Is He or She The One? 6 Tarot Cards That Reveal True Love

Hey it’s Jonathan, from Tarot Reading Daily…

Have you met someone special recently, or are you in a relationship that feels like it could go the distance?

You might already be with this person, or perhaps there’s someone you’re just getting to know.

If this person is in your life, you’ll have noticed there is something about them that feels different than the other relationships you’ve experienced.

Love and partnership can be complicated. Each person brings their past experiences into the relationship, which can make it hard to tell if who we’re with is the right person for us. Even soulmates and twin flame dynamics have their challenges, but if it’s meant to be you can bet the signs surrounding the connection will be powerful.

Remember That Relationships Lead to Growth

One sure thing is that your relationships, good or bad, are helping you to grow into your best self if you are willing to learn from them. If you’re in one that’s not right for you, life will teach you to find your power again, reclaim your self worth and strengthen your boundaries.

Challenging relationships are an opportunity for you to stand up for yourself and say YES to yourself and to life.

On the other hand, even if you’ve met the person of your dreams, it’s still going to take some work. But this work can be a beautiful enriching experience.

Ask yourself if your partner or potential partner is worth the time and effort it takes to build something beautiful, and if you are ready to commit to the process.

A couple weeks ago we looked at cards that signal a toxic relationship. These are the types of relationships that are painful, draining, and ultimately need to end in order for you to be at your best.

This week we’re going to look at six cards that are saying ‘f@$k yes! You have found an amazing match. Go with it!’

If these cards are showing up in your love reading, you have likely found a ‘keeper,’’ or soon will.

The Top 6 Love Tarot Cards

Two of Cups#1:  Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is the essential lovers card.

It depicts a man and woman facing each other, they are both holding a cup offered to the other while they gaze into one another’s eyes. They are meeting in harmony, and love is overflowing between them.

If you have an inkling that you’ve met a soulmate, this card certainly confirms this possibility.

You can look forward to a union where both of you want to show up fully for one another.

When this card shows up, each person is ready to be with the other in a lasting and loving way.

From the friendship to romance, and everything in between, this card speaks to the kind of love that is fulfilling and long lasting.

If you are seeing this card in your readings, you truly have found a special romantic match.

#2:  The Lovers

This card may seem obvious – duh, the lovers – but the implications of this card may be different from what you’d expect. While this card is often interpreted as a deeply romantic connection, I tend to see it more often as a reflection of one’s internal romance and marriage.

Let me explain. We all have masculine and feminine elements within us.

They are archetypal aspects that make up our soul. These aspects are often referred to as the divine feminine and divine masculine. As we grow and evolve, a sacred internal marriage between these amazing energies within ourselves begins to develop.

The healthier this internal marriage, the healthier our external relationships become. If this card is showing up in relationship readings it indicates that you are learning to experience greater union within your soul, and that the person in your life is helping this to come about.

I often tell clients to pay attention to if they are projecting perfection onto their partners or potential partners when this card arrives, and to remember to also bring that deep honor and adoration to the union occurring within. The more self love births within you, the more you will magnetize the kind of love and partnership you want in life.

#3:  The Four of Wands

The Four of Wands highlights a successful new stage in a relationship. It’s a ‘congratulations card!’

A strong and secure foundation has been built between the two of you.

You feel comfortable with one another and nourished by each other’s company.

If you’re not together with this person yet, it indicates that this kind of deep stability is possible with the person you have in mind.

The ‘house’ of your love has been built on solid ground, and you may be ready to start living together if you aren’t already.

If you’re beyond this stage, it’s possible that marriage or even children are on the horizon.

This card is a card of celebration! So enjoy, you’ve found a love that could last a lifetime.

#4:  Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is a particularly auspicious card when it shows up in a love reading.

If you happen to be single right now, this card is great news. It heralds a joyful and exciting relationship in the near future.

This is the kind of unexpected connection that both reinvigorates your belief in love, and fills you with a renewed joy for life.

On the other hand, if you’re already in a relationship you can expect your partner to take things to a new level of intimacy.

You two might fall in love all over again. Consider this a refresher and vitalizer of your relationship.

You might be surprised at just how fresh and alive things can get.

#5 & #6:  The Empress & Emperor

While these two cards have different meanings, in a love reading they tend to represent healthy, powerful, romantic possibilities.

Each of these cards display the attributes of men or women who have taken responsibility for their life, grown into themselves, and are ready to show up full heartedly in a relationship.

The Empress is fertile, nourishing, creative and sensual. She indicates a deeply fulfilling mature relationship filled with intimacy and romance.

The Emperor is sturdy, stable, courageous – he’s got his ducks in a row and can see the direction he is heading in life. This card represents a potent, long term relationship and can harken the arrival of a capable man in your life.

These two cards are a sign that you’re either in a stable, evolving relationship, or will be soon.

How To Take it to the Next Level

If some of these cards have been showing up in your readings, it’s a great sign, but it doesn’t mean everything is perfect and you can rest on your laurels. If you’re in a relationship that feels stable and strong, congratulations!

You are very blessed. Just remember relationships take work and there is always room to grow.

A healthy relationship can help you and your partner grow, both together and as individuals. There is so much that can be achieved if you stay true to yourself, communicate with one another, and put love at the forefront of everything you do.

The other cards in your reading with these good omen cards will help you to see where you can still work on things; how you can make your relationship the best it can be.

Often these cards represent potential, and it requires commitment and willingness to work on yourself and grow into the person who can show up for the relationship you dream of.

If you’re single right now and these cards are appearing, get ready, because life is drawing someone to you.

The best thing you can do is not wait around, but tend to yourself, the challenges in your life, and build the type of life that you would adore sharing with someone special.

You deserve love. You deserve to walk with someone who is excited to be with you.

At your service,

With love,

Jonathan Lionheart,

P.S. Are you ready to call in the love of your life? Have you found them already? Tell me about it in the comments below.

P.P.S. Are you curious about someone in your life, or wanting to know when your soulmate is going to show up? Let’s draw a few cards to see what is showing up for you right now. Click here to sign up for a reading with me.

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About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • Ginette Nemorin says:

    I have been seeing someone for over a year Jonathon and the cards I have been sent are a great sign to me as I have been wondering if we could go the whole way in the future, we are so happy and have the best of times when we do get together but his life is complicated so I’m more hopeful after this reading, thank you ☺️

  • Maria Carolina says:

    Hi Jon many thanks for the article! I definitely am in a transition in m6 life and many things are not quite straight or I am not sein* the big picture. Anyway, I got the emperor, the empress and the fool! thank you! caro.

  • denis says:

    hi jonathan i have met a beautiful soulmate which i love very much and she love me to we met on line she live in colombia ilive in canada we have been talking since the begining of the year and it is stronger then ever we want to be together to spent the rest of are life together what i just read in the tarot reading you send me is amazing it confirm what we both have in are heart a big thank youfor your reveal to me denis

  • Nora Sprague says:

    I have been in a on and off relationship for 2 plus yrs. It’s a relationship that is very good and very bad. Nothing physical and no cheating. However,there is one thing that I am not able to get past about him. This is a man that I love with all my heart and I believe he loves me. So much so that we are willing to change what bothers us about each other.
    I need your help. I need to know if this relationship is worth the fight.

  • Sonti says:

    Hi Jonathan, I haven’t found someone special currently. It’s been 4 years now being single waiting for him to show up but nothing so far. I still have hope though that we will meet one day. I will appreciate if you can just give me a hint about my potential partner. Can’t wait to see him. Just can’t remember the card I have pulled last time maybe you can remember. Thank you.

    • Hey Sonti,

      I don’t know what card you pulled last time. Everything comes in right timing. Something you might do is let go of the waiting. The waiting is kind of like saying to the universe that you don’t trust that timing. Keep loving and tending to yourself and let the right person show up when they do. If you want to go deeper we can do a private some time. Sending love.

  • Jane says:

    We have known each other and liked each other for 20 years but we were never single at the same time until June we are 58 and 60 years old I moved in with him 10 days after our first date. Within 6 weeks we were telling each other and other people that we found the love of our lives ❤️ . He’s a Cancer and Rat I’m a Capricorn and Ox. We are so like minded compatible and head over heels in love . I also believe we were destined to be together now instead of earlier. We enjoy each other so much we laugh dance and make love and like the same things. We really know that this is good because we have both been through marriages and many relationships. We know what we have without a doubt ❤️

    • Jane,

      This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing and so many blessings on the two of you. What a lovely reminder that we just never know when the right person will become available. Sending love —J

  • Mary Wallis says:

    Hi Jonathan ! No I have not met anyone as I have my house on the market and chained to keeping it in tip top for viewings !! No time for me at the moment ,but I consider when I make a, sale that will be my first step to a new life ! ….If I meet that someone special ? It will be the icing on the cake !!

    I did have a realsionship for nearly 9 years , which was in the last few years very TOXIC cotroll freak, dictatorial, confontational, moody, psycopathic , Bully . However that is now Dead Dead Dead …….as he passed away In May 2018 .( So you did pick up that problem ) but that is no longer a poblem ! Thank you !

    Kind Regards
    Mary Wallis

    • Hey Mary,

      This is just an article talking about the cards that would show up if there is love in your life, not a forecast or prediction reading. I just wanted to talk about some of the cards that indicate big love. Sounds like you’re really busy right now, and I’m happy you are no longer in that awful relationship. Stay tuned in the FORCAST weekly reading will come out on Sunday for next week 🙂 <3

  • Josaki says:

    Yes, I met this lady through dating site. The first time I saw her, my heart was beating very fast. We got along for more than 2 years now. We wanted to get married together but is a difficult thing for me because we are from a different country and I don’t have enough to finance the wedding. Even though I am hopping that the universe who brought us together will complete it…but in her own case, she is disturb.

    • Hi Josaki,

      I’m sorry for the trouble with marriage, that must be challenging for you. It is such a gift however to meet someone in the way you described. Take this blessing which can remind you of the beauty of life and encourage you to become a really fantastic person. Re-read my description of the Lovers card. Sometimes we meet people that help put us in touch with our divine feminine, what Carl Jung called the Anima. If it is in divine order, you two will be together. I hope this is the case my friend.

  • Pamela says:

    I pull the hermit for the past
    Lovers for the present
    And chariot for the future
    I have meet someone I am very fond of.

    • Hey Pamela,

      That’s so beautiful. The lovers is a powerful card, and the chariot speaks both to the cultivation of home as well as adventure. Sounds like you have met someone quite special.

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