Horoscope: Obligation Overload | Saturn goes Retrograde

By May 12, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey it’s Angel…

Have you felt a general sense of relief lately?  As if to say … “OK, this is the way it is. I can manage.”

That is the feeling of Saturn going Retrograde, which just happened on Sunday May 10th and will last until September 29th. 

Saturn represents the authority that you have no control over yet must abide by in order to live well in a three dimensional life. 

You’re already familiar with Saturn energy. It’s the feeling when you get pulled over for speeding, or when your boss walks in the room while you are slacking off. It’s the time when you got called down to the principals office and everyone in class turned and looked at you like you did something wrong. 

Depending on how well you’ve been playing by the rules during any of these types of situations, your outcome will go one of two ways:  

Either you gain the favor of authority and you are rewarded…

Whether that means the cop let you go, the boss was happy with your work, or the principal wanted to give you an award for being a good student.In these situations you are “let off the hook” with a big sigh of relief...


You’re in trouble and will suffer the consequences. These consequences will be in proportion to what you have done, or neglected to do. 

This is why Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma. What goes around comes around, and it’s Saturn’s job to make sure of it. 

In your personal life, Saturn represents the boundaries you set and the structures you live by. If you have taken the last three years to build yourself a quality structure and you get your life. together, then Saturn will reward you.  

If the structures you’ve built are on shaky foundations, Saturn will surely test them to see if they crumble. If you’ve set poor boundaries with others now, it may come back to haunt you. If your boundaries are firm yet comfortable, you’ll have the tools you need to get through this transit with ease. 

In other words, Saturn is the Big Bad Wolf, and you are one of the three little pigs. When Saturn huffs and puffs, will your house get blown down?  

Our Structures Will Be Tested Over The Next Four Months 

Saturn is retrograding from 1 degree Aquarius, back into 25 degrees Capricorn – the sign Saturn has been in since December 19th 2017. 

This means that whatever projects and initiatives we started back then are due for one last check in to make sure you are doing it right. It could mean continuing what you are doing now, or destroying the old to start anew. 

Saturn begins his retrograde patrol at the first degree of Aquarius. Saturn entered Aquarius on March 23rd of this year, so any issues with your responsibilities that you have been dealing with since then will be the first concerns to be addressed. 

(Note: You might have an idea of what this conflict could be for you, as we covered it in my previous horoscope when Saturn clashed with Uranus last month.)

Saturn retrograding suggests that you’ve chosen your path of how you are going to handle this issue, and now there is no going back. 

This issue will be re-examined throughout the next month, as Saturn will be revisiting his path through Aquarius, until June 16th. 

After that, it’s back into Capricorn, where it’s time to tie up more loose ends. 

In Capricorn, Saturn is focused on resources, organization and infrastructure. This means getting all of your legal and financial matters in order before you can truly move forward with the life you have built for yourself. 

If you have worked hard and selflessly over the past few years, Saturn will reward you. Business structures will undergo major changes, and this could be your chance to get a promotion.  

If you’ve been selfish and focused on your own gain, – or even abused the process of authority to your advantage, you will face the music and be forced to change your ways. 

Just like a good boss, Saturn will be fair, but expect you to play by the rules. 

It’s Time To Play “Saturn Say”

The secret to prospering through a Saturn retrograde is to learn how to play Saturn Says. 

Do you remember the game Simon Says?  We all played it as children. 

Well, this game is almost the same – except the consequences are real. 

This is a time to come to terms with the structures and boundaries you cannot control, yet must abide by. When you pay attention to these boundaries, you’re doing what Saturn Says.

If Saturn says to do your taxes, do your taxes. If Saturn says it’s time for a full house cleaning, then get your mop and bucket.

 If Saturn says go to the dentist, schedule an appointment. If you are tempted to invest your savings into a high risk venture, be careful that it is not at the expense of your duties, responsibilities or necessary tasks. Saturn won’t like that. It’s not what Saturn Says.

You will learn a lot about how you deal with authority and responsibility during this time. Just be sure you know when to put down your swords and surrender. Don’t bang your head against a steel door. It won’t get you where you want to be. 

What To Watch Out For During This Saturn Retrograde

One of the most common influences of a Saturn retrograde is for our own negative Saturn traits to creep into our personalities. 

Depression and anxiety are even more common during this Saturn Retrograde due to an influence of a fixed star called Altair that is known for mental psychosis, pain and suffering. It’s an adds a dose of extreme isolation, which is fitting as we have all been stuck at home due to Covid19.  

The forced concept of social distancing is very archetypal of Saturn in retrograde, and will likely be enforced to the point of overkill. Socially, we will be making many changes in the way we physically do things together. I wouldn’t expect the restrictions to be fully lifted any time soon. 

If you’ve been experiencing psychological issues, they may come to a climax over this time. Painful memories from your past can be triggered at this time so make sure to give yourself a way to cope with it ahead of time. Consider joining an online support group, find a counselor that you can schedule remote sessions with, and get out in nature wherever you can.

Take extra care of your body and health now as it may be tested over the next coming months. If you find yourself in a negative headspace, do something you know will help ground you and reset your emotions. If you plan to counter stress ahead of time, it becomes much easier to manage. 

Building A New Foundation On September 29th 2020

After a long journey away from his desk, the boss will be coming home to see how well you’ve been taking care of your responsibilities.  


You can expect a major reality check on or around September 29th. If you’ve been taking care of business, you’ll have a brand new path laid out before you. The conflicts you’ve been experiencing over projects started at the end of 2017 will find resolution. 


But we won’t be out of the woods yet. 


Saturn will still be in Capricorn for another three months. However, we can all look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel, when Saturn leaves Capricorn on December 18th. It won’t return to this placement for another 30 years. 


This also means it’s critical that you handle your Saturn in Capricorn issues of financial and work related responsibilities, because you won’t get another chance for nearly three decades. 


It’s time to buckle down. You will be very glad you did come September. Although this is a fairly astrological heavy influence, don’t worry.  Everything will work out in your favor as long as you are dynamic enough to pay attention to Saturn’s boundaries and change your course when necessary to ride this wave through.  


With Love,


Angel Adams

Angel Adams

About Angel Adams

Angel Adams made Classical Astrology a part of his life 15 years ago, and has lived by the stars ever since. After reading thousands of charts, personally and professionally, he’s turned to writing horoscopes to help you navigate through the best (and worst) of times. Follow Angel Adams for more horoscopes, and please leave him a comment below!


  • Brenda says:

    In 2017 it was a very hard year for me,my mother was heavy,her partner had been sentenced to jail.my other two siblings we’re in the mental hospital .we don’t have a helper I was multi tasking,visiting those sick people, going to prison helping this heavy woman at the same period I had taken interest in a vegetable growing and it was boosting I was making some money.but the next year I just gave up and lost interest I was so stressed but I wasn’t doing anything big really but this Saturn has really spoken to because I was planning to start all over my vegetables growing this time with a variety of fruits am so surprised it has spoken to me a lot but I usually don’t put my energy into the bad things people do to me iam more focused on my growth nowadays. Thx

  • Bob says:

    What are you talking about?????????.

  • Iceis says:

    Adding to my comment below my birthday is Sept 30th .. the last day is the day BEFORE MY BDAY

  • Iceis says:

    This is bizaare. I have always felt a strong connection to Saturn and just this Saturday May 10th I bought 2 necklace with Saturn on it. I am actually wearing one now. I bought another one the same day and it’s blue crystal… I’m waiting to wear that on a special occasion And when I saw the start date at the beginning of this article it’s the same exact date I bought that necklace. I just find it so bizarre that for the last couple years I have been so enlightened spiritually that I can’t even believe it. to everybody this is so enchanting.

  • Kerry Stevens says:

    I have just finished reading the report and it makes a lot of sense. I was born with Saturn in Capricorn all one it’s lonesome and Jupiter conjunct Venus in Capricorn. Born a Scorpio. I went into 1st Saturn Return in my late 20’s. I found out that if someone is doing things like the performing arts it takes the edge off the transit. I also found out that the “Ancients” deducted that we must pass through the rings of Saturn and our reaction to it will determine our future. If one is sensitive the first Saturn Return can actually start as early as 26 right up to 33-34 years old. After I read of the upcoming transit I was over the moon. Being able to refine myself even more and calibrate what’s happening as Saturn once again like an onion will peal off anything that the Universe senses as unwanted. I understand there is a Pluto retrograde and a Jupiter Retrograde as well. It’s like looking over your shoulder when reversing your car instead of relying on rear view camera. This is an era of change, positive intention listening to one’s body. We can use the mind as a tool. If not it will tell you how to run your life. I listened to my body and became a vegan. Anger, Confusion, sense of entitlement is not you. It’s not revisiting the past it’s recapturing “you”. Love. laugh. hug yourself it’s OK to be silly. Be loved. BE BLESSED. Be Free.

  • Bob says:

    End of 2017 sux like every year before i have seen nothing as not even a pat on the back nothing that wasn’t earned. I wouldn’t know where or what to do not interested in love friends or family feels like all bridges where burned from the other end because of their inaccurate negative perceptions of me and I’m not interested in making any more effort for anyone. Peoples pathetic games have wasted years of time and achieved minimalist rewards for knowledge already understood. The next 3 months better show something epic because i am quite happy to delete or rest the whole situation.

    Maybe we all need to think of something progressive to the situation to say to move forward from this point clearly I’m done. So maybe you should take a step forward because I’m sick of walking alone while committed to so much. FTW

    True feelings not a reaction. FTW

  • Donna DeNudt says:

    I began writing a book at the end of 2017. I sent a proposal for that book to a writers workshop contest and will find out if it gets published by Hay House in June. So exciting!!!!

  • Yes 2017 I worked on my spirituality. Infact when I read about the work of the Saturn which started 10th may has affected my financial sector which has blocked some benefit which I have to get which has delayed un till now .What can I do to get it back? Thank you for the reading you shared with us.
    Kwadwo Boakye paul.

  • Cynthia P. says:

    During 2017, I started a business up selling ladies handbags, jewelry and clothing. I started having a lot of health issues due to being a 3 time Cancer Survivor. I’ve had major heart issues and anxiety attacks and a lot of other things going wrong with me since I have had cancer, I have fought some depression along the way and that didn’t help either. Divorce my husband in 2004, that was the smartest thing I ever did in my life, should have done it way before I did. But that’s the story of my life.

  • Esther says:

    At he end of 2017 I was recovering another deepened heartbreak from learning my estranged daughter gave birth to my granddaughter at the end of July. I had gone through rounds of chemo for Hodgkins Lymphoma earlier in the year (tumor in my chest near my heart). I was trying to keep a positive mindset and find routines for myself, work at finding side jobs, rest, recover, look for affordable places to live. I end up sofa surfing and moving every 4 months or so from one friends place to the next as I had used up my retirement savings to recover from chemo treatment and live (sure, healthcare/cancer care in Canada is free but the recovery is not)
    I was just busy regrouping and figuring out “what next” so I’m not sure if ” whatever I was doing at the end of 2017 needs to be completed? I haven’t had a whole lot luck in life, yet I’m still plugging along admist lockdown, quarantines social distancing (so much practice from estrangement and immunity ranked during chemo)…
    If anything, I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised and welcome miracles in love, finances, return of my daughters relationship, meet my granddaughter and get on with the life actually meant for me not this nearly half dead, broke and homeless business.

  • James says:

    End of 2017 I were trying to cope as I were just released from police holding cells and June 2018 I registered a company which I am presently want it to operate.Am eager to be fully on feet being a boss of my own.

  • Jennifer says:

    The end of 2017 i “thought” life was good. I lost my son january of 2018, my brother in law in febuary and my aunt in july. My boyfriend and i went back and forth for over a year, i left the job that i loved, i was lost. I made bad choices and decisions, however, It is finally changing for the better. I went back to work at the place i love most, have made amends with people i love, moved back to my hometown, and i have met a wonderful guy just this week. I know by receiving this reading that i am back to the person I once was, i am not loaded down with negative, i am doing all the things that I am supposed to. Life is coming full circle in the positive way. I am so glad that i chose to do the right things so now i can smile more and send my good and happiness out into the universe. Thank you!

  • Prince says:

    I have been in the construction industry since February 2017 to January 2020. I’m now about to start my own business which I’m planning on investing some money into my business. All these years I’ve been trying to live the life I’ve always wanted but due to some obstacles that came my way, I haven’t been able to live that life I’ve always wanted but I know the universe will surely grant me that life I truly deserve.

  • Irene Pearlman says:

    Before the end of 2017 my Brother Clarence passed on Mother’s Day; then our Mother Sarah passed 5 months later. Now I’m living with my Brothers family which consist 4 adults, one teenager, 3 children, 2 dogs and a cat, beside myself. Proud 2 are Registered Nurses and 1 CNA. Family keeps me busy and grounded. Major project redoing the Kitchen and growing vegetables. Soon we’ll plant flowers for our hanging planters. And children have on line classes each day. We all love and help each other.

  • The end of 2017 I became certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader. Grateful I retired in 2018 and started teaching Laughter Yoga around the USA and international. Had so much fun teaching and watching people feel happy and joyful about themselves. Encouraged me to become certified at a higher level as a Laughter Yoga teacher. With Laughter Yoga, no need to joke. Just laugh. Just have fun. Watched loving myself and smiling automatically. Wow! reducing stress when I laugh. Helps the immune system and oxygen. Laughing knocked on my life’s door and joy opened it and peace invited let it to stay for the rest of my life.

  • Jennifer Nelson says:

    In late October 2017 I was drawn to an investment opportunity that came to me in such a way that I felt certain at the time that it was fate. Things were forecasted to be fully successful by the end of 2019 but then covid 19 hit. The investment was to help produce and launch a product I believed in 2017 would advance our world in food production and healthcare, which is exactly what we all need today! I am still hopeful this will happen. I find myself caught in limbo about the financial risk and how much I know this product will help change so many lives for the better moving forward, because nothing seems to be moving at all anymore. It doesn’t seem right wishing for the financial success this launch would bring so I’ve been focusing on the energy surrounding the advance in technology instead. However, I’m a bit concerned that by not focusing on the financial gain anymore I might be blocking that from manifesting? I am heavily invested in this project and locked in until completion, but there is something telling me not to focus on the money aspect. I’m so confused! It feels like money isn’t money anymore but we still do need it to live. I’m not a shallow person, I invested in this product because I believe strongly in it and the massive positive change it can bring to the world, and this pandemic has only strengthened all that. How can I not know what to wish for? What is causing my confusion and is that blocking this manifestation? Kind of feel like I’m floating lithelessly in space right now. No idea what to think anymore but I do want this product to be all I dreamed it could be to the world ✨✨

  • Molly says:

    My divorce was finalized in July 2017. By September my ex, who had been horribly abusive, found that he had a bleeding golf ball sized tumor in the core of his brain stem, which explained a lot but not all. I spent the end of 2017 nurturing him so that he was able to survive life saving surgery to extract the tumor from his brain. He did not change his ways while he recovered, though. I spent the next two years working on self care and recovery. I found a good job, became much more active and independent in my community, and worked hard on regaining my own health. Even though he is the one who chose to walk away, he has consistently tried to bully and manipulate his way back into my home and life. This reading is particularly exciting for me because i am more than ready for him to be taken away from me. I have recently started a wonderful new relationship with a man who makes me believe that God truly does custom answer prayers. I am ready to buckle down and invest any work needed to make this new relationship last long term. I cannot wait to step into the future that I have worked so hard for.

  • Jadelle says:

    At the end of 2017 I was working on researching Aquaponics, though at that time it was for 5.5 acres of farm land that involved a summer camp for kids and now I want to use it for urban communities such as assisted living facilities. I am wanting a particular organization to allow me to do a pilot program since no one else is doing anything like this. I am in the process of putting a letter together, project plan and financial outlook of expenses. Trying to decide if a percent of completion contract with payment phases is the way to go to get paid. I am also battling a case of strep throat and fever right now, single mom 2 kids no choice, must complete. Please send your positive vibes my way.. I have worked so hard and really need this to take.

  • At the end of 2017, I had attained great success in my career that I worked for almost 19 years. My largest quarterly bonus but then the bottom completely fell out. All the operations and treatments I had for cancer, disabled me. I had to leave my career. Since, I’ve watched my financial situation spin out and trying to survive on much less. Another failed relationship occurred in the past year. If I upset karma, which is not me, then how long before I can know what I can do now, alone. I’m at a stagnant stage, I wish I could work but now it’s nearly physically impossible. I feel like I am at the bottom and don’t feel confident in my choices anymore in relationships, finances, and who I was and am now. It’s been rough. I’m afraid Saturn will make it rougher, the rug was being pulled out from under me starting December 2017. Will the free-falling continue with more wrath and pain?

  • Sue says:

    Towards the end of 2015 I was a member of a open circle, I loved it and felt happier than I had for a long time, it then ended and I rejoined another open circle in 2016 again I loved it and made some wonderful like minded friends. In 2017 things changed my lovely Spiritual teacher was not well , had an operation which didn’t go well, towards the end of 2017 , she started an closed circle ,five of us including Carol in her home . I loved it all over again , but poor Carol’s health was not good and the times we did meet were fab , and Carol was a fantastic teacher and friend, but our evenings few , but Carol started a healing circle on a particular day and time and we all sat in our homes and sent healing to whoever needed it and then residue energy sent around the world to areas that needed it, I love that feeling of working with Spirit and Angels on a love vibration for healing ,and giving messages which I believe is also healing. Carol passed recently , I feel lost , i arranged healing circle for Carol ,but worried I won’t feel confident enough , as Carol was always there for advice. I’m hoping September will be kind and I have done enough

  • Lori says:

    Thank you for the insightful reading. My journey in 2017 was leaving an 18.5 year relationship and beating cancer. The last few years have been a struggle, but I believe it will soon turn the corner to something better and fulfilling. I look forward to continued guidance.

  • Kat Wells says:

    In 2017 I wrote my first song I didn’t actually record until the end of the year around November. Now three years later I’m still making music but I am now deciding to learn to record myself so that I can be more in control of what I’m doing . So in a way I see how I’m revising my way of doing the thing I started in 2017. I’m nervous about the whole “only looking out for self “ part. I think I do that a lot . I’m not a bad person I just don’t trust ppl and tend to be alone . I also recently rekindled the relationship I was in in 2917. We’ve gotten pretty close over the last couple of weeks. And I am wondering if it’s just bc of quarantine lol . And whether we could be good for each other . I’m definitely feeling the effects of these transits.

  • Dianne Lorg says:

    At the end of 2017 i wasn’t in the middle of anything. I am newly divorced with No direction. All I know is I have to leave this County it’s been Toxic since I’ve moved here 35 years ago. I can’t go back to my home state because I could never afford to live there, Long Island, New York. Not when I am on SS Disability.My 3 adult abandon me just about all at once. Two of them owe me a lot of money that I really need. But they never will. I rely on my crystals to have money come my way. Maybe win Publisher’s Clearing House. I’ve been entering there sweepstakes for 38 years. I can fell it Coming

    thank you for your reading. Yes my life sucks. But I’m Findings my self.

  • Paula J Bauman says:

    The end of 2017 I was working on learning to cope with the death of my husband. In2018 made preparations to move closer to my estranged son. Now trying to learn who I am & what should I do to learn to truly love myself.

    • Cynthia says:

      The end of 2017 I was working on the keto diet deeper meditation and collecting Seaglass. 2018 May I manifested my retired two bedroom trailer. Now I’m working really hard manifesting my spirituality to go on ascension when the shifts come in keeping my vibration high decluttering and taking really good care of myself getting grounded.

    • Cynthia says:

      The end of 2017 I was working on the keto diet deeper meditation and collecting Seaglass. 2018 May I manifested my retired two bedroom trailer. Now I’m working really hard manifesting my spirituality to go on ascension when the shifts come in keeping my vibration high decluttering and taking really good care of myself getting grounded.

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