Energy Update: Your New Beginning

By August 14, 2018 September 29th, 2018 Channeling, Energy Update

“Remember, what you let go is just as important as what you call in.”

Hey love…

As I sit here, feeling into the core of this energy today, am overwhelmed to tears with love. We are all stepping into bigger life that has been calling our soul for a long time.
If you’ve been reading my Energy Updates this summer, you may know this third eclipse is also part of solar “light” activation that is happening throughout the planet in the physical
Have you been creating hell of heaven on earth for yourself?
Are you willing to create the dream that the child in you wants to play as you let go of old storylines and habits of survival?
That’s what this time is about for you if you’re ready to open your heart to greater possibility.

The heavens are listening more than ever to the light your earthly body speaks when you live and exist as felt truth, embodied in-3D-action.

The doorway and timeline of manifesting your biggest life is closing, how are you creating your new life from this doorway?

Just as new moons are linked to beginnings and full moons are tied to culminations, eclipses serve as celestial checkpoints that illuminate our karmic path and its cycles of completion and new beginnings.

Astrologically speaking, eclipses speed up time: They open new doors by slamming others shut, so we often find abrupt and sudden shifts occurring during eclipses. Though the shifts can be jarring, eclipses help us by speeding up the inevitable.

So, if you’ve been dragging your feet, this time will be sure to give you that extra push needed to take action.

While the results of eclipses can be shocking, remember that these lunations simply expedite the inevitable. Because,these events were going to happen eventually.

Remember that endings are hard, but everything is cyclical: a culmination always occurs on the edge of a beginning. This too will pass and evolve if you integrate the lesson and take felt inspired action from heart.

Right now, it just feels like more than usual because we’re experiencing…

A Cosmic Energy Overload

I know a lot of you are feeling pretty drained right now – mentally tired emotionally drained physically exhausted.

Cosmic energy has been amplified and has felt immensely intense for weeks and months and many are feeling exhausted, wondering how much more they can handle.

You could be feeling like you’re getting these bouts of purging on and off out of nowhere … highs and lows. These feelings are simply a sign from the universe that it’s time for stability…

Before you can reach the stars you must first build your ship … you must make your body strong before you can wear the bad ass space suit.

So take your time and build from stability.

In other words, trust the process, even during the hard parts. This is heart too.

You may see what you purge in you physically manifest around you … don’t be scared, it’s not indefinite … just observe what’s happening and choose what you DO want and take felt action.

Trust the process and allow yourself create your new beginning by knowing what you want. Taking action will solidify the itch of “how.”

If you can’t feel and notice a certain level of detachment to things lately, know that it’s a sign to let go of what’s draining you and focus on what truly lights you up – even if its small at first.

What lights you up will guide you to what is truly possible for you during this life transition.

Stepping Through The Lions Gate And Opening Your Heart

The doorway of what the ancient Egyptians called the Lionsgate Portal mainly involving the Sun, the Earth, and the higher spiritual star Sirius is fully activated.

(Hint: The Lionsgate postal has to do with how these three celestial bodies directly lines up with the three main pyramids of Giza.)

Yet this energy is supercharged by this New Moon in Leo which is all about fully living our soul and hearts, even in physical duality or the physical.

Why is this so important?

We are needing ours Souls energy and amplification more than ever on this planet as collective and personal truths are being further unveiled.

What are you calling forth and what are you choosing – love or fear?

The ancient Egyptian star alignment “Lionsgate” photonic light energy is hitting our planet more than ever preparing us for the next big energy wave in October that will take us on another ascension path to 2020.

It’s going to be a very beautiful and also interesting time as we all continue to ground higher energy into the practical, fundamental, physical.

Many ancient Shamanic tribes around the world from different times believe that Sirius is the gateway to heaven, and that our souls go there once we depart from our physical bodies. Many ancient civilizations have held Sirius is high spiritual regard.

While some might say “you can’t be Sirius” lol 😝 the fact is, a great number of secret societies – which include some of the world’s most influential people – and belief systems teach about a mystic connection between Sirius and humanity.

Either way the final week of an extraordinary eclipse series and the height of this years Lionsgate energy is here.

Heart is here. If you feel it, be real and go for it.

All of it.

Your wildest dreams are becoming reality and just waiting for your felt inspired action.

Since our last full moon lunar eclipse, you’ve likely been letting go of the past, people, places as you shed your skin – hopefully putting down your sling and gun, allowing your HEART naked and powerully raw to show up first, to feel first … even in death.

This whole year of purging, clarifying and rebirthing into what truly matters this powerful, manifesting “11” year, is all culminating to your very thoughts, feelings and words right now.

So what does your most vulnerable, playful innocent childlike self like to manifest?

What are you willing for, willing to dream out loud and create?

Hopefully back in June, you took the opportunity to love and nurture yourself ,because it will help you greatly CREATE the life you are clearly seeing you want now.

I trust for some of you, the last two moon eclipses may have stirred up many “outdated” mental triggers and emotions that you’ve been aware of for a while but that must clear out in order for your heart to connect to the new possibiliti that you can literally begin to sense and recognize.

However… if you are still chasing old stories and projections and attachments to what keeps you stuck and stagnant, you will not be able to feel these eclipses in the middle way stillpoint creation zone of your heart.

The place inside you that can transmute all dark, pain and struggle into creativity, vision, ultimate choice and freedom.

The End Of A Cycle Means A Brand New Beginning

Since my last few updates this eclipse time has been opening you to think and see what you truly need in life and what you would like to have happen next.

August is the time to be very CLEAR what you would like manifest in the coming years and plant your seeds of intention.

This doorway this summer has been collectively showing up that life is truly up to what we want to create. Do you want to create heaven or hell?

What seeds have you been planting since physically letting go and purging during the last full total lunar eclipse blood moon?

You must make room to create what you DO want. This means you must watch what you are bringing into your life that does not vibrationally match the new world you are creating – and let go of ego.

The energy right now to make your life better really has to do with your heart and how open it is as the universe is asking you to show up to life without carrying all the baggage and outdated emotional survival skills you learned.

So this is the theme you may spot throughout life right now … where are you telling stories to yourself that are purely from this survival mentality?

Can you be playful and come from innocence more often than not? Can you allow you heart to create the life you want?

Yes, you must let go of those old habits, false light safety nets and storylines of survival thats tells you things like…

“I can only be positive when I feel bad”

Or, “good men are hard to find”…

Or… that “a better life is out of reach for you” …

Or whatever else you’ve been told.

Because… 99% of the time, the way we construct things in our mind and our daily narratives is done with the idea that it will protect us from harm.

Of course, there are lots of healthy habits we all have, but it’s these little suttle ones that seem like they are regular and seem like they are consistent with the rest of your life – or seem even necessary at times that are going to be asked to be reexamined here.

To step into fully creating our life physically we must notice how we create frameworks for ourselves … how we create stories and mythologies and plot lines for what happened in the past… and how we want things to happen that serves as more a prison than a tool to help us expand.

Can we EXIST and BE in the eye of the storm and then choose to create instead of doubting or second guessing ourselves?

Can we see how we go about life in the smallest ways that keep us captive or truly set us free?

It’s time to step into your BIGGEST life ever, yet it needs your FULL participating heart in it. To move beyond the isolation of those prison guards who are out-datingly guarding our hearts into destruction?

For example, maybe you want to love of your life to manifest – but you don’t want to give your full heart or take the time away from your career, so you blame it on “being too independent” … this is guarding your heart instead of trusting and taking the leap.

So please love on yourself during this time, allow yourself to feel, envision, take action and you take the leap into creating from the unknown. Like I said in my last two updates, evolve or repeat. Your heart is leading the way.

This Final Solar Eclipse Shows Us How

On top of this potent doorway open we also have the last solar eclipse of the year in heart centered focal point of Leo, which sets the stage of things to come.

Overall, the August 2018 partial solar eclipse in Leo is a lot of mixed energies that are very introverted right now so it can be hard to decipher the energy until it physically manifests.

However, don’t fight against the energy of this eclipse and be sure to notice and redirect old survival habits that are limiting you, or you might end up the next six months spinning your wheels.

However, if you pay attention to the signs from the universe, you’ll definitely come out of this celestial event ready to move toward what you really want and that’s really the best gift the universe could give you!

The Leo Solar Eclipse on August 11 signifies the opening of a new chapter and the start of a new beginning in your life and this potent life upgrading door is closing this month, so what are you truly bringing into your life?

You are now culminating all the lessons learned this year and this last eclipse is kind of a “before and after” so what LOVE are you birthing into your life?

What love are you allowing into your life in the little moments? Are you embracing and receiving love?

What is stopping you and holding you back from giving all of your heart … from receiving all of someone’s heart? from receiving your life’s dream?

You have a lot of energy to work with internally and you can use all these retrogrades to your advantage and gain incredible wisdom and insight into your being.

We’re sitting in the still zero point “heart” of this new moon lionsgate energy right now and getting clear with what we want to create from here, especially after what we know now after the summer.

Life is a constant cycle of death and rebirth. We are constantly being encouraged to shed and release and make space for new things to come into our lives and into the world. There is obviously high manifestation energy surrounding this heartful, playful Leo Eclipse.

After the intense period of cleansing brought about by the last total lunar full Blood Moon, this Solar Eclipse is a time to sit and feel and visualize what new things we want to bring into our lives.

These things can be a new job or relationship, but they can also be new patterns of being, thinking or feeling. You can call in more love, more light, more gratitude, more freedom, more truth, or whatever it is that you feel you desire to create in your life.

Getting in touch with yourself, journeying inwards and then asking the Universe for what you desire can be so powerful as this time is about writing your life and authoring the story from your soul … so it could feel like “yeah right, it can’t be this easy” …because it’s not.

Because we have been trained to fight for what we want and programmed to think if something is really good, it’s going to to be hard to attain it.

And this doorway and higher manifestation energy is exactly the opposite because the time now is about choosing what you DO want and putting your ALL into it, unconditionally and unbiasedly.

A Fully Embodied Being Aligned With Action …

So where has your focus been going toward lately? Are you truly creating a heaven or hell?

This is your new beginning, your fresh start, closure and turning point in life and it’s time to execute and live your new routines that have been waiting for you to embody physically for months …

And when you shift in your body, your mind begins to know it’s possible … you can begin to slow down, exist and feel first when you find yourself overthinking, rationalizing and doubting your intuition.

And this Solar Eclipse will help you but is not the only energy at play.

This new moon solar eclipse in Leo clashes heads with Jupiter in Scorpio, where they square at 4 degrees in each sign. This is deep transformational energy if we can allow our hearts to be open and vulnerable to a greater strength.

Can you hold your heart open through all the shit and walk faithfully into the unknown anyway, creating the life outside of your usual programmed responses?

Can you unbiasedly sit in the “unmanifest dark” as you internally envision what you truly love MOST want and take some sort of felt action toward it?

You have this dark blank slate to draw from, this emptiness … this richness during this “beginners heart and mind” encouraging eclipse.

May of you have been feeling a strong sense of purpose or your own soul mission – as well as a strong detachment from codependency, places and people holding you back.

Stop over thinking and analyzing why you feel the ways you do – just drop in – instead of wondering what’s going to happen and when is it going to happen – just sink in and rest.

Trust from your inner knowing and take action form this place.

Remember from back during the June Solstice that you are both lover and beloved, pen and paper, navigator and ship.

If you remember, this also the same energy we have been digesting all last year too, however we are integrating it with our ego and in the 3D physical world, not just our heightened awareness.

So trust your inner calling and take the actions you can, don’t worry about the rest.

The Calm Within The Eye Of The Storm

Just keep in mind that the Mercury is also retrograde in Leo, and five other planets are in various stages of their cosmic backspins, things are going to be extra intense, complex and again difficult to decipher right away because of the the number of planets (mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Mars and now Uranus all in retrograde) involved.

This means this eclipse will make you think, question, discuss and deliberate in a time that we are all going inward.

This partial solar eclipse in Leo is also conjunct Mercury retrograde and quincunx Pluto so know that when stuff is triggered emotionally, you may find yourself ruminating on the past you thought was over, unless you fully felt them (full “open nervous system” feeling) and let go.

Or in other words fully understood and redirect wounds into creative source potential. Many who have fully opened in the heart will not be as triggered.

However, if old things come up, this isn’t bad as forgotten memories, trauma can more easily rise to the surface with new eyeballs that aligns with your soul and not your ego. This is very creatively constructive towards your health and life purpose no matter what.

Yet in order to do this we must be sensory aware of what we tell ourselves silently and out loud.

Are you trusting your soul, showing up and taking 3D action with all your heart feels and knows?

Can we be child like and show up even when it hurts and we want to run away? Can we allow our hearts to be vulnerable – even when we talk shit, reduce the infinite to counting beans, worry and doubt?

Yes you can dear soul, exist in the sweet core spot of love, even in the vortex of “not enough” attention, love, commitment and devotion … You can be fully devoted to you, even when it doesn’t feel worth it.

This time is about being ALL IN baby. I was mentioning this back in May and through the June solstice and during the moons,

It’s a time of heart activation and consolidating all this expanded consciousness we as a collective has been cultivating and physically embody BE and take felt action in the 3D.

This is about having your HEART = ALL in and Stepping into your highest light.

What Are Your Intentions Lately?

From here, watch your words and feeling and actions and see how they align to your heart, inner knowing and soul. You will be very profoundly impacted with greater wisdom from your soul and through the Sun and Sirius if you do.

Be childlike and playful … the ability to show up to things without carrying all the baggage and learned survival skills that we have incrementally amassed since we are children.

To trust, exist and just be, instead of bypassing and skipping over the moment and this empty naked space we are in of full potential creation.

Can you step into your highest fullest version of yourself … this new timeline as you complete integrating the lessons of the old and releasing yourself of its conditioning?

What is it you truly want and are you willing to sacrifice what’s not good for you so that you can give your ALL to what you truly love?

This could be a transition in your life direction and what kind of business or career you do. This could be moving toward that heart fulfilling purpose or relationship that you know first begins within yourself.

You have the opportunity RIGHT NOW before this doorway closes to step into your highest frequency as of yet – even if you have been doubting and rationalizing and over thinking.

We are receiving high photonic light waves that have been repeatedly coming in higher amounts and this energy will last all year yet is most potent and pliable to work with now.

You vision and intention is everything. What is it that you want? Are you going to allow history to repeat itself or are you going to take this karmic closure and merge through your heart?

We have a lot of help right now for helping us all embody and live our hearts for greater manifestation and physical body-to-energy alignment.

Know that you know your inner truth …

Your “Inner” Knowing

You are being guided in the direction that you most need to move in

Those that are feeling drained tired of not themselves know that this energy is clearing out soon.

You are going through a period of adjustment with your light body – not just energetically but physically

We are merging and crossing dimensions and timelines collapse into bigger pools of understanding and collective resonance.

This is about action in the 3D – felt inspired action.

We can no longer doubt our hearts, we must walk into the unknown and allow our soul to ground what’s energetically happening into the 3D. We can no longer rationalize and doubt what we know. We just take action.

Don’t get stuck in the cycle of doubt and fear and anxiety – take felt action just show up.

You are being guided to feel this way so that you can focus on yourself and focus on your path.

It’s a time to focus on your soul mission. If there are situations you need to get out of – get out.

If there are changes you need to make like jobs that are not satisfying or aligned with your souls mission or changes you must make to start living your authentic truth THEN DO IT.

It’s may not be easy to choose your soul because it’s scary to not consciously know, but to intuitively trust and take action in the physical.

However before you can paint this magnificent masterpiece showing the Universe now exactly what you want now that you have been through the contrast, you must empty your cup before you can refill it.

We must create from the neutral still point only the present moment and our hearts fully turned ON only knows.

So this year and while this huge “life upgrade” door is still open for a short time have you taken the space to let go of old bonds, attachments or things that are distracting or blocking you from what you truly want?

Can you stop settling your soul for a half willing participation to life because what you truly want means that you must EXIST as it.

You must stop doubting and asking why and when and instead trust your heart and keep showing up and taking action.

Doing what you love may also mean that you have to do things you don’t want to do. Remove certain habits, thought patterns and people who are toxic, and discern the crutches in life you grasp to keep you feeling a false sense of safety but that only block your ability to transition into a better life.

But what does your heart truly want?

This light energy is peaking during this partial solar eclipse in Leo and this huge doorway is closing tonight yet you have time now and tomorrow to tune into and get clear with what you fully want.

And from here out – LIVE it.

Fully embrace and allow the new beginning you wanted for so long.

If you have been building something for a longtime and you are wanting to grow on a massive level, you must fully trust and believe this all the way through …

So please be gentle with yourself as you witness old triggers and storylines pop up that not longer serve your new chapter.

Listen carefully to what you hear others say and also what you find yourself saying and use this nurturing energy to the fullest.

Write in your diary, wound healing or manifestation rituals, unwind and feel your heart and connect it to the ground as much as you can this month.

This is a really powerful time to set up exactly where you want to go in life so use this energy wisely … a new beginning and new start for all of us.

Where are you been not giving ALL of yourself due to learned lack disguised as “help?”

Where have you been speaking the new, but not feeling or taking action in it?

It’s Time To Choose Self Love Once And For All

For example regarding self love, can you embody being gentle with yourself, even in the hard moments?

Can you witness the storylines you’re still using as prison guards and allow the wisdom of your heart to show you a new way?

Yes. When you witness.

Write it down and laugh about it. Don’t worry. It’s not serious. You are not stuck to anything you witness.

Give yourself the gift to witness without making anything wrong. Just see what’s serving you and what’s not serving you and simply witness from zero.

The truth is you have to be content with where you are and be fully aligned with this energy that wants to actualize your heart in the physical.

You also have to slow down enough to look at what you’re really are putting out into the world …

Slow down also fully appreciate where you are at Andy’s SEE how far you’ve come, how much you have changed and grown, how much you have accomplished.

Where you’re living, who you are around, the work you are doing is merging to soul … just remember if you feel content with what you are, the world is open to you.

Yet this doorway that you has been calling you to step into your highest worth and heart is closing, so what are you creating and choosing?

Can you train yourself with the “soul muscle set” to see the good things around you?

This time for me is stripping it back to this … when you decide to perceive from a place of heart, the floodgates open of possibility and we are truly able to create from our soul and live it.

Set the nay sayers and prison guards free throughout life and you will be met with connection, insight and understanding …

You’ll know exactly why you want to be, LIVE and exist ALL IN to the life you love in every way.

Be patient and use this still-point energy as your blank canvas to create from the fullest vision your heart and body can feel.

When old limiting stuff comes up, don’t make it big, just notice, see where you need to release and recalibrate.

Witness the triggers and allow this time to show you where to pay attention to what you are creating. Stay neutral as you witness.

When fear or sadness or aggressiveness comes up, just see it with your heart like a ghost that only wants to be seen before passing on.

“I recognize you, I see you and I release you”

And this is what fosters fertile ground for the new and the ability to see the old from “zero point” like an innocent child plays and creates.

Try to hear what others are really telling you. Not just through your learned survival mechanisms and fears of abandonment, judgement, shame but with your heart so that we receive the right message.

See all of life this way and what you want will crystallize much faster. If things are still falling apart in life, trust there is more to clear out so that you CAN truly focus on the good.

You don’t always have to be pushing for the next thing, just know where you are and take it all in.

What do you want to call in form here as this doorway closes and you wishes are granted?

See what scares you yet serves you, see what traps you yet gives you false security… and take action to what you know is true in your gut and soul!

We are all expanding our ability to transform and connect with our souls and intuition, especially those of you who have done a lot in life to shut it down or out because the world wouldn’t accept you as you are – hidden wounds, gifts and all.

It’s time to see when people really care about you or want to connect … to see that life wants to lift you up … that the world has your back … to see when good things are trying to come to meet you.

Spend time with the people you love and connect, share these stories, share these insights. Take your time and sit with this energy and connect to what you are creating.

If you have read this all the way through know that ya time to step through to the real you because you don’t need to survive anymore … you my love, are fully alive!

I see you creative, playful heart, so go!

GO dear lover and beloved, playful child and wise sage!

GO co-creator and creation, navigator and ship …

Dream and LIVE IT.



Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


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  • Thank you Crystal! I resonate with everything you have written. Beautiful! I’m ready.

  • Deborah says:

    That resonated deeply, thank you, Crystal – much love and harmony to you, Sis

  • My heart was shut down for so long in a marriage of hell, that now I want to open it more, after all the transformations I went through. I chose to love, and I must take my courage with two hands and throw myself in the world, I must loose this shyness I had from my childhood. LOVE is the key word, but I must learn again how to give myself completely to love and specially trust.
    I will loosened up, I will throw my wishes again to the universe, and not be afraid of loving again.
    Your words are the base of our doing. Love

  • Marlen says:

    Thank you . Love to you

  • jeffery ticehurst says:

    SO good very pleased to read all.

  • Laurie says:

    I just broke down and cried after reading this…

  • Beatrice Anike says:

    An inspiring, intuitive and spiritual piece of information that connects straight to my heart. Thank you!!! Crystal for being a blessing in my life path and much love and gratitude for the encouragement

  • It’s always been HARD for me.. My life has never been the way I always pictured it would be.. I have never known how to let go … So far reading these words from you are helping me
    To understand alot.. I thought I had let go but some how it keeps coming back.. Im strating to not feel any thing.
    I can’t find my purpose or why I even exist.. I wasn’t ment to be here.

    • Duane Jean Murdock says:

      Feel alive, don’t let despair get to you. It will go away as soon as you let “it” go. No ones life’s is how they pictured it. Please praise yourself and think of positives in your life. Get rid of negative thoughts.

  • Stacey Dee says:


  • RANI says:

    Wow! Just wow! This speaks to me in so many levels thank you

  • Thank you so much for this I understand everything now love it and I get it….
    Love and Peace

  • Riickema says:

    This was so deep. I’m actually going through these changes and met someone in the midst. We both have been struggling but it’s becoming clear. I’m just scared to take the leap.

  • Laura Adams says:

    Crystal thank you for all the advise and knowledge and wisdom and spiritual guidance you have given me and caring about me.
    God bless you

  • Helen Nabbi Bally says:

    Thank you crystal I am always trying to get a free reading from you never got through your reading has help me a lot

  • Tania says:

    Some of the things you said blew my mind so spot on I’ve been reading everything you send me you truly are blessed I found my guardian angel it’s you crystal thank you I can’t believe every time you email me you always are spot on thank you I have found I believe my soulmate the only thing he lives on the other side of the world we connect so much I’m so happy when we talk and he’s very happy I just wonder if we will ever be together we both want to spend the rest of our lives together

  • Cecilia Ann Kolas says:

    Formidable! Merci!

  • Sathrupa Seecharan says:

    Thank you for taking the time to send me this beautiful reading i truly enjoy it and i did read true to the end . I learn a lot from you and i am thank you for thinking of me much love and light.

  • Nani Butcher says:

    great reading and thank you for confidence

  • Michelle Kerby says:

    MLK-6-7-1980 This is the best inspiriation and Guide I have ever taken interest in.

  • I’m deeply depressed after my tenant (free no rent required) because it’s very lonely. I don’t miss him personally just having someone in the house. I am behind in my house payment due to unexpected car/ac repairs. My daughter is working 2 jobs until the end of August so I don’t get to talk or visit with her. Friends/bridge partners have gone by the wayside. I know this will pass and hopefully I will have someone in my life. Lost my husband and the love of my life when he died from a heart attack 13 years ago on Labor Day weekend. I was forced to retire from the fed govt on a Friday and he died that Sunday. I visit the cemetery everyday. My son died 9 years ago and is buried there also. Thinking about a part time job but don’t think I can handle it right now. Thanks for listening.

    • Nikki says:

      You have carried a lot on your shoulders. Yet you show so much strength in your words. I’m sorry for all your losses truly. What I hear is a strong woman who needs just a little backing. Your alive and here for a reason. I think your at the point where you need to let go of who is not there and start your own new journey. Do what i do , everyday i find something to do differently. Go eat in a diner alone, or take a book to beach or park or coffee place and just be . I find when i do little changes , things in my life change. Join the library etc. you must be in charge of you and I’m telling you people and happiness will come to you. I’ve told others to try this and they are amazed at the changes in their lives. Some were very depressed . With a lot of talk I broke through their excuses and I myself couldn’t believe the change in them. May God and his universe send you all the blessings you deserve when you make an attempt to show them your ready!

    • Cece blu says:

      Sometimes there isnt a direct answer to fix a feeling of loss and despair. Its something that will live with us forever until we meet again. Our loved ones that have passed are now our angels and they don’t want to see you this way! They know in your heart you have so much more of life to give .Don’t give up on yourself everyday with the right intention and the strength of will power will only come if you just believe.. Doors will open for you ,continue knocking , get creative in ways you know works for you to attract what you most want ,maybe enrolling back in school ,getting a little help through financial aid while doing something constructive that can lead to better opportunities in the near future , apprentice jobs ect… find the peace in moving forward being guided every step of the way! Trust and believe get on your knees and pray for your hearts desires and the strength you need, your mind is so powerful yet your heart is even more powerful and when you are willing there is always a way! The doors begin to open like magic! to make the best of the years that we are granted here on earth .We start to appreciate the little things and we start to see that our prayers our being answered and we become healed ,full of self awarness and start leading by example feeling so free and so appreciative for this all ….there are so many people all over the world ,children suffering with very limited food and no opportunities ,we all suffer just in different ways ,we have to be compassionate to ourselves ,so we can we can be compassion to others.when you ferl you have nothing in this wotld to give knoe Godand all your angels are watching you and hears you ,just ask and you and you shall recieve ,Trust and believe

  • This was awesome. So encouraging, truly a blessing, Gigantic help, love love love

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