Energy Update: Visionary Overload (Full Moon in Pisces)

By September 15, 2019 Energy Update

Hey loves,

Please forgive me for disappearing for a couple of days…

Needed extra time in silence to receive, honor my body, to face what is, exist in my feelings, to unfold remembering and dream what can be…

And to merge it all, as I integrate blind spots and take care of myself.

Yes, it’s the biggest gift to slowly unfold what it means to receive and give love (fully accepting yourself) over an entire lifetime.  

Now when my body asks for things on a soul level, I listen because the whole world is inside me, in my perspective, in my own heart.

A deeper coming back into abundance and love is calling me.  A trust of being provided what I need when I need it.  

It was important, so I feel this message may arrive as a clarion call to some…

I am feeling so much happening in the collective as well as inside of me—this new inner growth and external immense change, grounding throughout.  

I am trusting more.  Allowing shifts faster…

I know resisting change or what is, is holding me back in my own heart chakra along with accepting the Divine that is within me, within us all.  

Humanity right now is at the cusp of the greatest shift in consciousness this modern planet has ever seen rising upward. 

It’s up to me to step into my connection with my own essence as this energy connects into the electromagnetic web of us all.  

When you align with truth, you become lighter.  You literally become a beacon of light in the unified web of life, as you ignite others. 

I am more committed now to putting my own physical body first, even before my work and living more of my embodied self worth, knowing my own energy.  

With this also comes physical love, states of being and allowing myself to receive love and blessings from life.  

Your shifts may look different, yet are likely similar in energy.  

Your heart must be present and willing.  I know there’s big miracles and changes ahead for you if they didn’t land already this month.

Be willing to surrender with all your HEART into the changes no matter how shocking it is, no matter what truth or reality (fugly) you must face.  

You may be feeling absolutely stretched beyond belief, yet here is where the secret sauce lives when you’re willing to put your hand on your heart and trust what’s inside of you. 

Know you are worthy, loved and needed.  Trust you are going to be okay every time, you take the leap!

Even if it’s painful, healing is the feeling of pain, not the absence of it, when you’re facing stories repeated for decades, that have never been true.  

Alignment, from an energetic standpoint, is what heals the pain from the inside out.  Truth makes you energetically “lighter” as you release the burdens and apply the wisdom, back to yourself.  

Internal suffering is based on how one chooses to “see” your own wholeness, your own worthiness and apply it.  

So much drama is going on in the collective because we are not staying in our heart and roots.  

We need to rise through our own natural energetic coherence and rooted solidarity.  

Stop letting the “not enough” rise higher than your honor and capacity to stay simply receive and appreciate what is and contribute or add to what is.  

This “harvesting time” of wisdom and applied magic is also the heart of surrendering…

Or in other words, this is a time of alchemy, manifesting and reinforcing our understanding of surrender—the feminine archetype of receiving, as we’ve been seeing all year (this creative “number 3” year in numerology). 

And it just so happens to fall on a very auspicious day. 

What are you creating? 

A “Lucky” Friday The 13th Full Moon Cycle 

Actually, as you may already know, this full moon fell on Friday the 13th, which is considered a day of “bad luck” in modern mainstream culture…

When, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Up until the imbalance between the God and Goddess (and the understanding and separation/unconscious within) both “Friday” and the number “13”  were once held in high esteem and associated with the goddess, abundance and fertility.  

Friday the 13th was historically a day of making love, manifesting magic, inviting opportunity and worshipping overwhelming femininity—celebrating our inner divine feminine—stretching our capacity to receive and “crack open” deeper into truth, into our core essence.  

So this time is really about about your being, your heart and your capacity for honoring it.  

The moon is also in Pisces so there is deep introspection to be done to release the current blocks to your dreams.  

Besides Divine masculine energy rising to meet his queen, I am feeling a lot of healing arriving around our repressed feminine shadow and dark mother tendencies of sacrificial energy.  

These have been heavy burdens we are not meant to keep carrying, and all the shaming, force and control—instead of love, allowing, receiving or “being” the change within. 

With this moon being farther from the earth, it holds contracting energy so many are being stretched so stay gentle.  

Your energy is like a sponge right now.  Stay open to the bigger gift, miracle and lesson because there’s gold here.  

13 is recorded as a lucky and loved number of the Norse people as well as Friday, the day of Venus.

Interesting that 5 Venus has 5 cycles every 8 years and during that time Venus goes around the sun 13 times, linking this to the Fibonacci sequence 8+5 = 13.  

Friday is named after Freya the Norse name for Venus and her number was 13.  

This number represents both the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and ending, death and rebirth as well as secret knowledge of all life and sacred sexuality.  Even the original Masons honored the number 13 as gold fortune or Mary Magdalene being the (missing) 13th disciple and the list goes on.  

Numerologically, 13 is a number that is symbolic of the transformational process of ascension.   

This makes Friday the 13th (or any day for the next two weeks) truly the perfect day to make love or offer some sort of ceremony. 

Back in Ancient Times they would hold rituals for 13 hours in sacred honor to the creation number as we have 13 lunations every year, the moon moves 13 degrees a day and the list goes on regarding the numbers 1, 3 and 4.  

That’s why it’s so fitting that such a powerful Full Moon in Pisces on Friday the 13th this year…

A Shift In The Way We Receive Abundance

The theme of the Virgo New Moon two weeks ago was about receiving blessings, surrender, abundance and stronger energetic hygiene. 

This Full Moon in Pisces carries a similar yet more watery theme, yet with a ring of facing accountability and shedding layers.  

Knowing to look within, know who you are, and see we are all connected to all things.

Yes dear feminine (and masculine) we must heal the masculine within too, so that we can drop our story about why we are not free—to be, love, and be worthy just as we are, as co-creators.  

You can self care, access wisdom, be open and courageous confront your fears as you clear out old energy and make way for the new.  

It’s important to take a few moments, breath, close your eyes, give thanks for how far you’ve come, and how much you are growing now.  

A new path and way has been making its way toward you and it’s now here.  Are you willing to take this new journey?

Things will work out better than you think even when challenged if you operate from heart frequency and see the bigger picture.  

Notice the little shifts of how your being, daily life, habits and patterns have shifted and are still shifting …

And if you’ve been making lots of big moves, TRUST yourself. Be firm with your choices. Honor them with trust.  

Keep reminding and showing yourself why you are moving forward and why you decided to even makes your moves.  

Stay consistent.   You are shedding layers and re-creating yourself.

You are the artist of your pain and the curator of your life.  You’re not here to be a robot or a hollow puppet of yourself, have fake power or impress others.  

You can give yourself the kind of love that goes so much deeper than all that which means following through with your heart integrity and nitty gritty.  

You can give yourself permission to be the kind of love you need in the moment, gently coming from knowing who you are.

Where you trust your own source being instead of “trying” …

When you are trying, you’re in your masculine, instead of your feminine.  

“Doing” in the physical is good too, it’s just sometimes only “being” is needed, and it’s just as valuable.  

Like being in your own inner coherence and showing others capacity instead of reminding them of their weaknesses?

Or by being more consistent with your own sustainable self care?

Or when choosing to relate with others who also operate from a deeper self love? 

Or when centered on tending your art, your dreams and creations… not trying to change others or change the fears?


You must create and surrender into what you want and choose. 

You must face your fears.  

They’re here only to show you, YOU. 

So that you – your soul and human self as one – learns to choose love.  

The block or discomfort you’re being asked to face is often what is creating it.  

So simply realizing the fear outside of your own confirmation bias eliminates most blocks.   

Remember dear co-creator, you are designing yourself and “letting in” what you choose as old distractions weaken around you…

Even when you are stuck and stagnant or scared or in the midst of making a mistake, you are still whole, just because you choose to be authentic.  

Don’t let fear stop you from taking this chance.  

Face The Fear And Do It Anyway

You can’t move the whole mountain at once, you can accept, rest and shift how you respond to what is. 

Resisting creates blockages.  

Accept and be with what is showing up for you right now so that you can flow with it.  The good and bad. 

You must not chase but be still and let it all come to you.  Go to nature.  

Let the loving embrace of nature hold you and you’ll remember why and what.

And as you show up, the “how” shows up.  

Keep your heart open and you’ll see magic happen.

Instead of judging each other let’s start focusing on what we love about each other. 

Healing doesn’t happen as the byproduct of you beating yourself or others up. Criticizing others is where we feel ourselves lonely and separate instead of providing a solution.  

Healing happens through grace, compassion, patience and an understanding that knows its own being, needs, energy and boundaries.  

We need to focus on allowing “being enough”, clean up our own stuff and BE love.  

We’re equals regardless of vibratory rate, being or consciousness so let’s help each other rise, by being enough for ourselves.  

Yes you can love and raise your own energy and still choose love, even if you are from afar.  

It’s up to you to be accountable for what you need in your evolving next phase, so that you meet more of others doing the same.  

This full moon marks the midway point of this months lunar cycle where we began with the powerfully cleansing Virgo new moon that was conjunct all our inner planets.  

So lots of inner to outer re-creation.  This full moon may mark a release of some kind; perhaps a long and difficult journey coming to an end.  

Either way the time is here to travel hand in hand with your heart and mind, as one.  

Will you unite and take this new path and are you willing to do what it takes? 

We have realist Virgo Sun directly facing its opposite, diffusing, dreamy Pisces moon to help you.  

Virgo discerns and sees details clearly and precisely and Pisces dreams and creates.

So this is where your dreams meet reality and you face your fears and take accountability.  

Where Virgo sees what is, Pisces sees what can be and the two meet in the middle.   

May The Next Few Weeks Manifest A Magical Surprise For You

This has been the year of stepping up into another level of maturity and staying energetically coherent even when you doubt your intuition.  

Go near water, just like nature.  

Sit with water, again.  

If you feel exhausted, know it’s from old memories asking to be seen so allow and hold it all with intelligent arms as you surrender control.  

If it isn’t right it will lead you to what is. You can’t sit on the sidelines afraid to make a mistake. 

Be messy and whole anyway.  Allow all textures, colors, sensations, feelings —even emotions and “stories” to flow through you and out of you, like water.  

Pain, even knowledge is simply a rumor until it LIVES in the body.  So honor all information.   

Trust whatever is happening is truly meant to bring you to a higher place if you allow the information to give you medicine.  

The information will show you past behaviors and false control mechanisms so that you can be more in the present, spot opportunities and honor where you are right now and create what you want.  

And the culmination and harvest of this whole year is now…

And of course this “mysterious feminine” moon hasn’t happened since October of 2000 and won’t happen again until August 2049! 

So please drink it all in this week. Honor it all, give yourself deep unconditional love and receive.  

Let go of the need for power/control and open up into your essence where you are worthy of receiving what you want; your soul already knows the truth.  

Yes the ego is never ready, so you’ll have to be wiser than what you’re ego isn’t ready for.  

You’ll have to be more present and wiser than the old patterns leaving you.  

You’ll have to stop charging your energy to what isn’t meeting you in your own natural flow and frequency.  

You’ll need to choose to stop going to the places and people that don’t meet you in your own flow and frequency…

Not entertain or engage in gaslighting as this cuts down your own connection to your self worth and blocks blessings.  

Focus more on your own inner peace and you’ll draw inward more harmonious healthier connections and opportunities opening up to you.

Peace is within yourself, so be the recipe of what you want and accept you are truly whole in every part of the process—even when feeling all of your feelings.

What situation in your life is ready to close out once you face the truth and embody it with changed behavior and perceptions of how you relate and interact with the world? 

It may be time for you to release the pain within your heart and receive love in unexpected ways.

Yes.  The fastest way to heal is by simply letting in the love you try to seek outside.  

Until we all realize ourselves as the creators of our own pain, fear and projection rules us.  Then the need to protect and put others down in higher or lower games will forever run. 

When we choose to surrender and heal, we must open “somatically” like I’ve been saying all year, which means on a nervous system level.  

This is where vibration lives and where realities change.  

Where you can feel the universe sending you direct signs from the place of your energetic field and being; even before you get confirmation around you.  

I know for SO many right now who are allowing lessons and wisdom are also finally opening the blessings waiting to be recognized.  

Maybe you are meeting people and/or experiencing situations that feel “destined.” 

Or you feel like you are finally ready to allow healthy and inner emotional release by expressing your core and what you need …

Or you’re finally closing out what you’ve been ignoring …

Either way if you are reading this you are able to open up in some new way and follow your intuition as you expand and transform your perception of reality.

Know things always work out better that you might first think, breath and release anything you’re overthinking.  

Be in the moment and approve of yourself.   

You can caress everything you’re doing from a place of heart frequency; just from within your state of being.  

Surrender.   Allow. Open. 

During this auspicious Pisces moon let’s look at a few other Astrological influences connected.   

The most prominent influence being Pluto, the planet of unstoppable transformation and inner magic.  

Pluto represents all that is hidden and powerful in the underworld of our lives.  

He governs wealth, power, transformation, and the cycles of life and death, giving Pluto seat as secondary ruler to Scorpio.  

Pluto has been retrograding since April 24th, and has been a theme in some of my updates over the summer.  

During this Full Moon in Pisces, however, both the moon and sun make harmonious aspects with Pluto in different ways. 

The Moon in Pisces creates a sextile with Pluto, a typically supportive aspect. 

Which means although this influence can amplify feelings of paranoia, suspicion, and self-doubt—it also shows us where we’re ready to reclaim our own inner power, self worth and authority! 

The Sun in Virgo also creates a trine with Pluto, a very positive aspect that supports us in “recycling” self-destructive habits and thoughts into more constructive, creative ones. 

I think you’ll also notice a natural power surge that aims to get you in alignment with yourself and get real with what you need over the next couple weeks.  

A Pleasant T-Square Respite From The Tension

This lunation also contained a mutable T-square with Mars and Mercury in Virgo, retrograde Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter in Sagittarius – indicating a major karmic shift for us all.  

Mars & Mercury in Virgo:

The Sun is joined in Virgo by Mars and Mercury, just happening to “conjoin” in the same degree of Virgo on the very same day.  This meeting of Mars and Mercury typically makes for a day where tongues lash and people have no filters. And on a Full Moon, that energy is amplified.  

Neptune in Pisces:

This aggression, however, is soothed by Neptune in Pisces, who would rather fantasize than argue.  Neptune’s mysterious and dreamy energy in Pisces takes the nit-picky nature of Mars and Mercury in Virgo down a notch.  

Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune:

Meanwhile, both Neptune and Mars/Mercury in Virgo is squaring off with Jupiter in Sagittarius.  This ever expansive energy rules Pisces, give you a boost of wisdom to the squabble, having everyone chill out and enjoy the abundance of life.  

While a “T Square” can usually be problematic, this one serves as a cushioned transition into a new karmic timeline.  It’s a time of seeking clarity and truth in our relations with others and with Mars opposing Neptune, it invites us to put our defenses down and open up to new possibilities.  

We may feel torn between taking an active, hands-on, problem-solving approach (Mars) and adopting a more passive attitude of acceptance (Neptune). 

Either way, Jupiter gives us reason to believe everything will work out for the best—as long as we approach the situation with an open heart and an open mind and release the blocks standing in our way. 

Know that balance comes through being honest with yourself and others about who you are and what your needs are and boldly facing what you need to face to come better into core authentic alignment.  

Take accountability and lead and offer first what you want. 

It’s easy to get caught up in our own ideas of good and bad, right and wrong, without realizing there’s a bigger reality that transcends the B.S. of our minds.  

This doesn’t mean we don’t honor logical reasoning —we just need to acknowledge our blind spots and use our creativity and raise our frequency.

At this full moon, the Piscean energy of universal compassion and unconditional love can be a soothing antidote to Virgo’s overly critical, analytical tendencies.

Rather than striving for perfection, we’re invited to embrace the reality of who we are… 

To surrender, just as we are, in all our perfectly imperfect glory.

Stepping Into A Deeply Karmic Timeline

Today, on September 15th, just two days after the full moon we have the 3rd and final Saturn / South node conjunction. 

The first of these was back in May and this last one is a doozy as Saturn which has been retrograding since April, stations direct on the south node just a couple days after the conjunction today! 

This means it has been a DEEPLY KARMIC TIME where all the unresolved stuff has been brought up to our faces, personally and collectively. 

Wherever things that have been toxic, hidden, repressed, stagnant, stuck …

Whatever old paradigms, or obstacles are stopping our growth and evolution…

Whatever old control dramas and false masks we still use—we’re being forced to address so that we can come into alignment and deeper authentic power.  

Any issues we have with using power wrong, control, dominance, dogma, rigidity, fear around safety and security and the tendency to choose what is familiar over what is healthy, true and right is being uprooted to be seen.  

With the Full Moon in Neptune ruled Pisces just days before the Saturn going direct AND the Saturn/South node conjunction we have the veils of illusion parting to show us the reality of what IS so we can stop spiritually bypassing, face what needs to be faced, learn the lessons, complete the karma and move on.

Saturn moving direct on the 18th only makes perfect sense to this karmic period reset and closure.  

In short this Full Moon asks you:

To deeply connect in your heart with introspection as you release the blocks to your dreams.  

To BE the strength instead of pointing out the weakness as you focus on WHAT TO DO instead of what’s missing.  

To fully honor and SEE how far you’ve come and why you are doing what you are doing from authenticity. 

To be the change instead of calling out the problem or trying to control.  

To see that even the mistakes humble you are better than trying to impress others or look good while losing yourself.  

Collectively, I feel more hearts on deck and a stronger collective growing with the neutral intent to dissolve old agendas, blocks and drama of the past…

So how can you choose to love in stronger ways as you release what’s not for you? 

How can you reflect, meditate and practice being more true to yourself, responding from clarity and inner knowing?

How can you allow being more present and thankful when the unexpected happens?

How can you stay gentle and rooted and aware of your own energy, even when others challenge you?

How can you respond from your own love when you are being called you from the fear?

Or if you are calling it out, how can you choose to BE the example or gift and not even have to call it out? 

What needs to be shed in order for this to happen?

What must be faced so that you can face the fear and open up anyway?

This is what drinking your medicine and finding your own way is all about. 

You learn so much more about yourself when you choose to take the time to observe and reflect on your own being, energy and actions instead of others.   

If you want to flow more from intuition and magic, then you must learn to exist more often from heart frequency.  

Trust that keeping your heart open and your fires lit is where your essence, Source power and alignment lives.  This is all you need. 

If you want to create love, magic, surrender, flow or art then BE it as you melt open into what is, just as it is, over and over.  

Staying in a heart connected flow and surrendered inside of every moment—moment to moment is a gift that only true alchemists know about authenticity, light, truth and power.   

Not only this, your authenticity inspires others to be themselves and share the gifts they’re meant to bring into the world.  

This is a necessary and meaningful contribution, perhaps the most needed at this time. 

And we have to remove the masks worn for protection from from a place and fear of rejection as we open our third eye to see.  

Yeah, it IS to get real, vulnerable and create a space of safety and acceptance, despite our differences with each other. 

YOU ARE SAFE to face your fears and build your greatest dreams…

You are safe to express and experience anything the present moment brings you as you choose to be in alignment with your own core essence.  

You can allow and trust your own finding balance, peace and stability within you and you can hold others in the same light. 

Embrace your own perfect imperfection, and each other’s uniqueness. 

A Call to Be Unapologetically Yourself

You may feel like a new timeline is waking up as you’re being called to realize that you are enough just as you are.  

Explore yourself.  Know your worth. Know yourself. 

Your soul knows best how to receive your worth and nurture it yet you must silence the mind to hear this wisdom.  

Yes.  Raise your vibration and let it flow.  Trust the message you receive.  

Whatever dream or fear is coming up to be seen, you are ready to be part of the light as you face your shadows and love them.  

Forgive yourself and take new action as many times as it takes to stabilize and create peace.  

It’s time to be unapologetically YOU.

It’s time to listen to (and be) the kind of King and Queen inside you.  

What you are all longing for isn’t validation and instant gratification—it’s connection, meaning and belonging.  

So belong dear lover and beloved; you are both.  

Even being alone is the key to truly understanding what Source is; what Being is, what love is, what silence allows…

What the infinite portal and gateway of your own body is and how you can exist as the gift— instead of chasing after it.  

Yes whatever you long for, you become it first.  

If you want water, you need to go to the river.  If you want gardens, you become the gardener. 

If you want love, you embody love and rest in love.  

If you want mental stimulation, you fire up the conversation with spice. If you want peace, you exude peace and calmness.  

If you want to fill your world with artists and creators, you begin to paint, dream and create.  

If you want to be valued, you respect your own time.   If you want to feel alive, you connect to your naked wildness and draw more of this to you, moment to moment and day to day. 

It’s not selfish, it’s simply the law of creation and how the feminine energy creates from within.  

And you belong, you are abundance and until you take responsibility for how you respond to and pull from life, you can’t become a deliberate creator of your reality.  

Being closed minded puts you in resistance creating energy blocks and keeping you in ego…while learning to stay open hearted connects you to spirit and your own soul wisdom.  

You don’t have to protect yourself when you know who you are; you need to create and BE the gift.  

You are bigger than the ideas and beliefs you identify with when you are fully honest about the infiniteness of your own essence and being! 

All of this year’s learning lessons and experiences are rewarding you with space clearing, wins, breakthroughs, deeper connections and a further understanding of your soul and why you are here waking up in the mysterious ways you are.  

And The Time Is Now To Choose Your Own Heart…

You can not love and seek out love because you expect something in return anymore—that way of the world doesn’t work like it used to, even physically.  

You must BE the recipe of what you want.

Allow false powers to topple over and please don’t stay attached to what is not serving your journey anymore 

Face the fear and show up anyways.  Trust what is in front of you is happening for you highest good. 

Stay true to your own frequency as you travel to uncharted territories allowing yourself to be curious and open.  

The biggest shifts happen right before you think it’s impossible so love yourself a little more.

Acknowledge your own intuition and breath. 

Don’t focus on others. 

Open hearts are all it takes to  “open hearts”. It’s about being the connection within no matter what and there’s nothing to lose.  

Where the real currency of your life is more about vibrational alignment instead of what you can achieve or get outside of you —but what you offer within/without and contribute.  

You are filling your self love bucket and so what if it spills over onto others—awesome! 

Use your energy for dreaming, creation and action taking. Not over thinking and doubting.  

You can trust the silence of your soul rather than the noises of the world.  

You can be in the energy of the journey that doesn’t need outside approval because you are genuine within your own intention.  

This is real love, to be present, naked and just as you are, as you take responsibility for your energy.  

You can exist free of addictions, expectations, agendas and controls as you derive from the capacity to self love and truly connect.  

To feel it all, see it all (that ALL is also YOU) and use it all to deeper align with your truth as you build your dream. 

It’s all perspective and heart will.  How you choose to see from what is as what you choose to create from within your own field; your own energetic hygiene.  

All in all, is your opportunity to unify all parts of you and life as you release old wars, structures and limitations you have fully outgrown. 

I feel so much feminine energy around me as I took my time with this energy update in self care. 

I knew I wanted to “float” this one out, even when I don’t know what I was going to write. 

To appreciate “not knowing” and yet showing up 100% worthy anyways because I trust my own being and pace and truth and clarity.  

You are Effortless.  You are Worthy.  

Again please realize you are enough just as you are…

You don’t create abundance—abundance is always here existing even when you think you can’t see it because you have not aligned yet from a vibratory level.  

Your soul is speaking to you yet you have to trust the voice of magic and creation.  

It’s our mind that confuses and create limitations, so trust Source and your being, first.  

Even through what’s still unclear and mixed messages (Pisces Moon and Neptune retrograde fog) the Virgo sun is here to shed some light and sort through what is fact from fantasy.  

Even more, this mixed energy has the intention to lead you in the direction that best serves your highest good if you listen and yes, face your fears.  

Yes take full accountability for all that is you as you are nurture and choose love.  

This isn’t about “trying” to be the energy you want. 

For example:  If you TRY to be creative, you’ll not get very far. It’s not what you do, it is HOW you do it. And it’s not whether you decide to be creative, it is whether you ALLOW creativity to flow through you…

When you trust the universe, you don’t “try” —you just Ben.  

I said over the Virgo New Moon couple weeks back, if you are trying too hard, you are not embodying your feminine energy.  

You can sit in your inner cosmic egg and allow life to come to you from your own being.  

You can take life one layer at a time with patience for your divine unfolding. 

You can let go of more attachments as you move into deeper self intimacy and real love connection with the whole of the world. 

Trust what is complete and showing you final endings in your life; choose to see through the veil of illusion and delusion.   

See it, just as it is.  See yourself clearly and keep within as you extend love.  

It’s not time to look outside and point —it’s not the other person or leader —it’s time to call yourself UP as you rise into love.  

Ask yourself, where am I not honoring and loving myself and offering/being/demonstrating the solution? 

Where am I not owning what my perceptions or energy?

When am I not being fully ME? 

Where have ignored, denied or hid my shadow by not just directly honoring and taking care of myself?

What is the truth about my actions or attitude that is dying that needs to be owned so that I can re create?

Where must I allow myself to be penetrated by silence or truth and feeling just as it is?  

Yes know that even those who challenge you and those conversations that hold you accountable is showing you deeper love than anything or anyone that goes along with your ego as you settle for mediocrity. 

At the same time make sure you honor the good, bad and ugly the same and make sure others honor you from the whole as well. 

You are not any less loved or worthy because of your past life or past mistakes.  

You are more worthy because you take care of them and level up toward making your dreams happen. 

Are You Hearing The Call?

It’s all perception and frequency. 

Instead of focusing on how the human race is lost or how we are destroying the planet, how we forgot how to me intimate or lost or way …

Instead of focusing on these stories, I am feeling a call to stop focusing on all the problems of the world. 

Imagine rain squishing beneath your feet and the lungs of our Universe breathing openly and freely again.  Make a flower ritual water and bless the skies, asking for rain. Choose to support those who are doing something about.  Be thankful that the world finally has awareness about a particular topic.  

It’s all energy and our perception structures how deep we allow ourselves to see the world from.  

Yes you bring in what you reflect into this world. Even the ego is just a tool to be used.  

Speaking of ego, so many spiritual traditions focus on the unraveling overcoming and dissolving of the ego instead of integrating the ego.  

When in heart frequency, ego is just a character—an exaggerated character that seeks to gain the love it didn’t receive in the past.  

So when your ego is not consciously connected to your ever evolving soul — it then becomes an attention seeking device that really is just your inner child looking for love, acceptance and acknowledgment.  

So trying to run from ego and get away from ego or “kill the ego” only sends messages of being wrong, abandonment, resistance, isolation to your inner child and inner psyche.  

This is what makes your inner child numb out and turn into shadow—instead of staying innocent, open and curious.  

This is how your inner child feels unloved and takes a backseat, until it finally comes out deconstructing everything you’ve ever known, so that you learn to discern what’s real.  

What is truly love.  

It’s about Source.  It’s about being. It’s being able to recognize, affirm and demonstrate the light that is inside you.  

Knowing the whole world is inside you, in your perspective and in your own heart. 

That to find peace, you exist as peace.  To enjoy life you first enjoy who you are and stop hiding.   

You must be able to shift into the energy that you desire as an alchemist, even as you deep release old layers of what’s doesn’t serve you.  

Trust what’s meant for you—is already happening in ways you wouldn’t expect or be able to explain. 

Invoke the spirit within you and shine deeper light into your being and soul as you welcome new information. 

Claim your excellence and be grateful.  Take care of yourself.

Take action from inner alignment first and you’ll be able to navigate forward in the direction that is for you. 

Repeat after me:  

“Thank you Universe for all the blessings that have landed as well as the good things in my life that I don’t know about yet…

I am willing to be cleansed and renewed by what is happening at this time, even if I need to contribute within. I trust taking accountability is inviting me to step up in big ways.  

I will walk even when I don’t know the way forward because I choose to check in, make time, sit with and trust the clarity of my heart.  

I commit to breaking free of all my attachments and addictions preventing me from living happily…

I understand “breaking free” actually means creating more of what I DO want.  

I choose to drop into my body more this week and rest my mind even when I am at this crossroads and experiencing change in my life.

I am safe to express and experience anything that this now moment brings me. I understand that my curiosity will eliminate 95% of my judgment in most situations. 

I accept that I can release something that has been draining me for years, almost overnight, just by how I fully receive what my own body is telling me.  

My open heart is my quantum power as this is where my essence and alignment resides.  

I realize the more I share, honor and express full spectrum my own heart, the more I raise global consciousness for all.  

Even the most surprising revelations—brought through an open heart align me with my highest trajectory for your ascension and this affects all.  

I have choice in every moment and can choose to enter the sacred space of my heart and sanctuary of my soul at any time—here, I can trust the divine guidance I receive, following it’s direction. 

I create balance, peace and stability within myself and choose to allow others to do the same.  

I am worthy and no longer trying to prove my value.  What I accept or see in myself loses it ability to trigger me when it’s shown to me, outside of me.  

Thank you for giving me the strength to stop letting IN people and situations draining my flow of abundance.    

I trust what is being highlighted right now is helping me to reset towards a flow of abundance.  

I understand I may not make sense of everything but I am always blooming; the more I make steps, the more my path opens, wider.  

I am thankful for where I am, just as I am, even during this time of ascension, rebirth and renewal.  

Thank you for ending what needed to end to help me realize what needs to take place at this time so that I may understand myself.  

I am safe and guided by higher intelligence aligned with Source and Mother Earth and I ask for the strength I need to walk away from what isn’t for me so that I can move only towards what is.  

I ask to serve the world by fully being myself.

This is understanding what my medicine is and drinking it.  

And so it is”

With Love,

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Betsy Portela says:

    WOW! You have a way of expressing just what I need to hear at just the right time. I was feeling like this year and particularly this summer and all the letting go has really been a lot on my mental, emotional and physical body. I am so grateful for the insight and affirmations. I truly believe on the inside all that you are expressing while feeling, feeling and feeling the releases. Your work gives me strength and stamina to persevere and keep going forward in love.
    Thank you so much!

  • Louise says:

    Thanks You..This is exactly what is going on right now. You inspire my heart every reading. Thank You..Please keep sending. This gives us our strength to overcome and rebuild..much love. Xo

  • Stephanie Wood says:

    Please know, I love you, and your spirit, for all of your communications to us.
    Every time I read you, I feel you and my self, I feel and know the shifting that has been taking place within me and I thank you for clarifying the things I could not see.

  • Alexis granados says:

    I’m fully feeling relaxed and relief I feel lighter and needed this 100%

  • Becky says:

    Thank you beautiful soul, this is so helpful at the moment ❤

  • Debra Morgan says:

    Wow!! Thank you.. I can see and feel all that is coming through… this awoke me at 2:13 and it’s been amazing reading..

  • Shaun Hines says:

    Crystal Aryana…..
    Youu help take away the fear in all this, simply by feeling your words in your message… *You touch my heart and it’s it’s been closed for some time now, so thank you beautiful”
    All my love

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