Energy Update: Turning Tension Into Miracles

By October 15, 2019 Energy Update

Hello loves,

Thank you for all your messages the last couple days over the Full Moon.

I had to take a little break into my own space and allow myself back home.

I explain everything in this quick video:

This Aries moon is asking for you to be your own leader, healer, lover and savior as old ways, beliefs and lenses are being shed.

Claim it. You’re truly here to shine and to thrive!

Seed the new, and point your energy toward what you are initiating, birthing and creating.

When the old stuff comes up, honor the process and reassess it.

Are these old ideas, beliefs, values and restrictions you’ve put on yourself still needed, wanted and necessary?

Yes, you gotta love it to leave it.

Fully. Completely. Unconditionally.

With nothing but gratitude in your heart.

Yes, you can shine even while embracing all hidden aspects of you …

And when you stop fighting yourself, you’ll unlock a whole new world of existence and possibility, even instantly in the moment!

This understanding, awareness and radical healing isn’t linear.

This is your awareness and I AM state of being.

The sacred space that allows you to stand from new mountain top and helping you to see, feel, be and do things from a completely different place.

You can intimately honor the wound and the trigger. Even if it happened when you were 7 years old.

You can respond to the old from a new place. You don’t need to keep going back to the safe traumas, cages and controls.

You don’t need to act out old situations and scenarios with new people who want to love and honor you.

You can open your heart and receive what you need even when you spot the demand, anger and blame.

Yes, dear lover, and creator, warrior and guardian —you can anchor yourself in compassion for ALL manifestations and still receive what you want.

You don’t need to keep dividing yourself against whatever you don’t like in life.

Consciousness itself is intelligent and aware. It unfolds life around you that matches your inner state (of either wholeness, or duality) as you direct it.

Even the beings that perpetuate suffering or evil in the world are not your enemies, from a heart frequency perception. They’re your teachers.

You can “be one” as ALL of you, even when facing self imposed barriers, darkness and walls.

You can hold your words and actions accountable. You can soul retrieve any projection you’ve put on another and go within and let in love and depth.

You can be truthful and just as you are even when you feel raw, upset and exposed as you let in light, let in the moment and respond from inner guidance.

You can stand in the neutral field of your present heart while you embody and speak love: show love.

You can move from your heart and voice it out loud so that your right tribe begins to hear you!!!


You can release and keep releasing the shackles that hold you back.

Keep cleaning up how you feel about others and bring it back home to yourself.

You can release that heaviness and judgement into self awareness and heart felt wisdom.

No more tossing your assumptions, wounds, self imposed limitations and issues onto others like hot potato.

You don’t need to use “others” as an excuse anymore to block your own inner magic and alignment.

You’re being challenged in relationships, guiding you to step into the solution of your own self unity.


Even anger is asking you to turn inward and come back to yourself. To be gentle and to embrace what you need is a quality of wisdom.

Sometimes anger is a signpost that allows you to take the blindfolds off so that your soul can finally move in the right direction.

See it with childlike eyes. You are already whole.

You don’t seek peace, abundance or love—this is what you already are at your most natural state.

The restlessness, lack and judgement leaves the more you unfold into the space of what you truly are…

Your peace isn’t to be attained, just like love or abundance cannot be attained.

It simply is. It already exists WHOLE in every present moment.

You start from here, just like an untouched baby.

You are only confined by the walls you choose from.

So realize that even your inner power hasn’t left you. You don’t need to reclaim your power, you only need to recognize what you already are.

Maybe you don’t even need to heal, maybe you need only need to simply overflow more as Source, connected.

When you focus less on “healing and doing” and more connecting with the spaces fully alive inside you—it’s breathes out the places in you that are pure, beautiful, innocent and untouched.

This is the magic. Just realizing what you are and existing. This also attracts outer abundance to you. Even money is simply energy.

The more you exist as this source, the more free your energy and flow will be.

This isn’t ego. There is no thought to it.

Entering Your “I AM” Space

The main message of this Full Moon calls you to embrace your “I AM.”

What you are is love, source, being and your I AM space.

It’s your most effortless state, ever present, dwelling within the infinite moment of now.

Love is effortless and isn’t forced. We don’t “come in” to love, we come out of it. Love is what you are.

Love isn’t attained, love simply is.

Your I AM state simply is. You don’t seek it, you surrender into it.

Love and your I AM arrives in your awareness when you let go (mind) and trust your being.

Even when others disappoint.

Even when life “outside you” isn’t meeting your needs and you feel hurt or let down by another—it’s the most potent, powerful transformative opportunity and space to be in.

Instead of closing your heart because the outside didn’t “meet” you, this is the most profound place to meet yourself.

What is it you need to give yourself?

What memory must be felt?

What fear must stand in the light and be acknowledged for what it really is?

You get to soul retrieve lost parts back home and unite ALL, this is the gift.

Are you willing you ask yourself for what you need instead of closing your heart down?

The biggest heartbreak is the one you keep giving yourself, where the ego wants to keep you safe in old trauma patterns.

So you must know yourself. Beyond the personal ego.

Discern what truly isn’t for you, not because it scares you or “that you don’t like it” —but because it truly doesn’t fit with your soul, your fire, core truth and why you are here on this planet.

Go deep and stand in who you really are. And at the same time, see your when you are not open because of a false story or potential threat.

Notice when you are creating imagined barriers and false dramas that don’t really need to exist.

Notice when you blocking yourself from receiving love from others and existing as love itself.

No more emotional manipulation because you are not being loved by others or getting your way.

No more convincing for love, honor, truth or respect.

Convincing is manipulation and trying to control the situation instead of silently (yet loudly) SHINING YOUR LIGHT and being in your own world.

You are SOURCE itself, don’t you see?

YOU are ABUNDANCE and only add limitation from here. Trust that nothing natural needs to be manipulated or controlled.

This becomes increasingly more clear the deeper you honor and humbly value your own being and soul and “check in” with you.

Choose yourself. Stop asking others to choose you when you are not embodying giving YOU what you need yourself.

Sinking into the place of trying to control everyone and everything because you are afraid of abandonment only gives you more pain and abandonment because you are not seeing YOU, and living it presently and so the lesson repeats.

This is why there is a real need for depth and honesty in the air so that you can move forward from a loving, elevated and whole place that knows itself.

Allowing Others To “Choose Themselves.”

If you are projecting your pain or fears onto someone and they are simply choosing themselves, then gently honor looking within at why you were expecting them to choose you when you weren’t choosing you and choose yourself!

Yes it’s beautiful to be chosen in love by another but we do this from a place of authentic truth and desire and not from conforming self sacrifice.

Nourish yourself and create the boundaries (doorways and bridges) you need.

Stop trying to clean up others messes. Stop trying to make others clean up their own mess. Stop trying to coach others and listen to your own soul.

Just choose to shine. Check in with you. Exist freely, burn freely, just as you are.

We can all encourage each other to know our own needs and to voice them as we honor each other’s sovereign heart!

You don’t owe anyone a version of yourself that helps them bypass their own pain and no one owes you a version of themselves that helps you escape yourself.

We are here to help walk each other home.

Even the “bad eggs” or mistakes we label are being guided when we surrender into the gift with an open heart.

Yes it’s been a lot of up-leveling and clearing because you can’t have what you want until you are willing to BE it vibrationally.

Which means even if you manipulate your way, it won’t stay because you must keep the vibration.

Until you are in alignment with that which you desire most, it won’t stay in your reality.

So even through the ups and downs the energy feels as if it’s been “washing us” lately, preparing us for the 2020 clarity and understanding we need for the year ahead!

Due to the background influence of Saturn and Pluto, we’ve been feeling the intensity rise throughout the awakening collective with cosmic energy since 9/9 and 10/10. This will be the theme as we head into 11/11 and 12/12 and our final karmic cleansing completion during the January eclipse.

The message keeps repeating itself, each time around: Own up, show up ALL of you free of attachments – exactly as you are – bringing all of who you are in to the moment and create!

As the old burns to ashes, keep moving towards your truth, clearing what no longer fits.

Know you are safe to surrender. Allow this transformation as you close out old chapters.

As the outer world seems to polarize more than ever, it feels like you are being met yourself everywhere you go.

That you can either embrace Unity consciousness and surrender into being your own lover, or keep fighting and resisting what is.

All in all this is highly motivating energy and a great time to take a leap of faith, so long as you are following your inner compass and heart.

If things feel right, then go for it!

The energy over these next 2-4 weeks can support you to leap higher and further than you have even gone.

At the same time you are being asked to transmute tension into creativity and be the change.

You can be aware as distortions come up in your being – and check into your body – more freely.

This time may also be profound yet challenging in your relationship with self and with others.

Spirit is asking you to stop hiding your true self and sacrificing your shine or letting in love.

To be the truth and example without calling attention to itself.

If you have been in conflict, go within. It’s not the conflict that is the key, it’s how we honor/handle conflict.

This Full Moon wants you to initiate a new way!

Allow the tension of this influence to bring your truth, feelings, wounds and fears to be exposed as you focus energy where love and growth are needed.

Miracles are always possible when you claim them! I know many of you are receiving miracles too at this time!

But if you are feeling overly tense or wound-up, bring some self-care practices into your routine and receive.

Rather than lash out at those around you. Nourish what it is you need. Let others be who they are.

While the Libra energy this month has us reflecting on our relationships, the moon is Aries is asking us to show up and take care of what we need.

No more codependency. It’s time to really open your eyes and see each person in your life as they are.

It’s time to operate from self love and exist as it; simply shine and know yourself.

It’s time to see clearly and refocus your energy. What brings heart value and goodness into your life and what doesn’t.

It’s time to breakthrough the old patterns of behavior.

Tend to nourishing your soul and what you truly need right now new during this Moon cycle and the next two weeks, and you’ll automatically be more centered.

Egos may fly, but don’t take things personally.

You are enough to just BE and exist just as you are. Just choose to be in your heart.

The version of others that you create in your mind is your responsibility, and the version that others create of you is theirs.

Full Moon in Aries: Turning Tension Into Miracles

Full moons are usually about culmination and harvesting, purging, releasing and making adjustments from a new place.

And this Aries Full Moon is super charged by outer planets, with a supportive sextile to Jupiter, as well as a challenging square to Pluto.

Make sure you cleanse your space so that you can create from a blank slate. No more dipping back into old pools that don’t resonate.

Stop pushing away new love and new abundance or opportunities knocking at your temple door.

No dream is too big. Quiet your mind. Exist first.

Take a leap of faith. The world is yours when you believe in yourself.

Perception is awareness shaped by belief. Beliefs form, shape and “control” perception.

When you rewrite your beliefs your rewrite your entire world’s perception of what is.

And really, rewriting your perception is actually rewiring your brain and changing your genes and behavior.

You can trust that you can do what you want to do in life and flow through the biggest changes you’ve ever gone through and claim miracles on the other side!

And remember, you have the control and authority in your life to make the proper changes that need to take place.

In fact, the fiery energy of this Full Moon Aries (Sun in Libra) demands it of you with Pluto squaring asking you to move forward and shine your light.

The sign of Libra brings things to balance, bringing justice and is represented by the symbolism of the scales.

Traditionally, the Sun is in it’s worst placement, being in Libra. The Sun, which represents the energy of identity, does not easily find itself in a sign that is constantly balancing itself against other people.

Many people born under this sign would rather be passive than find themselves (and their identity) in conflict. Same goes for the Moon in Aries, a sign where the Moon is traditionally in its detriment.

Aries, as the “starting” sign of fire, relates through challenge and friction. This Mars-ruled sign is not the most comfortable place for the Moon to be. Those born with Aries Moon tend to struggle with short fuses, as their emotional foundation has been built inside a gladiator’s colosseum.

Emotional sparks fly high during this moon cycle, yet they serve a purpose. Every year, when the Full Moon in Aries occurs, it’s typically a burning turning point that cleanses our past baggage of this year and prepares us for the year to come.

This year, the Full Moon in Aries is heavily challenged, and Pluto has been working with us all year as we reveal shadowy truth and change yet thankfully we have some positive support from other planets around the same time.

Venus Opposed Uranus: 10/12/19

Venus entered Scorpio on Tuesday, October 8th. The transition from Libra to Scorpio changes the tone for relationships. In Libra, Venus rules all that is beautiful and balanced. In Scorpio, Venus sheds her inhibitions and dives into the shadows, demanding honesty truth.

On the 12th, Venus opposed Uranus, sitting across the Zodiac in Taurus, bringing a surprising jolt to our relationships that is trickling into this week.

Sun Sextile Jupiter: 10/13/19

Jupiter’s presence is lighting the path forward showing us New Vision and bringing renewed confidence and self belief.

You will likely feel the renewal and flow of new visions and life and what IS possible over the next few weeks.

The positive thing is that this moon is in harmony with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. Which means, despite all the crazy nonsense that’s happening, we can still keep the faith and trust in a higher power, that things will turn around for the better

Sun Square Pluto: 10/14/19

This Full Moon is square Pluto in Capricorn, encouraging you to keep shedding layers so you can rise into your fullest power.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have been trying to make long term changes in everyone’s lives and this Aries moon is shedding light on the tension points in our lives that are hindering us or making us feel restricted in being able to make those proper changes.

There maybe vindictive behaviors and power struggles at play for many of us right now, especially cardinal signs. There can be underhanded behavior that’s happening, that hasn’t fully been brought to the surface yet, or just coming up now.

Mercury Sextile Saturn: 10/14/19

This same day, Mercury – the planet of communication, enters into a supportive relationship with Saturn, the planet of rules authority.

In Scorpio, Mercury desires to drill as deep as possible to uncover hidden truth. While grounding Saturn in Capricorn aims to make sure that you cross your Ts and dot your I’s.

Together, this influence builds the stage for tough conversations that need to be had, as well as uncomfortable truths coming to light, but in a constructive way.

This stabilizing energy brings harmony to communications, and ensures a somber mood during otherwise intense encounters. On the bright side, this energy infused is to focus on specific, detailed tasks more easily during this moon cycle.

Combined, these transit influences help you strip away what is no longer serving you, and giving you the power to face your deepest wounds.

The keys to this time period are faith and self renewal.

“Check In” With You!

This fiery Aries energy may make you want to rush, force, and jump into things headfirst …

It can also lead to assuming reality that’s not true for yourself or for others, so don’t keep purging your ego and shadows on others.

Own it, honor it and come back home.

So this is about balance within your own being and I AM space.

You can exist outside of your mind and flow straight through the void of self restriction and old repeating trauma and patterns into something you’ve never experienced before!

This is where your inner magic lives.

Who you really are shines through without words, labels, ideas or even thoughts.

Who you really are is pure existence, energy and light moving that is simply aware and noticing itself.

Again you are not seeking or manipulating.

You are not “making things so”.. you are discovering things as so.

Because you are already whole.

If you have been feeling highly stretched, easily frustrated, or overwhelmed, there is huge releases and clarity happening if you are letting it in.

I can feel those is flow with this energy to be instantly dissolving their walls, and replacing them with bridges, just through the subtle awareness of it. Simply being with it.

Receive this energy more by being in your I AM space in whatever practices (silence or energy movement) you choose each day.

When you allow yourself to stay in I AM, opportunities begin to open up before you.

You no longer pay attention to what doesn’t serve you, and it will automatically snip the shackles binding you.

Relationships that are no longer serving you are being released under this energy…

You may also be setting new boundaries, soul retrieving and offering your inner child a safe place so you can open as flow, out of stagnancy.

If relationship issues were present under the Libra New Moon on Sept 28th, this Full Moon can bring some clarifying info that can allow you to find closure.

It’s not about “just doing” anything… it’s more about your state of being when you are taking action from the right core place.

It’s about how you are when do things, and the state of being you exist from.

You already are source and abundance that has added limitations onto yourself. It’s time to strip those limitations away.

The intensity of this time is asking you to release old blockages that is limiting your acceptance of love and abundance…

Allow Yourself To Shed Old Limits And Transform

Because, it’s true:

Only you can allow yourself true happiness and love, you are not shackled, you are free!

Only you can decide the will to move forward and choose gratitude for what’s happening now, even now in the moment.

Especially when you feel exposed, raw and uncertain in the face of change.

Moving deeper into your own heart as you release, and allow it to flow freely.

It’s a time of stepping up, and it all begins with removing the limits you have given yourself and knowing that you can do anything.

You can free yourself from the cage you’ve put ourselves in and allow yourself to soar.

When you connect more often into your natural INFINITE being, not even the puppet-strings of society, or the self-imposed expectations we put on ourselves from others, can stop you.

You can respond from a new place, even if the old place is still releasing pain. You don’t have to hide in rejection because it feels safe. You don’t have to wear shoes that are too small because others say so.

No matter what it seems like on the surface, from a soul perspective, this energy wants to make sure you are not playing small or short changing yourself just to suit others. Nor allow your ego to overwhelm or smother another person’s truth or energy.

Simply choose to be kind and shine. You’ll naturally surround yourself with those who light your path, more.

You don’t need to explain. You no longer need to value the armor, the padding, and masks that you’ve been protecting yourself with.

You can accept accountability without deflecting or running or playing victim.

You can fully exist in it all and still BE the miracle.

You don’t need to sabotage your success or keep yourself excluded to affirm your fears.

Just be. Shine. Receive the love. Reconnect back to wholeness. You are safe to be who you are as you remember what love is and allow it IN.

You don’t even “need” to heal from trauma.

It’s more about remembering your inner sanctuary and allowing love IN.

This is the work, even when you are disrupted. You only need to remember your light and shine.

You can connect to the magical fire and prowess alive in you already existing that was never betrayed, traumatized and not safe…

This goes beyond time and the mind.

Your true self is spacious, present, free, innocent and quantum in the now.

The Time To Free Yourself Is Now

This is you truly being yourself and not stopping your flow with second guessing your truths.

You can’t fully be yourself hiding behind self imposed limits (likely taken on from others who don’t know your own soul’s wisdom or experience)

Whatever is in the way, or still not sustainable, or not fully YOU us burning away right now to create balance and new perspectives..if you’re willing to engage your heart!

All the tension you are feeling is asking for sweet release into the present moment and the spaciousness that you really are.

Stop warring with yourself. Let the old die on its own. Honor what’s changing in you.

Are you willing to step into the light, trust and burn FREE just as you are?

Your “I AM being” is your most powerful spring well vortex that allows you to receive what it is you want to align with instead of get in your own way.

And it’s not doing, trying, thinking or making ANYTHING so.

It’s more about discovering what you already are.

Don’t complicate it. The mind reacts yet the soul receives.

Your I AM is your most natural state of being. It’s not personal. It has no story in its existence.

It’s just being where you are, your “is ness” and quality of energy.

It’s more about discovering what you are… than it is about learning, or creating, or doing.

Learning that you can forget … but know that what you are … you can never not-be.

This is where all your power, transformation and capacity already lives.

It’s not a “thing” you fit into your life you identify to, with or for.

You don’t have to earn or achieve it.

It’s who you really are when you check in instead of being put into a limited box of programming from the external noise of life.

Your “I AM” is your most natural state that responds to the present moment from a truly unattached, unhinged and open place.

Are you willing to know the existence within you even more?

Even 10 min a day of conscious watching allows you to step into the new ways of sensing, allowing, being and operating.

You don’t need to travel to the bush or learn a bunch of scriptures, study from gurus or learn how to levitate.

You can know without study, and be without becoming.

This doesn’t happen with the mind. The mind complicates and “adds to” what already is.

What “already is” is that you are whole and abundant just as you are.

The mind is not aware of its own conscious, so the mind is never showing you the way things are.

Doubt and stories only exists in the mind. Separate from source. When you are rooted in your being, it becomes your whole world.

This is your potent magical space of “I AM”…

This Is The Space Where You Create

It’s where you open as Source, the present moment and the spacious emptiness in-between things, thoughts and meanings.

It’s where you check in with yourself, know what you need as you shift and change, know when to take action, when to rest, allow and receive.

Instead of focusing on the lower frequencies that drain you and pointing at them, you deepen your own connection and “check in” within.

What do you need?

It’s not about other people. It’s about what they show you about yourself.

Instead of running around looking for answers, stand still and shine the light into all corners.

Yes, you’ll see things are changing, but it’s not about changing who you are, it’s about letting go of who you are not!

The most beautiful thing about standing in the light is that is all you need is to just be.

When you connect to source, your being does the rest; illuminating, nourishing, opening your nervous system and sense and inspiring new ways previously hidden ..

When you connect to Source, you ARE love. This “I AM” state and what you truly are.

The moment you “think”… you separate yourself from source. Victim mentality is only ego and separation consciousness.

When you remain open to what you are — when you remain open to the flow of Source, you overflow!

Truly this is about letting love in, opening AS all and stepping more into your light which cultivates more light!

No more looking back to what is safe and familiar because “it’s known.” You really can keep walking into the unknown.

Be grateful for the event, happening or trigger showing you what you truly need.

Even the tension, the drama is asking you to face your fears and break down the old—so that you CAN LOOK at your true desires and express truth in all your connections, relationships and friendships.

Stop running away and hiding.

So you want to heal? Awesome. No more compromising your truths. No more belittling your feelings.

Just exist in them and drink the medicine in your awareness.

Stop trying to have it all figured out from a mental
Place. Stop trying to play it safe.

Your ego wants you to keep playing it’s roles on auto pilot, to label experiences and keep making meaning, to identify “what’s wrong” .. so it can protect itself.

Your ego wants you to feel unloved, rejected and unwanted because it keeps you safe in its own cage.

Yet this is abandonment trauma speaking, fulfilling its own self fulfilling prophecy—it’s not “real” and doesn’t have to be.

You don’t have to sabotage the magic that is already present for you.

You don’t need to affirm old trauma, stories and fear and push away love.

Love is what you are, not what you get outside you.

You simply = choose love. Go straight to love.


Your soul knows this.

Your SOUL Is Your “I AM”

Your soul already knows and open as love, easily and freely, the moment you exist.

That’s all you need.

Don’t overthink or complicate what is.

Whatever is showing up in the present moment is the way.

If it is blocking the present moment IT STILL IS the way, forward.

Check in with your soul. What do you need?

Be authentic as you peel back your core truths, inner “gifts” and desires and your gain clarity around what motivations come from fear and which ones are really coming from love.

Remove the old controls, values and barriers that you are too small—yet embrace them all and honor them all.

Be grateful.

Trust new energy is coming into your life. New ways, opportunities and paths.

Know you are being renewed on a deep cellular level, shifting energetically and physically.

Make more sacred space.

Trust things are clearing up for you and be ready to receive more than you realize is possible.

Stay open for great change, even in the midst of it.

Destiny is calling, will you answer?

You know why you’re here.

Claim it.

Angel Adams

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  • What an amazing reading! Crystal thank you so much!!! It really opened a part inside me that makes me feel how ready I am for anything that comes to my life and embrace it with all my love. I can feel that all my blocks are open and it feels fantastic to see miracles coming to my way every day. I am so so grateful!!!

  • Valerie says:

    Thank you Crystal. Alot of your words hit home to me with things I am dealing with now. I have been struggling with letting go of my past and have not been very successful at all, and it has caused alot of heartache to my relationship now still even over 2 years and pushing away people who truly love and adore me because I put that defense of no trust and fear of the past repeating itself. Also, I have not moved on or totally dealt with, accepted, and let go of my Mom who passed away 4 days after my 20th birthday. She was my everything of all who I had and been totally lost since. Itll be 20 years this November. Your words help and make total sense as to where and how to start letting go of the past.

  • Jeanette says:

    How wonderful this reading was. Dealing life with the upheaval in my life at this time; there are many . Serious health Problems of life and death, letting my go of pass losses. Insecurity of just being me and although knowing I was made to love the Universe I needed the confirmation on how to do this in The I Am. Thank you for the Source that course and Higher Power that guides you. Confirmations.

  • carol roberts says:

    thank you very much for the truth. love and light. praise be the universe.

  • Waiota Cherrington says:

    Thankyou very much for your inspiring words .. I needed to know this and my soul is very greatful for it

  • Ron says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Crystal! I so much need these messages. Everything is really simple, but at the same time soooooooooo deeeeeeeeeeep! I cannot get my mind around much of this, but I can sense it just seeping into my pores, bypassing the limited mind and going right where the “knowing” is to be understood. This has been one damn hard year, and things of course are still ongoing at a rapid clip. Your deep understanding of the dynamics at play in our present universe really help a person understand how to move forward in the middle of the confusion. I for one am deeply grateful for your wisdom and insights. May you be blessed!

  • Gabriella Pinchera says:

    Thank you sooo much! So Timely xoxo

  • Betsy Portela says:

    All your writings are so inspirational and uplifting. Most of all, they promote encouragement and to keep moving forward. Thank you for these gifts. Love and light to you.

  • Sabrina says:

    Love your words, feelings, spirit…thank you for sharing your love with all…truly unselfish. Gives hope to love out there. Thank you!

  • Ali says:

    I am grateful for your words.

  • Lisa says:

    I ENJOY HEARING from you Chrystal your emails make so much sense i have been tapping in to my inner self a lot latley and can only say i have found my own inner self healing myself from things my body as been my assistance and indeed working with me in sync in repairing my damage fantastic buzzing with vibration ,s literally xxx

  • Stacy says:

    Wow… I can’t even tell you how grateful I am to have found you!! You have helped me understand so many things about what is happening in my life and how to handle them… I truly appreciate your guidance and wisdom!! Thank you so much, Crystal!!! ❤

  • Elizabeth Ann(Liz) says:

    Thank you Crystal for all your messages – they help and uplift me.

    Love light and blessings
    Elizabeth Ann (Liz) xx

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