Horoscope: Personal Power Trip

By January 10, 2019 Horoscope

Every year, as the Sun circles the Zodiac, it finds itself sharing the same sign and degree as Pluto, birthing a powerful influence upon us all.

Together, these two planets will help push something to the surface that we’ve buried so we can build towards the future that we want.

In Astrology, Pluto represents personal power, intensity, and unstoppable yet permanent change. It’s the planet of regeneration, rebuilding, wealth, transformation and personal power …

But personal power doesn’t come without a cost.

Under this influence, the Sun, the planet of self expression, personality and identity, takes this power-hungry energy and makes a huge impact on the way we interact with others, and how we see the world.

Egos can clash under this influence, and the results can lead to power struggles between people, and most importantly, intimate relationships… giving you deep insight into the dynamics between you, and the power balance in play.

Look beyond why something is happening to you and see what it’s here to teach you. You can step into a higher way of being and living.

Be aware. Someone may have a power trip that cannot be ignored. The only question is, which side of the coin will you be on?

Under this influence, your ability to influence others (and the outcomes in your life) is heightened, and you easily get to the bottom of any situation.

You may be forced into situations that are uncomfortable for you. Someone close to you may exhibit manipulative behavior, and attempt to control you through some underhanded means. Don’t let them, and it’s up to you to show up, do the work and don’t settle for any B.S.

It’s very possible that someone who stands against you is plotting their next move, so if you feel that something is off, there’s usually a good reason.

Or, on the other hand, YOU may feel the urge to do this to someone else in your life. Don’t. Take the higher road, and focus on self honor.

You could decide to “try” to get ahead in some way that could lead to your undoing. There will be major repercussions to your actions, if done with a purely selfish motive.

Any dark parts of your personality may emerge now, such as lying, cheating, or theft – but only if you are inclined to do so anyway. Pay attention to your insights, downloads and even lower urges right now! Be neutral as much as possible and witness.

There is a deep and powerful positive side to this influence, when harnessed properly, can lead to a major advancement in your career, spiritual purpose and self understanding.

This energy is best used by digging to the core bottom of things, and uncovering what was once hidden to you – and potentially blocking your success.

Your tendencies to investigate are supercharged now, so if you find a lead that brings you down a rabbit hole of deep research – go for it. And go all in.

In love relationships, you could find yourself totally exposed, grinning directly into the root cause of your most turbulent relationship problems.

If the dynamic of your relationship has not been clear, it will become more clear now – just not in the way you may have expected it to. Just be careful you don’t come on too strong, as the problems may get worse.

Don’t interrogate someone you love, when you can simply ask them a question.

Although, the temptation will be there to overpower someone else, turn it inward to make a positive transformation in your life and their.

Psychologically, this energy can unveil insights into the hidden parts of your psyche you wouldn’t normally explore, so there’s opportunity.

You can gain a vast understanding of your hidden motives and drives right now, so don’t be afraid to shine a light on the darkest corners of your subconscious mind.

You might discover the root cause of such unconscious behaviors as addictions, obsessions, or even dark desires that never made sense to you before.

Just be easy with yourself, as this self penetrating energy may unearth more than you bargained for.

In Capricorn, this conjunction energy is most likely to manifest in your workplace. Look for clues in the office for ways to get ahead, as they will surely present themselves. Just try not to let it get to your head!

You CAN manifest a higher seat for yourself, but don’t be surprised if it means you have to make a sacrifice in order to get it.

For example, you could be offered a raise that requires longer nights at the office, but will boost your finances in return. Or, you could take over someone else’s position, even though it could mean they lose it. Don’t be afraid to accept what is best for you and your family.

If you’re on the losing end of this influence, don’t worry. It’s all part of your greater life plan. If something happens that upsets you, or sparks unwanted drama in your life, see this as an opportunity to start over.

This is a time period of transformation and an evolution of your soul. Starting from the ground up again will be the seed that grows stronger roots of self esteem and personal effectiveness than you ever knew you could have.

Regardless, your best use of this energy is to transform the world around you, rather than “outside things” and the people in your life.

The more selfless and inner sustainable you are, the better your outcome from the day.

Sometimes, things break down during this influence, yet they only stop working so they can become obsolete through a new (deeper) understanding and higher way of being.

See what areas of your life are not working to your satisfaction, because now is time to shift them – and apply all that you have learned.

Just breathe. Relax your soul. Simplify and organize life.

Make room for the future by dissolving the past, and the habits and patterns that brought you here, by purely focusing on creating new patterns and routines.

You can step into a higher trajectory based on your actions now.

Now you can release the low vibration energies holding you back, and balance them with the high vibration energies of your heart and good intentions.

Keep showing up, keep doing the work and being in the flow … the work that you are doing right now is setting the tone for the whole year.

2019 will keep its initial promises. Much integration is taking place. These upgrades the last couple months and waves of lighter energies we have received are currently implementing, and these means our lowest self is meeting our higher self as we clear.

Old patterns will keep coming up for to release in a loop, until you witness the pattern.

For some of you are clearing very old wounds and karma so be patient. It’s time to embody and step into a higher timeline every moment.

Nurture yourself. There is no rush. You are carried by this divine wave anyway. Divine timing is and will be golden.

The more your clear the higher you go. Clear it all. Childhood, past lives, ancestry, old trauma.

This is taking real amounts of energy from you so make sure you rest to integrate.

The Universe has your back. Your prayers have been heard and your inner work is already paying off.

As with any major shift changes are most importantly energetic. The physical is about to unfold as a result.

Beauty is solidly grounding in you now. Take your time. Magic is constantly unfolding even when you can’t see.

Just don’t get caught up in a personal power trip now that you’ll regret later on. It’s easy to mistake control for personal power, so be aware of yourself. As long as you are putting others first, you will come out ahead.

Because what you do today, will impact everyone in your life must stronger than any other day of the year.

It’s time to trust yourself, and believe in yourself more than ever and apply what you know.

This is your turning point.

As 2019 moves from you it’s about aligning with soul and being less and less directed by doubts, insecurities, fears or past hurts and wounds and more moved by your heart, imagination and soul.

Can you balance? Are you ready you remember your light or must you still learn and repeat from your dark?

You are going to be soul led, more and more as 2019 unfolds.

With Love,

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

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  • Dorina Costea says:

    Hi Crystal,
    Every e-mail from you is a bessing for me. I can’t wait to receive them.
    I’m so hapy having you in my life.
    Thank you!

  • Elmarie says:

    Thanks Crystal!

  • maria says:

    Thank you Crystal ❤

  • Ron says:

    Crystal, this is one of your best pieces. Wonderful! I don’t know the source of your insights or channeling, but it is right on target. It is so liberating to realize that energies are finally in operation that enable us to at last (!) be able to break out of the deadly circle and move into an inspiring upward spiral of development and spiritual growth. I read and keep all of your similar articles, but this is especially what I needed right now. I am currently examining my archetype and find this coordinates with those insights perfectly. Thank you, thank you. May the Blessings be…………RC in Louisiana

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