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By February 7, 2020 Soul Message

Hey it’s Crystal…

After a historic, deeply somatic and world altering beginning of 2020 and a new decade, I’ve recorded a video for you that overviews everything that’s been going on collectively since my last update, as well as how it’s affected my own personal life.

We’ll talk about…

  • How the energy since Christmas and New Years has changed the course of almost everyone’s lives
  • What happened after my Mother’s spinal stroke, and the demons she (and I) are facing
  • Why it can be hard to feel your feelings during a crisis (and what to do instead)
  • 5 important questions to ask yourself about your relationships (and boundaries)
  • A big THANK YOU to our contest winners, and everyone who’s been sending felt, embodied love and reaching out
  • A special surprise at the end <3

Please leave a comment and let me hear from you!

With Love, 

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Ellen Johnson Breen says:

    Crystal,I have not heard from you in months and I am so sad about this ,I know this mess I am hearing is from months ago but I just lost my mom last week and I am trying to deal but so much comes up ,Hopefully I will hear from you sometime soon and please take care and be well Ellen

  • Dillano says:

    Hi Crystal Aryana, i wanted to contact you long before but i was waiting bc i missed some of your Gmails so i decided to go back to read all your mails that i’ve missed and contact you along the way as i’m doing right now so u see i’m presently reading your mails that i’ve missed and i’m looking forward to working with you and reading your illuminating messages i also want to thank you for all your hard work and energy you use to help people.

  • Sonia Ighalo says:

    Greetings Crystal

    I had no idea about your struggles with your Mom and being able to hold yourself in that space of extreme love speaks volumes. I send you much healing energy let your hands be comforting .

    Its been a lot of crazy energy flowing to stay in the place of love has not been easy nor belief in my potential. Progress is sometimes slow but moving is the purpose.
    But its not about me right now, you have been such an inspiration in my time of need that I cant be anything but the same for you. Reach out and be love and be loved.


  • Micheal Morris says:

    I send positive energy to you and Mother with healing and blessings.

  • Brittany Smith says:

    Hi! How are you? I hope this comment finds you well.
    My name is Brittany, I get emails from you from time to time. Thank you btw
    So I have had a very rough few years. I was raped and beaten in my own home by a man I bought a puppy from back in 2018. My brother showed up and tried to make him leave. The man attacks my brother and threatens to kill us all. The man was shot, he didn’t make it, he died. I was arrested and charged with murder. I had a stand your ground trial. A law that is extremely bias. I didn’t win it, so now I am in the process of appealing the judge’s ruling.
    I need this to be over so I can reunite with my children and my family. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Hope to hear back from you soon my

  • Pamela A Balzer says:

    I had 10 strokes, a heart attack and a triple bypass in 2011. I was basically out of it for 10 years(sleeping, and medicated). Then 2 years later I had cancer in my right breast. My husband took me home & took care of me by himself. Results: a melting eyeball in the left eye, lost hearing in the left ear, could not sit up, nor walk or use my left arm. The doctor said I would never be able to use my left arm or walk again. Today I’m typing this, walking on my own. The brain damage is healing, not my eye or hearing. I had to learn everything all over again. Tell your mom my prayers are with her. Keep her in positive thinking mode, don’t let her get depressed. That is half the battle. Help give her the special tools she needs to succeed. Good luck Crystal.

  • Karla Fabel says:

    Hello Chrystal.
    Prayers for you and your Mother.

    Best Regards,
    Karla Fabel

  • David says:

    Hello Crystal peace & love & light may bless you and your family ….till I hear from again Love From Dave Monroe

  • Corey Darling LRMT says:

    I have a very hard time with your messages too me because you seem to think I am gay, or you must think I am a woman especially in the love department. I clearly every time click on being a male. I have been married for over 20 years and I am far from being gay!
    Please if you are as gifted as you say that you are get this right. Because I find it very offending.
    Corey Darling LRMT

    • Cor says:

      I don’t know what your talking about, in my message to Crystal never once did I assume or say she was gay. I know better an know she takes care of her mother. This page is for healing not negativity……

  • Angela Watkins says:

    I just want to say that your email hit home. I lost my mom right before Christmas to cancer and it drastically changed my life. It took everything out of me and I see and feel it everyday. It gave me chills reading it because everything you said is exactly what I have been going through. Also I did the tarot card reading and the 3 cards I chose described perfectly what negativities i have been experiencing with the man in my life. It described exactly what he does and the final card i picked was the devil card and it’s everything he is and does.
    Thank you because I really think I needed this today.

  • Annie says:

    Sending love ❤️

  • Cor says:

    Hello Crystal,
    Its a honor to finally send a message to you and your mother. You have have helped me in ways I can’t ever thank you enough. Your emails this last year kept me from a state of a nervous break down. You reminded me how strong we are, how much love comes into play and boundries needs to be set. With this being said……

    I have been sending your mother and you love, healing and prayers. I too went thru what she did. Had to learn how to walk again. She can do this. You BOTH can do this!! Mediate, everyday, you need to work on healing every layer of the spine starting from the top working down….

    She will feel the tingling as she heals. It takes time, patience’s and lots of love!

  • Debra says:

    Hello Crystal,

    It is nice to hear that we all experience some type of pain whether it be struggles with illness, death or even long term suffering. I just want to tell you that I am thinking of you, your sisters and your mother. I wish that all of the different types of energies that you are looking at will help your mother become comfortable and most importantly accepting of what is going on inside of her body. Its tuff, Ive been there with my own mother who we lost more than 10 years ago. My only comfort is that she is no longer suffering and is completely happy and satisfied where she is now. I know how much my mother loved me and felt that I was a special being to her and, Im completely sure you are to your mother as well even if you came to her as a friend in life. I know this well, my son is the son my mother lost during pregnancy, its hard to explain but its true. Even to this day, he still feels as if he is my brother. He is her on earth however is an old sole and an indigo person. I wish you and your family all the best and a speedy recovery to your mother!

  • Brice Sheppard says:

    Hilo Crystal.. Im brice im a man of God.. I been chosen to be a voice for the Divine.. Thank u for your video.. God bless your mother may she be healed. May Azna bring you miracles to help u rise above the problems or opportunities to overcome the present predicament.. Om and Azna Jesus and I brice send u love.. Infinite love. I bless u. – Brice Johnathon Ramatowski Sheppard. Bric John Zion. Running Holy Water. Mr. Clean. The Ram. Bless u. – Brice.

  • Sharon-Leigh says:

    Hi Crystal,

    I feel the concern and struggle in your video. But more importantly I see someone who loves deeply. Take care, you got this.

  • Juraj says:

    I guess I am also on my way to become Somebody through mentors or maybe you can Tell me more? I know who I am but I dont know what I dont know!
    Specific Eye colors.

  • Samir Younis says:

    Crystal, I feel very sorry for your mother. I know how difficult it is to have a spinal stroke, but the way you described your mother being powerful with a strong spirit makes me very confident that she will overcome her illness. Powerful people consider negative events in their lives challenges and they will not accept to be defeated. I am sure she will will be standing on her feet very soon.

  • Daniel Gawidziel says:

    Id l ove to know someone with spiritual gifts that has the gift to see ahead with me also thats connects with our ancesters and known what im about to reveal is nothing but the truth its what everyone has prayed for its written in history its ritten in all religions its in the music its in our prayers. Its been revealed, from signs in the times 11:11 10:10 12:12 9:11 1:011 3:33 2:22 4:44 7:33 8:22 to shivers and the old sayimg someone walked over your grave wich obviously is just frase everyome says, unknowingly its our angels ancestor communicating, to ringing in year or so nany ways. Not many notice all this well i did on the rebound from rock bottom left alone on the streets in the dark and pouring rain.

  • Daniel Gawidziel says:

    I didnt know this waz happening although i will blow your minds, but please if u think u are good at what u do tgen by all means try blow my mind cos what im about to tell you is nothing but the truth

  • Daniel Gawidziel says:


  • Daniel Gawidziel says:


  • Maria says:

    Chat Conversation Start

    Dear Crystal, Happy 2020 and sorry to hear about your family situation, but hope everything is going better. I’ve been keeping up with your publications since the last months, and they have been of wonderful guidance and support to me. During the last few years, my life has been changing everyday, after 2 life cycles didn’t change, so I feel the universe shacked up everything for me to reassess my direction. Radical changes started during 2019 but after August 2019, my feelings were more at the surface.
    November and December were very strong and chaotic maybe with the eclipse but also because I also got more conscious of my dark side and decided to tackle all my feelings and put everything in perspective: I force the change, I “cleaned up my closet”, I burnt the old and everything I don’t use (and don’t want it to be attached to for this new phase); I confronted my fears going back to my home city. I started a journal to follow my goals, and evaluate my King and Queen to align them and have more balance. I went back to meditation, started therapy in a very unique way (music, drawings, etc) and currently working with my energy to make it stronger.
    I know the journey is long, but I am also strong, and decisive- yes I am a dreamer as well, but I have the will, and I know I am not far from “ Home”- I realized I need to go back on time – childhood-, fix some things and let them other goes- I also see 2 sides to work at: (i) Inner me- fixing myself my patterns, what I want to deconstruct, my self love, etc vs. (ii) outside me – Marriage, education, family, lovers, career, friends, etc. Issue that I am struggling with – how to move forward with one (outside me), when you need to go back with the other (inner me), to fix it and get in sync in a future timeline? Very interesting, but complex too. You explained it in The Energy Show: Ep 1.- A new Cycle of Creation. And it is exactly what I felt and feel; it is a new beginning and need to leave behind the excess of baggage for a new chapter or more a whole new Book!
    I am enjoying getting back to be with myself- because we can be hurt (because of us or others) and forget that the real relationship is with ourselves.
    If in that journey someone else would join – he or she- will be invited, to be with US.
    Thank you for your mails and blogs, please continue with me! All the very best, for you and your family,
    Maria Carolina

  • Veronica Powell says:

    Praying for you and your Mother for a special healing and speedy recovery… I truly enjoy you and your messages… I’m very thankful for you❤️

  • Mayela Amaya says:

    Hi I knew here I was reading and already like to say thank u for the time to share everything u do for our well being .
    I recently lost my Older son since ihis death my life has not been the Same I find myself being called into a transformation I e always felt gifted I feel I need to know how to open up my gift I too would like to help many people with healing ECT . I don’t know ow if you can sence me and maybe go private and see if u can pick up on something that will help mewitj my transformation

  • Apolonita terrazas says:

    Well a hole lot had changed 3 deaths 1 who might not make it soon . Family is falling apart. My job will be slowing down so will my pay. My siblings are upset with me because they can no longer control my life . I have a man he shows me he loves me but after 2 1/2 years he still can’t make time for me. I’am I’ll all the time. But still fighting to stay strong it’s a struggle at this time. I just want to be happy and live a life of no struggles. That’s all I ever wanted my past is not much of a problem any longer I’am learn to turn my back on it ive learns enough from it . I no longer want to be angry sad . So I’am moving forward and not looking back but my Financial struggles are real.

  • Thanks for the uplifting emails. I just started recording them last week. If you want more about me so you can connect better just ask. I am a Christian and will be praying for your mother’s recovery. Also I want to pay for you due you are in an overwhelming position and it’s very touching. I just hope one day I can find a clearer path other than just milestones that’s in my life. I had an vision on January 1st st midnight that I will be at the end of one path and will have to select a new. It showed me the outcomes just not the choices. I just hope to understand everything before I have that cliff edge before me now in time. Thanks.

  • amber says:

    i would like to thank you very much for taking the time for me and letting me know about alot of things about myself i have’nt really thought about. Coming from a so call family that didnt want me, and a mother that only had me to get out of her house so she could get married. No one loved me growing up, when someone showed some affection towards me, they were told to back off or the family would disown them. So of course, relationships i’ve had with guys in the past treated me like crap, well i thought i deserved it, and was kind of used to it. i dont feel i deserve anything from anyone.
    So, anyways thank you for taking the time for me, i appreciate it
    Take care, and i hope your mom will be ok, my prayers are with her

    • Ibis Kramer says:

      Dear Crystal
      Just to let you know that your words have touched me deeply, every word every gesture you so freely give to us is much appreciated and Goes right into my soul.
      I feel and hear all and is like you are just talking only to me, that’s how much in target you have got my situation.
      I will pray for your mother and for you to be able to continue giving her what she needs
      Please continue your work it really is a gift from God

    • bobby farro says:

      Hello amber; I want to say that you are a smart nice girl and you deserve to be treated right and respected and loved! You should be happy healthy and safe and if you want to talk, i am here for you anytime 0k.. i am a nice handsome cute canadian guy and i have had some things in my past that werent good either and i think me and you should talk soon, So here is my email 0k, and just tell me youre from this tarot card site so i know its you 0k amber and my name is Bobby, hope to hear from you and let’s talk real soon 0k, take care amber and be happy you deserve it! i would love to talk and yes i’m a nice guy; write me soon! x0 :-)) my email: peggycatharine@hotmail.ca

  • Angelo says:

    Hi crystal!!! This is Angelo Canlas from Virginia Beach Va. first of all I would like to you for choosing me one of the thousands people looking for help on what my future truly on this earth… i just share my brief short story of my life!!! I was born in the Philippines on October 07, 1978 I’m very quiet shytype person and I love helping people’s problems as long as much as I can but some people abusing my kindness but I always say it’s ok.. right now I’m alone by myself and still feel hurt coz my wife left me together with our 2 kids for some reason I her so much were seperated for almost 2 years from now. Every feel the sadness,depressed I try my very best to save our marriage that’s I try and try reading horoscopes, asking different physics numerologist etc.. I lost my job and right now I’m totally lost still shock on what happened.. and asking myself too who am I what is true purpose why I’m here in this earth,, I don’t know what to say more and patience and try to understand my short message coz I’m not fluent in English. Again thank you and best regards to you and your mom keep up the good work I’m really touch while listening to your video… I pray you and your mom always well!! Plssss help me if there’s any way or what is the way about my problem thank you so much and godbless you and your family I love you guys

  • Wassima says:

    Hello Crystal… Love you too… Thank you for all your Emails

  • margaret says:

    Praying for your mom and you, hope your mom get well soon.

  • Dora Dickerson says:


  • GloriA pELAEZ says:

    hI my dear Cristal you are so biutiful God is going to give yo you all what you need too be estrong, my love is whit you Gloria

  • Thank you for being YOU. With so many suffering, it is fitting that inter-truth should be awakened.

  • Roberto Davis says:

    Crystal I want to say. Thank you very much you’re the best of the best you inspire me and lots of other people you have the pasión the love end the energy to change everything you want I really love you you’re a great person I’m blessed to find you on my journey one last thing everything is going to be just fine whit all my love R.A.D.

  • Susie Lumpkin says:

    Hi Crystal hope all is well with you and your mother please keep up the good work you are doing for me my friend you are a true blessing to me

  • Good evening my dear. Iam really very happy from your vedio and the words honestly touch my heart.

  • Anthony S Morta says:

    My story begins when I was born on 10-6-1971, I’m not sure on the time. I lived in Philadelphia, Pa., mainly the heart of Philadelphia for over 30 years. I was forced to fight when I was 6yrs old. Fighting in this city was the norm. You couldn’t walk down the street without getting into a fight. It didn’t matter who you were, it was like you have to prove yourself, always being tested. You have to eyes in the back of head 24/7. Because you’ll never know when it’s coming to you. You could be blame just simply, the person don’t like you, the person doesn’t have say anything to you, next someone hits you before you know it, you’re screaming for your life, cops will never be called and if they are called more then likely a chalk line is around your body and no one knows anything about it. I have been around gangs, druglords, murders and especially the Philadelphia Italian Mob. It’s not like you have a many choices dealing with these people, their part of the neighborhood and it didn’t matter if you moved cause everyone knew someone who is associated in that neighborhood. I have been around deals that actually went very bad for some people, I assure you. It wasn’t only dealing with this but I had a family that only used care and love when it came to expenses. Always screaming or beating me for things either I have done something wrong or not. Being hit was a normal thing of correcting you child doing the 70s and 80s. It wasn’t bad enough that I had to fight outside my house but inside the house too. Being abuse in school from classmates to teachers, being teased or bullied by both while in Catholic school. Pain was a major part of my life and that’s all I knew. No love, no feelings, no emotions every feeling you ever knew as a child is completely turned off from humanity. At the age of 15, my father tried to hit me with his belt cause the school blamed me for knocking over an elderly woman walking on the sidewalk, the school yard was in the middle of the street, kids were running near her, but I was on the other side of the sidewalk, I heard ” stop running” as I turned around the other kids knocked the elderly woman down, later hearing she broke her hip, just something came over me to help her so I ran over there, while trying to be nice I got blamed for the whole event. My father never took my side on anything the school was always right. When my father tried to hit me, I got really angry, angry to the point I wanted to kill him. That was the last time he ever laid a hand on me again, after fist fighting inside the house. Later, I also found out I was adopted and my real dad who I called my uncle, was in fact my real dad, never said a word to me about it, like I never existed, confronting this cold individual, knowing full well I was his son. He denied me till the time of his death. My adopted father would have been my uncle. I abandon that family when I was 23. Never looked back. I notice a lot of favoritism towards my other siblings, just not me. I was more of the black sheep in the family that no one talks about. I was really in a mental state of dealing with all this information while going through a divorce. After years later, now that I’m 48 it still cause nightmares for me every night. I wake up out of the blue sweating. 48 years old and still dealing with my demons. Love is so hard for me to understand cause I never knew what is liked to be loved and experienced it. The pain is the only thing I ever known. Trusting people is not easy for me, cause their always trying to undermine me or setting you up for a fall. People call it paranoia because they don’t see what I see. I can read people’s emotions and their body language, experiences living in a city dealing with people who respond on emotion and body language, People will always lie, it’s hard sometimes but I can’t dispute my experiences dealing with people. Most of the time I can’t be around large crowds cause their emotions are all over the place, it’s like being in a pinball machine while the balls are going in any direction. I have to leave immediately or I start feeling uneasy. Sometimes my nerves won’t stop pulsing through my body, I found out later is was a medical condition that can’t be solve by any doctor or specialist. When you sit in your comfort chair you are relaxed your nerves stop. My nerves are always firing which causes most of my pain. Just imagine needles hitting every part of your body at the same time and constantly doing it over and over never resting. Sometimes I don’t know who I am or why I am here on this planet, always asking myself what is my true purpose in this life, what am I supposed to offer this world.

  • robert roper says:

    hello crystal , thank you so much for sharing your video with us. allways nice to put a face and voice with your messages. my heart goes out to you and your mom at this difficult time. I myself am dealing with my wife many health issues. in fact shes in the hospital right now. inside I am sad but I allways keep a happy face to hide the sadness. I can tell that you are beautiful inside and out with such a kind soul. its tough being strong for our loved ones. emotionally & physically I am drained but I am keeping the faith that god is watching over them and has his healing hands ready to heal them. so be strong and keep the faith. sincerely , Robert from fla..

  • DEBRA D LYNCH says:

    Hello Crystal,
    Sending lots of healing prayers and love to you and your mother. I have been there with both my parents and know the fear and concern that it causes. Hang tight and know you are in prayers and thought of daily.


  • Roger Gatliff says:

    life is LONELY without family ,who doesn’t care if you die or not,They only care when they need SOMETHING . Life means very little without family that cares.

  • Peter Hango says:

    I appreciate what your doing for use, they’re many such apps but in this app we get free reading. I get nothing much to say but receive my thanks giving apart from that with all of my heart I waiting for the day of my miracle to happen. Be blessed

  • Roshan says:

    Hello Crystal,
    I’m sending love for you and your mom.
    She’ll be fine.

  • Hope says:

    Hey Crystal,

    I can identify with what you are going through. My mom had a massive stroke and heart attack left her paralyzed, the emotional pain and after stress, plus what mama is going through, so yes, it’s hard on you and everyone.

    So I will continue praying for you and mom, hoping that healing may be swift. Continue your great work, pray for strength and endurance during this time. When someone who was independent now has to depend on someone it’s never easy on both the person and family. But kindness and understanding are the ways to deal with it.

    May God bless you and give you all the strength, patience and help you need

  • IAM Number5, UYRUGGI says:

    I Am That Which I Am Is . The Power of the Sun, Heals The very Essence of My Life Force. The Power of The Moon, Heals My Mind and Body. May The ArchAngeL Metatron, Body of Enoch and Voice of God Hear Me Clear. I Am That Which I Am Is, Healed.

    If You Agree type *I Am* . Will 8 Minds Agree on Infinite Healing Power for All in Need of Healing Power spoken over your life.

    Your Mother________ is Healed. IT IS DONE.

      • Melanie says:

        Beautiful Heart Beautiful Soul Beautiful Love Crystal x You are Such an Inspiration to Me x I am Still Finding My Way through Addiction, Sexual Abuse and Self Abuse to Be of Pure Love for not only Myself and All Of Creation … A Slow but Positive Journey xx Luv and Light to All x

  • Teresa Saidy says:

    Dear crystal thank you so much for sharing your feelings and thoughts and for sharing with about your mom snd how she’s doing and just personal things about your life I love the fact that you can look beyond the pain and still find the Love that’s hidden beneath all the pain that this life deals to some of us for if we can’t find the love amongst the the pain I believe our souls become lost in the darkness and our light doesn’t shine any more love is the key to every thing in this life once again thank so much for sharing Lots of love Teresa Saidy

  • sheree says:

    2nd time reaching out to you..I am a gifted health intuitive..with 13 years in holistic field..Happy to help Mom at no charge. I lost my Mom after 20 years battleing lyme and all its complications at age 94. Heartbreaking! We had knocked down the effects of stroke, cancer. and a couple falls with broken bones..at one point we found thru kinesiology that dental work was the cause of repeated seizures./.after removal, she was ok..The human body can pull thru amazing challenges! Have faith..Pray to God for support. I find Mary to be very supportive.XO

  • Lisa ann mcgee says:

    Hey I guess I’ve been going threw what they call “the dark night of my soul”, and my song is cancer do you have any comments for me ? DOB 07-20-1971. 1:18 AM . ALSO can you tell me if ones twin flame is a bad narrissistic person who you cant stand do you another one? Or your soulmate, is there another one for me?

  • Tracy says:

    Sending prayers for you and your Mom!

  • Jean Charles says:

    Everyday is a celebration because instead of waiting for happy endings, we open our eyes to the wonder of life, to see the humour and magic in each moment. Delighted in the way things turn out, amazed at the beauty of it all.

  • Safaa says:

    Thank you crystal sending lots of prayers and love for you and your mom

  • Tristian Bee says:

    Hey Crystal I just want to say first it’s really nice to put a face and voice to the many emails I have received in recent times. I am so grateful for you and your teachings of self love you have no idea how much you have actually helped me 🙂 I see things In a new way thanks to you. I just let Some ugly energy go
    After typing that. I am sending your mama positive vibes and love today and to you as well keep being you it’s amazing you are amazing 🙂 I love you too Miss Lady your emails make my heart feel happy and Full so unfortunately I did not apply for a reading but look forward to your next video and such.
    (P.s) is it weird that I kinda pictured you and more your voice I heard it through the emails im an empath by the way and identify as a healer but some people didn’t understand that and the explanation was always too much so I resognate more with guidance now but Yes thanks for keeping me In your emails and I look forward to the next one

  • Ivana says:

    Sending Love and prayers <3

  • Shiela McLeod says:

    Hi Crystal
    Thank you for your latest video message. This New Year has been hugely traumatic for many. I see friends who usually are on a steady life course suddenly experiencing crisis from many angles. I personally am stepping forward steadily but experiencing an unusual lack in motivation and energy which has felt confusing ! I can see your strength but also exhaustion. You have done so much for your mother ( as I think you always have ) .
    I know you have your business and your followers too but at this time please stop for a moment and rest .
    I’m not sure of the medical status with your Mum but I would encourage her to look at the merits of Baric Oxygen Therapy for physical healing . I am not based in the US so you will have to check in your area . It is used for healing in MS patients here.
    Also I am training in a new therapy but I am not fully up and running yet . However I think it may be very helpful for your Mum and perhaps for you too . It is called Rapid Transformational Therapy ( RTT ) and can treat somatic issues alongside many many others. Check out its creator Marisa Peer. This therapy can be carried out through ZOOM online or of course in person.
    I am a psychologist and humanistic psychotherapist . Retired, but taking up this new challenge because I really believe it can help us all !
    Sending you energy and clarity

  • Neil says:

    Hi Crystal, thank you for the email and for this video, sending loving Healing prayers to you and your Mum, my mum is in the spirit world, guiding me, and watching over me, thank you for sharing your life with us all, a look into the souls growth, I’m from UK Wales How do I get a personal reading from you ?
    I feel I need some guidance in my life,
    Thank you for reaching out to me and I prayer for you and your Mum,

  • Faruk says:

    Hi Crystal, My prayers for you and your mom. I know you and your mom get better and better. You truly are strong. Everything is for us to know to learn to grow. God bless you and your mom.

  • Renata says:

    Prayers for your mom and you

    • Linda Collier says:

      Crystal, I too am praying for your mom. Just lost my cousin to bone cancer. Got to visit her at Barnes Jewish extended care in St. Louis. Had not seen her for 40 yrs., but on my 61st Birthday ,I got to visit her for three days and catch up on our lives. Went down Dec. 20,1999 , on Jan. 19,2020 she died. Could not imagine a better gift from God for either of us, given the circumstances . Will continue praying for ya’ll and remember to take advantage of your time on this earth. Things I wish I had asked my 78 year old cousin: What is your favorite song?who was your favorite actor and movie ect. It seems like trivial things to know but looking at identical crystal crosses in the window, knowing what insect and animal omens or good luck sightings she favors and mostly knowing that she believes in Christ as her savior ,like I do, has been the best healing knowledge for her and me too! God Bless you always!!❤️❤️

  • Kenneth Mabry says:

    I can see and feel how much you love your Mom and the weight of carrying all the worry, stress, anxiety of this health crisis upon your shoulders. I know from my experience how emotionally and physically exhausting this is, but being there present every minute is not an option, it’s unconditional love. I struggled to keep it together and project a positive, strong stance that we are gonna beat this attitude for both my parents. It really made a difference. But it was definitely one of the hardest things I have gone thru in life. You are awesome and your mom is blessed to have you with her. I wanna help too, but from Atlanta the best I can do is thru prayer, meditating, and sending love light to you.

  • Mirian says:

    Hi Crystal:

    I can feel what you are going through with your mom. I will be praying for your mom’s health and spiritual healing.

    Keep strong as you have been and thank you so much for being there for so many people even when you personally are feeling overwhelmed.

    God bless you loving lady and your strong mom!!!

    Lots of love. xx

  • Anuradha garg says:

    Hey crystal sending love and hugs across. Wishing your mom speedy recovery! A big thankyou for deep analysis on cards which is really really helping me a lot and i am able to reconnect myself and growing out of difficult situations! My prayers are with you❤️!stay connected.

  • Rickey Corman says:

    My heart goes out to you and your mom I pray everything will be the best for all of you may all of you always have angels by your sides and protect and keep you from harm <3

  • Ernie says:

    Hello from Ernie. My heart goes out to you and your mom. I believe in the power of positive thought. I also love reading your message’s.

  • Rodelyn says:

    My love and prayers from your mom Miss Crystal, and for being your so brave daughter,all trial to your life all of them it will u be strong and brave to face them.
    All i wanna say that God is always there for us,so even you’ved become busy,dont forget to talk to him bec.he is always there for us,faith can heal everything. Always take good care and take some vitamins,i see how u tired now and GodBless always.

  • Maribel Medina says:

    Thank you so much for your video. My prayers for you and your mom. You truly are strong and inspirational to all of us. It’s been a difficult journey for me the past 4 years but I have survived and continued to move forward the best that I can and know how. For the most part making sure that my mental health doesn’t get triggered or that anyone tries to mess with my mental health. I’ve isolated myself from everyone in my life until I can deal with all the changes I’m going through and I can deal with society without over doing myself. I hope to be able to get to know you personally and help each other with guidance. Thank you and I Love You Too, Doll

  • Mike says:

    I feel like I want to just give you a big hug,hold you close x

  • Eileen Yamchuk-Ashraf says:

    My dad pastaway on November 18th 2019 and it is hard for me and I miss him plus I don’t talk to anyone about it

  • Eloise says:

    I hope your Mom gets better soon praying. Thank you for your positive talk etc.

  • Isabel Chan says:

    Hello sweet,

    I just saw the video and the universe will be waiting for your request and your mum will able to recover soon.

  • ibrahim says:

    Hi Cristal, I have gone through your emails and video and all the contents were fully understood.
    I’m happy to have you around. And I’ll always pray for your success too.
    Thanks with love .

  • Marie Malan says:

    Hi yes,thx for all seport from you I have alot of stuff going on in my life, and don’t no if my BUSINESS going to be a success, but I try, yes I now how you feel with your mom, I have the same stuff gone through, still do, she passed on,on my birthday a few yes back, so my birthday not at all nice for me, but yes with time it get lighter, but not going away, still wish I can talk to her one last time but heat not possible, but thx for all your doing in everybody’s life,take care.Have great day. (MARIE MALAN)

  • Mari says:

    I’m feeling very lost, not knowing what to believe and or what my future holds for me.. I don’t even knw where to begin !
    Keep up ur good work♥️

  • Troy says:

    Hope all is ok. Lost my mother last April a month before her 91st birthday, neighbors burned my house to the ground a few weeks later, and buried my son a week after. Keeping my head up. Peace and love be with you and yours.

  • Ashwani says:

    I pray to God for ur mother recovery thanks

  • Benard says:

    Big thanks crystal. I love and appreciate your readings because am shown the path to follow through your tarot card. I know how you feel for your Mama but I believe that she will get well soon.

  • Marie van Zyl says:

    Hi Crystal. I know the feelings you are going through. I will pray for your mom. Thank you for sharing your deepest emotional feelings with us. Stand strong and thank you for everything.

  • RUTH A LAVOIE says:

    I am sending healing prayers to you and your mom! I enjoy your emails and taro card readings! I feel your pain and hope you have peace very soon! I myself am suffering with Breast Cancer and in treatment now but am trying to find love in my life! I have been going threw the whole ordeal since June 2019 mostly by myself! It’s so hard to find Love as you keep reminding me! Peace be with you always!

  • David Emmanuel says:

    I Don’t Really Understand All Of These Things, Everything You Are Showing Me Is Referring To Me As A Female Whereas I’m A Boy.
    Please Is There Any Explanation To That Please I Need A Respond

  • Lori Johnson says:

    hey sweet, just wanted to check on you! sending lots of love to you and your mom!!

  • Laila says:

    I appreciate this so much. I just want to thank you! I read your emails all the time that you send me. I just watched your video, as well hearing about your mother. Thank you for talking with us about your her. I hope things get better for her and as well for you ❤️. I’m becoming more aware of lots of things everyday. Waking up and receiving that inner truth. I thank you once again for taking your time out to help me and others.

  • MariaD says:

    Crystal you are such an amazing person who lits many of us up with your writing . Thank you for taking the time and not forgetting about any of us many whom you don’t personally know yet are connected to through your energy and love . My heart goes out to you and your mom I really do hope everything works out for her and that she feels better and recovers . I’m sending you lots of love and prayers

  • Leeann Russell says:

    Thanks Alot! My heart and prayers go out for u and your mom.. Yea I’m in such a difficult spot in my life with my boyfriend right now,that I do know what I want to do, but then again I don’t know what to do.. Things dont seem that they are getting better just only worser.. I have tried to get the truth from him but he never wants to do whatever I ask him,always says he will just to get what he wants, but seems to always forget about what I want after words.. I have tried last 7 years, but nothing has happened yet.. Only seems to hurting me more and more.

  • Rajalakshmi says:

    I really want to be a friend of you ,though icant understand many of your phrases ,mainly i am from bottom of India ,i can understand and have knowledge in english ,i cant follow you in many , but my prayers for your mother ,my favourite local god mariamman cure her .Be my friend through our life ,please contact through my email

  • duane palmer says:

    I saw part of your video 8 minutes my internet is off and on.My heart goes for you and your mom.My mom shot herself in the head one night.I found her the nex t day.It hurt really bad.So i know wat its like to hurt.The fourth of this month was the anniversary of when it happened.I dont get sad anymore.Ive talked with my alot when i dream.She ok .i get visits from all my ancesters when i dream.i know youll get through this.Also im being targeted by a entity or someone with negative energy waves since i was born .Nothing ever goes right for me.i dont let it get to me.i see dark spots in my aura actually alot.i need help to figure out what to do.Im doing my best to deal with it.i will never give in.can ya offer some advice before it s to late for me?

  • Stac says:

    Thank you ❤️

  • Jagdish Vasantlal Jariwala says:

    Out of the observation of disorder comes the flowering of order.
    Be Human Be Kind. Be Good Do Good. Love all Serve all.
    — The inner is the result of the outer. If you want to change society, which is corrupt, immoral and destructive, one has to change the human being who has created this society.

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