Horoscope: Your Lucky Night In Love – Mars Trine Jupiter

By January 25, 2019 Horoscope

Hey lovely human, how are you today?

If you’re like most people, you might be feeling that extra “pep in your step,” in part to the magnificent boost from the Mars trine Jupiter transit happening this afternoon.

Mars, who’s at home in his fiery sign of Aries, sends a warm signal of abundance to Jupiter, who’s also at home in his fiery sign of Sagittarius.

This week and today is a day of significant luck, and the extra energy to work hard, without feeling like you’re working. So use it the energy available to you.

You could be feeling like you’ve been “being tested” lately..like there are big karmic lessons/cycles still coming to an end and at the same time you may be feeling a lighter energy on the rise.

A new flow is starting to ground after this recent Eclipse last week.  This new flow is liberated and more open-minded than it has been in the last several months.

There is this feeling of creativity and curiosity where there used to drudgery.  If you have been open to the esoteric world you may even feel greater inner knowing and understanding about yourself.

It’s as if the greater understanding and wisdom that you’ve needed for a long time to push and complete what we have been building toward is here if you’re willing to tap into our own depth.

Yet you must be ready or is doesn’t work.  We live in an energy “first” world and we must “trick” the ego until we are fully ready to receive deeper insight from ourselves and trust it.  Energetic readiness is the root.

We must be willing to shift the energetic into the physical. Any birth into the physical happens first from energy.

Many feel like a weight is being lifted if they are taking the right actions. If you are, you will feel lighter.  If you are not, you will feel heavy.

For most especially with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius now, it feels as if the monkey it getting off your back.  You are clearing out time wasters and distractions, moving past old patterns, blocks, beliefs, perceptions, people and all the things you outgrown.

You are making room for what’s possible and for what truly matters to you …

You can feel that spark inside you calling you, igniting you to wake up and stop hiding yourself for others and playing small with what truly matters inside you.  And this spark comes in the form of Mars completing a trine to Jupiter earlier today.

The choices this week are very life impacting.  Are you stepping up into a higher timeline?

Are you ready to stop charging the old stories and wounds that keep you stuck perceptually and energetically?  Now is the time to allow your hidden wings to move you straight through the hurts of your past.

It’s time to master. Are you ready to stop banging on closed doors, move past the conditionings and the “old molds” when it doesn’t resonate anymore?

With Mercury in Aquarius we also feel a spacious vibe of uplifting expansion, aliveness and forging a new trail.

It’s time to take leadership and take out power back. Allow what shows up and be open (non judgemental or unbiased) way of being. New forms of thinking and fresh approaches are afoot if you are willing.

You may have noticed your heart desires have been flying high since the eclipses, yet there might be a strong sense of competition / self distrust or comparison, as you feel yourself kick into high gear.

Only plant and water the seeds within, don’t look outside you.  Don’t compare to what’s outside you. You are magic and you must use it to bring physical change.

This energy helps you get aligned with taking the right action that will earn your success, after a long “between eclipse” period that might have felt as it was distracting you with chaos or truth – depending on how you guided it.

This is a good time to take go all forward and allow your heart to shine.   Show up for yourself.  So long as you are not compromising GO FOR IT.  Take risks, especially in love.

If you have feelings for someone, tell them.  If you are waiting for them to text or call, be patient. If you are waiting for a project or check to turn out, know it will and keep doing the work. Be confident that things will work out in your favor.  Keep watering your harvest.

Do the inner work and mother and father yourself.  Take initiative, and act on your instincts, because this is the energy that fuels your instincts with the wisdom to do the right thing.

Don’t expect anyone to give you the love you won’t give yourself.  Don’t hold back. If you feel it in your heart, then go for it!  Do your dream work. Move to the city. Do that thing you love.  Talk to that person that is difficult.

Feeling good fortune and being in flow with the Universe doesn’t come out of nowhere.  It’s the result of staying true to your soul and showing up aligned to that for yourself and for others.  Align with what speaks to your soul and do the work and your efforts will bare the fruit you are hoping for.

Focus on self love especially if this is difficult
for you and if you’re the “over giving” type, keep in mind that it’s OK to focus on yourself during this time.

This is also a solid time to upgrade your current romantic relationships.  If you’ve been having issues with someone, now is the time to put all your cards on the table and talk about it.  You’ll find that your fears were not nearly as scary as they seemed, and that by being open and honest, things will take a much better turn.

Under this influence, others will be drawn to your energy, and your presence will be extra-attractive to all.  If you’re single, don’t be afraid to own your sensual energy and flirt your way into someone’s heart.  Sparks will fly!

There is a primal, creative force behind this transit.  Your sensual nature will be on high today.  Use this romantic, passionate energy to your advantage, and you might open the doors to a deeper connection you never thought was possible.

This energy also reminds you to live your soul more truth fully and embody the knowing you are not currently.

Embrace yourself rawfully, completely, unapologetically.  Surrender the old shit.  Let yourself emerge completely.

Step out of the crumbling towers and don’t put fire out there.  Emerge into the new, out from what you thought, what you were told or molded into. Even if it’s not the common, the conventional road. Especially if it isn’t.

Remember:  soul is the wild star that returned home, finding itself in the unknown depths of the edge .. soul is found on the paths that have no trail and all those ways that only you felt wildly called to love and to feel alive.

Claim this lightness that stirring you to balance lately, it’s your soul and inner fire asking you to move forward through what you must as you master what you must.

Keep in touch with why you are doing this.  Fall in love with your soul – that fire in you that makes you feel what’s real and authentic to the core truly YOU.

Where you want to slow down and enjoy the world around you and where you want to wake up excited about what you are going to do next.

Where you want to fall in love with life and you want to feel good.  Where you make everyday an adventure and believe in yourself and all that is possible.

Where you are fully connected to the fire inside you and your heart is shining outward to life around you, because it’s time to allow what’s truly good to come to you.

Keep showing up and use this energy to tackle your most difficult tasks or fears (including conversations).

I hope you have a wonderful weekend <3

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

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  • Mary Najares says:

    I have a bigbproblem my father is 92 he has always been mean and cruel to me and my eldest sister andveldest brother my eldest brother was murdered. My olest sister just passed on april 14 2017 . And he is liveing with me he also treated my mother very evil he would beat her he has been put put from 3 family members
    Out of tjere homes now he os witj me again trying to rune me. Will he be moved going to social security office on tuesday will they remove him from me he is very violent person I am a security officer and he striked me today. He is starting dementia and a little Alzheimer’s . He also chases my friends away

  • Marjorie Bogardus says:

    Your words have such wisdom I’ve tried to get through this special person ive offered just to talk. He’s had his share of issues I’ve texted no response he melts my heart I’ve been trying for yrs I’m just lost and don’t know what to do am i wasteing my energy or just keep trying

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