Horoscope : Karmic Encounters Of The Third Kind | Saturn Retrogrades Into Capricorn

By June 30, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey there, it’s Luna!

Are you ready to buckle down and get to work over the next few months?

I hope so, because Saturn is in town, and unlike your real boss, Saturn can tell if you’re actually working hard, or just pretending 🙂 

In all seriousness though, right now is a powerful time that can support you in accomplishing meaningful goals. This is especially true for projects or responsibilities that you haven’t quite brought to completion yet.

Without further ado, let’s take a deeper look at the Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn, so you can find out how it will be affecting your life. 

The Taskmaster Returns  

Although Saturn has been in retrograde since May 11th, it was passing backward through the early degrees of Aquarius until today. Now, Saturn is back in Capricorn, and since Capricorn is the ruling sign of Saturn, we’re getting a double dose of workloads, duties, and responsibilities.  

The last time Saturn was at this position in the Zodiac was mid March. Think back to what was happening in your life then. What kind of obligations were keeping you busy? Did you take any steps to bring more stability into your life?

You can expect any new structures you built over the spring to be tested, and if they pass the test, they’ll be integrated into your life for good. 

Situations and relationships worthy of your dedication, that contribute to the stability of your life will become more permanent, while those that don’t measure up to your needs and standards will find their karmic completion and be released.

Expect these changes to be fully crystallized by December 17th, when Saturn completes its stay in Capricorn and moves into Aquarius without looking back.

From now until the end of September, when Saturn goes direct, you will be cosmically guided to make structural adjustments to any new foundations you started building in the spring.

Since restrictions from the pandemic don’t seem to be easing up soon, you will likely find yourself making the necessary arrangements to sustain your interrupted lifestyle and new priorities.

The Pandemic Blues

Earlier this year, in the midst of the pandemic, many of us found ourselves working harder than ever. Whether you were picking up the slack from a loss of co-workers, managing your own health, or taking care of your kids full time after the schools closed down, you probably saw your responsibilities multiplying in March and April. 

Now with a prolonged disruption to our schedules and daily lives on the horizon, we will need to make more long term adjustments in order to adapt to the current situation. 

Saturn retrograding in Capricorn will support you in making these changes. On a world scale, we will likely see a significant restructuring of government, laws, and businesses – all of which are ruled by Capricorn. 

While the world is busy figuring itself out, you will have a golden opportunity to make necessary adjustments that will increase the stability of your relationships, your work, and your life in general.

Tending Your Own Garden

This retrograde is a perfect time to get clear on your priorities, and figure out what is truly essential to invest your time and effort into. Where you dedicate your energy right now is important, because whatever you choose to focus on will determine the nature of your reward down the road. 

Think of what it’s like to plant a garden. If you work the soil, plant seeds and water them every day, eventually you’ll have big, juicy tomatoes or crunchy peas you can enjoy. This is how Saturn blesses us. We have to put in the work, but if we’re striving toward something we truly desire, the reward is worth the effort. 

Now think about that same garden, but imagine that you don’t water it enough, or you ignore deficiencies in the soil. Your garden won’t grow well, and when harvest time comes, you’ll only have a few tiny peas and an empty belly. This is how Saturn teaches us. The hard work we put in now saves us from hard times in the future. 

Use this retrograde period to notice where you are investing your energy and attention on a daily basis. Is it leading you toward the ultimate realization of an important goal or achievement? If not, then it’s time to identify what kind of work, activities and relationships contribute to your long term stability and happiness. 

You won’t have to worry about figuring all this out on your own. Saturn is prepared to send you destined encounters to help guide your way forward, and opportunities to clear old karma.

Karmic Encounters Of The Third Kind

What happens when you get a double dose of Saturn plus a retrograde? Lot’s of opportunities to clear karma!  

Based on both your sun sign and rising sign (if you know it), expect to experience karmic situations in the corresponding areas of your life:

Fire signs will feel the greatest karmic effect in the amount of work they have to do, or how much money they need to spend. Fire signs who have been working hard will receive financial rewards and recognition in the workplace. Those who haven’t been up to task will feel the deficit right now, but will also have an opportunity to make up for lost time.

Earth signs will experience karma around their attitude about life. This period is all about evaluating if they’re getting everything they want out of life. If they aren’t, they will have the opportunity to change course and forge a new beginning. The question for earth signs right now is: “How do I dedicate my energy in a way that gives me more pleasure and freedom?”

Air signs will have emotional karma to deal with. The structure of their inner world is undergoing a makeover. If they have a healthy relationship to their emotions, they will feel deeply fulfilled by their experiences now. If there is hidden turmoil and inner negativity, this will be brought out into the open so it can be purged and healed.

Water Signs will experience karma around their connections to others. This retrograde will help them determine if their social and personal relationships rest on a strong foundation, or if they need to be adjusted and reworked. If they have solid, meaningful relationships, these connections will bring them rewards. If not, there is an opportunity to restructure their approach toward relating to others.

Overall, this Saturn retrograde will allow you to receive rewards from your previous efforts, or be confronted with paying karmic debts. The people and situations you encounter now will help you become aware of what you need to pay attention to.

There are a couple minor transits today that I also wanted to share about with you. Since they are happening on the same day that Saturn enters Capricorn, they will have an additional significance throughout the next three months. 

Piercing Words Open Old Wounds

As a passing influence today, Mercury and Chiron will be in a stressful dynamic with each other. The result is that you may express yourself in a way that exposes another person’s vulnerabilities. 

On the flipside, you might experience old, painful memories come up as a result of something someone says to you. Sometimes it’s not even intentional. It could be an offhand comment made by a friend or partner that churns up a deep sensitivity.

The purpose of this transit is to bring the unhealed parts of ourselves to the surface, so that we can address our wounds from a new space of understanding and move forward from the past.

Sometimes we don’t even know how much of our past pain we’ve been dragging around with us. Chiron transits help you become aware of the pain that’s already there and transform it into wisdom.

Unconventional Solutions

Keep on the lookout for a ray of light in what is an otherwise serious day. The Sun and Uranus will be in harmony, and infusing the atmosphere with spontaneous optimism. 

This could mean that you come across a sudden opportunity that allows you to resolve your concerns in an unconventional way. You will likely feel more willing to adjust your approach to problem solving. If you do, you’ll find yourself moving in a direction you hadn’t expected, but you’ll find that works out surprisingly well.

Look for solutions outside of your standard options, and don’t be afraid to do things differently, if the opportunity arises.

While you spend the next three months checking your life for leaks and repairing your foundation, remember to take a break now and then, have fun, and appreciate everything that supports you. 

Your Cosmic Co-worker,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. What kind of karmic encounters have you been having? Drop me a note in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it! 

Luna Dragonwell

About Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to TarotReadingDaily.com, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Kenneth Mabry says:

    The last few wks have been like opening up the windows to my soul and tossing out the accumulated junk I no longer need , as if making room for something better. The last lunar eclipse was spectacular as it bathed me in purple, green, and gold light. I took selfies showing half my body purple,half green and buildings around me lit up green and purple by moon beams. For 2 days following this event, I saw green/purple auras around almost everyone and many items as well. I manifested $500 over a 4 day period , as if pulling money out of a magic hat. Same this past week, July 19-23, I have manifested $750 from places and people that have literally appeared unexpectedly. I have finally replaced all fear ,on all levels, with love and gratitude..and it has made a huge difference!

  • Kady Elizabeth Willmer says:

    The waves I’ve surfed over the last 3 weeks had me questioning if I was going to make it or not…but here I am. This reading resonates with me especially deep because I was able to connect with myself and come to the same conclusions, so reading this gave me validation of what I have been feeling.

    I didnt know which planets were where but I’m sitting in the full moon light as i type this. I thought that I could perhaps share my analysis and get your opinion?

    So my sun sign is cancerian and it was my 28th birthday on the 3rd. My moon sign is Leo and my rising sign is capricorn, what does this mean for me specially?

    I’d appreciate any guidance. Thank you. Best wishes.

  • Nina says:

    My karmic experience has been all about going within, checking back on me, myself and I – manifesting who I am and who I want to be in the future – relocating my true values, and self respect. I shouldn’t stay in bad relations, wether they are with men, family, friends. I am not Florence Nightingale, who needs to “help” grown men out of their misery – I don’t deserve their taking me for granted, I am worth so much more! I am worthy of love. And my karmic experience through the pandemic helped me sort out why I felt I was not truly worthy of a good relationship. I find myself calm and cool now, ready for all good that will enter my life. Finally ready to step up my personal game 🙂 I have a notebook now, and I take time every day to manifest 5 statements (all positive) on who I am, and another 5 statements of what I want (to work for). I got rid of my “taking me for granted-man” and experience a new romance on a completely different level – and I stopped falling in love with love; now I AM love. Feeling the changes in me and the people I treasure. I also started looking for a new job. Tarot Reading helps me stay focused on clarification!!!! – which I consider to be very helpful – so thank you! <3

  • Lone Faerch Mikkelsen says:

    Hello Luna. Your reading is very good, Changes are there and more, Lot of work. Thank you .

  • Ursita says:

    A twin flame that only hurt me

  • Interesting! I am trying to write stories about my life! Moving slow! Now we are just starting back up our Broadway Gymnastic School here in Los Angeles, Ca. which was a multi-million dollar business and we had just started our 40th year in business before the Wulong Virus hit! We are moving now on All fronts! Slowly to try and not make a mistake! We are one of the Gymnastics Centers in the State/Country that are following all the CDC and L A County Regulations! So we are feeling Optimistic!

  • Christina Lehua Alapai says:

    My life has been in a whirlwind and I can’t seen to breathe free from negative patterns in my. Also my relationship is on the verge of destruction as someone from my past has come back into my life. I’m really confused and can’t seem to make the right choices that’ll make me happy.

    • Hi Christina, sorry you’re going through this right now. Getting into nature for half a day or writing down all your thoughts can really help with getting clarity. Ironically, when we try hard to figure out the right answer it can sometimes make us feel more confused. If you can find a way to relax and bit and empty your mind, I bet the way forward in your situation will just pop into your mind!

  • Martha A Ruvalcaba says:

    Yes sweety im going thru mayor challenges in my relationship just found out that a person who nuture the hell out of me was because they raised him to be that way.that i was yet to see my reality its been hard seeing how much i wasent paying attention i was very passive.in my relationship for many years i didnt think i deserved something good so i settled just to live and it has damaged alot because it was all an ilusion i never built a solid structure and in these seven years is been starting over amd over and over and i went within and realixed that the imature child im dating is not a good match for me hes my soul mate but!!! We do not belief in the same values and morals and ethics .and with out being who i discovered who i am sweety im the queen of queens and based on all my trails and lesson and my lords teachings ive realized im living a life i dont belong in and im not bitter at all i love everything of it cause i can finely see my goals and future and my dreams im going after them with my right foot i choose my good side and i accept my shadow side cause i know is there but i choose to be evolving for humanity sake ready to recieve and be an equal to my self thank you god bless you guys for helping humanity

    • Hi Martha, what a beautiful message! Spoken like a true queen! So happy to hear you’re building a solid foundation for yourself out of your higher level of understanding.

  • Martha A Ruvalcaba says:

    Luna thank you so much is been a mission trying to learn all this beautiful stuff with a me too since i can remember everyday i look at the stars i feel like i belong in another world is so crazy but i love my ways of life i want to help humanity evolve i know im here for that reason i can not wait im so excitedand sweety i am going thru the pandemic blues sweety reason is cause i dont feelfree and im an air sign i feel trapped do to the dangers out there but i know the lord witch he is my univers i know hes helping me sweety figure this out thank you for your angelic help sweety.

  • Nia Lloyd says:

    Uncannily my karmic experience has begun on summer solstice day. Past ways and behaviours within relationships were really not working all my life. A new relationship arrived out of the blue during a pandemic! that I knew was coming. Some old ways were trying to reappear. Last night it became apparent what I needed to do. I hate confrontation of any kind but am going to face it head on by expressing MY feelings rather than nurturing his

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