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By May 28, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey it’s Angel…

How’s it going? 

It’s been a bit of a rocky road since last week’s New Moon in Gemini, when retrograding Venus and Mercury conjoined in Gemini the same day. Relationships everywhere have been spiraling out of control. 

On Thursday May 28th, Mercury slides out of hypersocial Gemini into oversensitive Cancer, changing the tone of our communication and our relationships completely. 

Normally, Mercury’s time in Cancer is short and sweet, but as you’re about to see, Mercury’s time in Cancer this year is far more significant this year.  This is because Mercury will soon be going retrograde in Cancer.

A Shift From Logic To Emotion

Mercury was in Gemini for only 16 days, making for a fittingly fast move through the most chatty and social of signs.  

Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury, and likes to share as much information as possible. It carries the energy of variety, change, and desire for the new.  

Mercury is logical, calculated, and concerned with the facts when it is in Gemini. It’s the sign of expansion and communication, which Mercury is quite comfortable with.

Here, Mercury wants to connect with as many people as possible.  During this time, the world saw a massive uptick in online communication as we all found ways to stay social during quarantine.  

This is far different than the emotional undertone of Cancer, where we experience communication in a much deeper, emotional, and almost psychic way. 

Mercury in Cancer:  Subconscious Patterning

Cancer is the most emotional sign in the zodiac. As a water sign, it’s the only sign ruled by the Moon – the planet of our inner world, psyche and emotional subconscious.  

Not to mention, Cancer is represented by the crab. Think of a hermit crab for just a moment. It’s frail, gentle, and vulnerable – so it withdraws inside a shell so it can protect itself from the outside world. 

This is the essence of Cancer. When Mercury enters cancer, this sensitive and protective essence becomes our tone in communication.  

When Mercury is in Cancer, you may find yourself wearing your heart on your sleeve. Emotional instincts are raw and real, so people tend to speak their heart first, and do their thinking later. Be careful not to overshare or you may get caught with your foot in your mouth!

Unlike the logical, social, and sometimes-cold communication style of Gemini, Mercury in Cancer demands that your heart and mind are aligned. Your communication during this time comes from a deeply emotional place. 

This is a great time to get in touch with your inner-world and withdraw from the chaos of the world as it is today.  You may find yourself flush with emotional insights, as your empathy levels will be heightened. Use the insights you receive now as a guide to know whether or not you are on the right path. You may notice your emotional intuition is very strong now. 

A New Stage For Venus On Vacation

Meanwhile, as Mercury shifts into Cancer, Venus continues her retrograde descent into Gemini.  This is significant because Mercury rules Gemini, and while Mercury is in Cancer, he gives Gemini a much more emotional undertone than usual. 

This means that Venus retrograde issues will become much more emotional than before. You may encounter patterns from deep within your subconscious that come into your relationships.  If this happens, take the time to withdraw and work through your feelings before you respond.  

Over reactions will be likely now, so if you find yourself on the other end of someone’s emotional assault, do yourself a favor and don’t one-up them by blowing up even harder.  

On the other hand, you may finally have that heart to heart that’s been desperately needed to clear the air and make things whole. There will be a much more nurturing tone in the air than we’ve been used to in May, so take this time to mend wounds between you and those closest to you. 

Normally, Mercury would only stay in Cancer for less than a month, but being the season of retrograde we are dealing with, we also find Mercury preparing to retrograde in Cancer next month, adding even more confusion to the mix. 

Incoming Mercury Retrograde

On June 1st, a few short days after Mercury tiptoes into Cancer, Mercury will enter his shadow period until he turns retrograde on June 14th. 

Pay very close attention to what plans and communications happen between June 1st and June 14th – especially in your relationships. These decisions will certainly be revisited as Mercury retrogrades from June 14th through July. 

With both Venus and Mercury retrograding at the same time, their impact will be felt twice as much and it will be easy to get swept away in confusion and uncertainty if you are not aware of it. 

I will write a complete horoscope about this in the near future, but for now, start to recognize any shifts in your own heart and mind as Mercury transitions into Cancer this week. 

Above all:  Be mindful of situations where oversensitivity can hurt you, whether it be coming from another person, or yourself.  Do your best to feel into what you are saying, and speak your truth from your heart. 

You’ve got this. 

Angel Adams

P.S.  What changes in your own communication have you experienced since Thursday morning when Mercury entered Cancer?  I’d love to hear how this transit is affecting you now. Just leave me a comment below <3

Angel Adams

About Angel Adams

Angel Adams made Classical Astrology a part of his life 15 years ago, and has lived by the stars ever since. After reading thousands of charts, personally and professionally, he’s turned to writing horoscopes to help you navigate through the best (and worst) of times. Follow Angel Adams for more horoscopes, and please leave him a comment below!


  • Kim says:

    Is anyone else’s gut going crazy? I mean intuition. I’ve been remarried since January and have had Some trust issues with my husband even during our 3 years dating. I’ve always gone with my gut but lately it’s been going off like no other. Why? I don’t get it. We’ve always had an honest no bullshit relationship. I caught him on a dating site about 2 years ago and I’ve been trying to let it go but he starts acting a certain way and my gut goes crazy. It’s the only thing we argue about. Why am I soo sensitive to this bullshit and why can’t I let this shit go? I want to ask him(a Virgo) and I’m a sag, wtf is going on but then just wonder if it’s just ME? Being too sensitive or wtf. Hate this sensitive stuff. Lol thanks.

  • laura says:

    I caught myself doubting myself, and starting to feel a little down on Thursday, I am a Sagittarius, and am always happy and smiling, I love my job, but felt almost depressed, then realized what you wrote was correct, and went back to finding happy thoughts

  • Shonda Chancey says:

    Yes I had an ex-lover call me and need a place to stay and twisting things around to where it looks as if we’re still a couple pushing his way back into my house which I’m unsure up so what you’re saying is right on track

  • Jane says:

    Angel Adams you are the best person to read my astrology on here. Seriously you out of everyone on here are always so right about my readings and what’s in store for me! Always right on every time! Please keep them coming ❤️

  • Courtney says:

    Hi, Cancer here. I’ve been super sensitive! But Thursday morning I woke up on the other side. Not in my feelings and actually not letting what others say bring me to tears. I feel I sort of Empowerment.

  • Charrine says:

    At work on Wednesday I was being tested on my care for my clients and reporting style. As it was the first time doing reports for this job I was not familiar with the jargon they used and it was tough trying to figure it out. On top of that my boss was questioning my clients. As I won’t turn anyone away I felt targeted for this. I spoke (email) my peace about it after a good prayer and cry! When I got back to work on Thursday morning she sent another email back to let me know it is ok to keep the clients I have but to be careful of where other clients come from! (To hard to explain, don’t ask) but I know it would have been my job if I didn’t handle it the way I did. My elders always told me to think about things before you give an an! They are so right! I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend!!

  • Iton Dennis says:

    You are so on point. All u have predicted is happening. Omg. Since Thursday ive been talking with a long loss boyfriend u said would show up/ contacted me. Weve lost contact for over 36 yrs. Emotions are spiraling. Lol thanks

  • Cynthia Montgomery says:

    Today is my Birthday. I moved into this apartment on 3/9/20. I am disabled, won my court case in 10/19. I have been is a power struggle with the SSA office and wrote letters to the Head of it in my state and the office of Inspector General of it. They have me married to my ex which reduced my back pay and monthly, cut me off of all of it. The neighbor poisons me on the daily with her toxic air of a variety of things. I wrote her a note, as an ER nurse, she had asked me to be quiet on the weekends, to close her window because it blows into my courtyard. What was her reaction? She threw my note into my courtyard. How can she be a healer when she is so toxic? Mars in Cancer and my solar return gave me the courage to confront my neighbor.

  • Tay says:

    I’m a Cancer sun and I’ve been super emotional lately. All week I’ve been walking around on the brink of tears for no apparent reason. I thought maybe I was healing from something. Last night I finally told my Virgo boyfriend that we needed time apart. He’s super emotionally unattached and I’m not sure he even knows how to show love. But he is caring and dependable. I just need more. It’s been a super frustrating ride & I hope I’m doing the right thing.

  • Jane McFadden Stephens says:

    I was spited at birth so how do you record my information? How ever my birth date and time are correct. Not my name

  • Hi Angel,
    Thk you very much for everything which you do for us esprcially me. When Mercury comes to Cancer i realised that there us many changes in my relationships. IS too hot and deeply those émotions, burning like a fire and bubbly also like is a new beginning. I understand all those things then i try to ajust anything to avoid jealousy. But in fact i understand him, that guy.Is too hot all this week and i want that he always be like that eternally. Lol. Solange Tkh you Angel

  • Marie says:

    I read your readings and I must admit, some I get, the other confuses the diggings out of me, in fact I start to loose interest in what I’m reading, it’s comparable to listening to a ESL person and picking up bits and pieces of the sentence to try to understand their concerns.

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