Energy Update: A Phoenix Rises From Your Flame

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Part 4: Releasing The Old To Allow The New

For many, depending on your timeline(s), 2017 and 2018 has been about “knowing the dark”, learning hard lessons, and shedding of the old patterns in your life.  These patterns kept bringing you to the situations that were needed for your growth & your healing, even though they may seem more and more painful each time.

It’s liberation time my love.  You are becoming a beautiful phoenix set ablaze.  

The life you have waited so long in your heart to live is going to take rising from the ashes.

Know that you are not being “punished” from above and the Angels have not turned their back on you.  

They just want you to ask:  What NEW ways are you meant to be believing in yourself right now?

If the last couple months have felt like death, trust that this Winter Solstice is going to be a new birth.  

That feeling of loss around you?   It’s actually rebirth.

An Upgrade Of The Soul

It’s time for closure & completion.  The doors you keep banging on. The old unnecessary things you keep energizing .. “fixing” and trying to change from the frequency of the old is NOT giving you what you want on purpose.  

Yes the objects .. the relationships .. the money and the “crutches and bypasses” that you were so deeply leaning on, seeking or attached have been swept away.  

The goals didn’t happen.  The things close to your heart have been ripped away and the heart has suffered.

We are all being tested and we must be ruthless slicing away what’s untrue from Source love as much as we are soft and gentle, nurturing ourselves and filling our cup at this time.  Be kind with yourself.

What happened to you isn’t directly about YOU personally but about your higher purpose and why you are here as you integrate Photonic light ascension energies.   

Everyone on the planet in some way is being encouraged to shed old mental and emotional patterns/ways of “polarity consciousness” as we vibrationally meet ourselves in unity consciousness .  

Anything that you that you have been asked to let go of (either by invite of by defaulted life event) you will want to purge before the end of the year.  After the December 12th – 21st portal I feel will either be incredibly uplifting OR going to be a more intense ascension period for most.

To prepare, we have been being asked for quite some time now to take flight in every way and show up in self love.  

A cloak is being removed regarding being more aware of your innate gifts and your connection to your inner compass is heightened during this time.  Use this portal and end of the year wisely.

Making time for your own inner divinity is crucial if you want to not repeat the last two years lessons and have to go through it all over again between now and 2020.  

Making daily divine time is also essential if you do now want get tossed around into lower vibes and mental 3D/4D “stories” based polarity consciousness on the past or future.  

Stay in your heart.  Stay in the now. When your heart gets heavy, drop into creative mode. This is the alchemical cauldron where you …


Yes.  Even when you are tested – stand in truth.  Yes – even when it hurts to feel and open.

Yes. Even when no one is watching, to take care of yourself.  

This is the GIFT of being WITHOUT is that we realize WE ARE THE MAGIC already and not anything else!

Yes, it’s time to rise as we glow wholeness amongst the “twist” and where we shine, even when no one sees … where we rise in heart as the towers of false power crumble and all matter and values close to our heart, evolve …

Yes this is breaking into freedom time and for those who are ready there’s a feeling of fresh winds running though you .. it’s time to trust in your journey and trust how far you have come.  New offerings are trying to find their way into your life now if you have made the room in your mind, heart and field.

I know for many since Venus moved direct, the heart feels ready to reopen … seeing the work you have done … seeing the dark testing you again and again and yet you rise BIGGER and faster as you tap into feeling more grateful for who and what you are discovering about yourself…

You are beginning to see the bigger picture of both breakdown and breakthrough as one WHOLE circle.  


Sometimes You Must Breakdown To Breakthrough

Trust your breakdown is just as reliable as the breakthrough – in that your past heartaches has shaped your resilience and provided you with the catalyst to know your inner worth, know your capacity for light by contrast and for emergence into the unknown beyond ego.  

You are already whole and have always been.  You have always deserved love, harmony, joy and deep, meaningful relationships

It was never said that this wouldn’t be available. Let hope come back. Let life find you. Your world will be reborn. Surrender your worries about how newness will play out to the Divine.  Stop trying to chase shiny objects that are distracting you. Instead focus on purifying/cleansing.

The burden of past wounds, hurt and traumas are being asked to be held and seen like you would love and hold and infant who doesn’t know any better.

Find that sweet spot of alchemical balance within high and low, between wildfire power and the gentleness of an open heart.

It’s that specific place of soft and hard where we exist “in between worlds” and we have the greatest power for transformation.  It is within this balance and equilibrium where we hold the most possibility for source to flow through unrestricted and where we begin and end.  

You don’t have to seek and do and search for things. Things are coming to you and all you have to do is allow this “good or bad” energy to wake you and cleanse you as you allow what must be brought into the light in order to heal.  

You must…

Ride The Final Energy Wave Of 2018

The last two months has been a time of breaking down and disrupting all of our barriers to love and t’s time to rebuild these barriers anew, in a way that benefits you, not works against you.

Sometimes, we go back to where we were hurt  the most before because, if there is a chance that things play out differently this time – if there is chance that goodness is eventually found there – then it means to our ego that we never deserved what happened there in the first place.

Sometimes, we go back to where we were hurt or traumatized before because, if the one who caused the hurt have themselves changed… if the reason why we felt so bad has itself being erased from the world… then, maybe it has never happened & maybe we never deserved in fact to be treated that way.

And maybe all that’s happened before was a lie, or a spectacle, or a movie – or maybe a layer of something. A moment of mutual growth as they say. A moment in time to clear the space.

But, sometimes, we go back & the only thing we discover is that people have not changed.

And so we realize that actually, it wasn’t really about them, the going-back thing.

It was about ourselves, placing our trust again where we were already battered. It was about ourselves, trusting the possibility of evolution of another more than we offer protection, respect and sense of self-worth and ‘I deserve’ to ourselves.

It is about ourselves believing that, if those who made us doubt ourselves have changed then, we didn’t need to doubt ourselves in the first place. If those who didn’t love us properly do love us now, then we deserve to be loved properly in fact.

We want the outside to demonstrate something, to change the narrative, to delete a story.

We want to be offered self-worth through the mirroring of those who failed the most to do it right.

If those who brought trauma do not traumatize our hearts anymore, then perhaps the trauma never happened and they weren’t that. If those who treated us poorly do not anymore, then it means that it never happened, that nobody has ever treated ourselves that way and that, in fact, we never deserved that.

Somewhere, going back to where we were hurt before hoping it has changed is like denying part of what happened. It is, partly, refusing to see how we were treated.

If we can just remember, and sit with it. Just recall and acknowledge. We can shift our focus, back from “it” to ourselves.

We can bring love where it hurt. We can bring self-care and nurturing to those moments when the self was hurt through an external line, an external adventure. We can bring healing to what happened, we can bring to ourselves the love that another failed to give.

Instead of repeating the trauma, of reoffering ourselves to what we know is not Right by going back to check – we can just love ourselves so much that it will actually heal, and become the past.

Forgiveness is part of this alchemy.

You are not defined by what happened. Forgive yourself for going to tough lessons in order to Know. Forgive yourself for making the wrong choices here and there.

Forgive yourself for going to the wrong hearts to open yours. Forgive yourself for not seeing before you saw. Forgive yourself for offering your trust in the wrong places.

Forgive yourself if one day, you were the fool. Forgive yourself for your heart’s youth. Forgive yourself if one day, you believed in love so much that you fell, that you broke. You did what felt right. Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself. You did what you could.

Forgiveness Opens Doors That Manifest Your Desires

You deserve all that your deep soul self desires. Trust that life is guiding you where & with whom you are Meant to be.

You know that you have the power to shape your journey by not compromising your true needs & desires, and by not remaining energetically connected with what’s not right for you.

You know that you have the power to manifest your next physical steps/blessings by doing things/taking action in the ‘right’ direction – but also by simply stepping away/withdrawing from what is ‘not right for you’.

Use this Illumination Time to get clear on what you truly seek & accept all the pieces of you. All of your wants/needs/wishes for yourself deserve to be fulfilled. This is sacred law that you have the power to declare as yours.

By fully supporting yourself, you allow the Universe to send you the whole of what you.

Trust.  Have Faith.  

What is it that we have dreamed so long to create that was impossible that is NOW POSSIBLE?

Yes this energy is trying to show us it’s all possible if we let go of all the unnecessary crutches and safety nets we use to bypass ourselves (and our own divinity) this winter solstice.  

The energy is of initiation and making lemonade without lemons because you are a f*cking sorceress or sorcerer and you are rising from the ashes…

Many of you will feel new life breathing into you in all sorts of ways … after months of storm and deep healing your energy is slowly coming back into more outreach and forward movement, creation, connection and joy.

What is it that you most want from the depth of all that you have seen this year?

Ask yourself what is really important and then have the courage to create it and yet if we still feel stuck we must give ourselves permission.

If the what had happened in the past has stopped you from moving forward, know that if you don’t forgive and reframe your paradigms – you wont get out alive – meaning that unless you can come from a different frequency on your trauma – you will never heal it.  

Forgiveness is an important step of the path, because it liberates you, if you are still feeling stuck know that there are steps that you must take if you want peace.  

It’s a good time for completing what’s not coming with you and that has left you already, in a sense.  Whatever you lost – was not just a loss – but an upgrade.

I know for many who lost loved ones, you might tell me that is BS but it’s true, what good did it bring?  

It’s bringing you back home into your heart for a higher mission and those that listen will ascend – even amongst their great loss as it was a catalyst and reminder of life and the divine.  

This is to make way for the new, your soul, your essence for the next phase of your existence and why you are here.  It’s time to take care of yourself.

Make Self Care Your Theme For 2019

Eat well.  Don’t put chemical and contaminants in your body if you want to heal right now.  The body demands to be cleansed if you are download new information that will help you create the balance and rewards you have been working toward for so long in 2019.  

2019 is the year for harvesting for so many who have been doing the work and building, yet have been thoroughly being “tested” this year.  

For many who are doing the inner work and clearing, you are moving toward renewal as if this winter solstice is a time of resurrection.  

You will feel the energy beginning to lift you up or at least stay neutral.  You have you easier question your mental stories that keep holding you back from uplifting your vibrational field if you mentally practice being neutral when low vibes creep in.

When old patterns, triggers and emotions come back, watch them like bubbles floating across the screen or as if you are moving through them as if moving through a tunnel.  

Just witness.  Don’t identify, label or attach yourself.  These stories are not truth.

Drop into you heart and know what your soup feels like more often.  Practice. Believe in yourself.

Your soul knows what is happening already so you can trust the lighter energy you’re feeling is accurate.

Life is about to move forward. Yet needs your embodied being and actions ALL THE WAY.  

Your dedication to the path has been acknowledged and seen by source.  If you have been feeling like the Angels have turned their back, the opposite is true.

This process of integrating the lowest lows is giving us Mastery and a certain depth that nothing else can possibly have offered.

In the dark we know “what is light” … this is the alchemical cauldron where “dark” is truly all colors.

Strengths of the unseen are the most magnetic and this awareness is growing more in the collective than it ever has.  The world wants depth and connection. Those who have been committed to the work of inner alchemy are about to experience the harvesting they have been waiting for in 2019 and 2020!

Do. The. Work.

And start noticing and being more aware of all the ways you bypass through the mind, thinking, overtalking, or escaping through others or things.  

If you have been taking care of yourself in the meantime, know that movement is coming.  If you are doing the work, you will be getting a divine message soon (if you haven’t already) that will give you guidance and instructions for your next phase and stepss.

And start noticing and being more aware of all the ways you bypass through the mind, thinking, overtalking, or escaping through others or things.  
If you have been taking care of yourself in the meantime, know that movement is coming.  If you are doing the work, you will be getting a divine message soon (if you haven’t already) that will give you guidance and instructions for your next phase and stepss.

For most, 2019 will be all about living this profound rebirth that took many years to ripen as we harvest the rewards that , embodied actions and direct physical manifestation.  

Yes my love, you can begin again. You can restart in any way you need to no matter how much work you have done and not matter how well-deserved your rebirth.

You are doing amazing and keep going.  Keep feeling what you know you worthy of and keep going in that direction.  

Stop banging on closed doors.  Don’t go back to what you’d have allowed or settled for before the event, or before you went through what you went through, or before you shifted.

If you choose to make lemonade anyway at this time without crutches and safety nets, you will see in 2019 that what your soul has wanted your whole life is becoming available.

Your key is not settling anymore.  Nope, you won’t do it for the money – you are doing if for your SOUL.  

Nope you won’t give your heart away, when they are feeding you french fries from McDonalds.

Nope you won’t keep asking for approval and outside forces to give you permission.  

Nope you won’t keep those cycles around to only keep repeating …

This is a new time, focused on hope and newness – instead of lessons and learning in the hard way. 💎

Allow the completion of cycles now. Allow what’s gone to finally fully dissolve. Accept your freedom. Receive your new chapter. Be hopeful and confident.

Your rebirth is on its way.

You can forgive yourself for not knowing better yesterday. You can create from the heart this moment …

You can begin again. You can find ways to love yourself through whatever it is you have to do.

You can do what’s in front of you and remind yourself that is the best thing to do.

You can begin again. And again. And as many times as you need to.

You CAN Begin Again

This rebirthing New Moon after all that we have shed is tremendous to me in its offerings, this new moon encourages us to become a channel for the greater gifts that have been slowly waking up since 2012.  

Jupiter in Sagittarius (after being in the underworld of Scorpio all year highlighting what must be purged) and this new moon wants to show us the art of having faith in our ability to expand no matter who or what would rather we stayed small.

You are rising anyway …like a phoenix from the ashes.  

The energy is reminding us that we become what we are able to give.
We succeed when we are confident enough to share what we have without need for praise in return.

Let things unfold & your recent insights implement. Not everything is directly under your control… Your blessings will land in Divine time & when everyone is ready.

I believe in you <3

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Rosie Roberts says:

    You are a fuckn fantastic inspiring girl power woman n for that n Ur time I thanju

  • Effie says:

    Dear Crystal Heart .. ❤
    Your are a Gift for all those who have met their dark times ….
    and also for all those who are being through their major initiate transformation …
    So Many Regards for being by my side …just like a guide in the darkest times !
    Effie ❤❤

  • Sheela Esra Bennathan says:

    Dear Crystal,
    Your article has shaken me to the core, and has served like a lifeline to me. Please do continue to inspire and support us mentally and emotionally. I for one desperately need it. Regards, Dr. Sheela Bennathan

  • I feel like he has a connection with me because this is everything that I’ve been going through I was at the point where I didn’t know where I was coming or going I fall in love with two men and one for my past which treated me bad and ended bad and I was still in love with this man that treated me so badly and then I met this other one that makes me smile every day when I talk to him when I see him my heart smiles I got butterflies in my stomach I fell in love with the man in the moment I met him and he said the same thing that he felt this when to go to his body and what time is it fell in love with him love at first sight I never felt that way about a man in my life and finally I came to tell the one that I was in love with I was in love with somebody else because I came to realize I was no longer in love with him I was in love with the past him the past us I just didn’t want to be alone I would never thought that I would have told him so I feel like me being able to tell him what’s my freedom finally from this toxic thing I was trying to hold on I still love him but I’m not in love with him I’m In Love With Another Man which he is guarded to so I don’t know what to do anymore

  • Ary says:

    greetings Crystal its Ary and thank you for this for it couldn’t be more correct..you have just confirmed everything i have been going thru..one thing for sure these energies are extremely potent and i see how they affect the people around me as i become the observant..thanks to you i know that i am exactly where i’m suppose to be for everything is unfolding as it should..Infinite love and light..Namaste.

  • Lucinda Carter says:

    My Dearest Crystal, I stumbled upon you somehow… Well Divine guidance for sure! I have just found my soul mate and I am so grateful I went through the karmic relationship and all those dead end relationships that always ended up the same way before finding my soul mate! I now know how to truly love from my heart but the biggest thing I have found is I know how to love myself, stand on my own two feet, KNOW I AM WORTH IT and I DESERVE IT!!! I have spent the last 2 years finding myself after losing everything and everyone I THOUGHT mattered. Disowned by family for not doing what THEY believed I needed to do, moved where I knew no one and completely started over. I am truly blessed that I made it through it and found ME in the process. I believe that now I can handle and give and receive what this relationship truly deserves. It is ironic that I found him a month ago. It came in fast and it came in strong and caught us both completely off guard but OH MY!!! Thank you for all your encouragement and for sharing your gifts with us all because God knows, we all need each other!
    Love Lucinda

  • Al says:

    Hi Crystal. thanks much for this information.this is somewhat on a deep spiritual level.this info came the right time while I was experiencing my Phoenix rising.didnt know how to explain what was happening to me.When I read your information.then I was convinced. thanks again.keep these great insights coming

  • Michael Stewart says:

    Thank you so much for you readings, you are definitely right & i am im track!

  • Deborah says:

    Wow…tears of joy came pouring out as I read this, Crystal Thank you for the love and encouragement that you are channeling to all of us. My heart is opened. Much love and harmony to you

  • Toni says:

    Thank you for the forgiveness meditation. I was married to my soul mate. Life circumstances with our patents and drinking we went separate ways. I got in a karmic relationship 7 years, I learned what I was missing and what I needed to change about me. I’m still evolving, eleven years later we are talking I feel such a pull to him. I was thinking of getting involved with someone else and I feel like I’d be settling. I’m not sure which way to go yet but the best guidance is to follow my heart

  • Houd Mohammed raouf says:


  • Natasha says:

    It was amazing!thank you so much!

  • Laura says:

    Hello Crystal
    Thank you so much for your words. I am a very intuitive Person as well though I still find it often hard to trust my ability, the divine and me. Your Text just made me come home, made me think of all the past years, of the Path of Finding out truth, of pain, of lows. I always knew that I has Chosen this path consciously. I felt and experienced everything so many times as were needed to now , just as you describing it. I Welt back and back and back. You Know I don’t eben think we should call it ‘forgive’ ourselves, because that sounds like it was a mistake, but to embrace it. I Know that this is what you mean, I just feel it is so much more powerful to feel this feeling of knowing that this was and is MY path and honouring where I Went to and why I Went to all the places of my heart, to memories, to people, to situations or why I did not go there. It is all coming together, As you say and it always will be As Long As we Are aware and do our ‘work’ as you say, which I really believe to be the highest gift of all.
    Thank you so much and it’s great to see you putting so much effort in giving free and Vakzine content for everyone.Laura

  • Stanko says:

    Thank You

  • Thank you so much for this brilliant update. Amazingly accurate and It has resonated deeply with me. It has been a great help. Wishing you the best. <3

  • Annemarie Slee says:

    Thank you, that helped. XXX

  • Alison says:

    Synchronicity is at work in a truly mind-blowing way!
    From dream states that have clearly demonstrated blockages and therefore judgements I have been able to have my “issues”
    Brought front and central so I may work on them and finally release the defective life patterns with love and acceptance and move forwards.
    ( I rarely dream which shows the importance of this experience.)
    I met a person who told me she knew she would be working with me six months ago, without even knowing me. We are now working together to help people recognise and release energy blocks so they can resonate to a higher vibration.
    I had almost given up and had actually had a pretty dark time since June. I felt like no one could hear anything I was saying let alone taking any notice. I became full of self doubt and fear. I thought maybe my take on the divine Source and Love and Everything was maybe so off-target that I was a complete waste of space.
    At 65 I was sure at this point I had learnt no lessons, grasped little truths and had nothing to offer when I started receiving guidance from Crystal. My confidence was slowly renewed as her advice and insights were spot-on. I began to believe again, not in all I have learnt about life, death and judgements,
    But forgiveness of self and others. This lead to a heightened awareness of all things spiritual and I discovered patterns of synchronicity in my everyday life as well. I began to trust in the Universal good and my own intuition. People began coming into my life that I needed for my spiritual growth. Ooh how they just manifested!
    When I just stopped trying frenetically to organise problems in my life (they were major)
    And just trusted and let go, just like that people came into my life to fix those problems

    Thank you for everything, for keeping me to the path. For faithfully doing the work you do.

  • Ben says:

    Spot on everything you said was reassuring to me after everything iv experienced the last 3 years

  • Zhi Bell says:

    This was incredible! I am so thankful this has been so very clear and supportive

  • Michelle Holloway says:

    Hi Crystal it’s Michelle. Thank you for my energy update ! Everything you wrote resonated with me . I will get a reading done because now I am intrigued . I have met men that just don’t get me and I have been single for awhile now . Truly it’s because I have no trust in them . I will send my details as soon as I get paid ! Crystal you are a gem and I am so glad that our paths crossed ❣️Love Michelle

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