Jupiter Retrograde 2019: Abundance Renewal Time

By April 11, 2019 Horoscope
Jupiter Retrograde 2019

Every 13 months, the planet of abundance Jupiter, turns retrograde — this time in its home and “visionary sign” of Sagittarius at 24 degrees.

Unlike Mercury retrogrades, which shake things up three times a year, Jupiter retrogrades are slow moving…

They promote long term progress in areas of deep inner wisdom so that when the planet goes direct you can connect what you know inside to external abundance.

This is the time to reflect upon your higher visions and spiritual journey…

Yes. This will be a time of spiritual introspection for you, and making inner changes, so that you can expand outwardly when the time is right.

Starting today — until August 11th, super giant Jupiter retraces his steps through his home sign of Sagittarius, making this potent retrograde extra noticeable.

This puts a strong emphasis on pursuing your higher vision, and realizing what it takes INSIDE YOU to make your soul mission a reality (including letting go of your disguised and false limits)…

Jupiter energy is all about freedom, bigger truth, expansion, growth, self development, wisdom, philosophy, abundance and wealth.

It’s the “special gift” we bring to class. The abundance of our lives.

When Jupiter retrogrades, you are being called to revisit these areas, and go into a period of deep reflection and introspection.

Where are you selling yourself and your dreams short in your mind?

The most restricted and potentially areas growth that you need to work on will come stronger into focus, so it’s time to take stock of your beliefs, values, and emotional attachments.

This is introspection time …

You’ll begin to notice more how it’s time to receive MORE of what’s possible from inside you. The energy is not about being keen on expanding or spending energy on outside focuses when you are not truly ready for it.

This is all about internal receptivity into greater inner alignment and expansion. Nothing outside you can help you during this transit.

You may be tested to make sure you’re ready to receive more deliciousness, more joy, more love, more good fortune, abundance and so on before you move forward to the next phase of life where you really ARE aligned.

Practice. Learn how to activate your heart and surrender. Trust your own inner wisdom and the cosmic energy guiding you to stop focusing on the outside of life, and allow expanding awareness inside you. Expansion moves within.

You may notice yourself reaching your limits, especially the ones uncovered during the recent Mercury Retrograde cycle…

This time is about the bigger shifts in your consciousness — that go beyond your personal self …

Stop fearing loss and dive straight into the magical alchemical doorway of your pain (like I mention how to do in previous posts on my Facebook).

You are being asked to fully process and refine the basis of your inner growth. Revisit your old patterns. Reevaluate your spiritual desires.

Think since last November when Jupiter went into Sagittarius — have you been debaucherous — living on the edge?

Or have you have you been properly taking care of yourself and your needs so that you expand sustainably from the inside out?

Where have you felt really lost or stuck over the last 6 months?

Jupiter retrograde is encouraging you to answer these questions for yourself so that when he moves direct, you CAN finally expand outward and move through what’s been keeping you stuck.

Focus your energy on making conscious decisions and setting intentions for your highest good, and the good of those around you and Jupiter will reward you for coming from correct alignment within, after August 11th.

This is the energy of as above so below. As within, so without. What we hold on our focus, our energy prowess and emotions, is what generally tends to manifest physically on the outside.

Those who have been feeding their fear, doubt and worry are now going to get a chance to clear it all and shift into a higher vibe.

You are being guided to help from within so we can open up to our true power, so we can use our energy to create and manifest what we are truly deserving of.

Any destructive behaviors you noticed yourself slipping into back in November need to be revisited now.

Jupiter retrograde will give you the chance to recognize the deeper problem, admit there’s something you must change and find new ways to solve it.

This is about getting clear and focused on what you are aiming for, because the current cosmic energy is telling you that you may not be aiming high enough (especially with your faith and follow through) …

So you’re being pushed to see where you have been settling and selling yourself short — starting FIRST in your mind.

On a lower level the manifestation of this influence would be an intervention by family and friends, to end selfish, self sabotaging or destructive behavior.

When it comes to your finances, you will want to hold off on making any big purchases, or spending large sums of money in general.

Jupiter wants you to take a step back from expansion to rebuild your foundations, and if you create more with what you have in front of you — you’ll be rewarded in August.

Truly this retrograde in its deeper introspection and reflection is about helping you open YOU ago your true power …

Wherever you are still holding back, starting in your mind.

I KNOW you CAN step away from old beliefs during this cycle and receive wisdom and valuable Soul lessons.

This is the time to walk deeper into yourself and practice mastery — to use your energy and focus to manifest what is truly deserving of you!

You are enough, no need to prove prove anything to anyone — this is about you, discovering YOU.

So of course it’s an excellent time to pursue knowledge that has to do with manifesting abundance, and creating wealth in your life.

Anything you deliberately focus and invest in now (with serious intent and aligned inspired action) to grow will pay you back ten fold.

With Gratitude,

Crystal Aryana

P.S. What inner work do you feel drawn to work on during this time?  Let me know in the comments below!

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