How A Free Tarot Reading Just Might Change Your Life

Free Tarot Reading QuestionsWhat makes a free tarot reading extremely accurate is a no nonsense reader dedicated to predictions that help transform your life.

Because, a good online tarot reading can do just that.

That was my goal when setting out to create the best free tarot reading selection on the internet!

Because once you try one free tarot reading, it helps to try another so you can make sure your online reading is accurate.

The only question is which free tarot reading to try today?

Top Five Free Tarot Reading Oracles For Instant Answers Fast

There are so many ways to take a free tarot reading online that we’ve simply boiled it down to the “best of the best” online tarot readings available today.

Some free tarot readings are MUCH more popular than others.  One free tarot reading might be short and only use one card, while others are longer and use 3 cards or more.

The ultimate free tarot reading is the 10 card “Destiny Tuning” spread that most people don’t even know exists!

But for now, lets start by reviewing what each free tarot reading can do for you, and what reading you should try next.

Free Reading #1:  Yes or No Tarot

With technology today, more and more people realize that their thoughts have an influence on how software physically operates.  The advancements are so powerful now a days that the accuracy of yes or no tarot readings has blown sky high.

If you have a yes or no question to ask, or want a free list of 101 yes or no tarot questions to start from (including the five main “types” that get answers, or don’t) you’ll LOVE this free tarot reading.

Free Reading #2:  Love Tarot

It’s no surprise that love tarot is the most sought after free tarot reading online.

Why?  Because since a free tarot reading oracle picks up on your thoughts as a human being, and being “in love” magnifies the emotions of those thoughts by a landslide … then the tarot cards – virtual or real – can pick up on those vibrational frequencies much faster than when you are alone!

If you have questions about your love life – whether you are single or in a relationship – then try this free love tarot reading to see what the Universe has to say about the people you’re attracted to.

Or just try the one card love oracle to get a read on the moment now!

Free Reading #3:  3 Card Past, Present and Future

While not the most popular, this reading is certainly the most powerful free tarot reading we have online right now.  Not only will you make sense of why things happened to you the way they did, but you’ll also see how that energy brought you to where you’re at today.

Plus, how both of those energies combine into what is most likely to happen in your future as a result.  This 3 card tarot reading is basically free fortune telling that works almost every time!

Free Reading #4:  Daily One Card Tarot

For people who understand the power of daily tarot readings in their live, we offer this one card tarot reading you can use every day to get a read on the energy of the moment (and make smarter decisions for your day).

We suggest using this one card tarot reading in the morning then again at night.  Why?  Because you’ll have the upper hand at work, and know what’s likely to happen when you go play.  It’s like your own personal weather radar system to see what’s happening to you now!

Free Reading #5:  10 Card Destiny Spread

You’d think this reading would be the most popular, but it’s actually the most intimidating for most people!  The reason is that this reading dives deep into the entire journey that has created your life situation.  This free tarot reading outlines the “hero’s journey” you are going through, identifies the people who have leverage over you (or don’t) and unveils your pathway to ultimate success.

You can get your free tarot Destiny reading here.

Now, some tips to help make your free tarot reading online 100% accurate 🙂

When you start a free tarot reading, calm your mind and keep your focus on what you’d like to reveal in your life.  Imagine your most pressing issue and select what tarot card reading that speaks to you most.

Your feelings will guide you. Simply open your heart to what’s possible and allow the online tarot oracle do her job.

We recommend you start with a yes or no free tarot reading, then a 3 card “insights” reading for more information.  If you’re here for love tarot, try our True Love one card free tarot reading, then move into your 3 card destiny reading in that order for the best results!

What if you still have questions?  Sometimes a free tarot reading online just isn’t enough and you need to talk to a live person.

That’s why we strongly recommend you take your results here and bring them to a live tarot expert, psychic or clairvoyant who can give you an interactive reading with in-person advice through our online tarot program.

Free Tarot Reading Accuracy Test

What do you think?  Have you tried every free tarot reading yet or are you just getting started?  Have you found your free tarot readings helpful or not?  Please share below beause we are always checking to find new ways to help you.  Looking forward to hearing about your free tarot reading results!

Your friend,

Crystal Aryana