Energy Update: Your New Way Forward

By February 20, 2019 Energy Update

How To “Open Up” Beyond Your Current Reality

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Love is real. Spirit is real. You haven’t been wrong. Your experiences on this journey have been real.

Release those worries. Keep planting your intention seeds and watering them, even when you doubt.

You are being encouraged to release old thinking from a skewed lens, through having your core fears and beliefs shaken open to what is living from love, verses what is living from fear.

It’s also THE time to realize how much you have grown and how irrelevant the things were (or still are) holding you back!

This potent Full Moon at 0 degree of Virgo is giving you an expanded viewpoint, albeit through pain if must be…

It’s the perfect time (even if it seems like the worst) to break free from patterns of sabotage, and give you the wisdom and shift in energy required to help you to align with your souls unique purpose…

We only can see the new from emptying the old. We must go into the void to land the new.

What if you just start making every decision in your personal and professional life based off of what allowed you to feel the most connected and free?

Zero Degrees = Infinite Potential

We must stop listening to the old 3D reality and belief systems so that a higher new reality CAN open up.  Where love fully reaches us in total reception of what we are.

We don’t seek love, we are love. SO TRUST. You are not crazy. No matter how much you say it, this isn’t the time to give up.

I feel so many through this powerful moon and energy pull will feel like they are left with having no other choice, but to open up. Surrendering is not giving up.

That is abandonment.

When we are truly surrendering, we are offering. We are not abandoning at all but instead calling in every part of who we are.

All of life’s contents will be laid out naked to be released as we are free, and cracked open in order to notice the magic we couldn’t see before …

Meaning there’s been many trigger events happening as a catalyst for change woven into the collective fabric lately. A trigger event is some sort of experience that creates an “energy divide.”

It gives you choice and possibility. It’s asks what side of the fence you are on and that choice will decide the frequency of the timeline you lock into.

Sometimes it takes these events to wake up to what we don’t know and to stop measuring our self worth against outdated worn or dysfunctionally based paradigms.

The key is to create from source presently instead of chewing on the past of what did or did not happen at one time.

If you take care of yourself and rest you’ll see that the core of you wants to bask in new territory even if you’ve been reluctant.

With the couple week block of major long term astro transits happening (Chiron entering Aries, first time in 84 years and Taurus coming into Uranus) so much is coming to the surface, where the tangible meets the intangible.

And as this happens are being pressured to face the outworn ways, perceptions, frequencies and programming that has kept imbalanced in your ability to feel, listen, ask, take action, interact with others and see from anew place.

It’s time to activate sparks of interest, activate threads of inspiration that were dropped along the way, activating re-evaluation and ways to connect and go deeper.

It’s time to take space from or move away from what’s is causing us to feel we have to constantly prove our worth …

It’s time to listen in, trust and commit to the whole process all the way through, even when we want to doubt or give up.

The energy right now is helping you become more aware of the potential you have, opening you up to new horizons and encouraging you to open your mind and heart to something which will be beyond your current reality or acceptance of what could be possible for you — and trust and COMMIT to the whole process of the unknown.

It’s time to refuse the stories that others frame and refuse to play a role in their story as you heal old perfectionism wounds and honor your flawsome self, just as you are …

Self care has to be prioritized right now in order to balance and protect your space and energy from old patterns taking over.

It’s a DETOX of old “well meaning but dead advice” imprinted upon you regarding love, freedom and self worth …

What is the outgrown narrative is telling you – that you can’t have or create the dream and love you want?

What messages of higher soul has your ego been blocking?

Your higher self has been trying to reach you – but you may have been “offline” due to old programs taking over.

Trust that what your mind may perceive as terrible or annoying, your soul is rejoicing at the lessons you are learning, the emotional range you are experiencing and the life changing wisdom you are expanding from,

Plant Your Seeds, Trust, Do The Work

They are silently growing, unfurling and pushing direct under the ground even when you can’t see them grow …

Slowly, slowly as the vibration frequencies you emit expands and you detach from what is losing resonance, your arriving physical world slowly lands to meet you …

Stop doubting yourself and bigger life as it unfolds, bend to bend. Nothing ever plays the way we think it will, which is why it’s essential to not be attached to specific outcomes.

Trust that everything will work out perfectly. Allow things to unfold and stop squishing out what’s expansive and possible …

You have planted your seeds. The fruits are your work are growing and new energy sprouts pushing their way through the dark soil, even when you can’t see.

Trust. Inner alignment. Seeds grow in silence before flowers bloom. Your blessings are fertilizing and it’s not always cause you are doing something about it, yet because you are truly enjoying the space of self care.

It’s time to detox, heal, evolve yes but it’s also time to lean in deeper to the simple pleasures of inner beauty and self … like a woman in harmony with spirit is like flowing water .. going where she will without pretense, arriving just as she is … YOU.

I know many feel like this is impossible, especially to what your ego is telling you right now …and I know so many are feeling torn to shreds …

And at the same time, we are all realizing how far we have come. That on this journey of self mastery, it’s not at all about worshiping a master, it’s about self mastering …

It’s staying calm, slowing down, becoming more aware and staying rooted in your benevolent inner humble power, even when there’s a threat to something meaningful.

Know that the pains you are going through is really in the long run about your truth and love; a higher love and divine trust…a returning to your essence and authentic core.

However the downside is being worn thin to nothing, uncomfortable emotional vulnerability, and feeling tested by everyone including the cosmic energy.

It’s like we are all on some level being “pressured and crushed” or pushed for our own good.

If blockages or problems show up like little or big earthquakes, understand they are tests to shows you what’s real, true, healthy and sustainable and what is not.

What’s showing up as blocks right now is not part of your true nature — it’s the stuff you have taken on in life!

It’s may be feeling like it’s time to give up making us veer off our path … but this is a test.

What’s happening is we are being shown the old world patterns that are still lodged between your conditioned being and your most natural RAW state of being.

This is the time to test your fears, damaging old beliefs, old outworn perceptions, ways that we use the outside to determine inner worth, negative attachments, congested emotions and old wounds

Know that the seeds you’ve planted are growing… pushing through the dirt, even though you can’t see it yet.

The heart always knows. Begin to see through the midst. Trust the process of the intangible meeting the tangible.

Stop Doubting Yourself!

Like I said before, love is real, energy is real, your journey is real.

You are not crazy, you are still birthing in one world and you are dying in the old world.

There’s so much going on between balancing the “real world” and what is higher potential and your expansion.

As the Full Moon peaks, pay attention to symbols, images, words and dreams.

What underlying foundational blocks and snags STILL must be fully seen in the light and cleansed?

This is about unity and connection to you soul. What doesn’t fit anymore?

Be honest.

What is beyond “fixing or saving” is being pushed away so that YOU CAN see the old with new eyes, but you have to distance yourself.

This way you stop focusing on the problems and you begin celebrating, creating, living and loving from a blank slate.

Trust if it’s closed for now, it because there’s a better way and the way you were going about things or approaching something wasn’t in your highest good; or the highest good of all.

True love and higher truth will thrive the test of time and if it’s meant for you, will meet you halfway as you rise on your own and trust more.

Remember who the you are at a soul level. This energy helps you commitment to truth and heart as you take masks off through layer by layer of deeper understanding.

This is returning to your essence and on the ego level can also feel like death or the unknown. Like jumping on a cliff with no training wheels, but this is the gift and the way.

This time right now, whatever tough stuff is happening is about helping you return to your own essence and allow it to flow through you to create …

When you are aligned with the essence that you are, then what needs to flow through you, can flow. You don’t feel “silenced” or stagnant.

Your creative well hasn’t dried up my love, something is just blocking its release and expression. The truth is your self awareness is the key to your creative transformative abilities and flow.

You must take the time to cultivate. When you take the time to nurture the essence of who you are with care it re aligns you, fills you, clears communication blocks and even purifies helping you return back to your original essence.

That inner tuned space inside you where have more awareness, more embodied knowing and resources to recognizing your own soul with grace. Where you express and create with effortless ease.

Where you observe energy and acknowledge the divine connection inside you, even when your ego tells you it’s all bullshit. The universe wants to flow through you unrestricted, like a river flowing through – stop limiting it.

I feel many are going to be finally receiving or trying to communicate with higher guidance and it’s a really good time to tap into unconditional love; this source we all are.

As a downside many who are vibrationally can be feeling irritated AF right now — almost like they doubt the dream even though deep down they still MADLY want it.

Soften even when hard. Even when painful, allow your first to unfold. Rise anyway my love, and soar! Your soul has always remembered the way into more.

The answer to what’s next can be found through the subtler act of os simply abiding — not reacting, not running, not hiding, not chasing …

…but just leaning into your heart – the moment – the unknown … and in this being – in the moment – a deep power is able to surge from within you where you choose to remain present.

Things only shift when you disrupt the old through emerging the new and break the pattern through new creation. If you react, it won’t make the shift or change anything.

Instead you break the pattern of the old (whatever it is) by staying calm and choosing to remain in the present, letting inner devotion inhabit you in the moments your ego runs …

Allowing you to slow down and zoom out of your lower mind and into your state of being and creativity, infusing you with the capacity you need to transform whatever energetic imprint or physical pattern you want.

It’s only through vulnerability that we can access our energy prowess and fully being to see from a new frequency.

This is why exhausting the ego of its rigid hold on us can be quite useful to our souls asking for sovereignty.

Sometimes it’s at the edge of broken that our ego is finally loosened enough to allow grief crack us open and strip away the mask.

Be stripped down to what really matters at heart and trusting your own inner medicine. This is where we learn who we truly are and why devotion is essential.

Devotion is true love, not attachment … it’s letting go of the illusion that life, this lover, this thing, this child, this soul is separate from you…bringing you back home.

An energy, “at home” understanding and love that never leaves. A love that evolves the soul.

The energy of this zero degree auspicious supermoon is helping us clear away the unnecessary, like sifting through sands at the beach to find the perfect shell.

You’ll find that all the unrealistic fluff you’ve been entertaining – and compromises you’ve been making – all come to light during this time.

All the old self limiting ways that box up your worth into a pretzel are coming out. All the ways you doubt spirit are showing up.

Delete Thoughts Like:

– “That’s impossible, crazy or stupid!”
– “It’s never happened before, so why now?”
– “Life or people just aren’t like that!”
– “Men Always Do x”
– “Why Can’t I _____?”

It’s time to focus on what’s possible and what you DO have from the beginning.

This may mean deeper truths, including clearing out patterns of feel good spirituality, gurus you don’t need, unrealistic ego ideals, and self delusions you’ve held onto for way too long.

Look at all from both sides.

Is my ego, perceptual reality and old narratives blocking inner divine connections and messages?

Or am I escaping what’s real (just as it is) because i don’t want to face my pain so I distract myself through glorifying spirituality? All of this is coming up for clearing.

Old judgements, criticism, rationale and logic based in 3D common sense is being pushed to the surface right now so that we can let go of it and open up to the world that exists straight through on the other side.

Helping you break free from sabotage and harm and allowing you to release your past, heal your emotional wounds, and move forward in peace.

For some this could mean a complete alteration of your life, bringing changes in your job, relationship and/or any other field that is not in resonance with who you’ve become.

For others, who are already living according to their soul will will be about supporting their bodies in the mutation that we are having, and create new ways of being of service. The energy of self care.

For all, this is about embracing the all yet from a space of uniqueness and inner trust of total devotion to Unity Consciousness and the Divine Plan that we came here to embody.

Many will get further or new information about their unique role on the planet and what they need to be working on at this time …

Others are those who are just beginning to realize the importance of being authentic … being able to receive … living/responding from a space of transparency for these energies are supporting your conscious choice of releasing old chains and embracing your true nature.

Spirit is showing you that as long as you keep trying to “deem life” from logic and keep your 3D judgements in place, the longer you block your own heart and truth from being seen and realized..the longer you wear masks instead of living your authenticity.

Trust the whole and honor the process of what you can’t see yet. Trust your sprouting plants are pushing through the dark earth, awaiting surrender to the sky.

See what the energy is pushing you to release and allow the blocks and skepticism to your life’s journey, expansion, inner divinity fall away…

It’s time broaden our horizons beyond what we think we know and to live and move away from anything that is causing us to feel we have to constantly prove our worth …

It’s time to listen and hear our soul and COMMIT to the whole process of the unknown, allowing the new to emerge.

Don’t give any energy to the stories that other people put on you and refuse to play roles for others and walk away from (even your own) limiting or false expectations coming from fear and scarcity.

The truth is you came here to go through exactly what you are giving through and come together and LOVE.

So that you can realize your most true, raw, innocent, wise and untamed self.

Trust that your being (intimately your energy prowess) is golden power.

Yet know your possibilities are only as wild as your soul is free and your magic is only as wide as the leap that you take.

Your heart already knows.

#flow 🌱✨

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Shauna Hines says:

    All I can say to you over and over again.. Is thank you!! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! For your courage, your amazing wisdom but mostly for your genuine and uncut approach in letting us know what serves us and what doesn’t. Most importantly, that the answers and love we seek from outside ourselves will lead us nowhere because the answers have always been inside all of us from the beginning. I’m so ecstatic to say that just this morning I felt for the first time that connectin to divine peace and light and gave in, let go and surrendered to it. I was literally crying but the tears were from overflowing with so much love, peace and pure happiness to finally feel something that words honestly could never express!! I thought I’ve felt this in the past however I wasn’t even close to the truth. I noticed a situation that has hurt me so deeply for a year now came at with me with much worse and unexpected truths, only this time it was as if it all floated right through me. Instead of being crushed by the news I received I was oddly delighted by it, simply because it was the truth and I know I have so much bigger and better to look forward to and believe in. Including myself!! I’m still shocked at myself! No ego, no stubborn pride.. Just let it flow through and it was as if the divine light inside me simply dissolved it immediately, at the same time I forgave immediately without even second guessing it. By far the most amazing feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s beyond beautiful… I have so much growing, learning and letting go still to go through however I know without a doubt that I’m headed in the right direction. So again, thank you. If you weren’t here the whole time giving me guidance about so much, I would have been struggling for quite some time to get to where I’m at now. You’re someone with a gift that is probably helping so many people that you don’t even realize. Your way of helping us see truth and love is brilliant and no one else comes close to it. I’m sending every empath I know in your direction. Lol! I’m forever grateful!!
    All my love,
    Shauna H.✨

  • Sasha louise says:

    Thank you so much for this message, for me it was spot on, I do have some thing blocking me, I started on a spiritual self discovery journey around 4 years ago now, in that time I have learned that I’m a very old noble soul, and I no what I did in my past 5 lives, I’m a highly sensitive and have clear knowing, but what ever it is that is blocking me is preventing me from realising my full potential.. over the past several months I have started seeing energy in pictures, and I have occasional premonitions usually through dreams, in the pat I only saw or felt things that came true for people that lived close to me, but I have since seen 2 that were not the 1st was the earthquake in Italy, I dreamt that one I just wasn’t sure which country it was… The 2nd time it 2as that Donald trump was going to become president and I said I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to build a wall to keep migrants out of America, .
    Love and light to you all .

  • Susan keeble says:

    What a brilliant reading so so true it’s made me feel a lot better about myself thankyou so much xx

  • Dorina Costea says:

    Dear Crystal’
    I can’t wait your every message. They are so inspiring, at least for me. I feel like I found my way. Thank you!

  • minnie tillak says:

    SOOOOO? so what would you like me to say that could .buy you out?

  • minnie tillak says:

    MUCH to think about, but so much is sourted OUT,WITH implanted strong belief.


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