Energy Update: Your Energetic Hygiene and Inner Cosmic Egg – Virgo New Moon

By September 1, 2019 Energy Update

“I am the egg that surrounds and nurtures the seed of the God in me.” ~ Carl Jung

Hey love,


I hope that you are staying and nesting in your “cosmic inner egg” lately, allowing these blessings IN.

Your Cosmic Inner Egg is the sacred state where you exist, trust and know your being…your inner worth, your power, your energy.

Your Cosmic Inner Egg is a place of stilling, of anointing and the lush process of “fattening” your energy connection with Source.

Your Nest Egg is where you stop chasing.

You stop contorting yourself for others.

You stop hustling.

It is where you stop laying your heart, soul, body or health on the altar.

Your Nest Egg means living and existing from your inner juices and gut level intuition more often …

It means no longer thinking, chasing or seeking—instead you’re magnetizing the world to you through the potency of your stillness; your own moonlit knowing.

It means no longer blocking the love or abundance that has been trying to make its way to you…

It means being keen on what energies you charge with your attention, and what you allow into your energy field.

It means respecting your body when it asks for a break, or your mind when it needs to rest, or any feeling when it needs to be acknowledged.

Laying your nest egg also means saying goodbye.
A process which requires making peace with change, and embracing the unknown.

It means being rawly open without judgement or armor as you step into unfamiliar places and spaces, yet learning what your own needs are and providing them.

It means there are more options that you previously thought available to you, dear magician!

It means not following spiritual guidebooks and other people’s paths and listening to what your own body and energy field is telling you …

It means going within to allow a deeper guidance to surface within you so that way you KNOW what your highest and best path is from here.

And last, it means any old wiring, trauma, abandonment, feeling, being, habit or wound that is not in alignment with your heart/soul/body/being at this time is coming up to be released.

Even with friends, clients, humans—it’s very obvious now who supports your path and who isn’t.

Sometimes the toughest events that happen in our lives put us on the path to the greatest things!

I’ve never felt so much in my own lane—in my own “cosmic egg”, protecting my energy and yet being fully aware as I create the new.

At the same time, I am noticing old trauma “wiring” coming up again for cleansing and co-creation.

After all this fire cleansing, and being stripped naked to the core lately, we thankfully entered Virgo season!

We now have 8 planets in earth helping us move forward like magic over this Virgo New Moon.

The path and way is opening more in front of you as you trust and surrender!

What was once unsettled is becoming so clear—YES love, you DO have the inner power you need.

I feel many prayers are being answered around the world as so much clearing, creating and core personal boundary setting is happening. Setting boundaries with our energy, being and core values.

Yes love, it’s time to eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve.

A Time of Energetic Cleansing

It’s time to go into the unknown with a “soft nervous system” like I shared with you over the last Aquarius full moon.

Yes FEEL first. Feel, hold space, and watch as all the revelations you have been experiencing gently guide you to merge body with soul.

I know you may be scared. But imagine yourself facing the fear, trusting yourself, and trusting the Universe anyway!

Sometimes the fear won’t go away and we still gotta take action and show up new in our being.

Yes the path can be lonely.

Yes love, cheer yourself on in the dark when no one is watching.

The authority-or way forward, isn’t outside you.

It is WITHIN you.

Even the greatest obstacles you face are here to guide you.

They show you what shakes you, what wakes you, and what gives you what your soul has been asking for all along.

Like I said last week this isn’t about fixing or improving yourself…

It’s not about focusing on what hurts. It’s not about focusing on the problem from binary/dualistic thinking.

It’s about remembering who you are, deeper.

It’s about recognizing who you were, who you are now, and integrating these forces.

It’s connecting your lower and higher self in present understanding, embodied awareness and choice.

This is not to glamorize the process; yeah, sometimes it can be truly ugly and difficult.

But it’s also magical when you allow yourself to see the whole and feel the whole, this deeper understanding…

It’s where you stop adding or improving and realize this is about letting go of what blocks your heart (and your sacral financial abundance) to what’s unknown or new …

Its about clearing what’s coming up for more awareness until there’s no energetic charge left to react from.

This is about melting your barriers to being loved, and accepting the love received inside you…

Yes you can open up beyond your mind, and wield your power, as you stop charging what you no longer need. As you begin to shift repeating patterns into new creation.

Apply the light and wisdom that you know, while also embracing what you don’t know.

Be patient and stay focused on the right things and you’ll find the effortless creative flow and practical magic that this article is speaking to (it’s harvest season baby! ❤️)

Things are moving forward in your favor, just don’t add any resistance!

Stay in your body as much as you can throughout the day —this is simple energetic coherence.

Speaking of “coherence” I feel many are finally surrendering into the RABBIT HOLE and you’re now arriving lately with new magic in your life!

I know for others too, there’s something just around the bend that you can’t see conspiring in your life!

So don’t give up! Instead give up what no longer serves and nourish yourself in those places.

‪If you can find a way to keep going, you’ll break through all those barriers- melting your way back home.

Know that your healing, remembering and consciousness unfolds in layers as you step into mastery.

The process isn’t against you. It’s happening FOR you, The source isn’t separate from you, love.

You are naturally abundant even in the “without”

And you are being shown YOU, naked and stripped, yet still firmly rooted in all your power and magic!

But keep this in your awareness- the most important thing you can do during this time is to practice self care and follow through with your inner truth.

Learn to discern what you WANT in your life from what you THINK you need.

Invite in only what you choose, that which resonates to your core, and don’t charge your energy field with anything else.

The Virgo Feminine Essence “Releases”

A new moon in Virgo chooses, anoints from her own inner existence as she slowly draws the world to her…

She is asking you to come from pure being, and allow yourself to RECEIVE-Even that which you don’t like and feels uncomfortable- as you clear your energetic house and body.

This is where you stop looking at how you can chase your demons- instead connecting and rooting deep within yourself to build a stronger heart frequency those demons can’t touch.

You stop trying to solve a problem from the place of “trying to escape the problem” instead you focus on what you love and your consistent, daily energetic hygiene.

This is where you stop trying to solve your problems from the standpoint of avoiding the consequences- instead, you focus on what you love. On your consistent, daily energetic hygeine.

You own your own nest egg. Because if you truly want to help the world in some way, you can’t do it by sacrificing yourself in the name of love.

Just be love itself. Remember your own vibration is what matters first. This is the way to better manage your energy- what and who you let in.

You are walking through doors you never dreamed would be opened.

Please honor yourself and listen to your BODY and nervous system.

I feel a massive womb sacral chakra clearing happening in the collective on energy, values and self worth…

So trust what is being cleared out of your life. Trust it is to help you move forward from your own inner compass!

It’s time to root down and get to work from an “inner to outer” sustainable place.
You Must Come From Alignment Now

No cheating!

Yes, you can leave behind the familiar and comforting as you face what is – and isn’t- truly love.

Sometimes you have to let go of what you think about a situation, or thing, or a human to receive what Universe has been aiming to give you all along!

It’s up to you to believe you are worthy enough to receive it.

I feel a huge turnover in the collective regarding insights about our vitality (energy kundalini source) and inner power, even in the breakdown!

I see those recognizing Source/God/Gaia in themselves and the whole, on a widespread.

I want to honor you and congratulate you too, love.

I see you are worthy, capable, and beautiful. I see you choosing to follow through- creating the offering the world needs, writing that book, practicing beautiful medicine, even just celebrating yourself a bit more!

I feel you’re way more bad-ass than you think you are when it comes to your own inner knowing and your ability to stretch, expand and move outside of the box of your mind.

I see you surprising yourself when it comes to what you think is possible

I also see you showing the Universe your somatic being and vibration first as you hold space for knowing more than you ever have!

I see you nourishing your body, heart and soul more as you give your mind clearer (simpler) tasks and rituals to follow.

I see you confronting and clearing the distortion as you get clearer with yourself, being more disciplined in what you respond to as you stay in your own light!

I see you unconditionally loving in a way that doesn’t accept false love and light, yet honors the ugly-magnificent whole.

I see you melting barriers to love and allowing real, grounded compassion IN, knowing your own worth.

I see you no longer banging on the same doors or giving that same person another chance, learning the difference between “being love” and being an attachment, or sacrificing yourself “in the name of love”…

I see you being more *unfuckwithable* as you are no longer focusing on what is disrupting you but instead your heart’s coherence—allowing you to live in a way that literally “bends reality” around your own heart chakra and divine will center.

I see you listening more to your body first and relaxing your jaws, ears, shoulders and neck more often as you express and open up from your heart more!

I see you paying better attention to what you are being shown from the mirror of the world; what you are being shown from others and even your own judgments.

I see you realizing your struggles as opportunities, your triggers as gatekeepers, and your those who hurt you as messengers as you stay closer connected to your own roots.

I see you learning that you are “whole” in every stage of healing, awakening, and releasing as you learn to allow more love to flow.

I see you with a “soft nervous system” In those dark and unknown places, in your moments of anger, knowing there’s good stuff on the horizon even if you can’t see it just yet.

I see you honoring your being and drinking your medicine as stuff shows up…

You’re having more faith and trust as you guide yourself from your heart; knowing it’s a spiral as you visit old patterns and deeper understanding.

I see you letting go of what isn’t for you and “not knowing”—holding space more as you end major 10 year long (or longer) cycles in your life…

I see you are finally exhausted of the stuff holding you back so you are cleaning it up in some way…

I see you doing the work, walking into uncharted territories and showing up anyway even in the fear as you trust all of life (even the ugly) is working for you behind the scenes.

I see you accepting more challenges and applying more of your medicine and naked core wisdom…
Respond Only To The Calls That Excite Your Spirit

I see you only being reached by love, honor, peace and honesty and not being disrupted as much by the other stuff.

I see you speaking up even when your voice shakes and being the radical and deep change needed.

I see you open the old views and holding more space to cultivate from pain instead of dismiss …

I see you being more willing to receive opportunities and situations that you once felt so far away from experiencing …

I see you flying through doors you once prayed were opening, as you now have the necessary tools!

I see you being able to honor the moment and your current celebrations and whatever is—and not miss enjoying the happy…

I see you witnessing your worst challenges as guides and embracing your struggles to come into deeper alignment with yourself (which impacts the whole world!)

I see you revisiting old wounds and rewiring them in present time as you navigate softly through the dark.

I see you staying in your own heart field no matter what is happening around you.

So this is about honoring your inner alignment and your own inner validation as you create and applying wisdom to the outer world as you step bigger into your next challenges.

Can you focus more on inviting and receiving what you charge your source energy with?

Have trust and faith that all is working out in your favor and it will.

This virgo new moon is what are you taking with you from here. What are you going to choose to focus your source energy on.

Who are you going to let into your bubble. Can you come from a place of picking a choosing instead of running around chasing. That takes coming from within. Takes energetic hygiene.

A Grand Earth Trine To Ground Out This Summer’s Flame:

After a fiery summer time with many planets in Leo and Sagittarius, we now find the majority of planets in the Earth sign Virgo – the same sign as this new moon.

All this earth is also in a “trine” relationship (benefiting) with Uranus in Taurus, so feel a radical magical quality to it.

It’s time for a revolution loves and it starts with you and how you take care of yourself.

It’s time to start living for YOU if you want you self love to spill over and truly help the world deeper in some way.

I know many of you are starting projects and ventures and new things that are changing everything for you are those around you…

With all this Earth energy Trining Uranus in Taurus this is a super manifesting moon (effortless energy is practical magic) as it also trines karmic Saturn in steadfast Capricorn.

So it’s okay to do the thing that scares but stretches you to grow . To be soft in the unknown and get down to the nitty gritty and trust.

Even the anger—allow it to give you what you need to learn and apply its radical truth and deeper wisdom.

It’s not your truth to make the world understand who you are — it’s your truth to embody it and live it, usually after facing what isn’t your truth.

Yes you can observe and talk about your feelings without reliving them. You can observe.

You can feel and process on your own; drink your own medicine.

And when you are ready to share you can come from what you want and need at a core heart level.

High or low, if you bring it into the light and make it “conscious” it truly deeply serves you and your happiness upon integrating the truth.

Even when and what part you are exhausted with and wanting to give up. Can you see the intelligence and the message?

Every part of the human experience is sacred. Even what we perceive as the “lows” and the muck.

With so many planets in Earth signs, it’s time to listen to the body. Get creative. Productive.

Clean house. Remember the right people hear you (and help you breath lighter and brighter)

If others are bothering or distracting you know that your most frequent complaints only reveal your greatest emotional need.

Again this is about energetic coherence and hygiene and staying connected to Source.

Sometimes the lesson is to remove yourself but sometimes the lesson is to be stronger in your connection so that you are not as easily disrupted outside of you.

Remember you are WHOLE and worthy along the way —even amidst (death) major transition and mess.

Wholeness is fully “here” before, after and blessedly during all experience.

Yes! Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Breath and head into the (unknown) rabbit hole anyway!

Energetic hygiene is more about integration than avoidance —by simply staying connected to source.

Stop chasing the solution to what’s wounded, broken or those what will dissolve those demons and shadows..

Instead focus on what you love and when the shit comes up the block you from letting love in (and receiving abundance) honor, sit and drink tea with these fragments as you apply deeper (heart) wisdom.

Instead of feeding the thing more by trying to escape or get rid of it —go straight through it from a place of heart integrity and your own self understanding.

The Energetic Hygiene Of This Fall

Yes love — it’s all about the energetic coherence.

The more you’re in heart frequency the less you are in those areas of BS and what’s NOT for you.

The less you are spiraling out in low frequency ways.

The less you are in doubt the less you’re in your head and the more access to present possibilities right in front of you.

Please see this message to clean up your space.

Clutter is energy and it’s not just a physical mess, it’s whatever is blocking your way from living the kind of life you want to be living.

Also stop apologizing for your mess or depth. Just take care of yourself and stay in your own field.

Besides, you were created to create, not chase demons and shadows — but to make the darkness conscious.

So own it. Take accountability for your own sacred energy field and what you let into your space as you focus more in your own lane.

Stop focusing on what doesn’t serve or vampiric people.

Stop explaining yourself to the wrong people.

The key is being more honest with YOU (what’s holding you back) the authority isn’t “out there” outside of you.

It’s All About Heart Integrity

Again like I said about, your inner magic and energetic hygiene exists in the most small moments how you be and are ….

And these small devotions, being and actions slowly build a container of coherence.

So more than anything, this is about the integrity to your own energy, your own field and your potential as a creator.

That way as you are building your sand castles, they withstand the ocean waves disrupting them.

It’s not about avoiding the pain .. the distortion .. the disruption or making it wrong or less than or bad.

Its not about avoiding what’s toxic in others, it’s about rooting deeper inside and seeing what’s toxic in you that needs acceptance, awareness and new tools.

When you know yourself — you’re able to hold space more often in various temperatures and degrees. Of course we all have our bad days.

But you don’t have to take the hurtful stuff and keep rubbing it into you heart. If someone is terrible to you, you can learn from it, move around it and not let it affect your own state.

Don’t try to get life or people on your wavelength, just stay aligned and allow life to serve you like a magnet.

Moment to Moment, Stay Coherent:

I feel so many are finally surrendering and making release and following through into the unknown with an open heart.

If you’re unsure about what action to take – or if you’re simply looking for a confirmation, just tune in and listen; will be amazed by how much you already know.

The New Moon is an invitation to tune into the intelligence of your body, to cleanse what you don’t need and to create.

Stop dismissing what is negative, wounded or scared; it’s all feedback.

Be willing to embrace all aspects of you and you will be less easily disrupted by stuff outside.

You’ll be operating from “the whole” more often, instead of reacting to what is out there.

Whatever bigger challenges or wounds (or transformations however you want to look at it) visiting you is only per your request.

The Universe and SOURCE is not separate from you.

To understand that it’s all happening FOR your benefit.

So that wounds or situations keep revisiting you as you choose to step up to help you.

When you love—it means you also face your shit, your limitations.

Yoo honor your own field and you are accountable for what goes in it.

You can confront with intelligent arms where you lack skills and learn how to communicate better.

You can slow down and feel your reactivity and sense of unworthiness so that you can drink tea with it—whatever it is.

Because when you choose to let love IN, you also must face where you haven’t been letting love in.

And this is the process.

To exist as love (abundance) and to be loved requires that you LIVE your worth.

And the only way to be worthy is to allow yourself to be.

And the moment you realize your worth, it increases!

Sitting In Your Cosmic Egg

You are God and so is the full spectrum range of all experience.

And the aim is to simply be more alive (present energy) as you wake up—and not punish yourself for what you did when you were asleep.

It’s not just about all the techniques you learn or didn’t learn …

Or who you let into your body, or who you kept out.

It’s not about the food you put in, or the food you kept out.

The no you never practiced or the yes that wasn’t true.

It’s not about what exact morning ritual you do or what religious book you read.

It’s about listening to YOU; your silent being.

It’s about slowly feeling more connected in all the little moments of who you are, how you be and how you exist.

It’s how your body feels in the morning when you awake, how often you laugh, it’s what you do with your free time …

It’s how you take care of yourself before you go to work or in your ritual going to bed at night …

It’s in the music and shows and people you take in and the kind of energies you spend time absorbing.

It’s in the slowing down, the slow breathing, the slow fucking, the slow eating, kissing and touching the aliveness inside you that most awakens you; bringing you joy.

It’s taking care of the inner child that needs you to not judge—no hit the panic button—but allow you to be guided straight through to exactly what you need.

Relax and clean your house. Sit in your cosmic egg and get stronger in your connection to your soul…

Allowing all to come to you…

“She who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those standing and watching…”

So it’s up to you.

Don’t give others or distractions outside of you to lower your vibration; stand true to your own frequency.

Know what is feeding you from a place of Source (love) and what is eating you alive (attachments).

Sit in your throne and choose from your own inner alignment and energetic space.

Stay close to your truth and remember your core why, even when others refuse to see you or reject you.

Yes you may not have all of the answers but you know enough to make the first steps toward your throne.

Trust you are divine in the mess and choose to stand in alignment with your light and ability to move forward.

You can heal your heartbreak once you realize it was only showing you the limits of your heart so that you could expand them.

You are God and God is you. Nothing is outside of you…

You need to celebrate and honor yourself even when no one else does —the moment you don’t need a congratulations you become trustworthy and “coherent” with the universe and your own soul.

The universe wants you to win (feel whole and complete in you and in oneness)

The Universe and your own higher self isn’t here to judge or punish you —yet to help you realize that you are naturally abundant as you see what is blocking your way of this.

It’s time to see you how God sees you.

It’s time to face your shit holding you back and see where to grow, connect, express your core needs and communicate.

It’s time to listen to your body and what it’s needs—if that’s to eat certain foods distance yourself from certain things —do it.

If your body tells you to get closer to someone’s energy, let them in.

If your soul is begging you to start that project, travel or quit that soul sucking job—do it.

Take longer baths, drink more water, spend more time in nature and read that book, take that risk…

Your higher self already knows what’s best for you.

You must step into the unknown and be triggered and not press the panic button as you “stay soft” in the unknown of those moments, slow down and connect new dots.

You must choose to turn toward the light even if it’s receiving experiencing or facing a feeling that you are not worthy.

And the only way to be worthy, is simply to allow it.

Love Is All That Matters

Yes, please stop putting your energy in the wrong places that don’t matter.

Source, or the Universe/universal intelligence or God doesn’t care about things you think it does.

Source doesn’t judge you if you recycle or not or what books you read —for someone who doesn’t believe in recycling or certain books, doing so would be self abusive.

God doesn’t care whenever you are addicted to organic greens, facebook, yoga or cigarettes—you are allotted a finite amount of incredibly powerful energy and it’s up to you how you use it (it’s only wasted by denying the truth).

Love doesn’t care if you are eating gluten free or if you’re all vegan now. Love simply wants you to choose the truth that is for you.

Source doesn’t care how conscious your friends are—sure conscious beings are amazing but that’s just one human quality.

Love doesn’t care about your trauma or emotional problems however intentionally dissolving them aligns you closer to being able to feel and experience more Love.

Truth doesn’t care about your level of productivity but the more energetically you are in alignment with your inner truth, the more productive you automatically become in the external world.

God doesn’t care whether you curse, be a parent, run for president or drive a bus or go to the Amazon—it’s all about how you use the tools you have to find your way.

Love doesn’t shame you for your choices or commitments (or lack thereof) but the more devoted you are, the more love becomes you.

Truth doesn’t care if you’re emotionally attached, however this attachment may be preventing the truth from offering more miracles in your life.

God/Source only wants you to see from the place of nature…that the high and low all serves you.

Even what you want to change or neutralize or get rid of, you can still relax as awareness the moment you see the thought.

Trust everything is happening for you and through you always orchestrating for your highest (yet it’s up to you to receive and apply the gift!)

Know that the universe is made up of experiences to burn out your attachment and clinging to pleasure, pain and fear so that you can fully show up through it all.

Believe in you and know your worth, as you release what no longer serves and you set those energy boundaries.

Clean up how you feel about others or yourself and release those heavy feelings and judgments so that they no longer block your own alignment.

Keep going within as you release, trusting your bodies’ feedback as you learn to lead first, with love.

Turn your palms up, soften your jaw, relax your chest, open your heart, release your shoulders and surrender you core as you feel your whole body breathing …

Notice the fullness of this moment…

Light and dark, sun and rain, joy and pain —it’s all the same as the whole universe conspires to give your heart exactly what it deserves.

Everything will come together and you’ll be thankful you didn’t give up.

The world needs who you were made to be, as you fully live it in the moment only feeding what’s really worth your energy.

I feel the real secret of life in this way is to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now …

No more worrying about the future when you can recognize truth in this moment, open up, play and create.

Yes you can breath rather than try, allow instead of forcefully push and be rather than do because your true power is only experienced from your own inner wellspring vortex.

I trust you will follow what it true for you because that’s why you are here reading this.

I see you slowing down and getting better at listening to your intuition and following your own happiness.

If you feel frightened about what comes next, embrace the uncertainty.

Have faith and apply love in whatever you are doing as you take your heart for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic of your soul in the trees.

Allow it to lead you to new places as it stretches both your mind and heart.

This depth can only be found, visited and created inside yourself and when you understand this depth, your field becomes unshakable.

You are worthy and capable. Book that ticket and do that thing, write that book, create that dream and celebrate your “inner cosmic egg…”

Nourish and focus on your roots, exist on your own terms and trust that things are working out exactly as they should.

And so it IS!


Crystal Aryana

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