Was Your Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate?

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QUESTION: Is a free tarot reading online accurate as a LIVE human tarot reader over chat or video?  (Answer:  Click here to find out free.) 

With so much popularity of people looking for quick yes or no tarot answers from a yes no oracle on the incredible rise since the start of 2016…

And the thousands of men and women who seek a free love tarot reading every day to get the “insider scoop” on their relationship destiny …

I’ve heard a lot of people asking the same questions …

Isa free tarot reading online accurate? Or is it just a silly video game that says nothing …

The Tarot Reading Investigative Report:

Today we are going to blow the lid off of what makes a free tarot reading online accurate or not, and how to use these high-tech tarot oracles to gain the most leverage you can in life.  

If you have ever taken a free tarot reading online you know what i’m talking about.

Some interpretations and tarot card meanings fall short of expaliing what’s “really” going on in your life …

While others look like they were built in 1986.

But … if you had a free tarot reading online that WAS well put together and DID have great meanings and predictions in your life … can you still trust it?

I’ll report.  You decide.

I’ve spent a LOT of time testing free tarot reading oracles on the internet and tested their success.  We don’t have enough time to cover it in a single blog post so check back later.

However, when it comes to actually getting an ACCURATE reading, here’s what I have found.

What Makes A Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate  

Do tarot card readings REALLY reveal accurate answers about what’s happening in your life?  

And if so, does a free tarot reading have the same power as a LIVE online tarot reading over chat or video?

(Editor’s Note:  For the purpose of this article, we are not going to defend what makes tarot card readings work.  You fan find some interesting information on the hidden origins of tarot card meanings and why they are not what you think.)

For years, the tarot community has fought to defend the latter.  

“Free tarot card readings online are fooey!  You need the person to read the energy, not a computer” they’d say …

I never bought it.  

Personally, I’ve had extremely accurate free tarot card readings online that were so spot on that my mind was blown!  Plus when you try your free tarot card reading online multiple times, and the universe is delivering an accurate message to you, you should get the same tarot cards to show up.  

It happened to me many times in my life so I know it was legit.  

But why?

The Forbidden Science Of Tarot Readings

If you’re familiar with the law of attraction then this might ring a bell.

Did you know that your thoughts are physical things?  

Each thought you have generates a specific electric charge based on your intention. 

The ascended masters who gave us the tarot card reading system we know and trust, all knew that thoughts create things.  

They called them “thought forms”.

And in theory, your thought forms should interact with technology no different than a real live human.  

That’s what I always thought, anyway.  

No one believed me and I didn’t care …

Until Princeton University PROVED it!


Through an ongoing study called the Global Consciousness Project that studies the direct effect of thoughts and intention on computer!

They’ve done this by studying the shift in “random number generator” patterns over a long period of time…

And have proven that your thoughts and intentions DO in fact change the outcome!

A Simple Trick To Make Any Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate And Under Your Control

Lets first start off by saying that no reading is every perfect!  There are many layers of interpretation to go through.

But in order to make them more accurate, you need to understand your relationship with the oracle is the same as the people who’s thoughts changed the Random Numbers Generated in the study we just talked about.

So, knowing that fact, here’s a quick secret that will boost your online accuracy:

  You Must FEEL Your Question First!

When you are sitting in front of your free tarot card reading online and want accurate information, you want to hold the image VIVIDLY in your mind until the point where you can FEEL the emotions behind them.  

Go all the way and don’t hold back!

Your thought-forms WILL have a direct affect on the computer software to the same degree as shuffling your own cards (or having a tarot card reader shuffle them on your behalf).  

So you know that the “right cards” will show up for you because they are reading your energy of the moment, just like a real live tarot card reader would.

What a progressive time we live in, right?

The only thing that can really screw up and make your free tarot reading online about as accurate as a blind archer facing the floor …

Is the interpretations and meanings behind your free tarot reading.  Does the tarot card reading make sense?  Or are they off track?  Can you draw the parallel in your life or is the energy totally off? 

Free Tarot Reading Online AccurateYour best bet is to look at multiple tarot card meanings lists and cross reference what you see.  Do this on top of the reading you get from your online tarot cards and you’ll get a more accurate understanding of what’s going on.  

That’s why we only work with extremely accurate tarot card readers in our own free tarot reading oracles.  

So what do YOU think?  Have you tried our free tarot card reading online oracles before?  

If not, try this first:

The Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate Test

Step 1:  Check out our yes no oracle and ask your yes/no question

Step 2:  Read the results, tally “yes or no” and refresh the page

Step 3: Ask the same question from a different perspective

Step 4:  Do this 5 times total

Step 5:  Come back to this page and report your results – and what you think about them!

I look forward to hearing from you!  And if you have any questions please leave them in the comment box below.

Thanks and have an awesome day!

Adam Michelson

P.S. Don’t just stand there!  Leave a comment already.  More people need to share their opinion on tarot cards and YOU are one of them.  Was your lsat free tarot reading online accurate or a waste of time?  Please do share!

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