what they are (and know how to interpret them right).

In the next section, we use Astrology to reveal…

The Astrology Secrets To Unlocking Your Perfect Relationship

These are designed to give you the upper hand in your love life.  For example …

The Key To Your Confidence

If you like being wanted and enjoy being popular then you must use this key to your advantage.   You’ll find out what hidden traits you were born with that make your potential partners swoon.  

Use this key to harness what kind of lover you really need to be happy and what kind of partner you are most compatible with.  

Do you ever fight in relationships?  Try working with …

Your Key To Understanding  Men

Start using your most optimal way to think and communicate through this key, and all your relationships improve – not only romantic ones.

You’ll also discover your secret “super power” in resolving conflict so you never have to fight with your lover again and can live in passionate harmony.

Want to know if you’ll meet the one?  Or if you’re meant to be alone?  

Get ahold of …

Your Key To Meaningful Romance

Do you have relationship goals?  Are you marriage material?  

Your key to Romance unlocks the shortest and simplest path to accomplish them so you can finally be happy and free – even if that goal is simply to meet the love of your life!

You’ll discover what makes you truly irresistible to others and how to harness this gift to gain full control of your life with men.

Finally you’ll be handed …

Your Key To Effortless Sensuality

Do you have secret turn ons?  Of course you do.  And this key dives deep into them all!  

You’ll see what sort of lover you really need to light your sensual fire… and how to double any man’s desire for you at any weight or age – all based on your Astrology chart.

In this third section, we combine numerology astrology and Tarot all together to give you …

The Tarot Secrets Of Unlocking Your Romantic Destiny

There are certain cards that are hidden and personalized messages from the Universe to you directly.

These keys give your readings special significance and a deeper, more customized meaning for you when they come up.  

When these destiny keys come up in a reading …


For you (and only you) they all mean unique and fate driven things.

For example… when …

The Key To Your Life Path

Comes up in a reading, showing you that this situation is fate driven and not by accident.

This is an act of fate you’d otherwise never know was so important to you!  Is this action in alignment with my greatest and highest good?

Then there’s …

The Key To Your Intuition

When you see this key in a reading, there is a message being hidden for you that you should be aware of.  

This truth will come out soon enough, but when you know what to look for, you’ll be way ahead of the curve and almost always come out on top!

The Key To Your Soulmate

When you see this one – it is telling you that your soulmate may be involved with the situation you’re currently asking about.  Could he be right around the corner?  Or is he the man you’re already with?

Next, if you want to know if it’s Love or just lust you feel for someone, look for …

The Key To Your Sex Drive

When this key falls in your reading, it can mean your partner is having sex – whether it’s with you, or with someone else – and if better sex is on your horizon.

Could your next relationship make you rich?

Look into …

The Key To Your Abundance

Study the picture in this key so you know where your biggest gifts come from … and look for it in Readings to know if the relationship you’re asking about will bring you prosperity … or pain.  

Wondering if a man is being faithful?

Start working with …

The Key To Your Commitment

When this key comes up in readings, it might mean someone is cheating on you!  A lesser, minor commitment has been broken or is coming under question.  

If you don’t have this profile, and any of these come up for you in a reading, you’d be missing these very important messages from the Universe.  

Using this cutting edge 3x reading approach, not only do you tap into Love powers you didn’t know you have, but you put the universe on your side to feed you hidden messages telling you what to do to succeed.  

Makes All Your Tarot Readings More Accurate,  More Relevant, More Sacred – And MOST Life Changing From This Day Forward

Once you get in-person and online Tarot Readings done with your Love Power Profile, all of your future readings will be more powerful, more detailed, and take on a far more personal meaning for you in your life.  

Otherwise – of you didn’t have your profile, and went about with Tarot Readings anyway – you’d never know what custom and hidden messages the Universe was trying to send you.  

You’ll be relying on what each card means for other people – and ignore the important messages the Universe has put right in front of you!

If someone drew you a custom treasure map to fulfill your wildest dreams (because they’ve been there, and know the way) you wouldn’t throw it away in favor of trusting your instincts, would you?

Because that’s what you’re getting here:

A Sacred Treasure Map To Meeting The Love Of Your Life

Imagine … having full control of your relationship destiny and saving time by avoiding men you’re not compatible with from the start.  

Imagine knowing ahead of time what to talk about to peak his interest in ways that no other woman ever could (or ever will again) …

Imagine finding the perfect partnership based on true companionship and watching your love grow like a heavenly fire that blazes stronger and stronger every night that goes by.  

Imagine knowing all of your strengths in every area of your love life so you can quickly meet “the one” – your true soulmate that happily stays by your side for the rest of your life.  

Yes, your love life really can be everything you’ve ever wanted just by using …

The Fastest And Easiest Way To Create And Manifest The Harmonious, Effortless And Powerful Love You Always Wanted

Gaining access to all 13 f your custom Love Power Profile Keys really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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3 – Give me 24 hours to create your Love Power Profile and I’ll email you all 13 keys with full explanation of what they mean and how they work so you can start uplifting your relationships and manifesting the love of your life almost overnight.  

Are you ready to unlock your full romantic potential?

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It’s one thing to read your own profile and learn the secrets of how to attract your perfect love …

But it’s another thing to read the profiles of every single man you know – and every single man you will ever know – for the rest of your life!

Can you imagine what it’s like to get something as easy as his birthday … run it through our system … and get a full profile of HIM … what he’s thinking, what he really wants … if you can trust him (or not) and even if he’s worth a minute of your time?

Dating men becomes more like shopping on Amazon and reading the product’s reviews first.  

You sift through the obvious bad ones then read further into the ones you really like.

Then, you make your decision based on real and raw information – not just a hunch or impulsive butterflies.  

You wouldn’t shop for goods online without reading up on it first, right?

Then why wouldn’t you do the same thing with men?

That’s why I’m also giving you …


Get Unlimited Love Power Profiles For All Of The Men In Your Life And Make Smart Decisions About Your Romantic Future Forever

Think about it for a second.  

I am giving you the potential to hack into the heart and mind of any man you’ve ever wanted – and every man you’ll ever meet – by letting you run unlimited profiles on MEN for FREE.

This means, each key serves a second purpose!

When you run HIS profile, you’ll discover…

The Secrets To HIS True Self

You get to know everything you need to know about him before you see him again.

You’ll get answers about him AHEAD of time, including questions about …

The Key To HIS Character.

Is he being genuine or is he just a player?

Is he the man he says he is?  Or is he putting on a front?  What is his TRUE intention for you – a companion or just another notch on his belt?

Next, are you sure he is good for you?  Look at …

The Key To HIS Heart

Is he living his true purpose right now?  How can you really get through to him?  What inside him speaks to his soul? 

Is he spiritual?  Find out his special sprouts powers from …

HIS 4 Keys To Spiritual Awakening

For the next section, you’ll discover what to expect from him while he is courting you (or if he’s in a relationship with you).

Warning:  Some of these are so juicy he may never admit them:

The Secrets To HIS Relationships

These are designed to give you the upper hand in your love life.  For example …

HIS Key To Charisma

Are you under his spell and don’t even know it? What makes one man more enticing than another?  See if his charisma is compatible with yours or not and read him like a book.  

Next you’ll get …

HIS Key To Understanding

What is he thinking?  What does he mean when he says what he says?  This key helps you break down his inner-psychology so you can always stay one step ahead in conversations.

Plus you’ll know when he’s doing his best to resolve a fight (or when he is just faking it).

Get a’hold of …

HIS Key To Romance

What makes him tick?  Is he marriage material?  What makes him WANT to be with you – holding you, cherishing you, feeling you – and how can you activate it?

Use this key to make him fall in love with you (even if he doesn’t think he’s ready to).

Then you’ll be handed …

HIS Key To Sensuality

What turns him on?  What turn offs can you avoid?  What is the key to keeping him satisfied?  

Look at his key to Sensuality to see what sort of man he REALLY is and what signs to look for if he’s really “Mr Right.”

In this third section, we combine numerology astrology and Tarot all together to give you …

Answer Questions About HIS Romantic Destiny

You get to see if you fit into his destiny, or know what may come up in your own readings about HIM that give you a sneak peek at his real intentions with you and your future together.

The  Key To His Life Path

Is he a man who’s living his purpose or is he just pretending he’s the right man for you?

The Key To His Soulmate

What type of soulmate is he looking for?  And do you match his souls “type?”

The Key To His Intuition

How does his intuition work and what makes it different from your own?  Can you trust him?

The Key To His Sex Drive

Is he a relentless player or is he the real thing?  What sort of energy will keep him around?

The Key To His Abundance

Is he a man destined for wealth?  Or is he a bum in prince’s clothing?

The Key To His Commitment

Is he a faithful man?  Or will he cheat on you?  Is he marriage material or not?

All these questions and more will be answered when you run HIS love power Profile.

AND … you get to do this again and again and again, once per day for as long as you want, with as many men as you choose.  

This special access is potentially worth thousands of dollars because every profile you get is with at least $100. And yes – I may be crazy for doing this, but I want to give you this insanely generous bonus because I want you to fully understand that’s how confident I am that this will work for you.  

Right now, you’re probably wondering “Ok Crystal, this sounds great so how much does it cost?”

Well I have good news – it’s much less than you think!

First, let’s look at your options when it comes to transforming your love life.

You really only have three:

1 – You go into therapy and spend thousands of dollars trying to figure yourself out.  You spend years of making mistakes and learning from them.  You go the long and hard way and make slow and painful growth.  

2 – You buy a bunch of relationship profiles that claim you can catch and keep a man or make him desire you more (if they exist) – but you’ll never know who you really are or how you truly work in your relationships.  This could cost you $500 or more per program.  

3 –  You combine the magic of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology to tap into the truth about who you really are in love and how to use these ancient tools to manifest the love of your dreams.  

But you don’t have to pay $2,000 for it.  

You don’t have to pay $1000.  

You won’t have to pay $500. Nor $300. Not even $200.

Right now you can get your Love Power Profile for only $99 today.  

But wait, there’s more!

As my way of saying thank you for taking our free three card love destiny reading today, I’m going to knock off even more!

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My 100% Ironclad “Love It Or It’s Free” Guarantee

Take the next 60 days to use your profile and studying the profiles of the men in your life …

Feel the love you truly need to fulfill your heart and soul flood into your life …

Experience a “next level” of customized readings inside every single tarot reading you’ll ever do.

Know what it’s like to spy on a man’s life through the combined power of astrology, Numerology and Tarot (a triple threat for romantic success).

If you’re still not satisfied in your investment – say no more!  Just shoot a quick email to our friendly support staff and we will refund 100% of your money back.

PLUS – you get to keep your Love Power Profile (and all the profiles you create) no matter what.  

Sure, people could rip me off – so why should I do this?

Because I genuinely believe they most people are good people …. and since you are still reading g this, and you’ve been with me all this time today, you MUST be a good person. In fact, I’d consider us friends. If not sisters, at this point.  

So of course I want what’s best for you.  That’s  why you have absolutely zero risk in signing up today.  

Now,  do the right thing.

Help yourself.  Help your future lovers. And help the Universe manifest your destiny.  

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Just, please … jump on this now while you can.  

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Start your risk free trial now while it’s fresh in your mind.  Get started with your love power Profile and create the romantic future you truly want in your life.  

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I can’t wait for you to see what the Universe has in store for you.  

Your friend in this world and the next,

Crystal Aryana

P.S. you’re other option is to give up your discount and go about life the same way you’ve been going. But I’m warning you …

You Will Waste More Time On Wrong Men For You

You’ll keep gambling with your love life and not knowing for sure if someone is really right for you, and you’ll keep getting disappointed again and again.   

I don’t want that for you. What I want is for you to find and experience and effortlessly COMPATIBLE relationship that exceeds your wildest dreams.  

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