Horoscope: Wounded Ego (Sun Square Chiron)

By December 19, 2018 Horoscope

I’m sure you’re feeling it by now…

That aching uneasiness sprouting in your gut that something might be horribly wrong or could possibly be better.

That space or being in between two worlds as one of dying and the other is birthing …

The conflict you feel is between the head and heart and the “in between” is your sense of your WHOLE self and your old, unhealed wounds and triggers.

You may be feeling low energy and like you are tired of accepting crumbs. You could be feeling inadequate, insecure, and downright icky, as old baggage you thought was already handled comes to the surface for deeper transformation, forgiveness and understanding.

There is the feeling of being naked and “not enough” as we face the inevitable challenges within our self image, whether it be your own, or someone you know who’s vulnerable and open because they are close to you.

Parents, siblings, and especially life partners are an easy birthing ground for careless outbursts that reveal something you’re rather not know about yourself, but may help you greatly bring more light into your life if you “get the lesson or “blesson” = lesson + blessing.

Know that you are worthy and divine even when you are unbalanced and finding balance … even as repressed stories and memories come out, making you feel helpless and “not enough” ….

Trust you are enough and that you are worthy of love, even when you are triggered.

Either way, your ego will have a brush with the past during this time, and depending on how you handle it, it could be an incredible gift… or a missed opportunity and sad, hard lesson.

Sometimes, there’s a tendency to settle for less than what we deserve during a Sun square Chiron transit, so be careful what you submit yourself to, because you might make your choice in the feeling of defeat.

You might experience a situation where you over-express yourself and it leads to moments of embarrassment. Remember to not give your power away.

This time of life may reminds you of old pain, however, it also brings about ways to heal it if you listen to your soul.

This particular transit finds the Sun, the planet of self expression in Sagittarius, and Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces.

Both Sagittarius and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter – the planet of luck, abundance, and all of the bonuses in life. Sagittarius is expansive and wants the biggest best thing possible, while Pisces simmers as a reflecting pool of the unconscious mind.

This conflicting time stirs up up a mix of unpleasant yet unavoidable truths about who you really are… but will unearth certainly hidden gems amongst the rubble that can radically change your life.

The key to discovering these gems will be in how honest you are of yourself, because the overwhelmingly positive side of this influence is the opportunity to challenge yourself to HEAL.

Where in your life do you need healing right now? Is it physical?

Psychological? Emotional? Or even of a spiritual nature.

Listen to your soul and allow your intuition to give you the answer.

Because if you challenge yourself ON PURPOSE… the effects of this influence are no longer catastrophic …

They are put right in your own hands.

Stay soft and open. Let GO of control by refocusing your energy. Don’t energize “the old” by focusing on fixing and changing, create instead from a blank slate.

Don’t allow old stories to sabotage your NOW. Don’t allow petty triggers to sabotage your potential and possibility, or you will miss the gift you are being given … entirely.

If you have a healing routine, now is the best time all year to return to it. It’s been a long year of trial and transformation.

Now is the time of closure as we stitch our wounds with sutures, understand the greater gift of it all and stand back up to meet the world wiser and more alive than you’ve ever been before.

This is where forgiveness shifts you into higher timelines and you reframe your perceptual reality and frequent. It’s time to heal.

If you do not yet have a healing routine, now is the time to establish one. A new practice started during this influence is likely to stick for the long term.

Your heart will know it’s power right now, so as you start a new path of healing yourself, you will take it more seriously now than ever before in your life.

Above all, please stay calm and open during this transit, so you can get the absolute most benefit. The worst thing you can do is over react. It will only make the situation much worse.

Please let me know how it goes for you in my blog comments.

With Love,

Crystal Aryana

Angel Adams

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  • You are only thanks and I am with you only

  • Viviane Paolini says:

    Thank you Crystal, I already forgave a lot in my life specially this last year after all the transformations I was put through. I will stay open for more, because I want to reach, not the perfection, there is no perfection in this world, but the bliss the universe can give me.
    I want to find the love of my life, I already have the love from the universe that protect me and help me.
    Thank you Crystal I have to read it several times to understand it fully

  • Stanko says:

    I’m a man why must you refer to me as a women in my readings hints my name is Stanko ?

  • Stanko says:

    Crystal thank you !! 🙂

  • Jason Peterson says:

    I’m a man why must you refer to me as a women in my readings hints my name is Jason

  • Tina says:

    Spot On. I only know of 1 man. At least that i actually only envision in my life. But, I am no feeling the same way. 23 yrs. 43 yrs known each other. Abusive, Toxic, Lies, Prison Term after Prison Term, no communication, anymore, Cheating. I am so alone here, so much happening. Moving is what has to happen. Got 90 day notice in July. House is empty. Very very little. Owner has been extending so i do not become homeless, i still have no where, holidays?? I would rather sleep through all of it. There will be none in my life or for me.
    I can feel others. Especially him. He been clean 3 months. 2 months in jail, 1 here. Before he went it was awful, telling me to kill myself and so much more. I think i know i am finally done. Maybe? He still just using me? Phone numbers? Hangs where he not supposed to when i leave. Lies about it. I see on maps. I know where he is and is not. I am going to start showing up. If i am able to. I wWANT and DESIRE a real relationship, to feel and be loved, pampered, held, conversations, to laugh and be silly. All that is gone here. I have no money. I am the only 1 who brings money in. Disabled and pt job. So i am broke. Our 19 yr old son is here too. He is also verbally abusive to me. Now. Stopped for a few years. Dad was back.
    I have 2 men. Father and son. I raised son. He was always locked up. Years at a time. They are the same. Son does not like father. Due to the obvious. Always leaving. First drugs, fights, disappearing, prison. I cantvtake this NO more. I need peace, positivity, love, quiet. Sigh. Family? Lol well, I take them in, clean them up, love them, support them. Grow them up, care etc. They leave. And dont talk to me anymore. I dont get it. I am in total self doubt. Common denominator here is ME.
    This is so close to my life
    And it Scares me. Am i strong enough? Am I going to Snap? Emotional Breakdown?

  • Mae says:

    A love I thought was real,turned into him just using me for a free ride! My family has split due to an error about a dog! My new puppy was stolen! I am just over exhausted with emotional upset in life!!!!! But everyday I am learning how to cope am pray my father God handles these things for me…

  • Michelle says:

    I’ve felt this uneasiness today, but your calming advice is helping me a little to know that this is all a transit. Thanks for the clarification Crystal, you’re the best 🙂

  • Bea Coleman says:

    Thanks for your readings. Sometimes I enjoy them. I am in a health catastrophe, entering the 12 th year. I am alone. My husband killed himself 3 years this coming March. I am lonely. I can’t drive. I hope you have a nice holiday. I just got a tree so I am happy for that and grateful to maybe be able to decorate it.

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