If You Feel Called To Do A Thing – Do It Now

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Healing Party

Hello beautiful soul,

I have missed you during this past month or so!

Family time and “slower being” is what I needed. And now we’re getting ready to move at the end of the month!

Thank you for all your kind messages over my birthday in August and the whole month…

What a restructuring of “what truly matters” it has been.

Stripping back, going within.

Mastering my space, my energy, what or who is occupying it.

Rooted in being, energy hygiene and more with my family which is what is promptly calling me.

Also I got some concrete work done on other projects I’ve been working on for you for a while that is time for me to complete.

I love you deep, soul family.

Do not give up. Instead, take the leap!

I feel many need to hear this in some way.

I hope you have been able to spend time with loved ones and soul family.

It’s been quite a soul reunion kind of time, in many ways…

Especially as the dark surfaces more than ever..to be seen.

This message today (below) I’ve held back for months, too.

Since mid-July, I didn’t know what to do with the messages I was getting from within.

The painful reality checks I was in-the-body seeing and messages of what is “already here and ahead” were strong.

What was showing up internally for me, I didn’t know how to apply it to my business. Mainly because it was about voicing on topics that I have not talked so much about.

Yeah, there are many that would rather I “quickly clean up the wound quickly” in other words.

And not speak about the “reality as it is” parts.

They only want the “comfort” parts.

Kind of like bringing up the topic of anger in the spiritual corners these days… (many bypass anger instead integrating the medicine of what it is saying on a body intelligence level: where they must stop abandoning themselves and self provision, do the work!)

We must honor and look at the wound, as it is, to truly transform it.

We must meet reality as it is if we want to change it.

Just like you must validate the old beliefs or old frequencies as they are, which soften its hold, allowing you to create an internal space for something new to take hold…

Turning inward and meeting the body level intelligence (your body knows reality, as it is) what it knows and communicating from a body level what you need or desire.

Otherwise skipping this phase is a little more than repression and dishonesty…

That is why I am doing what I am doing and going to do energy updates differently…

I want to let you in deeper into my practices and daily living. Transparency always shows more I feel.

(So if you see me voicing on video more often randomly, or sending you short spontaneous messages, you’ll know where this is coming from…)

The time is NOW to live for today.

We must check back IN to our bodies even though it once seemed more safe and more comfortable to check out…

It is a very needed time of needing you to STAND in the light of your body, fully anchored in why YOU are here.

Remembering who TF you are.

Remembering the power, the wisdom, the medicine that has always existed in your body, your being, your soul, your sex.

Yesss sister. Yesss brother.

It’s time to remember who TF you are.

To fully opt out of a system of oppression, we must fully opt IN to embodiment (in body ment).

The game changes when we transform resistance of what we hate into devotion towards what we love!

My heart has torn wide and has been blown open again since beginning to mid-August…

I don’t know that I’ve ever kneeled and prayed to God so much while bringing prayers down to the ground in little ways with my family.

I’m not perfect, yet I am slowly learning what is important and moving my energy/focus here.

And, yep, doing more videos for you is part of this.

There is a new way and we get to birth it together.

I know I can’t hold back anymore…

The message of “knowing our voice activates others when we are truly living it” is a transmission or activation on its own.

And the integrity of showing up will also draw me into my own consistency also with allowing myself to be seen mid-process.

I had a recurring dream last night and it is putting everything into perspective after the messages I’ve been getting since the end of July (that I’ve been stuck on…)

(*I wrote to you all about this dream a few times, I think the last time I talked about this dream “of a green path and a scorched path” was in a podcast and written energy update of Jan 2020.)

Yeg these insights were only conceptual before.

And it finally landed, my way forward.

Really getting “why I am here”… in this body and this lifetime.

Full-on landing in my body.

The message was this:

Those who are feeling called to do something to uplift mankind, anchor their light in their own body or launch their offering or passion in the world—now is the time.

There is no other time.

Literally do the things, Crystal. Do them now.

Love now, risk now, show more, receive more, do now. There’s no time left… no someday…

I feel the anchoring of our own union within.

Our own energetic and physical health and hygiene so that we are clear enough to discern “truth and love” from what is NOT organic and thus synthetic light or distorted/inverted teachings.

Now is an important time with family.

God/source, family, daily body practices, then our work.

I’m getting the message that there’s no future to wait for… at least not the one we are used to.

Humans are either coming together or splintering apart.

So if you are called.

And you keep being called.

There’s no more time to wait.

If you want to do a thing, do it now…

I think we should be spending quality time with family and our loved ones

Not waiting on things we desire or wish for…

Putting aside petty differences…

Visiting as many places as we can…

Following our intuitions without delay…

I am seeing that with the way things are (on our current collective trajectory) we have a few years before things in our society and local environments that we are used to, may not be like it once was.

I’m not saying this from fear. I’m saying this will ultimately be a rebirth.

I’m saying this from feeling everything in me.

Things will get weird for a time. And we need more people anchored in their own body, being, and soul (light).

We need more people who are not just practicing, yet voicing their gifts and allowing themselves to be SEEN.

Regardless of being judged.

Just full-on living your heart and soul for the NOW. Living for today.


Create that product. Experience that journey. Buy that plane ticket. Call that person. Quit that job. Start the company. Write the book. Sign up for that class. Make that call.

Plan your trip! Open your heart…

Take the leap.

Literally, do the things.

Do them now.

Love now, risk now, do now.

There is no time left… no someday

Perhaps you can feel your calling too?

Especially if you keep getting called.

Yet I bet you can feel it raw in a visceral way these days.

And you can feel the timing right now is crucial.

We are needed.

And I keep getting the message “make my healing an event others are invited to…”

So this is what I’m going to do!

I’m going to do things differently and make videos in the moment so that I can manage all the work in the background that is coming out and still get you guys intuitive daily updates / fresh content without writing so much.

I may have a baby in my arms but this is how I’ll flow!

So heads up on the incoming emails and content again.

As always, comment below and voice over what’s happening or showing up for you at this moment.

I read every comment.

Love you,

Crystal Aryana
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Crystal Aryana

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  • Kevin says:

    Wow I really felt the words there sis and am blessed to always feel your love in a deep brotherly and sisterly way. Inspired by your words thanks


  • Gina says:

    So true, accountability and authenticity are the key to raw reality where our best life begins. I know this yet can’t find the courage, or maybe drive, to step into myself. I identify with your journey. I have had many spiritual experiences and self realizations myself staring in January 2021. NOW is the time. You are so right! Thanks for sharing, I feel so alone sometimes.

  • Robert+Frederick says:

    Just WOW!
    After reading this it truly hit home!
    Took this road trip which I’m still on
    Visiting family I haven’t seen in 3 yrs!
    I’m calling this my GOD WILLING

  • Rajeshwar says:

    I love you honey and wonder now I feel relieved to have you by my side and feel your warmth and heart beats synchronized with me….thanks dear …my friend my love to find your company in this world of strangers.
    Love you to understand me and my distress aloofness.

  • Everett K Marquette says:

    Ive always felt like i had been here on this planet before not just once but several then to suffer some of thr tragic things i have and still to be here there is a special place for me near the end and i cant wait to find and fulfill that position oh and the 1 most tragic event i had to endure at 17yrs old in Pasadena tx was to see my 35 yr old father kill my 33 yr old mother just feet from me then kill 2 sisters aged 13 5shots in her chest close range and 10yr old sister 1xin abdomen she lived 6hrs but they couldn’t stop bleeding and my mother feet away 1x in chest 1x in neck bullets going thru and deceased before hitting ground this is the worst thing ive had to survive i wont talk about the sexual abuse physical and verbal daily but through it all god is good my faith had stood the test of time and tragedy so someone please bless me with enough means to do whatever it is im needed for and let my finely tuned intuition take me there god bless you and your journeys Everett Marquette

  • Tina says:

    Loved every bit of it , thank you so much for sharing

  • Miguel angel says:

    I feel the same but god knows best and i would not plan things my why until his way is fulfilled may god be with you be patient god knows best

  • Josue Aginaga says:

    This is a blessing time, i feel aware and alerts and my shadow is equaled to my higher self, i have accepted the chaos as my blessing and pain is my strength of my loving soul, My light is my darkness for there is a beautiful light in my darkness and the love in my shadow goes deeper in my shadow then the light could ever go, i love you all that have good intentions, But i don’t express for not not everyone is who they say they are I’ve grown more awaken this couple of weeks its been a blessing, Thanks hun for your beautiful words many blessing to you

  • Tracy Queen says:

    Bless you, thank you. I loved reading your message. Yes, now is the time to wake up. To go within and deeper. All answers ar within. So we can shine our light on this beautiful planet! Keep changing. Keep growing, we change each other. Tracy.

  • Kashonda Bowie-Clophus says:

    This was so
    Powerful … I think this is my confirmation to start my business …

  • Jade says:

    Crystal, I felt such a profound relief when I checked my inbox and your ema was there. I missed you. Wish we could be friends. I feel you, I get you, you speak to my heart, and very few people do. I feel ok to be at my most vulnerable state when I read your messages. Please keep sharing. Love you, truly do, and I’m sending my blessings and good energy to you, so you have the strength and the love to go through whatever you’re going through right now. Not so easy times, but it sure gets easier when we feel seen, valid, when we feel that there are people out there who get it, who sense it. And were suddenly not alone, we feel part of this whole network of people who came here to change it. Change this world. And blessed be, truly, you, and all anonymous Light Workers out there. May we rise together. Love you.

  • Maria Silva says:

    You cannot believe how much I needed to see this message, I cried, I’m at a crossroads, made a decision to live UK, my job, my partner because of a betrayal that really hurt me, been a very painful process, now in my Country (Portugal) I feel lost and without even knowing what to do with my life. Keep praying and asking my guides and Angels for a sign but to no avail. Thank you so, so much for this message and video. Blessings from Portugal ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Lorenza says:

      Love, light, hugs… You are not alone. You are brave! Get up… Dance or something. Do yoga. Yoga heals.

      We’re all like autumn leaves right now, shaking and being shaken by the faintest wind… afraid to fall. We’ve been falling for a long time. Maybe it’s time to fly.

      • Sequoia says:

        This video was so needed for my soul. I just recently graduated from yoga teacher training and I’ve been hiding away, scared to take the leap and start teaching, start creating. I am so grateful for this video and comment. I have been avoiding the hard truths of my souls current state for too long. Thank you to all the souls who are working to heal themselves, healing the collective through doing the hard work. I am ready to start. Thank you and love to all!

  • Esther M says:

    This video really affected me. Since mid July around the same time as you I been feeling the call. It’s so strong that I can’t ignore it no matter what I do. I think I know what the next step for me is but I just don’t know if I can do it. A new beginning. A course correction cuz I messed up so bad earlier in life. Don’t give up doing these videos cuz u gave me some much needed strength/courage to keep going. The time is now to stand and fight for humanity as a whole. No matter who u are where you are…if u feel this call…we need you to step into your own power and shine that light u were meant to shine

  • keyunta says:

    I agree!!!!! I feel so lost, Ive been struggling to connect with my subconscious????? wondering if you have any advice for me????/

  • Hi Crystal,
    Thanks for sharing. We are all facing difficult times, we need to care about one another and trust in GOD to guide us through very difficult times. Life is so short. I try to stay positive and live my life to the fullest.

  • Aaron says:

    Thank you Crystal for the inspiring video.

    The thoughts you have shared do resonate with my current state of affairs.
    I am right now at juncture of my life where I need to move briskly forward to bring into reality what I feel I have been called to do in this life.
    I look forward to the upcoming videos for greater clarity and and responsibility to make the sacrifices necessary to tap into my new reality.

    May God take care of you and continue to bless you in your work for the good of all people.

    Love, Aaron

    • John says:

      I love your soul, I feel the beauty in it and it’s strong. We need to understand what are connection are and accept our place. I’m starting to understand my part and I agree time is up.

  • Debra says:

    I wanted to let you know how I see you when I watch your video*s or read what you have to say, I feel your raw emotions and how much you care about others. You have beautiful soul and never doubt that. I feel the way things are changing as well and yes it can scare us but your on the right path, just keep putting one foot in front of the other at those times. Looking forward to all your scaring moments. Love and peace to you !!!!

    • Gerda Smith says:

      Thank you I am thankful yes I agree we are living in dark world we do things but feel their some kind of pull like elastic band stretching and going back to the beginning and I heard that they had a dream about me to about the two different paths or and or three different directions. I do over weild don’t know we to start . I agree we do need to do something now Crystal hoping you had a lovely birthday l just had get to altogether for a birthday party at the park with friends and family .Yes we need to do things now from Gerda

  • Rebecca Campbell says:

    Thanks hun for what you do here, what you said is so fittingly for…. The Age Of Aquarius. Namaste ♡

  • Altera Wright says:

    Brightest Blessings beautiful soul~thank you for sharing your message….i too have been feeling the deep shift in my feet and spirit and have been trying to shine my light just a bit brighter and inspire others to do the same~now is the time to live and savor every moment for they all count~Joy to you and your family…

  • Tenneal says:

    Thank you Crystal for your moving and touching honest and vulnerable video and messages I just learned about my empathy
    Abilities and it’s been a journey exercising my abilities but I’ve heard a lot about myself others and situation and how to see things and for the month of August I felt drained tired uninspired but it wasn’t in a negative way it was like my body needed to be recharged and at the time I didn’t really understand for my birthday just passed in September and with all the rest that I had in August. I’m ready to step in to the next chapter filling charged energized inspired happy grateful and on the journey of falling in love with my best friends but it’s taught me to listen to my body which I never do because my mindset is always beast mode! (I get it from my dad) Who was a marine athlete after I listen to your video and read your email if I feel so at peace do you know wasn’t alone and I’ve been spending a lot of time with family and it’s been amazing and that was before reading your email I love the universe works out like that. So once again thank you for your insights you emails have helped me more then words can express i thank God everyday for your gifts and for your strength with being a amazing mom and taking the time for us your reads thank you I love your light even tho i missed you in August life happens I get that so take your time to do you cause you come with the light and love and real and your right the word needs it now. I feel the push to stand up and speak out and I use every opportunity that I can cause it’s a lot of evil & nasty in the world and I refuse to let that win so light up soul sister! it is time ❤️

    • Oluwakemi+Oluwaremilekun says:

      Hi Crystal Ayana, honestly I’ve missed your sincere contribution to Humanity. Your words gave me courage and made me feel powerful and fearless, although sometimes I feel too emotional to control happenings around me but yet Im Happy to inform you that I’m more than the problems around me. Love from my end in Nigeria

  • Bernardina says:

    Thank you Chrystal, I love getting all your message. Take care and God bless you.


  • Tracey says:

    Love you so much beautiful , I’m inspired by you , I feel the zest for life like a raging fire burning in my belly ,,,, I’m ready for 2022

  • Beautiful soul readings from so many tarot readers…much love and light from Wales uk. Fantastic readings ive had from so many and all so on par aswell. ❤❤✌

  • Rene Brooks says:

    Love your message. This is what we need to remind ourselves of EVERY day and not allow negativity in that talks us out of doing That Thing. This is something I need to practice doing for myself and give myself permission to really live life unapologetically.

  • Annehilda wright says:

    Keep lighting up the world. We are all in a dark space and need a path of light. If each of us can make a difference to just one life, then we are moving in a positive way. Long May we prosper in the now and forever.

  • Ibrahim says:

    Another thing is I’m ready to put aside petty differences and compromise with the people around me but they are not ready to do the same, anytime I make myself available for them , they try to make me feel bad with their words although I don’t let it get to me, but it’s annoying to know that whenever I make myself available to people, I must be ready to take a hit or two , don’t you think that’s going against my own self or I’m I just taking things too serious

  • Good day i love you.am please reading your email.but am in serious thread to be harm or kill by an enemy on 30th September 2021, this month,please save me on 30th this month.it was a seer,who told me this now,agada…please be it my friend, brother, father, employer, wishing my harm, please tell me the names.my locality and home are playing negativity against me.save me

  • Ibrahim says:

    Hello Crystal, thanks for the post, i really appreciate it, i understand the feeling of escaping out of the body instead of staying fully grounded in the body and live the moment as it is trusting myself that I’m prepared and capable enough to get things done at God’s speed and timing whenever the chance shows up , I notice that I have to show up for my own self so opportunity can show up for me, once I’m fully grounded in my body I can be aware of any opportunity that comes begging to be taken.. it’s not easy staying fully grounded in the body every minutes of the day but nothing is impossible, thank you again for the post, looking forward to your videos, love ..

  • Janice Markey says:

    Thank you Crystal for your latest video. I’ve been experiencing difficulties in my love life and your video today has helped me realize that I must look within to find my happiness.
    Thank you,

  • Tianna Duarte says:

    My love thank you for your message, he is calling his army to stand as one!! What we have won in spirit war is now going to spill over to the flesh!! I am fully awoken by GOD!! I am the leader of his army we fight for mankind every day in spirit war!! We have won as far as the rising of the collective!! And the start of the new earth!! But Yes it is far from over!! We must remain calm and remember why we are here!!
    There will be blood shed this is inevitable!! You are right on track
    There is only one truth to who we really are!! It’s beautiful to hear you seeing the full truth!! God’s truth is the hardest and most beautiful gift of all but Yes it is very defrient than just being a reader or a healer or a messanger
    For the collective!!! Much much defrient we who bear his Cross stand in silence for the most part
    For we walk a defrient journey than the rest my love ❤️

  • Anette Falk says:

    Dear Soulsister! So nice to see your face while speaking your truth with me and us collective. ” We can´t face evil with delusions and rainbows. ” That hit me really hard , I have paused and re-set my mind to move on. Thank you for this video ! Love from Sweden

  • Lisa Barton says:

    I totally agree with this. I’ve been alone a long time. I met someone online. We hit it off and I like him a lot. After about 4 months, I just told him. How I felt, that I hoped we could meet one day soon. No regrets. I’m 55 and the way our world is( Covid) we aren’t promised tomorrow. Now it’s up to him to let me know how he feels. At least I know I spoke from the heart. Next is seeing if I can find love again. Time for better days for me.
    Thank You!!!

  • Ardath says:

    Crystal – What a joyful surprise to find your e-mail in my in-box. My birthday is tomorrow, so I feel like I truly received a gift for the day. (And belated happy birthday to you!) I am looking forward to receiving more frequent postings from you. Know that you bring much joy and hope to me each time I receive something from you. Please stay as open and vulnerable as you were when you created this video. The world desperately needs honesty right now.

    May you be blessed in every way!

  • Peter K. says:

    * Hello Crystal……..Thank You Kindly for Your message.!!!
    I Am One, who lives in the Light and can Only be in the Light of LOVE……….
    I Connected Completely, in the last 6 years.!!
    I Travel the Country as an Essential Worker, I Live each Day as a Spiritual Practice…..
    I am Not Married or in a Physical Relationship, would Love to be……However, the Universe seems to be keeping in the Flow for Now
    As tho, I must get to the Root…..to Break the Chains…..of Ansestreal Karma.!!!
    I Am Love……I Flow with Life…..I Entertain, No Hatred or Anger, or Fear, Only Protection is Secured, within and Around My Beingness
    I am Not an age or a Time…..I Am Each Day, the Eternal, the Endless, Ever Progressing ME, in This Life’s Journey…………..Peter~~~

  • Misty says:

    Thank you Crystal for this enlightening prospective of today’s reality. I feel the vibrations of our lives changing and feel the calling to act now, to not delay for tomorrow may never come. The darkness that is engulfing our world becomes more prevalent each day and it is sad to watch our society and moral fabric collapsing right before our eyes. I try to share my prospective with others, spread love and encouragement to those seeking prayer and guidance along the way as that seems to be my calling. I am going through my own transition in life after the loss of my husband of many years and am trying to find my inner self in the search for peace and enlightenment. Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to your next message.
    Take care! Misty

  • Jenifer Warner says:

    Thank you for your message. I have been feeling similar things and try not to fear what is happening, trying not to allow depression or fear to be my master. Something dark seems to be on the horizon but I will fight it with prayer, sunshine and positivity.
    Much love,

  • steve says:

    You need to focus and stop the ramble.
    You are hard to follow at the very best of times but right now you are simply rambling with no real focus.
    That simply invites readers to scramble their minds looking for truth.
    Not all your readers are lost in mind and body, some are truly focused on what is ahead.
    What is ahead is not nice and is not stoppable.
    Yes some are prepared but most are not.
    Yours and other ramblings simple add to their confusion.
    Go home….prepare your home….prepare your food bank….prepare your mind and accept we all must pass through this period.

  • Tiernan says:

    Hey Crystal, thank you very much for sharing this. I have felt called a lot lately…

    – to chase more potential publishers for the illustrated manuscript of my poetry that I just finished
    – to get to work on recordings for my solo career
    – to put together a hardcore punk band for which I would just sing

    …but I have been held back a lot by fear and hesitancy, wondering what is most important to do, or what is important at all. I appreciate your posting this message, because it gives me a sign from the universe that I should pursue my dreams fearlessly. May you have a great remainder of this year, and please keep posting fearless content.

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