Horoscope: Confusion Cloud Detected | Sun Square Neptune

By June 11, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey, it’s Angel,

How’ve you been? It’s been a wacky couple of weeks for us all, and today is just as wacky, just in a slightly different way.  

We are currently between eclipses, which is a highly volatile, malleable, and transformational influence that only adds to the confusing energy that is upon us now, and will be impacting us  throughout the weekend.  

In short, everyone needs time off, and this is a good time to take it.  

Today, the Sun comes into conflict with Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion, and fantasy… while at the same time… retrograding Venus shines a supportive smile at Chiron, the wounded healer.  The vibe of this combination is somber, lonesome, and insecure – with a dash of knowing it will be OK.  

This happens two days before Mars joins Neptune in the same degree of Pisces, adding more confusing energy to the mix this weekend (more on that later).

But fear not, friend.  We will get through these emotional rapids together by working through the energies, and understanding how they influence your life on a personal level.  

Sun square Neptune:  Deep Secrets Revealed

Each year, as the Sun makes his way around the zodiac, it comes into a 90 degree relationship with each planet.  This aspect is called a “square” not only for its “square angle” geometry, but also because the energy of each planet is “squaring off” and getting ready to duke it out.  

When the Sun squares Neptune, it shines a spotlight on the illusions in our lives, illuminating what’s been hidden in the dark (and probably hidden for good reason). Neptune is the planet of higher consciousness and illusion – both in a positive and negative sense.  

Creative expression, artwork, and mystical crafts of all kinds are akin to Neptune.  You can see glimpses of Neptune in artwork of all kinds.  Neptune is the seed of fantasy, imagination, and “that which could be, but is not real.”

However, illusion can also mean deception, disillusionment, and flat-out lies.  And, since we are dealing with a conflicting square to the Sun, we can expect more of the latter.  

Reality can feel like too much to deal with at this time.  You may feel drained, sluggish and unmotivated, ever-reaching to escape from, rather than engage with, your life.  You might be confused about something, someone, or where you stand in a situation.  Take a deep breath.  It’s not as bad as it may seem, even if you feel like things are not on solid ground.  

During this time, big secrets are known to come out into the open.  What information did you get today that made sense of a situation from your past?  What past tragedy, pain or unanswered question came back up today?  And what can you draw from your experience?  

There’s a heightened sensitivity in the air, so be careful with your words and with people.  Hurt feelings can leave a major impact on others, as they may have their own stories made up about what really happened, and why.  You might insult someone deeply with actions you thought were surface level.  

It’s also possible that you feel like someone has wronged you, and your sense of victimhood may be rising to the surface.  People may lean towards feeling like a martyr that has sacrificed everything, or lost everything due to a “bad person who did bad things to them”… when in reality, they played the very hand that created the situation.

Another way this energy may manifest is by over-idealizing someone or something in a way that is bad for you later on.  It’s easy to see the world through rose colored glasses now – which is fine in the right environment.  But it can be dangerous if you put your trust in the wrong people now, which is easy to do.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  

Lies are going to be exposed now, whether it be you getting caught covering your tracks, or someone deceiving you into believing something false.  Self delusion can happen without you realizing it for the next few days.  Be vigilant with yourself and don’t let your thoughts get the best of you.  This is not the time for get rich quick schemes of any kind.  

If you’re in a relationship, fidelity may become an issue.  How do you really feel about your lover?  How does your lover truly feel about you?  Questions like this may arise that make you both uncomfortable.  Do not cover lies with more lies, nor let your partner do the same.  But don’t jump to conclusions either.  This too will pass.  Let it flow like the river and wash itself away.  

And yes, Sun squaring Neptune is not the only influence now.  

Of course, we have to add retrograding Venus to the mix.

Venus Sextile Chiron:  Dancing With Pain

As you may already know, Venus is currently Retrograding through Gemini, as part of her retrograde cycle that comes around every two years.  

When a planet retrogrades, and comes into contact with another planet during that time, it transits the planet – not once, but a total of three times.  Once moving forward,  Once backwards.  And once moving forward again.  

This Venus Retrograde season, we see a sextile to the slow moving asteroid Chiron, also known as the Wounded Healer.  In mythology, Chiron was basically the head Doctor of the gods, and he was known to be immortal. However, Chiron got bit by an immortal snake, who’s immortal venom poisoned immortal Chiron – creating quite the juxtaposition where an immortal who should die, cannot die, and stays wounded for all eternity. 

Crazy right?  Well, in Astrology, Chiron represents the unhealed wounds inside us all.  Our most private, most intimate, and most vulnerable emotions – which also hold the potential to do the most damage.  Our childhood wounds of irrational pain, shame, insecurities, guilts, and self rejections all come into focus with Chiron.  He holds the key to our most private and fragile parts – even having a key as his symbol.

The first supportive contact between Venus and Chiron was on April 11th.  What emotionally fragile situations were you dealing with then that have recently come back around?  This wound is calling for attention now.  See what new ways you can heal yourself, even if you feel that the wound will never close.  Remember that once a wound becomes a scar, it’s even stronger than before and can bless you with resilience and wisdom for others.  

Pay attention to your situation surrounding your innermost insecurities then and now.  You will be revisiting them again on July 5th when Venus is direct and meets with Chiron again until July 8th.

A Double Whammy Of Uncertainty

Both transits happening at the same time creates a fog of confusion that seems to set over the world.  It’s a good day to rest and disappear into something healthy, not destructive.  

Avoid escaping into drugs and alcohol, over eating, binge-watching TV, or whatever it is you do to get away from reality for a while.  You might feel like running away from your problems, which leads to being dishonest with yourself, and with others.  Stay true to yourself now, and tell others how you really feel.  This is not the time to sugar coat things.  

Ask yourself:  Is someone lying to me now?  How have I been dishonest lately and what should I do to correct it?  The more you stick to the facts, the closer you get to the truth.  Do not let your fantasy-mind bring you down the wrong path.  You want to keep everything above board now, and avoid shady people or dishonest situations.  

The best way to cope with this misleading, melancholy energy is to do nothing.  Stop yourself from overreacting in situations, knowing that you are seeing things through a cloudy lens.  Instead, engulf yourself in creative work, even if that means writing poetry, drawing on a sketch pad, or pulling out a coloring book.  Neptune sparks creative fantasy, whether the influence is positive or negative.

Just try not to jump to unnecessary conclusions now.  Wait until later, when you have a more clear head, and hold off on any important negotiations or decisions until after this weekend.  Especially after Saturday, when Mars joins the party by joining Neptune at the same degree in Pisces (more on that later).  

 Most importantly, remember to lay low and recharge.  Life can be crazy sometimes, and it’s best to let the storm pass first.  You’ve got this, I trust in you.

With Love,

Angel Adams

P.S. What situation have you been dealing with where someone has been dishonest with you?  What secrets were revealed today?  Let me know in the comments below!

Angel Adams

About Angel Adams

Angel Adams made Classical Astrology a part of his life 15 years ago, and has lived by the stars ever since. After reading thousands of charts, personally and professionally, he’s turned to writing horoscopes to help you navigate through the best (and worst) of times. Follow Angel Adams for more horoscopes, and please leave him a comment below!


  • Sandra says:

    Today.. me feeling like my boyfriend is hiding truth from me.. same questions come back to over and over.. but then I always think.. how bad would it be.. if by any small percentage he really hadn’t known or had involvement in the catastrophic situation I feel I’m in.. that and the fact that i care so much for him and I expected forgiveness so how could I not offer that to him.. but, being a fool right now could have lasting consequences if he is lying.. there’s, that and also that I stress myself so much about reacting to the fear of being devieved by someone who I want so much for. I want him to be the wonderful good person that I can see inside.. him.

  • Lisa says:

    I was taking care of what I thought was a friend. I am sorry he has cancer, but he lied to me and told me stories that will never come true. Being dishonest with friends is the worst kind of pain you can feel. Unfortuninately now I am not sure who is my friend and do I really want to put myself out there for anyone ever again.
    I wish everyone was honest and truthful. Lies suck

  • Lauren Abraham says:

    My best friend is jealous of me

  • Amy Deberry says:

    Yes I believe ppl are lying to me and when I confronted them they got mad

  • Jennifer says:

    Husband’s long time lover contacted me today. So. Much. Mess. I feel both vindication and absolute defeat. My heart hurts most of all for our son, who is 7.

  • Dianne Guiffre says:

    What’s going to happen to me

  • Dianne Guiffre says:

    My X Husband was suppose to pay me the divorce settlement money on May 26th so I can get out of this Toxic House. Not to my surprise he DIDN’T HAVE THE MONEY. He thinks I should wait until October until he makes the money. This money should have been paid to me in Full on May 26th. There is no way in Hell I’m waiting until October. Today he should be served to pay me in full or Sell his Dream Home. To bad so sad. He took 16 years of my life. Being verbally abuse and not loving at all. I did my Best to Keep this marriage together. I refuse to be verbally abused again. We are divorce I WANT MY MONEY SO I CAN START MY SINGLE WONDERFUL LIFE.

  • jennifer says:

    After 18 years I have figured out I was never heard. Being with an alcoholic (had to be karmic from a previous life) for this long takes a toll but today he left for rehab and I have been set free. I have been on a healing journey for years now and his energy was not good to be around as he sucked my light but today for the first time in years I feel free. I finally can move on feeling that my karma has ended. So much betrayal. So many lies. As of today,
    I don’t have to do that anymore!! Yay me!

  • Edwin says:

    Hello angel thank you so much for the reading they really do help me alot and i get to learn so much…keep doing the great work you doing!

  • Shweta says:

    I am living in a marriage for the last 15 years with a man who doesn’t want to give me any security…emotional or financial nor love, care concern or commitment. After realizing it just hurts but I can’t seem to find a way out. Everyone thinks he is just great and I should not be demanding. It difficult to share personal details with everyone so I quietly live in this situation. Unfortunately, I have felt betrayed by my own mother too. So I have accepted my fate and stay busy with my work and my 2 kids.

    • Lisa says:


  • Rachel says:

    I don’t cheat and or lie, but……it seems to me that the men I have chosen to marry have this propensity. I was affected in childhood by my parent’s unfaithfulness and I was very hurt by this. So, basically, I haven’t really trusted the people I have loved. I like your advice and I think that it’s a great reminder of help me prepare for the unexpected. I have been isolating which is easy to do with everyone in a quasi quarentine (sp). But, I am not getting enough sleep. I am also having a medical complication from an unhealed broken arm. Feeling in limbo. I am in a disconnect with my spouse. And I don’t know why. I have a difficult time…should i be aware or should I beware?

  • Geo Rodz says:

    Someone I considered one of my best friends turned out to be super fake. He has been trying to mislead me into believing he likes me on another level. He started to bring his fiends to my house. I found out they have been using my home as a motel behind my back. Two of his girls tried seducing me knowing I like boys. The whole situation has been devastating. The guy I discovered, is a narcissist.

  • Carol Smith says:

    Husband of 25 years cheated multiple times…..I’m divorcing…time to be happy and satisfied in my life

    • Sandra says:

      Good for you. However make sure you’ve considered everything first.. because 1. If the shoe were on the other foot, would you want to be forgiven ?
      2. Is he truly sorry for his baeaviour? If he is, he will show you and he will knke that he needs to prove this to you. He will do it through actions rather than words and he will acknowledge that it’s now his job to rebuild trust and security back in you. Not yours!..

      Admitting what he did is actually very difficult and carries a lot of shame. It takes strength to talk to you about it. ( if he has) and even more so if he does love you because he will feel a broken heart not only for you but himself also.
      3. Was he going through a life crisis? Often people lack understanding surroundinh the emotional impact trauma can impose on brain function. A severe traumatic experience can result in a comolete physical shift of functioning in parts of our brain – particularly the part where our emotions are derived from. (scientifically proven through studies) the effects can be profound whereby emotional responses or (choices -as some like to refer) are complelty uncharacteristic. He may not even understand why he behaved in a certain way during a traumatic period. You should have a look at this if he indeed was going through something major.. However always remembering that whatever the reason for this issues, we still need to take responsibility.

      Anyway… just some food for thought as my first belief system from my early married years is that most often the grass across the road my look exciting and lush.. But often the view is better.. it more often than not likely drys out quickly, gets mud piles everywhere and has the ability to produce tons of bindis ha ha ha..
      Hope you work it out for the best for both of you.

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