Horoscope: The Final Chapter | Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

By July 5, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey it’s Angel…

Last night (or early morning, depending on where you are in the world)… and after an intense 4 weeks, and two eclipses, we have now completed the final eclipse of the three, closing out a major 18 month cycle.  

And, as you may have felt it – this was no ordinary eclipse. 

Usually, eclipses come in pairs, and rarely come in threes.   Today, we face the third eclipse in this cycle. Not to mention, this final eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn axis has a strong influence from Saturn, which we will talk about in just a moment.  

The last month was a doozy for us all. If you’ve been reading my blog, you already know how this shift has radically changed the lives of just about everyone in the world.  

So, before we dig into this weekend’s eclipse, and explore what you can expect as its energy echoes for the next several months, let’s unpack the battleground we’ve just limped through. 

Triple Eclipse Cycle Recap

Before we get into how this Eclipse will impact your life, let’s recap what unfolded in the last four weeks.

We have spent the last 18 months with a karmic focus on family, safety, and security. We have also confronted how we handle limitations, restrictions and authority. This cycle started in 2018, so, take a moment to ask yourself:  What was I doing two years ago?  What goals did I set out to accomplish?  What were important matters that I dealt with then? Have they resurfaced lately?  

Compare that to now. Four weeks ago, we began transitioning out of this cycle, into one that highlights freedom, expression, and communication. In the new axis of Sagittarius and Gemini, we will collectively focus our priorities toward expanding our horizons. While the June 6th eclipse offered us a glimpse of what’s to come, it’s important to remember big shifts like this do not always happen instantly. 

Chapter 1:  June 6th, Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius:  A Burst Of Inspiration

The first eclipse of the three brought new elements into our lives: New people, new opportunities, and new ways of being. This was the first eclipse in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, and offered us a glimpse into our future. This was our sneak peak at what life will be like for the next year and a half.  

A simple way to see how this manifested on a global scale is to look at the coronavirus, and the way we have all transitioned into a new way of life.  

When the coronavirus became a pandemic, the world responded with restrictions. Then, as we approached the June 6th eclipse, people started to adapt – either by taking on new technology, like video calling, or by rebelling against the new standards of social distancing and wearing masks in public.  

By the time of the eclipse, the beaches were flooded. Others refused to leave their house and lived life through new technologies.  A divide in our society began to form, reminiscent of the Gemini twins in mythology, where one began to despise the other. People began taking “masks in public” less seriously, while others became even more isolated. 

This uptick in communication brought on a new mode for us to operate through, but in many cases, we as a society spoke too soon.  

In our personal lives we realized that there was a lot of old business to clean up before we could really move forward. This became a hard fact as we entered the second eclipse.

Chapter 2:  June 22nd, Solar Eclipse in Cancer:  Clinging To Conformity

As it turns out, there were repercussions from adopting this new way of being. Those who threw out all of the rules and regulations began to see consequences.  

We saw this as coronavirus cases began to spiral out of control, and businesses that recently reopened were told to shut down or limit their hours again.  Our drive for adventure and excitement (Gemini/Sagittarius) began to clash with our duties and responsibilities at home, at work, and to each other.  

This is when people really started to feel the pinch of working less, as many families began to struggle to survive. We all realized on a collective level that perhaps we had a false start, and needed to reassess our approach. You can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, afterall.  

On a personal level, we saw reminders of our past situations come back and demand to be dealt with. This required us to show a lot of fortitude in the way we build structures in our lives.  We began to stick with what we know, rather than explore new ways of doing things.   

Personally, we were reminded that we cannot take everything from the previous cycle with us, but we cannot abandon everything either.  

As we approached this final eclipse, we’ve been faced with the question:  What do I keep and what do I let go of?  What is serving me now and what is not?  

These are not simple decisions, yet after two weeks of revisiting conformity, we have finally drawn our conclusions – culminating today, on July 5th 2020. 

Chapter 3:  Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn:  New Foundations For An Inspired Future

This final chapter brings upon a turning point in our lives, and to make sure the changes you’ve been making are permanent, Saturn has retrograded his way back into Capricorn, just in time for the eclipse on July 5th.  

Saturn, at its core, is “big boss” energy.  Anything (or anyone) restrictive, constrictive, or limiting plays the role of Saturn in your life. He is the government. He is the law. He is the guy in charge of keeping things in order.  

And now, he’s here to audit how you’ve built your life this past 18 months, what you’ve been holding on to, and what you need to let go of.  

However, Saturn is not all punishment. If you play Saturn Says – and you play to win, by following all of the rules and regulations he puts in place – Saturn will reward you for your hard work.

If you’ve been doing your work, and doing it well, you will be rewarded during this eclipse.  And not just work for pay – I mean work, as in “inner work” that you’ve needed to do, as well as the external structures you’ve built in your life.  

This final eclipse will test the structures you’ve built to see if they are stable, reliable, and valid enough for you to bring forward.  

Weak structures will crumble now, along with relationships that are no longer good for you.  

We’re going to see a lot of people making big declarations this weekend. Not just declarations of independence (if you live in the USA), but in a way their own independence.

This eclipse is about declaring what you stand for, and making firm decisions about what you need to do and who we need to become in order to succeed as we progress into the next cycle. 

What old ways of being are still serving you?  What structures in your life have survived the past few months?  What restrictions and limitations must you put on YOURSELF if you truly want to succeed?  

Look closely at habits you’ve taken on lately, both good and bad.  How does that relate to what was going on in your life 18 months ago?  And again this past month?  

How To Win At “Saturn Says” For The Next 18 Months

Your success and happiness for the next year and a half has to do with how well you are prepared. Right now, you have an amazing opportunity to do it right.  

It’s time to audit yourself. Cut away old behaviors that are not longer aligned with your truth.  Find out what new positive things you need to implement in your life. The signs have been bubbling up for weeks, and you already know what you need to do.  

Commit to it. What you commit to now will also commit to you. If you do not make a commitment, Saturn will do it for you by the next eclipse on December 20th.

Saturn loves structure, so commit to building solid structures in your life. If you don’t have the right structure in place right now, consider taking the necessary steps to unapologetically start building a foundation that serves you and allows you to fulfill your own responsibilities, before trying to please anyone else.   If someone you know has a structure you need, model it.  Find something that works for you.  Whatever structures  you put into place now will serve as your foundation for years to come. 

In business, this means getting your paperwork in order, and your checks and balances updated. In relationships, it means establishing clear boundaries so there’s mutual respect. At home, it means reconnecting with your environment and getting your house in order.  

Remember:  When you do things, and do them well – Saturn will reward you for your hard work.  

So now, do yourself a favor, check in with yourself regarding what’s been really important to you, over these last four weeks, especially when it comes to feelings of home, family, structures and security.  Listen to your heart to see what really needs to be taken care of.

I promise it will be much easier than you think <3

With Love,

Angel Adams

P.S.  What new changes have you made (or need to make) as you step into the next chapter?  What do you need to let go of and what needs to stay? I’d love to hear all about below.  Leave a comment!

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  • Maria Carolina says:

    Times flies and when we see back is when we realize of our changes, achievements and where exactly we stand to where we should be. These 18 months were horrible and 2019 Q4 was beyond challenging, but also very unique. I really want to leave many things behind but also would love to se some people again, continue my journey following my structure! Thank you

  • Julie says:

    Social Media has become insidious for my soul. I recently stepped away from all social media around the first eclipse; 6/1. My empathic soul simply couldn’t bare all the division, hate and drastica changez. Then, I came back to social media 6/17; which I find uncanny, since the 2nd eclipse relates to “clinging to conformity.” I didn’t even really miss FB and was surprised to discover I felt happier and more grounded without this distraction. However, as the weeks have gone by, I’ve found myself back to feeling drained, angry and annoyed with the smallest inconveniences of life. The division, hate and stife all still palpable. I decided last night I need to again, deactivate and step away. I have been working on my studies to be a spiritual coach but not as devoutly as I could be. I feel a strong pull from the Universe to honor my feelings and just walk away for now. To focus on my own wellbeing and divine purpose. I also noticed during Mercury retrograde combined with these intense eclipses, that I still have some things to work on. I did however, stand my ground by not allowing a few people I’ve eliminated from my life wiggle their way back in. That is HUGE victory for me because I usually don’t want to hurt anyone, even if they are toxic or draining for my own wellbeing. Progress, not perfection. I’m excited to see what will happen over the next 18 months.

  • I have devorcied my crazy wife. Started a new job. Found my soulmate and true love.
    Fighting for full custody of my youngest daughter. Clearing All the debt I was stuck with because of the crooked trial.
    I’m so happy again. I’m really looking forward to this Christmas!

  • Kellie James says:

    I’ve always been an aspiring dancer, I just don’t know how to get my dance career off the ground. My inspiration has always been a belly dancer named Rania and Prince and all the dancers he’s had in his bands

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