Horoscope: New Moon in Taurus – Incoming Miracles

Hello loves,

Magic is here and ready when you are …

Wow, been receiving the intelligence inside my body as the New moon moves me — and even all that crumbled is held is safe space as I make way for the new …

Opening up the the energy lately is almost having to pinch myself because my heart is still weary …it says,

“Are you sure — REALLY?

I get to receive all the magic that has been culminating lately and fully receive it as I MAKE MORE ROOM?

What? I don’t have to be around souls who are not on the same path and I get to honor who I am?

Huh? Even in the crumbled towers — I am still worthy and able to receive if I so choose?

That I CAN undoubtedly receive this DREAM of offering my soul just as I already am and doing what I love, helping millions of people all over the world who need the specific medicine that only I can give?”


Then my whole body asks along with Spirit speaking in tow through my bones …

“Are you willing?

Are you willing to surrender and trust the unfolding?

Are you willing to see how much your light is needed in the world?”

Say to yourself…


I feel more than ever, to those awakening, we’re being asked to trust that all that you need is inside you and YES you can LIVE your dream NOW.

All your inner work, efforts, action, visualization, transformations and dedication to growth is about to pay off!

And at the same time, you have to do the work…

You have to hang around those on the same soul mission as you and live your dreams in the smallest ways RIGHT now — like even playfully and fully relishing the little moments.

Accepting how much your light is needed, even your pain and trauma is part of your sacred process and to drink your own medicine, rise through the unknown — straight through being with fully whatever it is you are going through.

Straight through your process. Your wounds, your blocks leading you to knowing more of what your purpose is on this planet and HOW exactly you are needed to shine your light …

Because we all have two paths to choose from:

The first goes where everyone else goes. The other is where you discover YOU and find your own sacred way.

That is what this energy brings for you today.

As you drink your own sacred medicine, sit with the ugly, reveal your own unique way, gift and pleasure your offering and process that is SO needed in the world to be seen.

As you see the unhealthy patterns in your family and use your creativity and heart to not pass down those unconscious patterns …

Knowing where you continuously suffer is where you continually choose shoes too small…

YES. You can feel it’s time to liberate yourself MORE and take the leap — and for those who haven’t yet, take the leap NOW!

I know this is a turning point for so many — honoring wherever you are, just as you are — high and low and using it all for higher good.

And first I want to recognize those who have been doing the work as magical things are starting to come together for you now …

Yes of course we’re all on different timelines so some may still be ending cycles, some planting new seeds, some may still learning who they are and what they want to plant, and some who have been doing the work for a long time and waiting for the greater fruition they’ve planted.

All in all I want to HONOR YOU for allowing yourself to make room for the miracle as you dive, sit and be with it all, straight into your heart and void.

I honor you and seeing you showing up in new places, listening to new music, diving into new books, surrounding yourself with like-soul tribes and being open to receiving more — straight through, even the unknown and uncomfortable— just your BEING in these simple moments IS medicine.

Yes. We’re all in some way moving through death, rebirth and a deeper “bigger picture” realization in some way.

The energy encourages you to trust being in your own body — feeling Source directly, sitting with feelings or life just as it is, face to face with truth and what YOU truly want as you unbury and embrace all of it, RIGHT NOW just as you are.

Making room NOW and showing up already whole NOW. You are worthy of love and receiving the New even in the breakdown…

Embrace truth — as it is, bubbling up showing you where you are distracting yourself from LIVING right NOW how you truly want to live.

Notice how you can step into your divinity, just as you are.

This is the energy allowing and physically landing the blessings that you have been doing the work, showing up, setting the table, preparing and envisioning for over a period of time…

Also if you’ve been stepping into your highest timelines ever — the energy of the new astrological year birthed back in March is now more palpable …

It’s all blossoming the more you’ve cleared and made the space… the more you are aligning with your soul, embodying it’s deeper truth, redirecting your being, your movements and reframing thinking towards new experiences.

Trust that until you learn to keep you heart open when it hurts — you can never know what is outside the “unknown” of your hurt, pain or trauma.

Some major patterns that are truly blocking your way forward are becoming more visible and this IS your sacred way forward.

New Moon May 4 at 14° Taurus

The collapsing towers may fall, but only so that your Castle may be restored. The shoes you wear are too small, and must go so you have room to grow!

If there’s anything immediate to be seen in these areas during this time, this Taurus New Moon is likely to reveal it.

Life is moving you where you are destined to go and OUT of what you’ve now outgrown…

Healing happens in layers. Allow this current transformation to occur. The next STEP of your journey is calling you.

This New Moon is a tremendous conduit for bringing down the energetic into the ground of practical manifestation…

It’s time for you to leverage the already existing power inside you, instead of being swept along by it as your level of integrity, discipline and creativity will determine your reality more than ever…

There is great power for personal evolution and closing out old karmic patterns from the triple conjunction of Pluto/Saturn/South Node of Fate all retrograde in earth sign Capricorn …

Along with Awakening Uranus at 3 degrees Taurus aligned with the hierophant Jupiter during his reflective retrograde, which makes sudden insights and a view of the big picture unavoidable …

Transparency, authenticity and openness are VITAL keys at this time if you want to allow grace and thrive — instead of “try to survive…”

Yes. Stop charging the old. What you stop doing, detangle and eliminate is just as important as what you keep.

Radical simplicity is your friend right now. Stand up to the mic spontaneously. Dance in the street. Allow the heat.

Make a bid for the power of your gifts and talents. Find your authentic voice. Cultivate your creative vision.

For example, you can produce a product or service that you are compelled to offer because you feel in your heart that it’s the right thing to do.

You can stream it to those who are capable of collaborating with you and are willing to consciously contract with you.

Time to trust in the big picture. Surrender and release the stress so you can work smarter not harder.

And working smarter is what this current time period is about. After all, what can we truly enjoy if we are stretched too thin?

Because this is all about truly embodying truth, the physical, the energetic, the spiritual YOU JUST AS YOU ARE …

Okay before I go on with the rest of the update, I feel Spirit reminding me to acknowledge the good more often and so I want to SEE YOU and I want you to recognize yourself.

I want to SEE the ones who have been doing the work, because Not everyone is putting in the work like you are …

And I know more of you are releasing, liberating, stepping into you healthy boundaries and reclaiming your power more than ever …

I see you stepping into your light even when you’re afraid and lining up with your true essence…

This is your confirmation love, don’t give up. This is where you truly grow spiritually, in this wide-open, vast space of the unknown.


I want to recognize you as I see you expanding from a deeper level within …

I see you accepting yourself just as you are, and fully feeling ALL of it — even honoring the low.

I see the magic and miracles surrounding you as you fearlessly break new ground doing what you’ve never done …

I see you allowing the collapsing towers to fall and burn, as you then plant seeds in its ashes …

I see you being in your own skin … being okay when you need to “root down” and remember who you are …

I see you being open to receiving MORE, straight through knowing that showing up ALL in and giving all of your heart doesn’t require your suffering — only your attention.

I see you no longer avoiding your triggers, see you moving through the pain, the pattern, story as you walk through to a new and different ending…

I see how you’re recognizing how valuable it is to stay in your own field and not reach outside of it for any reason!

I see you more in the mindset of expecting something unexpected to happen — like a sudden movement, new way, opportunity, understanding or shift …

Seeing you loosen up for the miracle and how it should go as relish more moments and little miracles along the way ..

I see you finding your own sacred unique path because you have something DESPERATELY needed to give the world — and Spirit is asking you to devote to the process.

Perhaps it’s wise to remember the wisdom that can only flow when you fully surrender beyond the mind’s grasping control…

The Power Of Surrender

The energy of this New Moon wants you to surrender in a way that empowers you…

When you surrender, you reconcile yourself to what you can no longer fix, change or chase.

That’s when you begin to set the table, the stage, the motion and sequence of events in a whole new direction.

Usually it takes these fixed inevitables, the old towers to crumble, to free you from what you have previously created and become identified within.

This is the tower moment(s) of removing everything and everyone who’s vibration doesn’t match where you are going…

And as you trust what is crumbling, has crumbled or is about to crumble, you make room for more light.

And slowly within arises grace, a blessing, a gift that could not arise in an easier light. You realise what carries you through and what stops you.

You peel the onion of that core lesson springboarding you into an entirely new place of existence…

Because at the center of the void— the pain and drama is the greater wisdom and vision of your sacred way, your essential path and at a level that goes beyond anything you could have dreamed up when you were all entangled.

You are here to evolve your soul and crack through the collective and ancestral codes that are holding you back as you hold your torch up for us all.

Whether you continue to distract yourself or not, all is rising to the surface. You cannot remain the same, you are being shown a higher calling.

It’s all up to you to step into the magic inside you…

Taking Off The Mask (Before It Falls Away)

As we move through the powerful energy of deep transformation, we’re faced with so much:

Wounds, realizations, fears, triggers — all of it leaving us feeling very uncertain at times in our own skin.

We are being asked to see things in the light of truth, without the veil of illusion.

We may question the value or purpose of certain people, events or situations that are bringing about such deep inquiry.

Why us, we ask? What is the reason for all of this?

During this profound shift, we’re shown places that are raw, not to destroy us, but to be the catalyst for great change.

The flames are not here to consume you, but to resurrect you. It’s not about forever being broken and always needing to be healed. It’s about revealing what you must do, drinking your medicine and way forward.

I feel too many keep seeking “a way” outside of themselves, but what we are all really reaching for is finding our own sacred way …

Even many are just reaching for a feeling — so feel. Don’t wait to feel or wait to show up…

Don’t wait to clear your energy or tell someone the truth or dance late at night in the kitchen.

Don’t be afraid of the IDEA of the fear, just FEEL it.

Don’t intellectualize your feelings, just be.

The energy now for the rest of the summer is going to be earth shattering for those still not being honest …

It will be tough for those still not honest with their feelings and wearing masks.

Stop being mentally afraid of “the thing” instead experiencing the thing straight through in your body.

We wear masks because we are afraid of pain – or truth – just as it is.

Thankfully I am seeing many Twins on a mass timeline awakening no longer avoiding the pain; many are now seeing Union not as a romantic fairy tale but as a process that happens within…

I am seeing the masses slowly shift into recognizing that Union is within, and then reflected in your outer reality…

So this means that many are stopped trying to make the union happen outside of them, and are now creating union within…

I am seeing you souls on the path see that reality is only your reflection of your consciousness and your inner state of being — you can’t change it from outside, you must go within.

Another example that this energy is widely calling out is how we are seeing our masculine essence — are we allowing our wholeness to shine through just as we are?

The old control and fear based masculine is collectively programmed, sold and installed via systematic abuse, is crumbling and very fragile because, again, it is unattainable and unsustainable.

Human beings are not intended to deny the truth “just as it is” inside their body and suppress their emotions indefinitely and to always be “certain, confident and unflinching”…

Over all the imbalance of energies as we know it are beginning to topple, exposing more than ever where we must end the war within and allow ourselves to trust we are already whole and worth it.

Trust The Unfolding

You deserve what is best. You are worthy. You matter. You are seen. You deserve. You are loved. Feel your blessings coming, feel their energy. It is Here. It is coming. It is happening…

Remember love — it’s right before you move into a higher frequency, is when you experience a collapsing of some sort…

Trust the crumbling as it’s only removing who or what doesn’t match where you’re now going as you make room for MORE of your light.

And at the same time surround yourself with more art, more nature and more work that inspires you — be in the very places that more often open up your heart, soul and mind.

Being around the soul family, beings and things that fuel you to feel more small joy and wonder…

Nature that calls you. Music that knows you. Art that melts you. Poetry, stories and travels bringing you through adventures and understandings …

Being around the very souls who make you laugh and encourage more of your souls already existing medicine and offering!

Those who make space for your deliciousness and eternal power within themselves and within you…

Those who can recognize your spiritual fire growing within and remind you that the power of your soul is greater than you think!

I know for many of you, you’ve come a LONG way since you began this journey…

Please know even through the deepest dark nights there is GREAT needed light within you — a torch that you must understand yourself so that you can hold your light up for us all…

The cosmos is really just offering you a window to gaze deeply into the WHOLE SELF so that you can restructure, reimagine and reinvent your Reality and how you choose to operate in it.

Don’t take the bait. Don’t numb. Don’t settle. Don’t get caged. Don’t lay back down and submit.

Stay with your feelings, stay in the fire, stay lit in your desires as you churn them out all the way through into creating and making your way and the next steps in front of you.

Don’t abandon them. Don’t trade them in for something easier to obtain. Don’t stifle or belittle them, bury them and hope they’ll go away because they won’t.

This is not the time to accept the easy life that’s been sold or “told to us” that we want. It’s time to find your own way…

This is YOUR TIME to surrender and open up to what you don’t know as you dig deep and ask the tough questions you’ve been avoiding …

MAKING more conscious room for what you want to grow in your life.

Opening up to possibility— not sucking it into a box that doesn’t fit, suffering, wearing shoes too small.

Yes! Daring to dream, to dance in the fire of your desire and dare to believe.

We’ve gotten so beaten down, we’ve forgotten how to really dream and receive with this childlike knowing that is ALL is possible.

As collective amnesia, we have forgotten the power of our own hearts — even the power of wonder …

So this may be the time for you of sitting down with everything on the table of where you want to go, how you want to be in the world, the things you are most interested in exploring before you die, and following this pull towards living the life you love — right now.

Even in the little joys and moments. Like so much of what we do, it’s a practice of choosing the path that rises to meet you each day —not on a whim but on the Real path that you follow with every fiber of your being…

Where you’re able to receive the new on your path, paying attention to everything along the way … the colors of the rocks, the slope of the land.

The sound of wind and water — the nooks, tangles of prickly, sweet blackberries and soft curves of moss around the rock…

Listening and feeling through the things you encounter, just as you meet them, just as they are, and as you evolve and grow, along the way…

That this “being present” to your own life in this way IS the way of finding your own sacred way…

Your Triggers Point To Where You Are Not Free

Allowing yourself to make room to the miracle as you dive into the unknown also means and this is a big one, to learn how to stabilize your heart in the open state.

Where there is fear, there is your task, so Mother it.

Mother the experience back into the light and know that stillness can be your superpower!

This is where you’re able to ‘sit’ in body awareness, watching raw thoughts/feelings rise up almost like you are being the watcher of the phenomenon instead of the subject, allowing for the bigger picture to rise…

Only in this magical cauldron of going straight into the void and magical “pivot point” can we see the threads of our conditioning and realized where a new pattern can unfold through our awareness.

Only when the towers are collapsing, dissolving and happening is when your heart (and ego) cracks open teaching you how to learn something deeper and new …

Learn how to honor truth energetically “just as it is” after YEARS of mentally denying what’s real inside your body.

Even if it feels strange, unknown, overwhelming and uncertain, or like you just aren’t sure how to move through it — TRUST.

Until you learn to keep our heart open when it hurts — you can never know TRUTH just as it is. Straight through, with all your heart.

Yes it’s scary. It’s scary to step into your light.

To realize your responsibility to owning your shine and how much humanity needs you at this time and state of our world…

To realizing the very ugly things you’ve been hiding IS actually about you finding your MAGIC …

What you have been hiding IS the path to knowing your own sacred way …

That you are a light and channel that’s so needed and that’s why you are going through what you are going through.

Trust. You are meant to shine your light if you are attracted to these messages.

Your body — your SOUL Remembers.

The process IS the way…

Divine guidance is available to everybody, and your body ALREADY HAS the capacity to connect with higher dimensions beyond the planes of power and duality, as you fully experience and translate them for your higher good.

This Is Alchemy

The triggers, the pain, the suffering, the “split” is your choice as it shows you it’s wisdom and TRUTH in every fully held and witnessed moment.

It’s shows you the cost of continually feeling your humanity is separate from your divinity and where you must OPEN MORE as you step into your light…

The irony of your evolving consciousness is noticing how much maturity, integrity, and authenticity is required – in order for your highest maturity, integrity, and authenticity to dawn…

It’s not about “killing the ego.” it’s about honoring what is “just as it is” as it returns home to light; your soul and back into integration of the whole.

When you are triggered, see the triggers for what they are, a confirmation that you are now moving forward.

When you’re breaking out of the lower vibrational timelines there will always be a grasping of people, behaviors and situations that show up…

DO NOT engage. Step into the sun and let go.

Judgement is only an addiction the outside world and when you stop judging everything and everyone you will feel free.

Don’t put your energy into counting what hasn’t arrived.

Trust your awakening is unfolding, perfectly, just as it is.


You are already whole, even in the breakdown. Love is here, even in the heartbreak. Spirit says it’s time to get out of the waiting game.

Peace is now, even in the drama. Don’t wait. You are powerful now JUST as you are …

Trust your process. You are a visionary for a reason. You have an imagination for a reason. Use your creativity to step into the magic that is here for you …

Everything is in fruition! So this is your sign to keep nurturing your vision knowing that things are beginning to happen.

I know it’s your turn. I know blessings are on their way to you. This is your confirmation.

There’s magic afoot, even if you can’t see it the way you’d expect..

I know many have been in the deepest dark of their lives and I know the warriors who are sitting with the truth, triggers and Know blessings are on their way to you…

YOU ARE OK. Trust the timing. Keep doing your work.

I just wanted you to remind you again how much you are SO deeply loved and needed in the world — even when you suffer and realize your shoes are too small …

Even when you’re upset, avoid your light, feel sad anxious or when you succumb to distraction …

Your light is so needed anyway even—ESPECIALLY the times when forget your own.

Even when you make excuses and seek validation — or when you’re impatient and lonely — that you are Holy, even in the mess…

Be grateful and don’t shut down your receptivity, movement and expansion.

Your triggers point you to where you are not free and your wounds lead YOU to knowing more of what your purpose is and why you are here on this planet:

Honor it. Know that this expansion often comes with deep sadness, grief and a tantrum of collapsing the towers that once distorted your essence as you peel your onion back to Source.

Honor all of it. You can honor being naked just as it is AND still make room for the miracle — there’s room for BOTH.

Trust your soul knows the way — your own sacred WAY that arrives the more you answer its calling …

Again. You’re not doing it wrong. Stop thinking. You’re not getting in the way. YOU Are The Way.

Whatever you are going through, whatever is happening, whatever is IN the way IS the way through …

Don’t you see, this is the process and your process IS the alchemical cauldron — straight through?

That your process, learning, offering, medicine and GIFT may also include the full spectrum of YOUR PAIN, ANGER or SADNESS and is that this also connected to your limitless joy, freedom and higher wisdom?

That this process is connected to what’s burning inside you to be offered and radiated into the world as the same medicine only YOU can offer AND that the world so desperately needs?

Please trust how much your awakening is needed in the world right now!

How much YOU being on this journey matters — even through towers crumbling, the truth, the pain and pressure …

How much you matter CHOOSING to step into your light as the towers crumble TRUSTING YOU ARE MEANT to RISE at this very sacred turning point time in history…

You are meant to have old karmic paradigms, loops, patterns and layers be released; you are meant to align within.

Because the more you release what isn’t for you — the more you align from within as you’re led by your soul.

The simpler the process gets. The more living your depth and what you came to this planet to offer feels like breathing …

Where your GREATER path opens up outside your peripheral in front of your aligned heart and footsteps …

Where you drink your own sacred medicine “step by step” inside of the process and trust the magic and offering inside you — aching to break through the shackles that bind you …

I know it’s scary — owning the fact that you are literal LIGHT inside of you that is becoming more and more aware of itself, knowing it has a bigger purpose inside you …

Because it’s time to stop hiding. The world needs you to know your worth …

It’s time to face your higher truth beyond the resistance and fear of stepping into the power and radiance of who you truly are …

Know your worth, hang with those who have the eyes to see your beauty and show the world how to love you, because …

It’s Your Time!

It’s your turn! Things you can’t even imagine are being aligned for you.

Things that are going to physically land that you don’t know how, yet they are on their way.

I imagine that their lots of little miracles starting to come together in your life in ways you can’t explain and it’s time to celebrate MORE these little rainbows…

You have been getting to know yourself and releasing so much of what’s been taking place within.

You have transformed and everything outside of you is aligning to what matches your inner world.

Believe in consecutive wins and constant blessings. Believe in sudden shifts and positive breakthroughs. Trust that it is happening for you right now.

No matter where you are or what kind of challenge you’re facing, it is still happening for you…

GO ALL IN and WIELD it in and out of every step no matter what.

The real path is the one you follow with every fibre of your being, as it changes and evolves.

Remember now is the time to trust your instincts and listen to the calling of your own soul as you step into your power…

As you heal the patterns you inherited and BE the one you are looking for — because owning your own magic truly is up to YOU.

No matter what you always have Two Paths: The one where everyone else goes, and leads to suffering.

And the other where you discover yourself, leading to freedom.

This is how you become who you really are…


CLAIM. Retrieve. Take the leap, love.

Trust you how much your awakening process, just as you are is needed and honor ALL of it, just as it is — it’s your way forward.

Trust you matter, trust you are seen, know you are loved and know you are worthy. Feel your seeds blossoming.

Remember: where you continually suffer is where you are trying to wear shoes too small.

Be willing to keep surrendering as you are making room for the miracle. Even when you feel alone and separate at times, know it’s just an illusion.

Keep going. This is your confirmation to trust yourself more than you ever have.

Let yourself reclaim who you truly are.

I trust in you <3

With Love,

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Pat says:

    thank you so much for your words. I was feeling down, relationship is questionable, but when I read your words, I felt lifted, just what I needed. I hope problems will work out, but if they don’t, I think I will still feel strong.. You are a comfort.

  • Jaydeas says:

    Thank you I’m really ready for it all thank you

  • Kelly Marr says:

    I so appreciate your knowledge and support. You put to words what I having been living! Thank you for your guidance & love. For giving me a solid , tangible and most indepth description of what it really entails and the reason for the illumination of this new path. Which is just exactly the new prayer I’ve added to my meditations.
    ..”Oh Gracious One of the Unseen World, watch over my humble self. Illuminate the new path of my destiny with your Devine Light, protect me! Words can’t convey how empowered your writing has made me feel, thank You thank Universe and thank Source!

    • LaShawnna Mitchell says:

      I really enjoy your words of inspiration and encouragement. I am currently on my journey learning, forgiving and letting go. Finding my trueself,and it’s always nice to read your words!@

  • ed Aryee says:

    I really enjoy ur blog thanks

  • Dot Herwehe says:

    These words resonate from deep within. What truth. Empowerment.
    It has been wonderful, painful, and amazing. The things you have been speaking of are spot on for what I have been realizing for the past week. Confirming returning to my true sekf.
    It is an honor to be present here and now.
    It is an honor to be blessed by your wisfom.
    Thank you.

  • Mindraa Harriet says:

    Thanks dear,very encouraged by your message. Will keep the good spirit going

  • Sara says:

    Thank you so much
    Thais message was it all for me … i have no doubt… ❤

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    Thank you Crystal! Your words are so encouraging and needed! Keep sending your light and love!

  • Stac says:

    Thank you Crystal for uplifting me and showing me the way ❤️

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank you for your messages Crystal, they are so beautiful and helpful, and they touch me deeply within.

  • yvette fontaine says:

    i thank you for the love and incouragement this is soooo true of me

  • Tatjana says:

    Thanks so much !

  • Lesley says:

    Thank you, Crystal Aryana,
    I so loved your message today. It spoke volumes. I feel so uplifted. I feel like I can conquer the world. I’m ready to make my dreams come true.
    You helped me to believe in myself. I am going to stop listening to those people who don’t want me to succeed.
    Thank you universe.
    Love from Lesley.

    • Mandi says:

      Thank you Crystal. Your words made me cry because I recognise myself here, lonely and impatient and feeling wrong for feeling what I’m feeling. I trust the process, I trust the Universe. My shoes are too small and I refuse to squash myself back into them. I’m going to dance barefoot in the May morning dew! Watch me grow! XX

    • jenn says:

      i’m just sitting in it… and it’s lovely

  • Melanie says:

    Thank you ,this information is just what’s needed to hear perfectly,Devine time
    Much grratitude
    Love and light

  • Rolando Martinez Egoavil says:

    Estimada Crystal.

    Es extraordinario la explicaciòn que haces; sin embargo en el caso mìo, yo soy ARIES. Nacì el

    31 de Marzo.-La semana pasada, te enviè un E.mail ,felicitàndote por tu narraciòn, pero me fue

    devuelto por ¨Undelivered ¨.-Seguirè comunicàndome contigo.

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    You are blessed. As it is I say, so shall it be. You have the best online e-mail horoscope currently on the market of the big wide web that I have seen.
    You have insight, direction, hope, optimism, and the only interactive card reading on hand that I have ever seen, or experienced as of yet.
    There is a Higher power. But there is only one highest power: but that walk is the hardest walk that any human could ever do. For every knee shall bend, and EVERY tongue confess that the Lord Jesus Christ Exists. I so Bless you In the Name and Blood of The Lord Jesus Christ in the Name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.l AMEN! No matter what as long as you have some humaneness in you there is hope. Faith is a gift if only you ask… But remember that the life walk in faith is not easy, it is the hardest walk to do.

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    I enjoy your readings . They have a lot of information & they are always encouraging.

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    I really enjoyed your blog! Thank you! It is so informative and just what I needed to hear!

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