Horoscope: Redefining Your Relationships | Venus Retrograde in Gemini

By May 20, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey it’s Angel, how are you?

More specifically… How are you feeling about the people in your life? 

Relationships have been on a rocky road since last week when Venus – the planet of love, money and relationships – started her retrograde journey through the sign of Gemini. 

Venus Retrograde is a six week period that happens once every year and a half.  Similar to the more familiar and more frequent Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrograde is a time of uncovering problems, retracing your steps, revisiting old connections and opportunities, and potentially taking a new and different path that brings you into greater alignment with your capacity for pleasure and success. 

Instead of dealing with the communication issues associated with Mercury this time, our relationships, our finances, and our overall level of fulfillment will be undergoing a cosmic audit. 

A Cycle Of Rethinking Our Relationship Patterns

We all have psychic tendrils or “feelers” that reach out and touch other people.  We use these tendrils to connect emotionally with others.  Whenever people connect to one another, their tendrils intertwine and their energy is exchanged. 

This is a normal aspect of Venus, and part of how we enact the energies of Venus in our lives. 

However, when Venus goes Retrograde…

Our tendrils recede.  We detach from others and our focus goes inward.  We begin to examine our personal values, and if they are aligned with what we need to feel happy and fulfilled, both financially and in our intimate connections with friends and lovers.

Often the relationship we find ourselves in now may need some serious tlc, or it might need to move in another direction entirely in order to align with our inner needs and values.

Venus in Gemini:  The Unsteady Lover

Gemini is the sign of communication, and while in Gemini, Venus likes to communicate A LOT!  Love notes, soft whispers in your partner’s ear, and new and exciting ways to communicate affection is how Venus in Gemini expresses itself. The need for intellectual stimulation is heightened. Whether in business or pleasure, there is a strong impulse to use all channels of communication – mental, verbal and digital, to explore new ideas. When Venus is in Gemini, money talks. You may think of a new way to generate income during this time that uses your voice, networking abilities, and your mind. 

Venus is a mutable sign, and like all mutable signs, it has two distinct sides.  In Gemini, these two sides manifest as Love and Hate.  Many people who have Venus in Gemini in their natal chart have a tendency for love/hate relationships.  Gemini rarely pays attention to one thing for very long. It is like a butterfly, flitting in a garden from one attractive flower to the next. Gemini’s affections are hard to stabilize, as they are drawn to what is new, exciting and novel. When denied their freedom or if they’re feeling bored, Gemini’s love can quickly turn to hate. During this season, it’s easier for all of us to flip between the two extremes.  

This year, Venus entered Gemini on April 4th. Do you remember the changes that happened in your relationships around that time?  What situations and circumstances came up around partnerships, friendships, your appearance, romance or finances?  

These areas will be highlighted now, and will likely be the theme of your Venus Retrograde.

The 4 Step Waltz of Venus Retrograde in Gemini

As Venus prepares for her celestial dance through Gemini, things can take an unexpected turn.  People begin to show sides of themselves that you’d rather not see.  In mythology, the “dark twin” of Gemini represents the underdeveloped, childish, misunderstood parts of ourselves. During this transit, we will have an opportunity to see and heal these aspects of ourselves, or witness them more clearly in others, which will help us to make a better choice moving forward.   

There are four key dates that correspond to this Venus retrograde cycle. By connecting the events, people and situations in your life with these dates, you can begin to uncover how this retrograde cycle is manifesting in your life.  

April 10th:  Venus enters her Shadow period

While retrograding, a planet appears to move backwards through the zodiac from the Earth’s perspective.  But first, it must truck past the degrees through which it will soon return.  This “pre-retrograde” path is called the “shadow period” because it foreshadows what is to come.  

Venus entered her shadow period April 10th, marking the beginning of issues that will be revisited over the next six weeks.  

The direction of your finances, appearance, relationships and personal values was heading down a certain path, until just last week (which we’ll get to in step 2).

For example, this year’s Venus Retrograde corresponds with the COVID-19 “stay at home” lockdown.  Millions of people experienced this shadow period in quarantine with their families.  Some people started new relationships and hunkered down.  Other’s stayed home alone, feeling more single than ever before.  Some of us put on COVID weight and dawned sweatpants for days on end. We were all told this would end soon, but it didn’t.  This went on for several weeks, and we all saw “the middle of May” as the light at the end of the tunnel.  

But we were wrong.  

May 13th:  Venus goes Retrograde

Just last week, on Wednesday May 13th, Venus began her backwards descent into Gemini.  

It just so happens, that around the same time, here in the United States, we were told that the delay in “reopening the country” is now longer than we expected.  States like California went as far as extending their lockdown to July (remember that date for later in this forecast).  We were told as a collective that we must continue to stay at home.  Meanwhile, some states begin opening up – entering a new and unfamiliar territory that could work out really well, or really bad for us all.  

On a personal level, we found ourselves facing delays in our relationships, partnerships and finances – forcing us to reexamine our situation before truly moving forward. We may have also found a real contrast to our hurried, daily lives, and under the slower pace of lockdown, started to question our values and lifestyles.  The influence of Venus Retrograde might have you exploring how to make lasting changes to your life to make it more pleasurable and fulfilling – like more time with your family, having your own garden, or finding more meaningful work that allows you to experience more enjoyment.

Did anything happen on Friday that created a shift in your trajectory?  Did you get into a fight with someone that doesn’t seem possible to resolve?  Did you receive news that changed your financial situation?  Has an old financial opportunity or lover reappearend in your life? Are you reevaluating your appearance and committing to taking better care of yourself?

Think back to what you were dealing with last week.  This issue is the core of your Venus Retrograde, and should be handled with logic and innovation over the next six weeks. 

As this time period passes, you’ll get closer and closer to the core of any issues in your relationships, money, or experiences of pleasure.  More and more truth will be revealed, so be prepared to face anything you’ve been avoiding.  Hold strong because things that don’t make sense now, will reveal themselves in new ways later.  

Above all, do NOT make any major financial or romantic decisions during this time.  Otherwise, it’s inevitable that you’ll revisit them. Since Venus also rules beauty, drastic changes to your appearance or style will likely not turn out well during this transit. Avoid getting plastic surgery, buying non-returnable clothing online, or trying a daring new haircut, because you will probably not be happy with the results. Since most of us are under “stay at home” orders, this also means not trying to cut your own hair or handing the scissors to a family member.  

June 25th:  Venus Goes Direct

On Thursday, June 25th, Venus will reach the end of her retrograde and start moving forward again.  

By this time, the underlying issue of your Venus Retrograde will be understood, and a new path forward will make itself known.  Relationships that are meant to be together, stay together.  One’s that are not, find a way to end.  You will be able to discover an exciting new approach to expressing your natural beauty, finding luxury and enjoyment in your life, and sustainably handling your finances through a new innovation or form of communication.

It’s during this transit that new information comes to light and changes our perspective on things.  

This time brings is an extreme concentration of Venus in Gemini energy, which can be very cutting, detached and non-emotional.  You will find yourself making a major decision during this time, so try not to jump to conclusions or make irreversible decisions about these issues until then.

Once Venus begins her forward motion at the end of June, we will have a new roadmap on how to move forward.  However, the map is not the terrain, and we won’t be out of the retrograde woods just yet.  

July 28th:  Venus Leaves Her Shadow

It will take another month for Venus to crawl out of the degrees she just passed through during her retrograde.  This month will feel a lot like it did between April 10th and May 13th.  Your goals and intentions may be the same.  But this time, you are going about things differently.  

The new information you receive when Venus goes direct will set you on course with the way things “should have gone” the first time.  Events that take place will work out much better than before.  The obstacles will be apparent, and the way forward will be clear.  It will just be a matter of letting your new plan unfold.

Relationships that stay together during this time will inevitably change, as new boundaries will have been established.  New relationships that form during a Venus Retrograde will be tested as Venus retraces her steps.  If it isn’t meant to be, it will become clear during the month of July.  If it is meant to be, you’ll step into August together with a brand new perspective on your relationship.

5 Important Things To Avoid During Venus Retrograde

Your Exes

Venus Retrograde tends to pull our heart strings into the past and bring our exes back into our lives.  And now that we’ve been quarantined for almost two months, you can be sure that the isolation is getting to people – even your ex.  

Don’t be surprised if you get a random text from an old flame looking to reconnect.  Also, don’t be surprised if you get a sudden urge to contact an ex out of nowhere.  It is very common during a Venus retrograde, so keep that in mind, and just don’t do it.  Remember, they are your ex for a reason.  This is not the time to pretend otherwise.  

Major Financial Decisions

The delays you may experience in your finances are not by accident.  Generally it means there’s more to it than you realize at the time, which this Venus Retrograde cycle will reveal.  This is reflected in the way the US Government has handled the Coronavirus relief packages, which were rushed out the door with little forethought to how it will play out later.  We are destined to see issues arise on a collective level in this way.  

Being Too Sharp

If there’s any sign that Venus can be in, where she will tell you exactly how she feels about you, it’s Gemini.  The Mercurial sign of the twins gives our tongues a razor’s edge with no remorse.  It’s very easy to say overly hurtful things during this Venus Retrograde time period.  

Remind yourself:  You can tell people what you want without making them feel bad.  You can express yourself without blows below the belt.  It will simply take self awareness, time and patience. Make sure you can recognize this potential, so when the time comes so it doesn’t blind side you. 

Settling For Less

When Venus retrogrades, we can feel isolated, unattractive and lonely – even in a crowded room.  However, with the lockdown restricting our ability to socialize at ALL… feelings of isolation can quickly turn into fear and desperation.  

Do yourself a favor and promise you will not settle for less during this retrograde, even if your heart strings are being pulled like a rodeo.  Use this time to improve your appearance and create new outlets for pleasure and enjoyment. Any new relationships you may form now will absolutely be revisited, so don’t commit to something now that might turn out to be a really bad idea later.


There will be an inevitable “hashing out” of relationship terms with someone in your life. Whether it is a romantic relationship, business partnership, or otherwise.  You may even find yourself engaged in a conflict with a total stranger who the Universe sent to you as a message during this time.  

Just please, whatever you do – do not attempt a power move and pull an ultimatum on this person.  It will not go over well.  If you get wrapped up in a “he said / she said” battle with someone, it will go nowhere good.  Venus in Gemini wants to sever bad connections, which is a great thing.  Just don’t be the one forcing the sword.

A Time To Focus on YOU!

Over the next several weeks, as your psychic tendrils fully recede, and your connections with others come into focus, make sure you spend time taking care of yourself..  This will be a very talkative time period, so give yourself (and your nervous system) time to rest, even if that means finding peace in a quiet corner of the house.  

Your relationships with people and your value system will go through this challenge, and you will emerge with a new perspective that will govern how you experience pleasure and connection over the next year and ½.  So treat this time as a learning period, and remember not to take yourself (or other people) too seriously until the end of June.  

Speaking of which, stay tuned for a follow up Horoscope as this cycle unfolds.  Together, we will help you ride this cosmic wave to the destination you desire.  

With Love,

Angel Adams

P.S. What changes in your relationships came up in April that have been revisited just last week?  Let me know in the comments below <3

Angel Adams

About Angel Adams

Angel Adams made Classical Astrology a part of his life 15 years ago, and has lived by the stars ever since. After reading thousands of charts, personally and professionally, he’s turned to writing horoscopes to help you navigate through the best (and worst) of times. Follow Angel Adams for more horoscopes, and please leave him a comment below!


  • Redhead says:

    Hi Angel
    Everything that was written resonates with me. My ex who I was married to for 10 years reached out to me after 26 years of zero contact.. He was hitting on me just like he did when he cheated on me with women while traveling the whole 10 years we were married. . I said “yeah, i’m not gonna be one of those women that you messed around with Wayback when”. He proceeded to message me and tell me oh you’re still hot which kind of disgusted me and I didn’t respond. All that happened about a month ago.
    then a little over a week ago around May 20, I made a friend on Facebook . He told me he looked at my picture for a long time, and was very drawn to me. even though it was unlike him , he reached out and asked to be my friend. I said yes and then messaged him that I ran
    A Music page on Facebook. He was totally shocked (he told me) that I even responded .
    the day we started talking there was electricity in the air and we have not stopped talking since . we’ve shared everything about our heart and past . there seems to be a psychic connection between us. We text every day and talk every night and we don’t wanna stop, every time.The amazing energy Is so incredibly high, that it’s almost palatable. When we both get off the phone we can’t sleep because we’re buzzing from the energy that passed between us. (We’ve commented on the fact that it’s so hard to sleep because were both so excited.)
    he is a cancer and I am a Scorpio. There’s such a strong energy between us that is so positive and beautiful it blows us both away.
    This union of energy between us seems to be pre-ordained & I can’t explain it . we both think that it’s beautiful, and both wonderful and magical at the same time.
    We’re both in awe of The amazing fact that we even met each other through such a seemingly Random meeting.
    I have been having the most beautiful conversations that I’ve ever had with another human being. I can’t express how much this reading really hits home.
    We haven’t even met physically yet we swap pictures and talk & text every day and talk on the phone every night. We’re even making plans for an amazing future even though we know meeting Will be the real test to know whether we’re going to succeed as a couple .(and we discuss that too). We are definitely on the same page .
    Thank you so much for The insight to understand why this is such an amazing time for us. I can’t wait to see what every day is going to bring. it seems to be more amazing every new day. Blessings to you and yours.

  • Dina says:

    After 12 years i exploded and finally ended a toxic relationship.

  • Sam says:

    April 4th my partner started receiving calls from his ex and it just stopped yesterday via the police. We’ve been trying to keep it together since.

  • Rose says:

    I’ve made a financial decision that is good. I don’t want to go back to my ex. I have 3 or 4 broken relationships with friends…not mendable . I have lost a relation so very dear to me. I have made beautiful new relationships on line which have made me very happy.

  • Savage Sweetheart says:

    In April I was being cheated on horribly. My windshield broken by a woman, car painted green and blue by another. He lied about it of course and it came to a head about three days ago when I put him out for good. I’m not interested in going back at all. I feel like I was with him to learn how to actually use the skills I acquired with my best friend. I’ve accomplished that, but for the last few MONTHS, this best friend has been on my mind. Unavoidable and invading. I believe it’s everyday now. It build up like a tidal wave and now I’m just waiting for the wave to slap the shore if you know what I mean. I’m full of anxiety and anticipation right now and it’s overwhelming

  • Christin Starkey says:

    Dear Angel,
    I read this and it really struck home and now I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I have tried getting back or talking to my ex that lived with me and my 2 boys for 21/2 years. He thinks I’m never going to change but he was the one who left and didn’t even try talking to me. He started dating someone else and went back to the drugs. I’m so lost our relationship wasn’t the best but we did have good days as well. I just don’t know what to do anymore he left because I brought my daughter back. My ex ended up being right about my daughter and now I’m in an even worse mental health state due to my daughter being so negative. Anyway I did start seeing someone after everything and I only saw him on weekends. I over reacted to him coming to my house ( which I live on my parents property) and my parents and daughter are making sure he can’t come back on property. We stopped talking and we started talking again and I have been to his new place. I’m not sure if I’m messing up like my daughter likes to point out. I’m very much confused and lost. Can I please get your help.


  • Carmen says:

    Hi Angel- So my ex of 15 years decided to come back into my life after being separated for 1 1/2 years as if nothing ever happened. He cheated on me and left me for her. I thought that if he ever contacted me again I might want to try and work things out bc we had such a long history and honestly I’m not so sure anymore…everything I read resonated with me a little too much. Now I’m on the fence about everything’nn

  • Carmen Lash says:

    My husband and his ex’s

  • Brenda Roberts says:

    I have decided to leave an ex alone . We have been conversating about nothing for a few years, talking about nothing. He is a busy person he will say I will call you later and never do. He does make nicer remark of what people has said about me in the way past. We have not been connected for about a decade and a half. I stopped talking to him, because things was going no where. He did not have a face book page, I checked. I received a few weeks ago he wanted me to be his friend on face book. Being that its a pandemic, I just said its nice to know you are still around, and that was it. I have not gone out of my way to talk to him. I just leaving everything in the wind. Why did he contact me. What do this mean?

  • Bella says:

    Hi Angel,

    Thank you for such a beautiful piece of understanding you provided around the Venus Retrograde. I am at crossroads in my life. Felt drawn to a DC in a very unexpected encounter, who had interviewed me, tried to move on from that feeling for over a year but in vain. Tried to get in touch with him on pretext of discussing the contents of interview but after a few email exchanges and the work mobile number, he got so agitated with my constantly demanding of attention in form of replies to my communications as he was quite non responsive due to his busy work schedule that eventually I wrote down text in frustration and he reverted in equally rude manner and blocked me. I guess I got him confused because I couldn’t let him know my true feelings and intentions of getting in touch with him. And what is hurtful is that he’ll never know about them. Plus he was very rude too.

  • Maggie says:

    Hi Angel, interesting reading. A while back I had someone I knew long ago but haven’t seen or spoken with in ages pop into my mind. I said to myself, oh yeah, hadn’t thought of him in moons. I went back to what I was doing. The thought of him didn’t go away. Hard as I tried, he was in the back of my mind. It was starting to become annoying. His presence in my waking mind wasn’t as bad as when he appeared in my dreams and I suddenly sat up in bed in a sweat gasping. Oh my, this has to stop! I could call him and tell him to get out of my head. I don’t think so. I ended up writing him a cordial letter, hi, I’ve been thinking of you , would love to hear how things are going for you, here’s my contact information. That all happened around October of last year and so far I haven’t heard anything. The one thing that is constant is that he’s still in my mind constantly. I have recently reevaluated my appearance and started doing yoga a couple of weeks ago. I’ve also been taking better care of myself. I certainly hope this new information coming to light will positively change the perspective on things.

  • Mary says:

    Hi Angel
    I have fallen in love with a soul so beautiful. The last time we were together was 8th of March. On this day he looked into my eyes with anguish and asked… “what’s wrong? Your eyes, he said, there’s so much pain in your eyes.” I was hurting, because he said something earlier indirectly that made me understand that his intentions was never more than “for as long as I’m available”.
    I was living in Cape Town for a year where our love affair took place. Life has taken me back to Johannesburg in March, shortly before lockdown happened. He lives in Cape Town.
    We didn’t make contact till April. He had sent me an email wishing me happy birthday which I responded too, and this opened conversation again. Two weeks ago I urged him to open up to me as I felt the need to know where we stand. He replied saying he is not thinking about relationships now as he needs to work on himself, he has inner healing to work through, and I’m aware of this. So I didn’t respond to his reply and left it at that. It’s been 2 weeks and we haven’t spoken since. I felt that I needed to let go to allow myself to heal. Then on Sunday an old friend from hight school whom I haven’t had contact with in 25 years, made contact via facebook, asked me if I’m experiencing a TF situation… I had no understanding of what a TF is. She advised me to read up, so i did.
    I’ve been experiencing intense emotions, and I can feel something is changing inside me. I’m less angry and more patient…. I’m beginning to feel more love… I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship either, as I have my own healing to do. And that’s my story…

  • Gerry says:

    Yes you assumptions were pretty much spot on. I have had this on/off relationship with someone who lives in another country but use to be UK based until about 9yrs ago. He has never replaced me in essence but I just got tired of texting with no commitment so had a run in with him last week and he has not responded to any calls and texts so I am letting go as well.

  • Al says:

    This is crazy – Angel the timelines are right down to a science. I ended a connection April 21 with someone that I just started to date in Feb. May 13 they came back like no ending occurred, ready to pick up where we left off. I am very observant right now as there are signs that I am getting from dreams and synchronicities from another past connection. We were talking a bit more than we have in the past, but I am making no real decisions until the summer at this juncture.

    • London Phillips says:

      This is definitely spot on so I have been seeing the number 555 like crazy and I didn’t understand why I was seeing this number..after doing research “555” means let go! And life changes! So during this time I was receiving a lot of messages of letting go and I haven’t been satisfied in my relationship. I was doing a lot of thinking and came to realization that this relationship is nit East my heart desires . There is no growth . No direction . So I decided to let my relationship go and focus on myself! Since then I’ve felt so free so focused on my goals .. letting things go that doesn’t no longer serve me positively and welcoming in the new! I’m excited for this transformation!!

  • Crystal says:

    SPOT ON ! My ex contacted me through a text because one of his friends passed away and he was thinking of memories and I was one of them. I felt bad for him after I had cut him off for the last time over a month ago. I let him back in because let’s face it a have a big heart, even though I am not in love with him anymore I can’t seem to fully let go even though things happen and feelings say let go and move on, for some reason I can’t. I have definitely distanced myself more and don’t react the way I use to but I still have issues with fully letting go. He can be selfish but I’ve seen the other sides of him too. I wanted to be someone there for him in the vulnerable times. I made the choice to go see him as well and I made some decisions that caused a awkward situation between the both of us and now there is distance I don’t hear from him the way I was hearing from him. And I wonder if it’s because of the situation or were his intentions of reaching out becAuse he was vulnerable or other reasons. He seems different a bit now but of course I’m the one on the back burner again, with no communication between us again. I know I need to start just living in the moment and not over analyze things but sometimes it’s hard especially when you’ve been dealing with the person in and out of my life for 13 years.

  • Charmaine Smith says:

    Hey Angel.
    I have started a relationship with someone i had grew up with in my neighborhood. For 1 yr now. I had traveled to the island for a month., on the 7th of January that’s 2days before my return i was in a urgent predicament when I am him for 1hundred dollars. He said ok, but never did given it to me
    Nevertheless he stop talking to me from that day until the beginning of February. By that’ time I have already ended the relationship in my mind. He called and talked as if nothing else matters
    He came over to visit and wanted to spend the night. In which I said no
    Since then we hardly talk because i don’t call him. He will call sometime or send me pic messages of good morning or good night, which I will return sometime.
    I no longer have any feelings for him.
    We haven’t had any misunderstanding in the last week
    I met someone but am not feeling connected
    At this time I am focusing on my career and finances. There’s where my desperation remain
    I will surely count my many many blessings if mister right comes along to take my burden away.

  • Marlon says:

    Actually no one appears yet! hahaha but the events you told on other matters about relationships really shucked me and I was so composed that I was able to turn everything on tune though seem volatile like I almost leave everything for nothing…but then things seemed to be just starting to unfold so I will just follow your advises and thank you very much my friend….

  • Sandra Ellis says:

    I just don’t know what’s what or who is who. Confused state and I just go along hoping not to hurt anyone and hoping I myself don’t get hurt. Yet currently, I don’t think the one around is the one.

  • Noah says:

    Very interesting

  • Hi, Angel
    I’m single and I really don’t remember anything happening! However, I am a caregiver and my 80 year old client that thinks he’s a ladies man his whole life. Wants a relationship with me?????
    Maybe this???

  • Melissa Estrella says:

    Hi Angel,

    The love of my life broken up with me on April 12 (yup Easter) just moments after I woke up to get ready for work. I feel like that was not him at all, he was giving me a bad attitude out of nowhere and it was very unlike him which got me scared and worried. But all through April and early May, he has been stalking me on Instagram and Facebook but never contacted me ever since the breakup but he didn’t greet on my birthday on May 6. On May 8, he blocked me only Instagram and Facebook but didn’t block in any other social media, just those two. Why do I get a sense of feeling that’s not the boyfriend I used to love? Somewhere deep down, something is going on. He doesn’t cheat, I feel like someone controlled him.

  • Richard Alvarez says:

    she was seeing me for 4 years, broke up. Started to see each other again. Has she always screwed around in the relationship. She NEVER apologizes, or take responsibility. She would accuse me of messing around, which I was not. Was she validating herself by doing so.

  • Bob says:

    These are very appreciated readings I’ve been in a relationship with someone who is able to face certain truths which has created a very unstable situation without any commitment or reliability between many people involved all who wish to help but have different ideas and methods some selfish and some supportive but everyone is waiting for the other to make the first move.

    I have repeatedly tried to convey my flexible ideals but have no idea where i stand as everyone else seems to only think of not me.

    This is fine. Understandable.

    There words are a constant stress as there good intentions convey little positivity and has created a negative cycle gor me long before the retrogrades which has only been compounded.

    When i try to distance myself from critics and untoward negative energy said and not said i feel it very strongly hovering around, it only serves to make matters worse as it’s misunderstood as i don’t want anyone around. Not so.

    I have always shut out negative chatter, gossips and ignore it but they think i am avoiding them or scared. I am simply withdrawing myself from situations energies i don’t like. Their choice is they wish to partake in that energy.

    I was taught by my Brother to instantly remove yourself from anything that serves poision in to your life. Detaching from anything that brings you down. That force these situations on me thinking to teach detachment from my emotions where i am well aware any at another level of detachment where i don’t partake in these silly games. Lessons learned before my 20s. Humbled silence precived as scarcaties or inadequate personality when i see scared egos and issues with self image the many masks we all wear at times.

    I am told to not defend myself against harm as i am to weak to challenge situations i have no wish to even seek a conflict.

    Understandable as they are many and i am 1.
    I only wish to be 1 of many but have for years been discredited because they can’t even precive the way i view the world. We all live in our own dimensions.

    I believe in the strengths of care, consideration, support, unity, family, helping collectively. Where they believe in strength of self to build strength in unity. We are only as strong as the weakest link but if you have the strength to help others before yourself you have something much deeper when it is called upon. A true leader for the people not power. Not enough reciprocate the circle and it only causes to break the chain, trust or the team.

    Love is not something demanded of or owed.


    • Bella says:

      Hi Bob,

      I really appreciate your post, especially the last two lines 🙂 I am trying to figure that out myself!

      Thank you 🙂

  • mimosa says:

    Esta ultima semana, senti-me decidida a cuidar melhor de mim.
    Senti que os assuntos que falo com o meu namorado são os mesmos e falamos muito aprofundado acho que até um pouco exageradamente aprofundado.
    Sinto que tenho de me mostrar mais o que sou, ser mais eu, para me dar oportunidade de gostarem de mim como sou. Estou introspectiva.
    A minha sombra tem a ver com a criança que quando pequena fez tudo, mesmo o que ia contra a vontade dela, para ser ser amada.
    sinto que não devo, não posso ir contra o que sinto ou contra a minha vontade e isto é algo que estou a viver, ter mais consciencia

  • Kesavel says:

    Hi Angel, a very interesting read. The person I have come to be close to and love in the past five years has suddenly gone very quite. I have also lost my job and wonder if that has not pushed her away from me. On the other hand I am also wondering if I have been used all this time and that there was no love at all, just my imagination that we were in love. I really do love this person because she embodies lots of good traits that pleases me. Hopefully this information can shed more light on my situation.

  • Cathy P says:

    I have been in a on and off relationship with someone since October of last year and around April 4 and 10th we did a lot of splitting up and getting back together seem like almost weekly. on May 13 The guy I’ve been dating since October and I we’re not seeing each other at all anymore and it was the longest we had not spoke Which was about 2 1/2 weeks. Then, I was visiting my ex-husband On May 13 because he just came back into my life in the last few months as well. I hadn’t talk to him in 11 years and we we got together exactly 20 years ago, kind of bizarre but what’s even more bizarre is that we did get in a fight May 13 and I ended up driving all the way home in the middle of the night. I have never been more out of sorts this year than ever in my life I mean I guess I have but I just feel emotionally like I am on a roller coaster from hell that I wanna get off. I pray something Good happens soon because this Year has been torture. Now I’m seeing no one. I feel that I don’t know what my purpose is anymore and maybe the purpose is I never can have love with a person in a relationship maybe it’s all about internal self love. Maybe I’ll never get the fairytale I’ve always wanted maybe it’s just me but that’s a hard pill to swallow. It almost makes sense though. A spiritual awakening and rebirth.

  • glenn says:


  • Maribel says:

    Angel, around April 4th my husband split and avoided me for a month just last Sunday May 10th he reached out saying Happy Dog Mom day and since then has been in and out trying to reconnect. I’m holding a huge guard up because he is a Gemini and flip flops from sweetheart to evil man. I don’t feel my marriage will go anywhere unless he makes a drastic change. I almost gave him an ultimatum the other day but sadly I already know the answer. Please help before I let his words suck me back in. I have the huge feeling to just cut ties for good and file for divorce.

  • Rich says:

    The Love of my Life and I have been separated, on different continents, since the middle of January because of the coronavirus, talking once or twice daily. On April 7th, she casually mentioned that her ex of many years had called her to see if she was safe from the coronavirus. On April 10th, she told me that we needed to take a break for the entire Easter weekend. On April 14th, we began communicating again, not every day and with less fervor. On May 2, she “Set me Free.” She said that I should find someone closer, that she loves me, yet goodbye. On May 17th, she sent me an email with no subject and only a link to a coronavirus topic in which we both have interest. I responded, “Great. Thanks.” Then I sent her a link to a related coronavirus topic, nothing more. Because of coronavirus, there is almost no possibility that we could see each other until the end of September. The Venus Retrograde has been vicious this time around!

  • Suzzie says:

    Hey Angel,
    My ex and I decided to finally cut ties around April 5/6. However, as he is a co-worker and we’re in the same team for a project, he reached out to me after 1.5 months. I don’t know if this means something or I am thinking too much.

    • Melissa Estrella says:

      Hi Angel,

      The love of my life broken up with me on April 12 (yup Easter) just moments after I woke up to get ready for work. I feel like that was not him at all, he was giving me a bad attitude out of nowhere and it was very unlike him which got me scared and worried. But all through April and early May, he has been stalking me on Instagram and Facebook but never contacted me ever since the breakup but he didn’t greet on my birthday on May 6. On May 8, he blocked me only Instagram and Facebook but didn’t block in any other social media, just those two. Why do I get a sense of feeling that’s not the boyfriend I used to love? Somewhere deep down, something is going on. He doesn’t cheat, I feel like someone controlled him.

  • Jovi-Jantz says:

    Well the guy I’ve been on and off with for the last 6 months came out of nowhere once again, the Saturday before Easter, we seen each other more times in that week then we have since November, then “he got a gf,” we didn’t talk again until May 15th when I messaged him a simple happy birthday, he replied. That was that. I thought until later that night, we made plans for the 16th and got together because my birthday is May 17th 🙂 we’ve been talking on and off again since but barely, I just want to figure this out. It just seems too right to let it pass by… I sense a reason of coming back together than distance but for in the long run sense. Ugh. I do so well, and then it’s another cycle of it. Hopefully we get them this retrograde as I hope tooooo❤️

    • Jovi-Jantz says:

      Btw he replied on his bday, and when he reached out later that evening the gf thing came up and he said she wasn’t the one and they were done….that is why we preceded to make a connection and celebrate our birthdays together w a few mutual friends

  • Viviane Paolini says:

    My person changed the relationship deciding to stay where he is. He found a new love. It is fine with me, I leave him behind. I don’t know if he will text or email me, I will see, I have to close the old cycle I had with him in a past life, so I can go forward, and not being stuck like I was until now.
    Your horoscope is eye opening and will help me get over difficult times. I just need it.

    Thank you

  • Denise says:

    Ok I well do all the you tall me and thank you so much

  • Shashi says:

    Your readings are accurate. i reconnected with a guy whom i liked, he also liked me but then he met another girl so we stopped talking but we were never in a relationship. I still like him and then there is another guy who likes but not sure either of them wants to settle down with me.

  • Niecy says:

    Well I definitely felt something in my spirit on May 13 or there of. My current bo gave me a ultimatum which I didn’t agree with nor was I comfortable in hearing. He’s a Pisces & I am a Cancer. I don’t know what to think at this point about our relationship going forward. I feel we will move forward but why all of these set-backs?

  • Took a long look at my reading for today. IT’S well into the 3rd year I have been dating the same man. It’s a love/ hate relationship.
    We either can’t stand each other or we can’t stand to be apart. This scenario has been going on for 3 years. I have been reading my horoscopes and Tarot readings daily. Everything that is predicted is right on. The suggestion is always about ending my current relationship or starting a new one, which could be good or bad (??????) Is there any other choice.? I am on daily meds to get my panic attacks and depression under control. Sometimes it works great other times not at all. I guess my question is——All of my readings seem to contradict themselves, Such as I may stay with my current boyfriend or I may not. What do I want? I want to terminate the relationship, my friend has serious emotional problems, but then I get The message, as I interpret it , that that could be the wrong thing to do and I will regret it. No wonder I have to take a pill every day. What say you?

    • Tajare raffield says:

      My boyfriend at the time and I started out perfect I can’t even put into words how good we were and then in April he disappeared on me. I live in the states he currently lives in Britain because of his job he was in the the middle of a divorce his ex has two daughters and he left me to take time to think about going back to his ex just so he didn’t lose out on the girls; but decided to choose me and the girls both but everything changed his whole demeanor and it just got worse after that he stopped trying but was still here and then last week he disappeared on me again but this time he didn’t come back.

  • Diane says:

    During April, all of the people who slammed me during the last economic crisis really bothered me. And, now after distancing myself from them since then, I am trying to learn to live and move on and forgive. Yet, still even though I love them and live for them, I can’t get past their actions which makes me want to be very independent.

  • Buffy Quinn says:

    That’s amazing! In April I found my boyfriend in dating apps and I choose to leave him even though I deeply love him, last week I’m not sure what would have come up except for the fact he still says he doesn’t want to talk to me or see me.

  • Rosemarie says:

    Hi Angel – wow, that’s a lot to absorb. The person I truly feel to be my soulmate sent me a text after being together for six and a half years. (We have known each other for 50+ years) we were doing a long distance relationship looking for a place to call our home when that came to halt on May 4.
    This horoscope struck a nerve.

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