Horoscope: Shifting Through The Ring Of Fire | Solar Eclipse In Cancer

By June 22, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey it’s Angel <3

Have you ever felt like your entire life is changing?

If you’ve been feeling that way lately, don’t worry. It just means you’re in alignment with the Universe.

Why? Because it’s eclipse season, and we are smack dab in the middle of a massive turning point in our lives.

Each eclipse represents part of a greater cosmic cycle. These cycles set the karmic stage for the world, and shift our focus and priorities. Eclipses take place along an “axis”, meaning they always involve opposing signs in the Zodiac.

Imagine two opposing signs in the Zodiac as kids on a seesaw – each representing the complete opposite of each other. When the two kids are equal in weight, there is balance. When one is heavier than the other, the balance is much harder to maintain. This is why an “opposition” in Astrology indicates that there is a compromise required between two signs in order for things to function. There is often much to learn in the act of balancing along the way.

The Global Shift From Safety To Adventure

Since 2018, we’ve been in the cycle of Cancer and Capricorn, which represent the axis of “safety vs authority”. Both signs are interested in protection, tradition and preservation, yet go about it in a different way.

Cancer loves to feel comfortable at home in its shell, while Capricorn builds up its power and influence in the world to protect itself and it’s resources. Cancer is the sign of home and family, where we feel the safest in our most personal and private space. Capricorn is the sign of work and authority, where we create the structure we need to establish ourselves professionally. Each function plays a vital role in our lives, yet without proper balance, one can overwhelm the other.

We’ve seen this play out in extremes over the last two years on the global stage, from the spawn of a highly reactive “I’m offended” culture, to the radical antics of authoritarianism we’ve seen politically. Interestingly enough, as we close out the cycle, we find ourselves quarantined at home by authority, working from home, and completely blending the two archetypes.

Now, as we venture into the next cycle of Gemini and Sagittarius, we enter into a stage of “information vs adventure.” Both signs are interested in exploring, expanding and experiencing new things, they just go about it in different ways.

Gemini wants as much information as it can get. It wants to share that information as soon as it comes, and syndicate it to as many people as possible. It wants a variety of options, and the power to choose.

Sagittarius on the other hand, is not concerned with information at all. It’s in constant search for the perfection of experience. As the Centaur archer, it picks it’s target and runs straight to it as quickly as possible. It only cares about one target at a time, and will go to great lengths to get it, only to rapidly move on to the next target once it’s been acquired.

Each sign in this axis looks to explore, however you can only explore knowledge in your mind, and explore experiences in the moment – thus there are two sides of the seesaw again, looking to find balance and harmony with each other.

In other words, we are shifting from a mode of safety, into a mode of adventure. But the transition will not happen overnight.

A Triple Eclipse Transition Period

When an eclipse cycle changes from one phase to another, it happens with three eclipses back to back. The first eclipse happens in the new cycle, and the next two happen in the previous cycle. The last two eclipses of a closing cycle will not occur in those signs again for more than a decade.

This season, the eclipses fall on the following dates:

  • June 5th: Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius
  • June 21st: Solar eclipse in Cancer
  • July 5th: Lunar eclipse in Capricorn

These three dates enclose two separate periods that last two weeks each. The first period gave us a glimpse into the future cycle to come, while the second period will help us tie up loose ends and let go of the past. If we pay attention to what’s been going on in our lives during this time, it becomes much easier to look ahead and see what people, places and situations will arise as the cycle continues.

June 5th – June 21st: A Sneak Peek Ahead

The Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th was the first eclipse we’ve seen of the Gemini / Sagittarius axis in over a decade. It brought major changes into our lives.

What happened on or around the 5th of June? What major changes have come to pass since then?

The two-week time period here gives us a glimpse of what’s to come, once the new cycle is in full swing. In this case, the new cycle will truly begin on November 30th 2020, when the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini kicks things off.

The past two weeks opened a window into the future. The Gemini / Sagittarius cards we’ve been dealt have been coming into focus.

The new people, places and situations you’ve encountered are echoes of what’s to come.

For example: On a global scale, we’ve seen lots of activity in the sphere of mass communication and travel, as the world deals with the Coronavirus. Remember how everyone basically gave up on the idea of quarantine when June started?

Corporations were forced to change the way they did business. They catered to the hungry market in a new way, many throwing up “6 feet away” signs everywhere, and requiring people to wear masks while inside. This new way forward escalated and became more and more the norm. People began “getting back to business” as the world adopted a new normal.

On a personal level, the past two weeks have been filled with messages about what will drive you forward into the next several years.

New resources for information and travel you’ve come across will reflect a positive new course for your life to take. New people you may have met have crossed your path for a reason. New activities you’ve explored may have opened up brand new ways for you to enjoy your life. Look closely at what you’ve been up to lately to see what new interests and goals resonate with this energy.

June 21st 2020: Extremely Karmic Solar Eclipse In Cancer

The Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer on the 21st marks one of the most extreme eclipse energies we’ve seen, with several other astrological influences making it even more intense. This eclipse happened exactly at Midnight PST on Saturday (3am EST Sunday) making the entire weekend a very potent yet critical time in our lives.

Not only do we now have 6 planets in retrograde – Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in retrograde (with Neptune retrograding one day later)…

We also have Saturn forming a perfect “inconjunct” aspect with the Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Aquarius, bringing hard challenges to the Eclipse, as well as a double dose of karma to an already karmic influence.

This “Inconunct” or “quincunx” aspect is lesser known because it only occurs when planets are exactly 150 degrees apart, give or take two degrees. This very narrow window makes this constricting aspect harder to detect, yet when it comes from Saturn and connects with a Solar Eclipse, it cannot be ignored.

There may be a feeling of being “stuck between a rock and a hard place” with this aspect. The inconjunct creates tensions between what you MUST do, and what you really WANT to do. Tensions between your Saturn responsibilities and your karmic path forward may pull you in different directions, with no immediate resolution in sight. Keep your chin up though! Just because you haven’t seen the solution yet, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Even if your freedom feels restricted now, it doesn’t mean you have to be restricted in the future. Stay flexible and open minded as you take stock of your responsibilities. You may find it difficult to compromise in your current situation, so take one thing at a time. This is not the time to procrastinate and put things off. Focus on your main responsibilities first, and make room for new things as you move forward.

This eclipse will awaken a part of your soul that holds your inner truth. Be prepared to live that truth even if it doesn’t fully resonate with anyone else. The more you dig into truth, the more you may feel like an outcast. Stay strong and hold true to yourself.

Where did you go this past weekend? Who did you meet? What new “fated” experiences came up for you that were outside of the norm?

Eclipses often trigger events that your soul knows are meant to be. You may have had moments where you experienced glimpses of the future as well as the past simultaneously. It’s as if you were standing at a crossroads and you’ve seen these events happen before on a higher plane. It’s as if you already know in your heart what you need to do, and what you need to let go of in order to stay true to your karmic path.

This may come in the form of ears ringing, the feeling that you’ve “dreamed this before”, Deja Vu, or any other “cosmic signal” you may receive and be familiar with. If you can recall your dreams from Saturday or Sunday night, write them down in your journal. They may include important clues about what this karmic shift looks like for you.

Just remember that shifting the sands of fate means letting go of the old to make room for the new, and you’ll be called to do so at this time. The people you meet now may open new doors for you, but that doesn’t mean you should sprint through them. New opportunities for karmic advancements are on your horizon but there’s no reason to tempt fate. Things will progress naturally just as they should.

Take a moment to reflect on the messages you received this weekend and how they align with your true karmic path (I’d love to hear about it below in the comments section <3 ). It will help you to uncover what showed up during this past weekend as we move forward into the next phase of this cycle.

June 21st – July 25th: Cutting The Chord

As the eclipse energy settles into Sunday, and moves into Monday, we see a shift back into the way things “used to be.” This may feel like an uncomfortable reality check and include serious conversations with yourself, and with others.

This marks the end of the last eclipse cycle which started its own “sneak peek” period in Cancer/ Capricorn on July 12th 2018.

Think back to that time. If you’re having trouble remembering, you can search your photo library, Instagram or Facebook timeline for a refresher. What major shifts occurred in your life? Which people came and went? What situations were you dealing with back then that changed the course of your future?

The theme of this two year cycle has placed an overarching importance on seeking safety, comfort, and emotional security in our lives. The decisions we made back then set into motion events driven by these inner needs which played out over the past 18 months. Now, as we transition into the next eclipse cycle, we say goodbye to these drives and trade them in for this year’s new Gemini/Sagittarius motivations.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21st kicks off this transition with a major spike in oversensitivity, giving us the next two weeks to let the dust settle as we tie up loose ends from our past.

A lot of people react by clinging to their old and familiar ways, numbing themselves out when the emotions get too harsh – grasping at things like drinking, drugs, overeating – to escape reality.

If you found yourself doing this, don’t shame yourself. The next two weeks are a perfect opportunity to recognize your personal care patterns and change them so you don’t bring them into the next cycle and continue blocking yourself from success.

Anything you are using to escape takes you further away from the truth, and it’s easy to lose yourself in someone else’s truth now (especially the media and it’s frightening narratives). If anything, use this time as an experiment to take away these escape mechanisms so you can find out where you really stand, and how you really feel.

Ask yourself: Is this what I truly want in life? What will REALLY make me feel fulfilled, happy and empowered? Do you feel empowered in what you are doing now or is it time to change?

As you step into your next phase of destiny, make sure you are living YOUR truth and purpose, not just filling a role for someone else.

If not, it’s time to say goodbye – even if the situation feels comfortable. You will thank yourself later when you discover the hidden gift that’s waiting for you once you make the decision and commit to it.

Planning For A New Kind Of Future

This next two-week cycle lasts until July 5th 2020, and will be a reality check for what needs to be done in order for the next cycle to fully move forward. I will send you another forecast about this final eclipse in the near future. For now, let’s focus on the next two week time period, and prepare for what’s to come.

Globally, we are seeing a conflict between “reopening the world” and the looming fears of a “second wave” of coronavirus outbreaks. In fact, American president Donald Trump held his first public rally since the COVID-19 pandemic began, going against warnings of medical experts to limit mass gatherings.

In other countries, such as India, there are growing concerns about the Puri Rath Yatra festival — A mass gathering possibly happening regardless of COVID-19, due to religious concerns that their deity would not forgive them if they did not celebrate.

(Side Note: You really can’t get any more “Cancer vs Capricorn” than that, can you? The power of tradition conflicting with the restrictions of government authority. We couldn’t embody these energies any more if we intended to.)

On a personal level, it’s time to reconnect with the core of your soul, and find out how you REALLY feel about things in your life.

This is an excellent time for self reflection and self care. Do everything in your power to take care of yourself and get to the root of your true feelings. You can now clean your own slate. If not, you may find the same issues and problems repeating themselves in the cycles to come.

This is the time to decide what you will take with you into the next cycle, and what you will let go. Focus on yourself and your own needs. Take care of yourself first. You will want to consciously let go of what has been blocking you now. Be ruthless yet compassionate with yourself. Sometimes letting go of the things you love seems terrifying, but once you do it, it becomes truly liberating.

This will be a very sensitive time, so be careful of flying off the handle. Your emotions are amplified now, as if someone turned up the volume knob on your heart. Don’t take everything you feel as fact. Give yourself time to digest what you feel emotionally before making a logical decision.

In relationships, do NOT make any drastic changes until after this week, as we have Venus moving direct and out of her retrograde on the 24th. Allow things to unfold after then. (More on that in my next article, so stay tuned).

Above all, remember to be kind to yourself and others now. Hearts will be worn on their sleeve, and knowing this, you can do your part to ensure emotions do not get out of control.

Trust the Universe. It already trusts you.

With Love,

Angel Adams

P.S. What was YOUR eclipse revelation this past weekend? How can you see it influencing the next two weeks of your life? I’d love to hear what’s going on in your world in the comment section below.  Leave me a message!

Angel Adams

About Angel Adams

Angel Adams made Classical Astrology a part of his life 15 years ago, and has lived by the stars ever since. After reading thousands of charts, personally and professionally, he’s turned to writing horoscopes to help you navigate through the best (and worst) of times. Follow Angel Adams for more horoscopes, and please leave him a comment below!


  • Last weekend I decide I need to clear out 2 huge sheds with unbelieveable amount of everything.must all go.we are getting on in years now and half the gear we can’t use etc.big generators etc.too much stuff.i ve had surgery so couldn’t do much before now.have been visiting friends and decide yep its going when I get home.will have a huge garage sale.having been trying for months.i really felt pushed urged get it done.
    Thank you so much very interesting article you wrote it all makes sense now.
    Stay blessed my friend.
    Thank you sincerely for the insight.

  • GUILLERMO says:


  • Julia Raichert says:

    Last weekend, I got my energie back, didn’t think about why, but now I can see a connection with the 21th of June. Thanks.

  • Karen Wilson says:

    Hello Angel Adams: Love this read; really has me thinking about the past 18 months and the next 24 ahead. I look forward to hearing more.

  • Jonny w says:

    First off this is the first time I’ve read an article of yours and its truly a blessing of a godsend.. Going to be short and to the point but my long term friend sadly died on Sunday bang on 3 a.m I remember experiencing an unusual dreaming experience on the whole of the weekend.. But I weren’t told till the following day.. I am good with dreams and remembering so much and having lucid experiences also at times in my life I have had dreams of world events that literally came true.. Also meeting deceased people I knew in dream state before knowing they have passed.. I’m not sure what I’m really trying to get at on here but I’m just bit lost I suppose on my friend I feel state of shocked don’t feel like crying or emotional so I’m not sure if this is emotional growth but I will always remember him and tbh I’m gutted I bailed out few months ago on going for coffee with him and his wife.. If anyone reads this I really am appreciative of it.. Thank you angel

  • Kathy and Darnell Brown ❤️ says:

    Angel you are so fine tuned too the universe and to my life path for the last 3 years in 2017: it was the beginning of the cancer Capricorn eclipses in July a total solar eclipse and it was my husband birthday July 7 I’m Capricorn and we live in Oklahoma we had just begun our lives together and were so happy in December 2017 another cancer Capricorn lunar eclipse we found out he had stage 4 cancer 3 weeks later he passed almost my birthday and another cancer Capricorn eclipse the past 2 1/2:years have been such a struggle and have changed everything that we worked so hard to build home security and my whole world he was my soul mate and best friend we might have been astro opposites but I know that it is eternal this eclipse and since the first eclipse we had together I have felt this way it’s been unbearable to go on without him I know that I must be here to help our family and that I’ve got to quit livin in the past even though no one will ever take his place I am not doing me or anyone else any good with the total shutdown I’ve been living and the best way to honor him is to show kindness and compassion the way he always did probably the only way I’ll be able to go on without him this ecllpse has been very emotional and reflective I do feel a change coming not that I’m letting him go but trying to be the best I can be for our family and to honor him in this way can help me with pupose instead isolation and depression and anxiety Also I wanted you to know my nickname has been angel since my grandmother first held me thank you for the insites and I believe you are spot on with all you articles and predictionsvthank you for sharing

  • Bibbi Reidun Lassen says:

    Thanks……I have been dating man, widower, who lives across my apartment for about a year now. He is very demanding and controlling and expect me to do as he said. In a way is was filling an empty space in me and he always make food and wine and invite me in. But I often feel irritated over what he is saying and some times we get angry at etch other. I have been seeing that he is not good for me in a while now, and startet to say no and spend time for my self now. He is blocking my happiness….so I believe in this shift it is true…!!! Thank you…

    • Angel Adams says:

      Bibbi – thanks for the reply! Anyone who is blocking your happiness needs to be reaccessed at this time. Venus is going direct soon and relationship issues will become more clear. Sounds like an eclipse experience indeed. Good luck!

  • Mary says:

    Hello Angel: to answer the question about the weekend, I spent it with a man I have known for about 25 years. Both of us have been in relationships with other people until recently. It was a fun weekend and y friends liked him. He makes me feel safe. The chemistry is “okay”. I’m not making any decisions about any long term relationship in my life now. I read your emails every time I get them and I know this is a special time in life from doing so. I also have some major career things going on that may take me out of state temporarily. He says he wants to visit me in his RV. We will see that becomes of all this. I’m not in any rush. Thank you for listening.

  • Sarah says:

    I am so confused and not sure I am getting any readings from my intuition or anywhere – I know what I feel think and want but I am unsure of how to act on these feeling ideas thoughts etc. I have been extremely emotional and crying more than not for several days now. I have lost much in this past year and it has been very difficult – June 1st I lost my very dear friend of 57 years totally and completely unexpected – I am in a situation where I am being controlled by my husband who is living 1000 miles away for the past year – hard to explain that more clearly but I can just not sure I want to share it all in open.

  • Kathryn Taylor says:

    Hi, I love reading your predicts. Have always felt very intuitive about life generally(grandma palmist) father, good earth soul and mother. I feel great change occurring, have days of huge positivity, then doubt. I am fast learning to cast this off and believe wholeheartedly. Like many, my life has been full of challenges, sought out or otherwise.
    I have inadvertently met, what I believe to be my soul mate 10000 miles away, via a job site/subsequent scam, then uncovered reality.My feelings are so powerful, as are my dreams, almost taking over everyday life!
    It’s ok, I’m in control(just) Could not believe I deserved better, working on it and guided by you. I have great faith K Taylor

  • Joanne Allan says:

    Hi. So so right everything you said I have had 23 year friendship that moved in to a relationship end over the weekend. He wouldn’t move forward with the relationship in anyway and it’s was like I had to put up with it or leave. So I ended it and before I would have left the communication open and existence. But after this has happened for the third time I’ve had to cut off everything so my lesson has taken me 23 years to learn. But now and I’m very surprised with the way I feel about it as I feel good and a little excited to find out what will come in now xxx

  • Dee says:

    You always nailed it! In a way that i become more and more open minded.. Thanks for the insight, always thrill for your next gift..

    • Angel Adams says:

      Thank you Dee it’s my pleasure! I’m so happy to hear you are becoming more open minded. I appreciate your support <3

  • Tracy says:

    I had a moment of not being able to stop myself on the phone I stated facts and truths quite bluntly and honestly. And wow I received an apology from a person I would never gave expected it from. Now I feel like the air has been cleared and we can move forward.

    • Angel Adams says:

      Thanks Tracy! You know, you’re not the first person who told me that. Intense “unstoppable” conversations are very common in this energy. Thankfully the air was cleared. Sometimes it just keeps going on that way! I’m happy to hear things are improving rapidly.

  • Tbas says:

    Hi Amy, thank you for sending those insights. They are invaluable and mean so much to me and are always an eye opener and a kind of comfort knowing that all those emotions I’m feeling are normal and that I’m not crazy. This solar eclipse was truly heavy indeed. The feelings that came up were those I have been hiding for years. Emotionally I feel out of balance but in my mind I am focused and determined, although it’s quite hard to act when feeling a little emotionally unstable. However, I do feel positive and believe that I’m letting go of things I am meant to let go of. Thanks once again and looking forward to your next reading.

  • Sindee says:

    Hello. Thank you for your work. During the past weekend, truth was revealed. Something I could not voice out for years, came out. After that, I felt relieved. But the relief was short. I started feeling weird, sad and bad. The next day, I understood what it was, or maybe part of it. The feeling of inner nakedness… Yesterday, I committed to have a positive shift in me and I have working on it. Thanks.

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