Freedom Through Energetic Hygiene

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Hey beautiful soul…

I hope you enjoyed a beautiful 4th of July with family… (we went to the woods!)

Just wanted to stop in and say hello today…

(Half of this post is 3 body practices for you to try, just so you know…)

I feel some are noticing what it’s like to be more aware of “what being pulled into lower density behavior” is, and realizing it only happens when they are not in a right relationship within.

Mastery is likely calling you in some way to show up bigger in your heart, your anchored being, your own healthy boundaries, and energy hygiene…

Life is calling you in some way to do the work you must do so you can set yourself up to RECEIVE and emerge into the life you truly and authentically want to live.

And because of the rising intensity of the spiritual and physiological warfare happening against the human population (and because of our own conditioning from it), many are starting to learn how to unwind their nervous systems and deprogram how they see the world and relate with each other.

In this, we must also learn to strengthen our access to our own spiritual knowledge within (or even truthful information within, like knowing our own nervous system, being radically honest with self, or being able to communicate from a place of authentic desire, love and trust instead of fear and inner division) that pertains to self-ownership and showing up in a way that you CAN receive what you purely desire to create in your relationships and life.

This is truly at the root of disrupting pathologies that consume us or put us in a false matrix where others can consume us ie) mind-controlled vs. a sovereign free soul and physical body.

We are not living at large in the world sustainably or healthfully.

Basically, our consciousness, our physical body, our energy, nervous system, and field — our own spiritual immune system, is under attack…

And when our spirit is weakened and we’re fragmented, objectified, dehumanized (nerves and sensory numbed out), we submit ourselves to blind obedience, instead of standing in our own truth and higher heart followthrough = Embodiment:

Yeah, in-the-body-ment.

This is why being in the body and practicing these “small seemingly steps” every day is so important to how you are able to RESPOND to life on the macro.

This is about your relationship with self as well as your sovereignty and physical health, all the way down to your own energetic system and strengthening it.

“Unfuckwithable” where nothing and no one can “hi-jack” or sabotage you, not even the past memories, heaviness, or trauma.

Freedom through clarity, clearing density, new movements, physical action, and inner alignment.

And silently, you show this INNER freedom without any words at all…

It’s all in your frequency and being, shifting all you experience.

In your relationship with YOU, your perception of life—and through all of your actions, decisions, and embodied followthrough…

Yes, to be free within oneself also means to be free of all control or coercion of others — free from the external, free from attachments.

And yes, your self-regulating, sustainable, inner freedom is inherently a human right given to you through God/source. For example, universal laws you can research like what is expressed through “the Law of One.”

This means that strengthening your field, your spiritual immune system, and rewiring your neural (heart-brain) pathways from codependency to sovereignty is the way ahead for you.

Also, recognize that every second of your life is being recorded and stored inside your nervous system, neural chemistry, fluids, muscles, scar tissue, and fascia. All memories and traumas.

And, YES, even simple breathing practices can help you rewire all your neural connections between your heart/body and mind/mental field.

You can create new options, new routines, new pathways in your brain and body/somatic that allow you to see new places and things and respond differently…

And the more you “create”, the more you observe the past beginning to no longer affect you in the same ways it once did.

Even at times, powerfully releasing what you no longer need, simply by the light of your own expanding awareness and self-inquiry.

And as you pay attention to grounding every day and getting into a right alignment with YOU, things like weak boundaries and leaky containers clean themselves up in your nervous system and “inner space” as you get stronger emotionally, energetically, even physically becoming well… the best version of YOU.

So that you stop repeating the same karmic loops over and over and learn how to embody and be the GIFT…

So that you FACE reality as it is with a new offering…

So that you can truly realize what love is in your own body…

So that you lead from embodied love as it naturally pours out of you, activating others…

So that you get grounded in what you deeply want and show up for it all the way, without blocking it…


These kinds of somatic body practices can help bring you into the moment of choice, awareness, attention, release, and co-creation.

Yet it really comes down to you and your physical and energetic hygiene, which means your embodied being, in real-time.

Your relationship to your physical self as much as your energetic self.

And right now, the energy is so RIPE for you to break the old cycles of self-abandonment.

There’s no magical healing one-time gig or some sort of magic bullet, herb, ascension energy portal, object, or guru that can heal or save you.

There’s really only finding the ways that work for YOU that help land you in the concrete, sensitive, and “attuned” activity of the NOW moment… where you have a choice.

Which just may open you up to something new — a new way forward — instead of getting sucked into a lower density vibe tumbling you down the rabbit hole of repeat wounding.

This is why I am sharing more about why Energy Hygiene and your energy systems in your physical body are more important than most talk about in the coming weeks and months as I transition my business and all our future content to be “practice-based”…

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing more and more about this topic.

I want you to be able to anchor this stuff in your life in the moments you need it.

To be to turn toward your list of “in the moment practices” to use.

Essentially a list of tangible actions and energy movement practices that you can apply when you’re caught in the middle of a shame spiral or getting wrapped up in old programming or repeat wounding patterns.

In other words “new ways” to bring you into the NOW as you disrupt the old and investigate something new.

Overall these are simple body practices that you can regularly do “in the moment” to take care of yourself.

To bring you back into the present NOW moment, where YOU DO have a choice.

The moment that brings you back into the safety, the trust, and connection you need: so you can own the ability to receive the medicine, the love, face the truth, own the lesson, and get what you deeply miss and authentically need.

The moment where your vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system response allows “for something new” to be opened up, witnessed, and integrated.

Where your actions are grounded, sensual, tactile, and embodied in ways that really work for you, where you’re more attuned to your own unique “soul-print”… attuned to your own unique nervous system.

Where your actions in life are in full alignment with your soul and at the same time involving your body, your senses, the pauses, your feet on the ground, the practical side, the daily stuff your receptivity with the Earth, and how life provides for you when you stay engaged in trusting the process, fully engaged and doing the work.

Realizing that love really also comes down to no longer “leaving” your own body as you deepen your life force and energy.

Yes, the physical body is your sacred vessel for your energy hygiene, did you know this?

We can’t bypass the body if we want to heal the trauma and step into generational wisdom.

Now again, let’s look real quick at WHY Energetic Hygiene (and daily body/nervous system practices) are so important to the process of you living a life that is in authentic alignment (deep happiness) to you.

Because the reason also lies in why I feel the “spiritual false matrix/light/empowerment and spiritual consumerism” ignores the physical body.

Yes, the physical body. Nobody really talks about it. Why?

Yet we must if we really want to create change and step into a new timeline of things one has never experienced before…

You must BE in the body so that you can physically LAND what you deeply desire yet couldn’t receive until you stopped bypassing your own being and alignment.

You can’t get what you want until you stop bypassing your relationship with your being.

Only through your physical body, your senses, your energy system, and your physical being, can the Divine PHYSICALLY work through you.

Your body is a literal gateway to the energetic.

A physical vessel of your energy being and actions.


Yet, in the world of Spirituality, most bypass the physical body…

And most don’t really talk about this relationship to our physical body, our sensory, our heart field — our unseen energy system and “unconscious record” of stored data within our nervous system.

We don’t really talk about our relationship to this “animal body”…

We don’t talk about this biological suit that we are walking around in — this vessel that our consciousness is using to mobilize through space to embody, to exist, to move ourselves, to move our mouths, make sounds, move other people, to move objects, to move energy…

The body is the interface between the physical and the energetic. Your body is the sacred vessel of where you CREATE ALL from…

Not enough people in the healing communities are talking about how important your physical body and energy hygiene really is.

YOU must know what and who you are by knowing how it feels to experience yourself…

ALL of you.

Even the messy stuff, JUST as you are.

Just like the lines that Mary Oliver once wrote…

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves”

Yet, what does this mean?

Well, did you know that your somatic or animal body you’re residing in right now has a complete consciousness of its own?

Did you know your body has its own “heart-brain” with more neuropeptides (messengers) than are stored in your actual mind-brain?

Did you know that your emotional animal body is the interface between Spirit/Soul (or Father God/Mother Sophia) and this physical world?

Do you understand that the relationship you have with your animal body — your soma — is dictating how well you’re ABLE to experience your Spirit/Soul aliveness (aka living your truth; authenticity) within THIS world?

Some may call your Spirit or Soul as describing the life force running you. It is the energy frequency that you can palpably feel within your being. Some may call it Kundalini. Others may call it Krystos or God.

This energy…this life-force you something you slowly begin to taste and recognize within your system when you increase your sensitivity (Ie. = you practicing in your body daily).

You have coded LIGHT and information within your own energy system and it’s up to you to access it.

It’s what any type of “activation” is when you feel something resonating through your entire being as a truth your soul already knows innately.

You actually feel love as a frequency; as a physical, tangible sensation…

You feel confidence as a sensation, feminine or masculine energy as a sensation, trust as a sensation…

An immersion that saturates your whole being with a tingling, glowing pulsation — demanding your mind to surrender as you drop deeper, allowing the journey, the moment, the experience to cover your whole being with energy you begin to actually SENSE with the visceral feedback of your body.

And this relationship within you, to you, changes the way you live your life.

Because you can’t put the cart before the horse.

You can’t pretend to be happy. Pretend to be in love. Pretend to be more feminine. Pretend to be more masculine. Pretend to trust yourself. Pretend to be confident. Pretend to be successful.

It doesn’t work that way. You are not meeting what is. You are not facing reality as it is.

You’re lying to yourself and disconnecting yourself even further away from your truth.

You have to be with what IS here, right now in the moment, accepting ALL of you in order to really know you or know HOW to love you.

Being, anchoring ALL of you = even your expressions needing to meet presence.

B-E-I-N-G the gift or wisdom.

Being the change.

And facing it all from a place of real love in action, using it all as intelligent feedback and permission to self-provision and truly in-body love.

Yes, in some way your mission in life is to Love Yourself more.

Do you accept?

Yet, we can’t even love ourselves until we know ourselves. Until we know how to BUILD a relationship with the unmet, unrecognized, or abandoned “parts” that we lost touch with.

Because if we don’t know ourselves, don’t express ourselves, don’t fully embody ourselves — if we don’t BE ourselves… how can we fully love ourselves?

Especially if we are not letting ourselves BE all that we are?

Allowing the responsibility of what real love, truth, and happiness take.

Allowing it to “be so good” by not pushing away what you truly desire.

Even allowing the mess, expressing the mess, owning it the mess. Being wrong, the mistakes, the lessons, the trials and errors. Owning all of it.

Allowing the body to express the mess and taking up these spaces with you. Not ignoring the trauma.

Yet being trauma-informed so you can pivot the present moment and access your deeper gifts aka your own “genius.” Expressing more of who you really are into the world as you bring ALL of yourself online so you say…

And your body is the vehicle to do so.

Your physical body, being, and actions are the “house” for your energy system.

Meaning, the health of your energy system directly affects your physical health and your external world and its options to you.

How well do you embody your own essence that directly dictates the quality of how you live life every day?

All your relationships, your money, your family, your friends, your body. How you work, how you dance, how you face truth, how you have sex, how you show up — how you do anything in life — it doesn’t matter.

How you walk down the street seeing life as you do and relate to everything as you do.

EVERYTHING is affected by your relationship WITH yourself.

And your body is integral to the WHOLE.

It is the interface between YOU and God.

Again = what is this email about?

No longer abandoning you and this starts with no longer leaving your body.

And purifying your field and regulating your being in the present now.

Okay, love, that is enough depth for now…

So let’s meet this with some in-the-body action to follow up.

I’ll try to keep it shorter because this post is already getting long.

But after my last video talking about the nervous system, we received so many amazing replies and feedback…

So I’m going to put out another follow-up video and walk through more of what I did in my last video, but adding a few more examples to the list so that you can get even more of an overall idea of what I am sharing this “body stuff” info with you.

And as I put out more body stuff on clearing your energy and resetting your nervous system (energy movement and regulation), I trust you’ll practice what I share.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

I’m giving this info away to you for f*ree.

Of course, I’ll have paid courses to help lead you by the hand, step by step.

But if you’re motivated, you can research and practice all the things I give you and it will greatly improve your happiness and experience of life.

No more spirituality consumption. No more waiting for life to be right or not hard to be happy Now.

No more waiting for a guru or another energy update.


Just you returning back home to you.

Yes, love, and I SO want to hear about it!

So as we continue on, promise you’ll let me know what shows up for you in all your experiences from your daily practices?

It’s my only request. Thanks love. Also, your feedback will help me create better and more digestible (applicable) content for you.

Okay with that said…

A powerful repeating message that kept smacking me in the forehead all week, that I finally posted on my FB wall the other day, stated:

“Turning Point 2021:

I promise you, love, YOU can still receive a beautiful rest of your life, even if you’ve lost years of it to trauma, abuse, and mental health battles…”

And it is so incredibly true. I can feel so many are feeling life in some sort of new way that wasn’t possible before…

Yes, love, YOU CAN have it.

You can receive it.

You CAN land the timeline of your dreams.

You CAN set up what you want in life and be in the right relationship and position to fully receive it through all your actions, decisions, inner clarity, and truth, all the way to the end.

As many of you already know, I am currently living and digesting this journey myself. And I have failed a lot.

And I am still learning…

In fact, I am a continuous evolving, “living” process and there’s never going to be a time where I have magically transcended all of my sh*t.

There’s never going to be a time where I don’t have something to unwind, remember, learn, release, move or evolve.

I am forever growing and so are you if you choose it.

Just like you, I’m not here to fix anyone, only share my journey in a way that could help remind and offer you some ways to access your own coded information and power within.

It’s why your “Energetic Hygiene” and being fully available and grounded in your body and nervous system is your greatest psychic protection as well as your biggest access point to your own power…

Not to mention the health of a balanced nervous system and your energy hygiene is your most direct path to end repeating drama patterns or misaligned parts of your life so you can step into something fully aligned.

Okay, love, much more on this later…

For now, I want to wrap up this message with a few very easy and life-changing breathing patterns.

Just simple stuff, but take it slow at first.

You can also look up things like Pause breathing and Wim Hoff breathing exercises too for your own feedback and research process.

Of course, there are SO many various breathing practices out there.

I’ll go through more of my faves in time to come along with other energy and body practices in the weeks ahead as we release more Energetic Hygiene content.

For now, check out a couple of breathing exercises below…

Like I said above, there are all kinds of breathing practices so let’s begin with a simple pause breathing practice which is easy.

Pause breathing gently shifts your body into a parasympathetic nervous system state (healing or rewiring) state.

Meaning pause breathing is literally helping you to rewire the communication pathways between your heart and brain through your vagus nerve as well as being one of the easiest breathing patterns to begin mass DMT production in your lungs and puts you directly in a state of “healing.”

I’ll also introduce an easy “longer exhalations” practice as well as a basic Wim Hoff breathing pattern towards the bottom.

But mainly, look at these breathing exercises as just one way to build up your sensitivity and connection to your body, field, and life force running inside your body.

Okay, so for your pause breathing practice:

Not only is this technique grounding it also helps deprogram or in other words it detriggers your fight-or-flight programs directly into rest-and-relaxation and it’s super simple.

Step 1: The trick is to make sure you unclench your belly as you take big breaths in, ballooning your tummy out and open, like a Buddha belly with each inhale.

Step 2: Give this a series of 10-15 big breaths with the intention of first stretching open your lungs and getting a feel for the breathing. You’ll likely feel out of breath at first when you breathe out and breathe back IN yet don’t worry, your breathing pattern will balance out as you get more oxygen in your lungs and body.

Once comfortable with it, start following this pattern.

Step 3: Gently inhale up to the point where any more inhalation would be straining and then hold your breath for a PAUSE.

Step 4: Next you’ll gently exhale, emptying your lungs by flattening your tummy all the way against your spine, and then hold a PAUSE on the empty breath.

Step 5: Now begin synching up the time of the pauses with the inhale and exhale until you are using equal amounts of breath and time for each of the 4 parts of this breathing pattern.

Here’s a simple pattern to try out that works well on your first try:

Inhale: 6 seconds
Pause: 6 seconds
Exhale:6 seconds
Pause: 6 seconds.

Try it out, find the speed that is comfortable for you.

10 minutes of this type of breathing and you won’t even recognize you are in a body anymore!

Okay, another easy breathing pattern you can try that will hack your vagus nerve faster than anything is longer exhalations.

Basically a longer exhale is a slow controlled breathing technique with an exhale longer than the inhale and with NO breath-holding pause in between.

How to do longer exhales:

Step 1: Start by breathing in and out slowly, gradually extending your exhale until it gets twice as long as your inhale…

Step 2: Do this for 15-20 minutes yet even 2 minutes of this will reduce stress. Keep in mind the general rule is “greater stress requires longer breathing sessions.”

If you are new to a breathing practice, start with not very deep breaths — otherwise, you may feel weak due to hyperventilation.

As you go along, you can deepen your breathing, as you feel comfortable. If you’re not familiar with breathing stuff at first, that’s ok. Don’t get too bored too fast. Get an audio playing and follow the sound as you surf the news or flip through a book.

The reason this longer exhalation technique is so awesome is because it moves your nervous system away from fight or flight and towards rest and digest just like the pause breathing does, but usually triggers your vagus nerve stimulation (running from your brain stem to your colon) a bit faster and your heart rate variability more.

Greater heart rate availability basically means a longer life, higher immune function, faster healing, easier de- or reprogramming, lower stress levels, overall better health, and improved cognition/decision making.

Okay, another very simple and effective breathing technique I’ll go into for this post if you don’t know it already, is the Wim Hoff breathing pattern.

I’ll leave you to do your research on it. Please practice it and tell me about it!

Step 1: Get comfy. Move into a feel-good posture. Sitting or lying down. Make sure you can expand your lungs without any tight clothing or restrictions.

Step 2: 25-40 deep belly breaths. Close your eyes and empty your mind. Bring your attention to your breath. If your attention drifts, keep bringing it back. As you bring your awareness to your breath, try to connect with the power in your breath as you slowly begin to feel your life force. Inhale deeply through your nose or mouth, and exhale unforced through your mouth (stick your tongue out on the out if you feel called to). Fully inhale through your “open Buddha belly” and then bring breath all the way up into your chest and let it go with no force. I know it sounds crazy, but do this for 25-40 times in short power bursts (no breaks in-between). Start at 25 times. Work your way up. If you haven’t had a lot of oxygen in your brain and heart you’ll go through a lot of rapid shifts you’ll notice in only a few weeks if you practice every day. And be mindful that as you first start practicing, you may get light-headed and feel tingling sensations in your hands, feet, and other parts of your body. It’s harmless yet it still feels weird.

Step 3: Holding. Okay after your last exhale (25 or 40), inhale one final time, in all your cells and layers, and as deeply as you can. Next, let the air unforced and pause — stop breathing. Now hold until you feel the urge to breathe again. Slowly play with this. You’ll be able to hold your pauses longer, the more your practice and this will change your breathing game altogether.

Step 4: Recovery Breath. Okay, when you feel the urge to breathe again, draw one big breath to fill your lungs. Feel your Buddha belly and then your chest and entire body expanding. When your breath is at full capacity, hold it for about 15 seconds and then let go.

And you are done!

Keep in mind as you continue to practice that you can repeat this cycle 3-4 times without interval and it will be one of your more powerful body practices.

Now make sure you treat yourself afterward with some sort of relaxation and bask in the bliss!

Go to the beach or pool or bathtub. Sit in the sun. Drink some refreshing water and sit next to the plants, whatever.

Make sure the next things you eat are healthy. Don’t binge on unhealthy stuff if you may get a tummy ache. Your body is in healing mode now.

This is also the perfect time to meditate or listen to a guided sound (Solfeggio) frequency audio.

Okay, this about wraps it up…

Overall, I’ll add that as you begin a breathing practice, stuff may “come up” to seemingly distract you…

Keep returning and bringing your attention back to the moment and experience.

Also, realize some “stuff” may come up. Our emotional pain and trauma are deeply connected to our fascia and tissues (and the level of oxygen in these tight armored spaces).

When your pain is emotional, you can ask even your intelligent body “where am I holding this hurt?” and you will be offered insights if you are “quiet” enough.

Yes, your entire being, perception, and nervous system are deeply connected to your body and the different states of being you regularly experience.

And when you release on body level from a place of new awareness, your external life begins to look and show up to you differently as you show up differently.

(When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change).

Like I’ve been sharing with you for a long time in all different kinds of soul and energy updates, trauma isn’t just mental. Trauma is stored in your body on a cellular level and needs to be released.

Your own somatic animal body is SO intelligent and has a complete consciousness of its own, as I shared with you above.

This is why I say you are encouraged and it’s so important to the process to give intelligent permission for an area of your body that is causing you to hurt to “let go” and remind again and again during all energy movement or breath/body practices.

Physical body stuff and body illnesses are oddly connected to our emotional and energetic being as much as it’s connected to the physical stuff like food, sleep, exercise, etc.

This is why your Energetic Hygiene on a physical body level is SO important and I’ll be talking about this more and more in the weeks to come.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that this information is helpful to you. I’d love to hear your thoughts after reading here on the blog…

If you are on Facebook, make sure you come and say hi.

Love you,

Crystal Aryana
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  • Kevin Ayotte says:

    Love reading your posts every chance Kevin gets. Kevin is awakening and going deep and allowing Kevin to work with Kevin’s soul to evolve and feeling each and every emotion without judgment and feeling more alive within the body and finding joy in not sure of the words to use but let’s go with rebirth, finding that the feeling is like an alien has taken over Kevin’s soul mind and body and this being true for Kevin he can see through with Conscious awareness that this feeling of an alien is Kevin’s true self coming forth and expanding and when following the true self my soul works in conjunction with body and mind to form a new attitude rising that removes the fear, accepts the trauma from the past as growth to know what is no longer acceptable to Kevin but as well the expectations and competition are gone for Kevin is good with who he is and found love that is not bias or conditional for its a love that is global and the pain and struggles of the past don’t traumatize but liberate Kevin to continue to expand each and every day. Love you sis love that things are and have changed for you

  • ANNALIZA says:

    Thank you so very much, you are the best.

  • Samantha Rose says:

    Thanks definately helpful and greatly appriciated.

  • Janabeth A. says:

    I felt this through the depths of my being. I needed this. Thank you for allowing it to flow so eloquently through you.

  • Mohit chauhan says:


    • Gerda Smith says:

      Thank you for this information I already sort of knew that my purpose was to see beauty In things but I didn’t know about my mission I guessing my mission and purposes the two different things I had a vision about a beautiful cherry tree after I asked God what my purpose was and I also did a quiz confirmed it that I am maker and also two or three different purposes or all of them. I work out that I am a maker and also leader I also did st Scripture teaching the little one ☝️ but feel need to be moving on feeling like in transition but still teaching but maybe in another direction don’t know what yet ? that’s all for now thank you very much from Gerda. Bye dear

  • Adrienne says:

    Thank you Crystal as always. I love waking up to reading your insights it gives me a wonderful self aware start to my day.
    Helping me feel where I need to direct my daily intentions.
    You articulate your knowledge so well that you make it easily digestible and a easy to apply to daily life.
    There aren’t many people around me who
    discuss this sort of thing on the daily.
    Thank you for the breathing exercises! I am studying 3 part currently for my classical yoga training and I look forward to practicing these myself also so that They can be added to my knowledge to share.
    Thank you again for sharing with us all;
    you are a beautiful soul, I am grateful for you.

  • Shaun Hines says:

    Yes love, this makes soooo much sense.. I DO NOT want to FORCE myself to be more feminine because
    ** “I”don’t want to be more feminine.** The only reason I’m “feminine” at all is because I was forced to wear dresses and shit as a child ” in which I absolutely felt soooo uncomfortable”.. it just wasn’t me.. and don’t even get me started on nylons.. ugh.. lol! if I had my choice back then?? honestly I’d choose to wear work boots and jeans .. ?? This is what felt more fitting to me and I never thought about wether it was feminine or masculine.. it was simply “me”.. I can’t stand labels! That’s exactly what’s separates us.. why do we have to be gay, lesbian, straight..etc..?? Why can’t we all just be who we are and not have to name it at all… It makes no difference to me what a person chooses to wear or who they choose to love.. I don’t look at people like that.. if someone is sad, I want to take it away.. I don’t care what others say or think of them…
    “Every label we have only divides us further apart.. when all that really matters is our heart..”..
    Besides… I don’t even look right trying to be more feminine.. it doesn’t fit my true personality AT ALL… So I need to STOP trying to be anything other, than who I am when I’m not trying at all..
    And yes thank you so much for the breathing techniques.. I do deep belly breathing a lot, especially before bed… Or at least I have been doing my version of it which isn’t near as long or as thorough as yours.. but yes I’ll definitely try the whim Hoff?? breathing pattern and let you know.. Thanks love. I hope you and your family are well..

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