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By June 26, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey it’s Angel…

Are you feeling it?

The gust of optimism and buoyancy that has filled the air?

Feels good, doesn’t it? Heck yeah, it does.

After 42 days of retrograde, Venus has completed her backward trek through Gemini, and has finally turned direct.

Now that we’ve cleared the way to move forward in our existing relationships, or open ourselves to new relationships entirely, there are a ton of fresh new insights for you to receive.

Now is the time to get clear on your retrograde lessons and see what you’ll take into your future and what you’ll discard.

In today’s horoscope, we’re going to look at the last 6 weeks of your life, examine the lessons, and see what new direction you are destined for.

So let’s dig in, shall we?

Venus In Gemini | Retrograde Recap

It’s been a time of upheaval for relationships since May 13th, when Venus went retrograde in hyper-communicative Gemini – a sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.

Venus in Gemini loves small bits of information, and wants to communicate for communication’s sake. Here, Venus is open minded, free spirited, and strongly independent. During the retrograde, we saw communication in relationships go haywire.

If it turns out that you really don’t communicate well in your relationships, this retrograde was here to show you how. Finger pointing became the norm, and true feelings were stuck inside.

Giving each other space became an issue, as well as setting boundaries. Tensions were heightened by the worldwide quarantine that “just so happened” to be in alignment with issues brought on by this specific retrograde.

Romantic relationships had it the worst, turning everyday conversations about the relationship into a battle of firing emotional arrows at each other.

Relationships that were not great to begin with found swift endings, while even the strongest relationships went through serious trials, barely making it through to the other side.

Gemini can be sharp in the tongue, and we found ourselves recalibrating our relationships with an undertone of accusatory vibes.

Amidst the muck, we found our relationship patterns staring at us in the face, and insights into what we need to change to find a balance between “me time” and “us time.”

Would it be easier with ESP? Yes, but if this Venus retrograde in Gemini has taught us anything, it’s that people won’t know what you are doing – or why you’re doing it – unless you TELL them.

In what parts of your relationship did you find out you could improve your communication?

Did you find a way to be clearer or more honest so you can let your partner know where you’re really at?

In what ways did your communication patterns change to make you a better partner?

Did you learn how to communicate your needs in better ways so they could be met without your feeling neglected?

Right now through the weekend the most potent chance you’ll have in the next year and a half to create changes, and make those changes stick. Be honest with yourself, and with your partner. Let them know exactly what is going on.

Venus Moves Direct: Lovers Unite & Ignite

In the Tarot, Gemini is represented by the 6th card in the Major Arcana: The Lovers.

It’s image depicts a man and woman standing opposite each other, with an angel between them transmitting divine messages from above.

The Lovers represent the innate duality of Gemini, and with Venus being the star of the day, there couldn’t be a more appropriate card.

This past Saturday, on June 20th, Venus entered the 5th degree of Gemini, which is the same degree she turned around in just last night, at 11:48 PM PST (2:48 AM EST). This was the same day as the Solar Eclipse in Cancer, adding a big dose of karmic fruition into your relationships.

This slow movement of Venus turning direct brings the planet’s energy to a boil, highlighting the true meaning of this retrograde in your life.

Have you found a way to reconcile your differences?  Have you met someone in the past week who’s made a major impact in your life? Has someone close to you made it clear that they need to go? Which interactions have set your heart and mind on fire? Which ones have pulled you down and drained your energy?

By now, the answers should be clear. If you know who these people are, then now is the time to take decisive action.

Venus will stay in the same 5th degree of Gemini until July 1st. Pay close attention to the clues you receive until then. They will spell out exactly what that action should be.

Clearing Out The Old To Welcome The New

Often times, with Gemini, there is a clear path to the old, juxtaposed with a new path yet to be traveled. With Gemini in Venus, this usually represents two romantic figures – one being an ex, and the other being someone new.

During the retrograde, many people found themselves dealing with their exes in a not so awesome way. It may have been someone from long ago who recently resurfaced, or a recent breakup that came to completion during this Venus retrograde.

If you know who in your life this person is, pull them up in your mind right now.

This is your chance to clear away old connections that no longer serve you. It’s also your chance to form incredible bonds with new people who are a far better reflection of where you’re at now, and where you’re headed in the future.

The relationships of your past are a reflection of who you were at that time. So much has changed in the last year and a half, that you are no longer the same person.

You no longer have the same needs and desires. Your ideas of connection have changed. The same is true for your partner.

Sometimes people grow together, and sometimes they grow apart. During the retrograde, you became clear on what you really want. You may have inadvertently set intentions for what you WANT after dealing with what you DON’T want in your current relationship, perhaps by direct comparison. Now, as Venus goes direct, those intentions begin to manifest themselves.

If you stay complacent and let things be “the way they are” then you will be stuck with the vibration of these decisions for the next year and a half. Choose wisely. You may choose to keep old connections that seem stressful or insecure, however, they cannot keep going the same way. Real changes must be made in order for things to continue.

While real changes may be possible in your current relationship, the best course (if you feel it in your heart) is to move on.

This may mean ending the relationship completely, or changing it in a way that there is more distance and you are less in each other’s lives. Gemini is 3rd house energy, the house of your local life. If someone does not fit into your local lifestyle, there’s no reason to force it. Some people are best loved at a distance.

While it may be difficult at first, you will feel much better, and lighter in your heart. Old wounds will finally begin to heal. Through your healing, you will make room for new potential partners who will set your heart on fire.

A New Kind Of Romance You Never Thought Possible

As we shift into this next 1 ½ year cycle, our entire concept of a quality relationship has changed. These past 6 weeks served as a harsh reminder of exactly what qualities you need in a relationship to be happy, which is likely much different than it was before.

As with everything Gemini, there’s a pattern of things coming in opposites. If you’ve been dealing with old and broken connections that need to end, it’s inevitable that you also have new and promising connections on the horizon. These connections reflect the new cycle in ways that you’ve never experienced.

What new ways have you found to move forward with your partner?  Who has become a new romantic interest that you didn’t expect recently? What new social situations have you encountered that may open the doors to great new friends? Have there been changes at work that put you in connection with new people that inspire you?

This energy can manifest the potential for a new kind of romantic relationship that you never thought was possible.  In Gemini, this manifests as a connection that is intellectually stimulating, opening new doors for your mind to explore.  There is an exciting feeling associated with Gemini, which will be the mark of relationships birthed during this new cycle.

If you’re in a relationship, this can mean you and your partner have come to terms and understand what each other needs to move forward.  If you’re single, anyone new you’ve come into contact with over the past week, or will meet by July 1st, may bring a breath of fresh air into your life.

​​After July 1st, Venus moves out of the 5th degree of Gemini and begins moving forward out of its shadow period. What plays out will feel like “the way it should have gone the first time.”

​​Stay open to new connections and be ruthless in releasing your past. Any baggage you bring forward past July 1st will likely stay with you for the duration of this new cycle. ​​If a relationship feels constricting and depleting, then move on. There’s no room for that in your life anymore.

​​If you meet someone new during this time, you will find that they offer you a glimpse into a much more appropriate connection for you. Regardless of where it goes, it will show you the kind of freedom and independence that Venus in Gemini wants you to have. This new kind of relationship is a reflection of the cycle to come.

If you are uncertain, look into your heart for answers while Venus is still in her direct station. The energy this weekend is ripe for emotional honesty within yourself.

Forward Heart-Felt March (Through August)

From July 1st until July 29th, Venus will be creeping back through the degrees she just retrograded through. This means the month of July will reflect the month of April (when she first trekked through Gemini) except this time, things will go the “right” way – the way they were supposed to go the first time.

In other words, you will have one more month of relationship karma to work through, but it will be much easier this time. The more you reflect on what you truly need moving forward, the easier time you will have in July as your relationship situation begins to smooth itself out. By the end of July, things will be even more clear, and the storm will have fully passed.

If you’ve been neglecting your friendships recently, be sure to call your closest friends and check in. If you’ve been dealing with a separation, try to have everything is finalized by July 28th. If you’re starting a new business, have everything mapped out by then.

If you’re starting a new relationship that’s formed during this time, give it a chance through July to see if it’s really right for you. Think of the next month as a buffer zone to make sure you make the right changes at the right time, as you fully integrate the lessons you’ve learned.

Your heart is opening now, wider than ever before. Do something beautiful for yourself this weekend to celebrate. It’s been a long retrograde road, and now that you’ve made it through, you’ve absolutely earned it.

You have so many blessings coming to you now, you have no idea. Have faith. Your world is about to change.

With Love,

Angel Adams

P.S. Who in your life do you need to cut away? And who are you welcoming with open arms? I don’t need names, but I’d love to hear how this direct station has affected your relationships!  Leave me a message below in the comment section and let me know 🙂

Angel Adams

About Angel Adams

Angel Adams made Classical Astrology a part of his life 15 years ago, and has lived by the stars ever since. After reading thousands of charts, personally and professionally, he’s turned to writing horoscopes to help you navigate through the best (and worst) of times. Follow Angel Adams for more horoscopes, and please leave him a comment below!


  • Madhu says:

    I met one guy in April 2020 on Matrimonial site and started chatting with each other online. Slowly slowly we started liking each other and he showed interest in me as a life partner. But till today we have not met each other face to face. He is expressing his love only online. He is telling he is faced tremendous loss in his business and trying to make the things alright therefore not in the good mood for personal meeting. He is waiting for right time. But I got frustrated for waiting for more than 2 years. Though I found him genuine. I also want to spend my rest of life with him but many obstacles are coming in our meeting. Dear Angel Adams sir can you kindly guide me how to come out from this situation? And when we will meet? and whether he is genuine to trust? Thanks a lot sir.

  • Ramona Raiwhara says:

    Kia ora from new Zealand.
    Wow wow wow so true the reading iv had huge drama in my relationship over the last 2 months. Well January I started to see n desire what I really want in our relationship. Yes throwing knives at each other wrecking our emotional selves. I was able to see what I want n don’t want. This month yesterday relationship ended. Theres amends to be made now. N materials to sort. I feel we are not finished fully I was not honest in ending it cos of rejection. I choose to leave this relationship for both our sanity.
    I have developed 2 new relationships being guiding friends in my recovery. Its fresh its new its deeper its awakening n uplifting its a new journey. I value my friendships today n tell them that. I don’t have a new partner I’m not looking I want to love myself as iv made decisions based on just the other person forgot about me n my kids.
    Today I will follow ur guide to make sure everything is clear b4 the end of July I am ready to move forward I am receiving blessings but challenges as well its all clearing the what does not serve me well n what I do really want. Greatful thank you

  • Jennifer Laughlin says:

    The person weighing me down has been my son. He has decided not to speak to me any more because of the misunderstandings. I thought that was unfortunate because he is the only person close to me Here where I live. But after reading your prediction maybe is best to keep a distance and move on. I met someone recently, on Facebook who is a friend of my brother and we have been in touch over the phone and texting. He was flirting with me but I fell head over heels for him, loved his voice and tone, plus he was very masculine good looking.So one day I left him a message and told him In a cheeky ay, how happy I was about our romance – he denied a romance and said few texts messages is not a romance. Long story short, we are still in touch but in a less flirtatious way. What ever comes out of this, it has given me strength to move on with new plans to open up my horizon and move on to new cities and people.

  • The guys that you kept seeing around me unappreciative unfriendliness degrades me. That’s my mom and therapist. My mom is depressive and has verbally abused and harassed me.
    She is a Leo and sometimes Leo and Triton at the same time.
    Thursday I went to my house after 3 months and I went awwwwwwwh as I got inside just to be there even for a few hours but definitely that laying on my bed there.
    Stress free, away from her, My house,
    It was so great

  • Edidiong Ekong says:

    I’ve been dating a guy since 2016 and it hasn’t been the most pleasant of relationships. We went apart this year when he said he had locked the door and thrown away the key for good. There is another guy in the picture which is the opposite of him but I find myself being pulled back into the old relationship. I’ve tried calling and he hasn’t even given me a listening ear, shuts me off at every instance and practically treats me like thrash. I dunno who I should let go and keep in my life. I hope I get clarity soon❤️

  • Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been going through it!..Some Ex’s,some new,a couple of them have potential to be “that one” ..My dilemma,is that I’ve just found out,there’s a word to define everything I’ve felt,from the first time I was asked out,to the mixed emotions about sex and,wanting Acceptance;cringing at the thought of a”sexual relationship “yet,liked the idea of being in love with someone…Turns out,every encounter with one of my Ex’s,brings on my menstrual cycle????… Oh,the word I’m referring to,is “A sexual” .

  • Charlee says:

    Met a great guy in April it fell apart around June 2nd and officially ended the 18th. I joked with him he took it the wrong way and couldn’t get over it. I really hope he realizes his mistake and contacts me soon. Hoping we have a new beginning.

  • angel, your guidance recently has been so spot-on and so accurate for my life it is unreal. You have shown me and helped me and shown me the light as so many situations that I have been able to make better decisions for myself there for helping others as well. You are a Godsend.

  • Holly says:

    Pretty accurate as I recently ended a relationship of 3 years but he doesnt want to let go and has been giving me a hard time begging for another chance. But I have met someone that I would like to see where things go…

  • Eschel says:

    So accurate to exactly what I have been experiencing and exactly how I feel I am journeying into my future
    I have finally settled all negativity caused by problem ex’s and I do feel much lighter and happier

    Thank you and I love reading these

  • Brittany Childre says:

    I’m finding these readings absolutely accurate. My husband and I of 7 years and two 5 year old special needs twins. We have currently separated. We are both scorpios but he is my polar opposite. A lot of challenges we’ve gone through and have now come to the realization that since we feed off each other and can’t support each other because we are both so unhappy as individuals and our daily work that we separated. I fear our future. I have serious trust issues I don’t know if I can see past and trust again. My insecurities I know play a huge roll in my trust issues. I’m scared to make a decision or fear I make the wrong one. I have to be a happy healthy mom and we co-parent like an awesome team. We right now are not good support for one another. I wish I had a magic wand to give me the right answer. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  • Geraldine says:

    Really impressed angel Adams…I cannot take my exe’s dismissive attitude anymore even though we friends but he chooses when it suits him to be responsive. I have finally last night gotten so tired of this and need to cut this as it is very exhausting.

  • Woe such a trip, been with my current bf for almost 10 chaotic years. Although the last 4 he has made significant changes I can’t seem to forgive him. I met a man 5 years ago during a time that I was at my lowest and my current bf abandoned me while I was struggling in all areas of my life. This other guy has come back into my life and I feel a joy I have never felt before. The timeline of this period falls right into the timeframe that has been played out. Things that we talk about keeps popping up right after we talk about it. Just weird clues. I always make the wrong choices for myself always giving myself less that I truly deserve. I’m not sure which path I must take, but i hope i choose the right one

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Angel,
      In March during a breakup from my boyfriend of 2 yrs I met a man who fit most of everything I wanted my ex to be. By text book definition he was perfect:hard working, great father, has goals, loving, polite, honest, trustworthy, and had a plan for us to move into the future together. Unfortunately we were missing one thing….passion. I am not sure if it was missing because we rushed being intimate because of the pandemic or it just isnt there. But I learned what I really want in a partner and know how to ask for it. Last month I choose to go back to my ex and try again with him. We had the passion is was missing. I am not wearing rose colored glasses anymore and I know now what I want for our relationship to get of its previous cycle. I have been better asking for what I want but we have one more thing to tackle. How we will move forward together as a couple and make a home for ourselves…..together. He seems to be happy letting me figure it out. And that is where I am regretting leaving the other man. He knew how to plan and include me in our future. I know I need to make a decision and I know I have to speak my truth and hopefully it will clear up afterwards. Thanks for the good information on how the stars are helping us move forward.

  • Giselle Delfi says:

    Hi Angel Adams, I want you to know that I am totally blown away. A couple of weeks ago I watched my ex who is now my room mate with a girl in his room laying together like we used to and it completely shattered my heart. That night I stayed out and my heart closed for him. Now on June 19th I receive a call from someone special whom I was unable to begin a relationship with 26 years ago. On June 20th we saw each other and decided to start a relationship but to take it slow. I felt myself come back to life and my heart has no more feelings towards my ex. This reading is on point and I’m excited to see how this relationship goes.

  • Raymond says:

    Me and my crush are not talking anymore. She pushed me away all of a sudden at the beginning of May and acted strangely. Without any reason she makes me feel miserable. Last week I tried to open up my feeling to her and she got mad. I tried to tell her that I love her and she doesn’t even reply. I just hope that this period things will work out, even though its seem almost impossible and I don’t even know why .

  • Wow, I really impressed how spot on my last reading was. I have been holding to a past relationship that in my heart I knew wasn’t making me happy and I needed to let go. I met someone new that I felt was someon6I should get to know and it has made me feel happier within and smile when I think of her. No matter what happens moving forward and putting the past behind is exactly what needed to happen. Thanks!

  • Nellz B says:

    The day after Venus technically turned direct, I finally heard back from an old friend who I’ve missed dearly and tried to reach out to several times. We were best friends in the past. Our friendship was broken for a whole decade (2010-2020), until today. Lots of catching up to do & some reconciliation, but it feels as though we never even split. So happy about this & feeling more excited than I’ve felt in a LONG time. Waiting until July 1st to see who/what else comes my way

  • Rogelio says:

    Rogelio says;
    June 27,2020..1:30am
    In the latter part of May, my fiancee and i spent a week and someday together and it was a disaster we went as far as to separate for about four days after which she continued to speak to me and we made up.. Little by little we have gotten back on track with me finally settling the rules of what I expect and need from this relationship.It seems to be going well we will see as July approaches and we are talking more..we live 150 miles apart and that added to the emotional stress between the two of us. But we spend a few minutes each day just letting each other know that we care ❤ and that helps tremendously. So Venus..yeah come on over and get my Lady and me into your bounty of Love!! Please!! Lol

  • Jane Mugero says:

    Yes Angel Adam’s I have someone new in my life and it’s like a fresh air to breath though I’m still trying to understand better,, really want a fresh start.

  • Rogelio Villanueva says:

    Rogelio says;
    June 27,2020..1:30am
    In the latter part of May, my fiancee and i spent a week and someday together and it was a disaster we went as far as to separate for about four days after which she continued to speak to me and we made up.. Little by little we have gotten back on track with me finally settling the rules of what I expect and need from this relationship.It seems to be going well we will see as July approaches and we are talking more..we live 150 miles apart and that added to the emotional stress between the two of us. But we spend a few minutes each day just letting each other know that we care ❤ and that helps tremendously. So Venus..yeah come on over and get my Lady and me into your bounty of Love!! Please!! Lol

  • Clarissa says:

    I need to be rid of my current bf. He brings to much negativity and lies.. I wanna do away with all of it

  • Dianne Guiffre says:

    I need to get away from my Toxic X we are stuck together until he gives me my divorce settlement money. It was due May 26th. I had to get a lawyer to make him pay me now. I never felt so trapped and what to start my SINGLE LIFE.

    • Nellz B says:

      Never been married but I know the feeling! Don’t worry things will all work out in your favor. Timing, the right timing, is everything.

  • Daryl Sutton says:

    Spot on its been hell these couple of weeks for me my wife try too od. Now after treatment moved out with her sister blame me as a one of the root cause saying I did not show enough passion an am abusive she is filling for a divorce.this is a total shock too me did she the red flags.so you are spot on we are moving on sure she has found new friends.

  • Myra izevbizua says:

    Iid just wave at you angel Adams,,, I’m wanting a renewal in love,, iv meet a guy welcoming him butt ,, I’m just ready for to the beat with hot ,, love and new info ,,the lovers is my best of a card,, I’m a cancer of great ,, but I wait to open my ❤️ to someone who deserves itt,, great,, if I can only see me programs wisdom love. New fate

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