Investing In Your Future | Weekly Tarot Reading | 10/25-10/31 

By October 27, 2020 Tarot Cards

Hello sweet friends, 

Good news is on the horizon! 

If you feel like you’ve been right on the verge of a breakthrough, the cards for this week are alive with positive signs and giving you a clear map to avoid pitfalls. 

You may remember last week’s reading, reminding you to stay balanced and ride the waves through troubled waters. 

This week we have another powerful court card, encouraging you to step courageously into wielding power with integrity, and creating wealth for yourself and those around you.  

However, to complete this journey successfully, you’ll need to plan ahead and see past illusions that might otherwise steer you off course.

You are on the cusp of a path to stability, and a life that will bring fulfillment and joy. Let’s take a look at the cards that were drawn for you this week. 

Card #1: King of Pentacles | Mastery of Abundance

Do you have a project that is finally coming to fruition? Or is there a new source of income giving you more breathing room?

Having the King of Pentacles drawn as your first card means he’s shown up to help you improve your relationship with your financial future. This may mean you have new resources coming to you in a stable and sustainable way very soon.

When you look at the King of Pentacles, you can see he’s masterful at self-discipline, business and leadership. He can be seen as the successful entrepreneur who has put his life in order and is reaping the benefits of his hard work and patience.

He has created his kingdom to better himself, but also to bring abundance to those around him. He has a fatherly, provider quality, which makes others feel safe under his protection.

The King of Pentacles is asking you to make solid plans, and only take action when it makes sense – not just because you feel like it.

Right now, you can start building your kingdom by courageously taking actions that will provide for generations to come. Invest in your future by making practical plans for your career, your health, and your family, knowing they will pay off down the line.

You may find that a new job or well paying project makes itself available this week.

King of Pentacles creates stability for the future. His long term vision doesn’t allow him to get bogged down by immediate setbacks. Instead, he’s able to take each action and face each challenge with stride.

He knows where he is going, and therefore doesn’t care to get caught in the drama of the small things.

Take heart this week as you step into the guidance of the King of Pentacles. But remember, the King didn’t get rich by being impulsive! He’s advising you to first focus on self-discipline and planning.

Our next card indicates that you are at a special moment when possibilities and the inspiration of future plans are ripe and ready to be explored.

Card #2: Two of Wands | Preparing for Adventure

Are you feeling the excitement of a new project or dream you would like to accomplish?

With the King of Pentacles as the first card, the Two of Wands as the second couldn’t be more perfect. This combination means you can see the possibilities and are in the discovery phase of your next great adventure.

The King of Pentacles in relationship to the Two of Wands tells us whatever this next adventure is, not only will it be very profitable, but it will require your full commitment.

The Two of Wands shows a man with a small globe in his hands looking over the horizon, symbolizing the many options before him.

He remains within the walls of the castle while a ship below takes off on an adventure. This lets us know he is not quite ready to head out on his own, and is still building a plan.

You are in the process of summoning the courage to step out of your comfort zone. Adventure awaits, but first take time for planning.

This is the perfect time for you to start listening to your big dreams. Don’t hold back! Let your creative spark guide you, but make sure to dot all the I’s and cross the T’s, because what’s coming next could be an important event in your life.

Even if your plans change as time goes by, committing to a solid plan now will give you the courage to conquer risks and embrace your future.

As you begin to follow your ideas and dreams regarding this new adventure, notice if there are seductive illusions that start to pop up. Our next card is all about the traps of desire that can arise as we begin to build momentum.

Card #3: Seven of Cups | Seeing Past Illusions

Have you ever noticed just as you are gaining momentum or finding clarity, a big beautiful distraction will mysteriously show up in your life? Or maybe an old scary belief like, “I can’t do this,” starts rearing its ugly head?

It’s important to notice what you are drawn to at this time. Are the opportunities showing up right now really good for you, or are they just momentary excitements without true value?

The Seven of Cups is all about choices and illusions. The man in the card stands before seven cups, each filled with a different opportunity or desire.

Some of the cups have beautiful items, while others have nasty little creatures in them. This card symbolizes our wishful thinking, and asks us to look beneath the surface of what we are attracted to.

We’ve all had experiences where something we really wanted turned out not to be what we expected. Deep down your heart knows the right direction for you. You have many options. So don’t be surprised if a seemingly Mr. Right knocks on your door, or a ‘too good to be true’ circumstance presents itself.

The best way to work with this card is to commit to your deepest truth. Trust good options are showing up and available to you. However, they may require more work than the seductive one that drops in your lap.

The Seven of Cups reminds you to not chase shiny objects. Listen to your gut, and notice if you’ve experienced the same kind of alluring circumstance in the past, only to be burned or disappointed.

Especially as your third card, the Seven of Cups can be a warning. Keep things honest, and make sure to avoid schemes, as they will not work out in your favor.

Commitment Creates Wealth

This week is a great time to ask yourself what is it you truly value. Take some time to reflect on what you’re willing to commit to in order to build the life you want.

Our cards this week are truly auspicious. You have an opportunity to build long term stability, both in your resources and in your personal life.

You’ve probably had an opportunity like this knock on your door in the past. But, for whatever reason, it just wasn’t your time to answer.

That was in the past. Now is the time to step forward fully into what is possible for you.

The King of Pentacles is leading the way by reminding you to find self-discipline, and commitment to building the future you want.

The Two of Wands is marking a fertile period for you. Make solid plans, and explore what’s possible. There are new opportunities ahead.

The Seven of Cups presents your options, but warns you to be careful you’re not mining for fools gold. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Just be careful.

Overall, you could be looking at a promising week if you play your cards right.

Remember, building wisdom takes time, so make a grand plan, and strike when the iron’s hot.

There is so much excitement to come! Enjoy yourself.

With love, 

And in service, 

Jonathan Lionheart

P.S. What’s your biggest distraction right now?  And how’s it pulling you away from what you need to do? Let me know what’s on your mind in the comments below!

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