Horoscope: Romantic Delusion Alert – Venus Square Neptune

By May 3, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey it’s Angel…

After a turbulent yet enlightening week, get ready to buckle up for another cosmic bump in the road. 

This time, the cosmic clash has to do with love and romance. Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces will be meeting each other in a cloud of confusion. 

This weekend’s dilemma comes from a conflict between Venus — the planet of love, beauty and money, and Neptune — the planet of illusion, compassion, and dreams. . 

Sometimes we hold onto an ideal of who we think our romantic partner is or could be. We place expectations on them that they never signed up for and get upset when they act out of line with the ideals we have projected onto them. 

This weekend is one of those times. 

On Sunday night, Venus squaring Neptune will lead us into an evening where our rose colored glasses can get us into trouble and bring us down a path of disappointment. 

We may be disillusioned to find that our fantasy about our partner does not match reality. 

For example, if you are single, you may be prone to overly idealize a new love interest, despite watching them toss red flags left and right like a football referee. While other people may see glaring problems, your romantic tunnel vision will keep you blind and (temporarily) happy. 

This energy makes it very easy to lie to yourself, lie to others, or be generally deceived. This dishonesty isn’t always intentional, sometimes Neptunian deception occurs because we truly want to see the best in others — even when it’s not really there.

Be careful not to throw caution to the wind and trust the wrong situation. It may feel like a fairy tale at first, but chances are you will be in for a rude awakening. It’s easy now to let someone take advantage of you, if you’re not careful. 

If you’re in a new relationship, you may feel like the honeymoon period is over. The disappointments you can experience now may seem too difficult to handle. Just realize that things are not as they seem, and this too shall pass. 

Take the time to check in with yourself and the expectations you place on others Sunday and Monday. Are your expectations of someone else based on who they truly are? Or are they based on who you want them to be? Be honest with yourself. 

You can learn a lot about your partner now, as long as you don’t overreact out of insecurity. This is not a time for judging yourself based on other people’s opinion. There is a tendency to feel like a victim during this influence, so make sure you are not being a victim of your own emotions. 

This is also not a good time for self discipline, so go ahead and splurge a little if you feel the need to, just be aware that you might feel a tendency to over do it. Be careful of overindulgence in food, drugs and alcohol. These cravings are likely due to a passing desire for escapism. We all feel this way at times, so know you’re not alone. 

On the other hand, the positive side of this influence may bring about a truly beautiful moment in your life, even if it’s fleeting, or filled with fantasy. Beauty itself needs no explanation. Enjoy the experience and let it go. 

Use this energy creatively by pouring your feelings into a project. Art of all kinds is supported now, so paint that painting, write that poem, and do whatever you need to get your creative juices flowing! Right now, you’ll find your creative outlet even more therapeutic than you normally do. 

Just remember: Whatever gets revealed on Sunday does not mean it will be set in stone forever. This influence will only be felt through Monday, so give yourself time to re-evaluate your circumstances later in the week before you make your final decision. You’ll be in a better position to act decisively in a few days, when you have all of the facts. 

Your lighthouse in the cosmic fog,

Angel Adams

Angel Adams

About Angel Adams

Angel Adams made Classical Astrology a part of his life 15 years ago, and has lived by the stars ever since. After reading thousands of charts, personally and professionally, he’s turned to writing horoscopes to help you navigate through the best (and worst) of times. Follow Angel Adams for more horoscopes, and please leave him a comment below!


  • Jocelyn Madelozo says:

    Hi Angels Adam it was surprising that u read a tarot to me is really happened now I was received your tarot reading on may 6,2020 but I already read now and it’s really true I expecting someone to great me…thank u & more power …

  • Vanessa says:

    This one connected with me a little too much… I’ve been looking for signs as to whether I should stop thinking of a certain someone in the romantic sense and this just gave me the clarity I needed. We’ve been chill for months, started as dates, but turned into a friends-with-benefits situation. It’s nothing I’m not used to, it only sucks because I guess, I always liked him a little more than he liked me. Of course, that’s when the rose-colored glasses come on and I start daydreaming about unrealistic expectations without really thinking them through. From the start, I knew this guy wasn’t for me, but I can’t help to think about him before I go to sleep. Maybe I’m just horny :/

  • Maram says:

    i’m going through the exact same thing.. i’ve been with my boyfriend for more than 4 months now. he’s perfect.. really. everything’s been perfect until this quarantine started.. he’s been a bit distant.. then he sent me this: “you might think i’m not like the usual but this routine is really wearing me out and hopefully it all will be over soon.” but i’mreally confused.. is he really just bored or is he losing interest in me?

  • Véronique Lemay says:

    I have indeed lived a very powerful story in this sense. I am a very powerful medium with a very divine connection to the hard drive and its creator. I’m back home, back to my source, to my great love. I’m madly related to my twin flame, which has a huge resemblance to Thor. On the other hand, I have felt for a very long time that another force is jealous of us and is trying to separate us, a force that could resemble its adopted brother, Loki. Like pretending to be my great love to come and confuse the issue. Sunday was the most powerful day of Love lived with my twin flame across the dimensions. We sing, dance, talk, make love … as if we were to meet again after so many millennia. As if we were no longer just holding hands and feet like the moon and the sun, but finally we were one and the same body. We fell asleep together through the dimensions late at night. Monday all rushed … I received 3 messages through the music. We communicate with me through everything that exists. Dad showed me to understand the symbols. It was three messages that chilled my back. The songs explained to me that people were playing with me. That we had fun playing with lovers just for their fun. That they took advantage of me in other words. But I was also told that I received the messages backwards. And also, I was pointed out to someone close to me. And here I am trying to understand everything. Yes, I’m a bit demolished, but I still feel very strong. Especially after reading your text on the Venus and Neptune square. It helps me put everything into perspective and keep my head above water. I’m so close to the point that I don’t want to screw everything up because of a sudden rise in the waters of Poseidon. After doing the tarot draw, it still guides me to the same place. The 3 cards: Tower, Temperance and High Priestess. As I just said … My castle has collapsed but I have to stay calm to find the famous secret that has been played on me for a very long time. So I’m still in the same place, but I’ve never been closer to the goal. I can feel it, my gout, I can even touch it. In the bottom of my heart I know that I am linked to my great love and also that we are trying to separate myself from it. Like the primordial story. That of Demeter, Persephone and Hades. Hades tries to keep me for himself while I belong to the creator. I just have to learn to love these two sides, since Hades is nothing other than the shady side of the creator, so he is him, so I have to love him … But how, I have not yet found the way … Even if I forgave him everything. Maybe I still have something to forgive, so I haven’t had consciousness yet. This is where I am … But I comfort myself, only one end exists … and it is me and he brings it together … it is a question of patience and wisdom.

  • Sumocumo says:

    I just got this tonite and read through the entire thing, because it resonated so much with my current situation.
    I’ve been in a relationship for 19 years, I have two kids 12 and 8- we have been in the brink of divorce for 3 years and holding it together for the sake of the kiddos.
    I’ve met someone, I know it’s wrong to do this but the connection was so strong and it grew to be a very deep connection, we feel like we are the same person, matched energies, dual desires of the same depth. But recently obstacles keep appearing in our relationship- like the world is sending us a signal – I see it that way she does not and there are red flags left and right but I cannot get my head out of the clouds – I’m usually not like this
    I do not know how to fix this

  • James Walton says:

    When I just becoming a young adult&My Mom,Dad&I were still going to the Church that I grew up in I met girl named Rebecka Melvin..it just so hapend that the first time I saw her Her dad had encouraged me to follow her into the backyard(we were already@another one the brother&sister house for dinner wich we had finished)the girl ended up telling me a story about the first boy that daunted over her&she had slapped him in response when she asked him about it, however she asked me a question(wich I had told by Imanuel that there would be a particular one that would indicate the one I was to marry):Do you love me?(I was suppose respond with will you marry me?)I said maybe ..no slap infact it ended being that she revealed many “personal secrets”,she became very protective,she couldn’t ever stay very far away(always sought me out@church events),if we were visiting her family&she wanted to go somewhere(walking distance)I would have to normally get my parents permission however she would before I ever could ask them look@her dad&say can he go w/me wich would result in her Dad saying yes,the last time I saw her was when we were invited to her house for Thanksgiving dinner and when it time that we would been leaving to go home&also she had to take her dog for a walk however she asked if I wanted to go with her so ended up w/me going her because got what she wanted however my Dad not think we were ready for a relationship so that last we went to that Church thus cutting off my contact with her since he had forbidden me to ask her about her age,what her phone# was,address,talk to her about love/marriage…after some time passed while I slept I had a vision that I had 3 kids by her 2boys&1girl I was in Spirit form Rebecka knew I was there&the kids seemed to since it,there was several dreams after that where I came back&visited the oldest of the boys whose name was Jack&he always called me Dad!…I have had no dreams what so ever concerning any of them now I wonder if she wasn’t the one,has our paths seperated for good,were the children not real,how did she have them in the first place when nothing happened to make her pregnant,did our love die when had such a strong bond?

  • Heather says:

    Hello I received your email tonight about it an issue so in like a big hole in your heart from a relationship. I have known my guy for 16 years we have always been in and out of each other’s lives. When we came back into each other’s lives every time it’s always seems like we never stopped seeing each other. This time we were a lot more serious and things were amazing. And the affection and the love that I felt for him I have never felt that before. We started dating in August and he broke up with me. Because he wasn’t ready for a relationship he said he had a cancer scare and didn’t want to put me through that. Three weeks later he text me and told me he made a mistake and we talked about it. And we started dating again we did it successfully and in December of 2019 he proposed and we’ve been engaged since then. Everything was going great and then my mother kind of overstepped boundaries on some things. And then he didn’t tell me what was bothering him he ran to his friends and told them instead I had to find out from his friend’s wife. What was bothering him. I have not seen him since March 23rd 2020. And have only spoken to him once and only about our cell phone bill since March 26th 2020. He won’t answer any of my questions about our current situation if we’re still engaged. I hope he has not changed his status on Facebook we still show engaged in our Facebook pictures are still there. last time when he broke with me and August he immediately changed our relationship status. And blocked me. This time there was no blocking. And no relationship change. I heard from him last week about the phone bill because I needed to know if I had to pay my half or not. He said no that he would take care of it. I have spoken to a psychic and she has tried told me that he does love me but he is afraid of marriage the whole marriage thing was all his idea. I didn’t beg him or anything it was all him. Everything was good. Until that situation with my mother. And a lot of other things with the coronavirus possibly losing his job because he is a cook and they weren’t essential. So a lot of stress build-up. He is a Pisces and I am a Leo. we have an amazing relationship we’re happy our sex life is great we fit together Greeley. The problem is is that the psychic keeps telling me that he’s just afraid to tell me that he is afraid of marriage because he has seen so many marriages go sour. He is afraid to tell me that supposedly because he is afraid I won’t understand. but she did say that she did see us still getting married in September of this year. And that we are destined to be together. But every time she has said that he is supposed to contact me he doesn’t. So I am very confused. He has completely ignored me doesn’t like any of my Facebook post. Won’t comment back to me but he’ll comment back to other people. Will like other people’s comments on his post. He is even ignoring my son who he says that he considers his own he was just born before he met him. And had told us that him and I were his future and his family. I am just lost. I don’t understand how he can go over a month ignoring his fiance. at the time we were waiting for my taxes to come what you were supposed to be coming the beginning of April and of course when they came April 1st he was not talking to me he said he needed time to think about what he wanted when he told me that that was March 26th of 2020. And I have since then told him what I want because the psychic told me not to tell Tell him that I would understand if he wanted to wait to get married. Especially because we haven’t been talking. but I did tell him that I would be okay with postponing our wedding. But the he does need to make a decision quickly because we have $900 on a venue and we are supposed to get married September 26th 2020. I told him that is coming faster than he thinks and we need to either cancel it which we will only get me 400 of the 900 down that we put down back. Or we need to reschedule it. today was my son’s birthday and my son has been missing him terribly he loves him more than his own biological father. And my fiance did not show up. am I texted him after the party and told him that the party was over I cleaned up and I missed him very much and I wish you was by my side. He read the message but did not say anything and then about 45 minutes later posted on Facebook. I am at loss for words I don’t know what to do the psychic told me that he loves me and that he will contact me we will get back together but she says that week after week after week that he will come talk to me and then it never happens. I know that he has been very indecisive he’s a very good at that. She says that he is in limbo about the whole situation what to do with our situation. So that means I’m in limbo. but it kills me to know that he can just ignore me like this and be okay. She says that he’s not but if he’s so upset and so sad and misses us then why not just change. I don’t know what to do with this point I need help

    • sheila says:

      He could be in something called Limerence. Look it up on you tube.
      Dr. JOE Bean speaks on it and helps marriages.
      My husband and I were good on a Monday and he was gone on Wednesday.
      And when I heard The Dr. Speak it made sense but it still hurts.
      I wish you both the best

  • Angel says:

    Here’s my story – I have been with someone for 10 years. He is oddly the love of my life, but he doesn’t appreciate me, keeps me at arm’s length, idiotic stuff. Complicated stuff. So the 10 year anniversary of our first date was May 1st. I haven’t wanted anyone else for years, but I have tried to move on. Trying to move on backfires though (the new guys treat me worse than him, go figure) and I end up back with the one I love anyway, though he is an ass. I am forcing myself to start looking elsewhere because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life like this. I mean, 10 years is enough already! OMG.

    Funny you said the transit is today and tomorrow – well today I met a new person for the first time (not a date, just a first meet), and just like with many other attempts of mine to ‘move on’ from the relationship that I want but is out of my reach, I don’t actually feel anything for this other person.

    So where is the illusion? My 10 year relationship is with someone who has several Neptune squares. I have a lot of Saturn squares. Our relationship (composite) has Neptune squares with Moon, Jupiter and one other planet.

    I have been kidding myself for 10 years. Is the illusion that I can’t feel for anyone else? I just don’t feel ‘the attraction’ anymore when I meet new people, except for the one guy who after 10 years doesn’t appreciate me at all.

    I love the transits (and the odd coincidences in your email newletters) but even Pluto’s rampage thru my 7th house can’t fix this situation. Pluto brought him into my life – I guess it wasn’t meant to be fixed.

    But I do need to understand if I am ‘broken’ on the inside. Is this where the illusion is?


  • Rich says:

    Wish I knew what is going on in the love-of-our-life relationship, that once-in-a-lifetime relationship that we both thought was the most fantastic relationship we’ve ever had: we think the same thoughts at the same time, either because we have similar backgrounds or are reading each other’s minds. However, coronavirus has unexpectedly separated us, she is in Europe and I’m in the States. We had planned to be together around Easter, but travel restrictions are keeping us apart and now, rumors are that we won’t be able to travel until the end of September. During the week before Easter, she mentioned that her “ex” had called her for the first time in many years to check on her status with the coronavirus. A few days later, she said that she was very disappointed that I was not with her and that I hadn’t been ready to return to her before the coronavirus intervened. Then she suggested that we should take Easter weekend off, with no contact, instead of our normal twice-daily talks. We’ve talked perhaps once per day after that weekend, yet the talks were not about us, or about people, not even a bit, only about things. Last Friday, she said that she is “Setting me free,” that she felt that I really needed to be close so someone, not on different continents and that she was confident that I would find someone. That’s the last thing I’d ever think: I would wait a long time. Disappointed that we weren’t going to see each other for another five months, I really enjoy our conversations, that is, those before Easter. Now I’m feeling lost in the woods, with a pain in my heart, not knowing where to turn. As we ended the call, I told her that we should keep in contact from time to time and she said yes, perhaps in a few days. I told her that I love her and she responded that she loves me. She ended with “Big Kisses” and me with “Big Hugs” just before saying goodbye at the end of the call. So, what planet clobbered what sign that messed this all up and what must shift in the cosmos to fix things?

    • Dorah says:

      Feel the thoughts under the words
      Feel the distance cut shorts
      Feel the wind kiss my face
      Feel you in my pulse

      • Ashlee says:

        Wow that’s how I feel. I’ve been with my partner for 7 years, no kids or engaged or married. And honestly have been in my mind about our relationship for a month or two now. I’d love to just have him buy me a bunch of flowers (never has) or well anything really. Ha but I have learnt not to expect anything and I’ll never be dissapointed.
        You really hit the nail on the head.

  • Marian says:

    Hi, is very strange but is was exactly what I went through last November. It was a 2 weeks game of reality, fantasy, excesses, expectations, confusions, pushing myself to try new things, misinterpretations, the great messages that do not help as much as talk, and in conclusion… whatever it happened, was not talked, explained or shared. It was a pity, I also said at that time – I felt “too much fog”. I am a very focused person,(conservative) always thinking in all the consequences, alternatives, and looking to be in peace with me, but everything changed since then… Different glasses- I was looking for a friend, didnt expected what happened but then confusion came…everything was unclear (t’s easy now to let someone take advantage of you, if you’re not careful. ..). i wish to have the opportunity to know all and more why he played being me so fragile at that time. Thanks for your Alert, unfortunately I needed 6 months before!

  • Linda says:

    Wow! Super accurate. I’m in a new relationship and this weekend definitely threw up some red flags. Fantastic advice to take time for some self reflection. Happy to know we ‘should’ be able to get past this after Monday. Thank you sincerely for your talented reading.

  • Samantha says:

    I met a boy 20 years ago and held on to his memory, hope and faith that it was our destiny to be together. When it was right the universe would allow it to happen. We reconnected it was amazing until it wasn’t. We were engaged lived together with my 3 children. I allowed my insecurities, pain and wounds I have carried with me over the years from my past to ruin us. Coming from a marriage that was abusive on every level, being In the abuse for 8 years. My ex husband finally went to prison for what he did to my children and I. We were free at last. Well so I thought, I hadn’t healed. My wounds were still open and bleeding.I took it out on the love of my life. He up and left without a word, completely ghosted me and my children. He became very vengeful and tried to hurt me in ways that one who truly loves another would never do. (Verbally through people close to me) He reached out to me a few weeks ago and apologized and wants to try again. Yet again pulls a Houdini. I am always sooo quick to hold onto the hurt and pain and yet give the ones that hurt me another chance. But history always repeats itself and I end up with the short end of the stick. I have never mastered forgiveness and letting go of my past problems. I tend to look past all the red flags. I want to believe the best in people. I always get hurt. The one thing we have is an unexplainable unbreakable bond, we have love. It has been 4 months and I used that time to find my self, do some soul searching and heal. I have finally mastered the art of forgiveness and letting go and have closed the majority of my wounds from my past. I feel as though it is only a matter of time before he comes back again. The past is a lighthouse not a port. He has been my light house for 20 years. He has kept the light on for me, never turning it off, always guiding me home.

  • Rebekah says:

    Gemini Here. This is a very accurate reading to say the least. After leaving a 4 year relationship, the rose color glasses I have seem to be extremely broken. I keep attracting people who are just not healthy for me and choosing to love on them anyway. Well this weekend I felt the repercussions of those choices and had to come to the conclusion that I need to start over and not tell anyone that I’m really reconsidering their place in my future. One of my guy friends has liked me but stayed my friend for a year now. After suffering lots of disappointment in other attempts dating I have to be really careful about who I trust next. I know usually I don’t think this person is healthy enough to mentally support me. But over the weekend he has shown me how he can support me survival wise. (He’s a farmer/country guy with animals) This has really made me see him in a way I’ve never seen him before. I actually have a crush that doesn’t feel super sickening. I have been spending time with him just cuddling this weekend when he puts his arm around me in public and we stargaze. I don’t plan on kissing him bc of the little sanity i have begging me not to. He exhibits so many red flags that i’ve never expected better of him as a friend. now that i’m more interested and so is he, they are much more obvious. He makes racist remarks as a joke to bother me, he cusses and knows how to say really offensive things, hes also sweet and is really chill until you get him started (he’s a skater too). Hes funny but hes also an alcoholic and he has suffered from psychosis really bad so he has quite a few scary thoughts. Despite this he is my friend, i want to be there for him. but i cant date him, im just more mature than that. I messed up by starting to lead him on with cuddling because i dont want to be romantic right now i just needed the affection.

  • Bernie says:

    Thank you for your reading. I truly needed to hear this as my current romantic situation has me doubting myself while denying the numerous red flags.

    And on the flip side, my love interest is most likely thinking and feeling the same as I but she does not have access to the internet at the moment.

    When we talk again, I will share this reading with her to hopefully calm us both down.

    In closing, not everyone has found their true calling. However, I know you have, as your readings are very helpful to me and mine so thank you so much for your service to the people.


  • Scott Cielock says:

    Hi there. My partner is a friend I’ve known a long time. Within the past 2 months we’ve been hanging out at my place most every night. Ok I’ve been sorta wanting to be in a relationship with her for yrs and now that she hangs at my place I’m pretty sure I’m in love with her and she knows this. She says she’s not ready to be with anyone right now. So all we do is hang out here play darts some tv but whatever we do we have a blast. She says may down the road it may or may not happen. Sometimes I I let out my feelings to her but it does no good. We do not fool around or have any kind of sex. Once in awhile when we have that talk she’ll tell me if I can’t handle it she’ll stop coming so much but that don’t happen I miss her and she misses me so she’s here every day sometimes she spends the night. Not in the same bed. I’m Aquarius and she’s a Capricorn. What do I do? I want a relationship with her

  • Anesha says:

    Everything you just said is what I am currently going through this week. And I am confused. I did let the expectations go. But is it still possible to feel disappointment? I journaled about my particular relationship and how we relate (FYI, I am single). There is definitely a strong, magnetic, electrifying connection. We’ve been dating for 6 months. We update each other on how our day is going or what we been up to. While focusing on our own personal growth and goals. I journaled where the relationship is going and It’s going on a non-codependent route. Which is great! Because I am healing from a past codependent relationship. So i don’t know if I may be slightly still projecting some sort of codependency into this relationship or not. But I try to be extremely careful and mindful not to. I have not been seeking validation from him. But I noticed, that I do little things that still seek reassurance without asking for it. For instance, I’ll check if he read my message or if he watched my social media. We made an agreement for us to fulfill ourselves before we try to fulfill each other, but still staying connected and still doing what we are doing.. I also journaled how I feel about the relationship. It feels new to me, for sure! When I am in his presence I feel warm, i feel embraced, I feel a strong connection, I feel deeply seen, I feel reassured. But also when i am apart I feel sometimes ignored or forgotten. But when I bring those feelings up from the surface to him he replies, “He got distracted and forgot to message me back.” Or “ He didn’t see my message.” I feel like I want to detach, because I feel I may be wanting a little more, becoming too attached, sounding needy. I’ve been on a healing journal for a month now and I’ve made tremendous progress. I have even been doing lots of light work on social media and setting myself as an example of healing process. I am feel like I am outgrowing our relationship. Like I am growing and expanding and he is not meeting my level. I currently feel like i want to detach but at the same time I don’t. But I guess I don’t need to leave my door closed on him. I can leave it open for whenever he is ready to grow with me. Because I do believe everyone has the ability to grow when they feel ready to. Then again, I feel like it could be this week that’s driving me bunkers because last week was fine.

  • AR says:

    This is very accurate to the point it’s scary, the only thing amiss is the timing, this is what I experience about a month prior to reading this…I’d be freaking out right now if what happened then was happening to me now. Also, to those who have ever been taken by a narcissist…wish I could say it’s not so bad, but it’s beyond bad! Thanks for an interesting article!

  • Corey says:

    Talk about hitting the nail on the head!! I mean down to the second!! Thank you!

  • Lisha says:

    Exact for me as I’m finalizing a divorce and a guy I’ve met seems to be going distant. He claims to give me space to get the divorce settle, which I respect, but I got him to admit he wanted space as well. So this seems align with me. Curious to see how the week plays out.

  • Sue says:

    U really want to know the readings r pretty accurate which would be ok if my world wasn’t shit. If it can any more termol in it I would prefer to be a hood ornament to a speeding vechile .i can only hope for the best it’s all ok got left

  • Denise says:

    It seems what you post is what has happened the week prior ..is it normal for a delay ..but it’s right on point…

  • Iris Greig says:

    Thank you for your readings. But mine speak of Love or the man am with is the love. Am in a place of confusion, deciet, lonely. He says am the love of his life. But dosent speak to me sometimes two to 3 weeks?? When I ask, he avoid all. He’s detached. Things he says, lies. WHY??? I do like to read your messages.

  • Marit says:

    Okay, this one was unexpected. Thank you very much. I think maybe(!) I over-idealized someone that I want to open up to them tonight. The weirdest thing is I wasn’t really expecting these things to be so accurate

  • YAggggguuu says:

    We will see how this goes for me because my love interest has been showing red flags.

  • Dave says:

    Hi there,
    You’ve really nailed this Venus in Gemini ♊️ Neptune in Pisces ♓️ energy right square on the head !
    I’m a Libra ♎️ sun Gemini ♊️ moon and my love interest for the past 8 months has been an Aquarius ♒️ sun Scorpio ♏️ moon woman.
    We had a very positive conversation around 10:00 pm MST about living together and moving half way around the world, and by 1:00 am MST on Sunday morning, she had suddenly called me on not having trust in her and doubting her commitment to our relationship.
    I’ve given the logical proof of my trust in her but to no avail. Now there’s no communication whatsoever.
    I’ve messaged a couple times this morning with pleasantries and further evidence of my trust and commitment. Of course the messages were read, and no reply.
    I expect this will be a quiet couple days until Tuesday morning possibly.
    It’s an interesting situation and not a pleasant one at all for me.
    However I feel I’ve done the right things till now, and I’ll give my Aquarius ♒️ sweetheart some time alone… she cherishes that.
    Any thoughts about all this?

  • Anna Rajab says:

    exactly what you said: disillusion!

  • Lisbon17 says:

    Thank you.

    The prediction is devastatingly accurate.

    But it is my fault.

    I hope things will be better faster.

  • Theresa Flannery says:

    Hello Angel! I am a Gemini woman who has had a rocky two years! I hope to get back with my husband since we have been separated for two years! He was angry at me because of money debt and he is in Atlanta at the present time! I still love him so much and hope that we can be together again soon! Please help And do a reading for us ! I am 6/14/1954 and he is a Virgo 9/21/56! We have been married for 33 yrs! Thank you Thetesa Flannery

  • Vicki says:

    I am absolutely stunned by the astrological reading that I received. It was enormously exact. Just amazing and so dead on!

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