Energy Update: The 12/12 Portal Has Opened

By December 14, 2019 Energy Update

Hello loves,

Can you feel this is your turning point?

It is.

For me, too…

Integration of opposites, deeper remembering and full clarity coming into view.

Surrendering into the unknown of your own inner union through each reflection…

Living your self worth, values, voice and embodied love.

Seeing what this means as you go deeper and rise higher in this next big life chapter.

No longer making it wrong, belittling, hiding or holding onto anything…

Simply allowing yourself permission to create.

To love.

To choose love.

To let the option of love be easy…

Doing the work (tough ugly work) from the space of trusting love.

Yes, you’re doing it!

I fully believe in you.

And thank you to those lovely’s who sent me a full moon message yesterday, I was offline mostly…

During this last potent, reflective, releasing Gemini Full Moon of year, I went within to integrate.

I also ended up sitting with, listening, holding space, hugging and poured tea with my business partner who just discovered his beloved Grandmother is very sick, out of nowhere.

Heartbreakingly, sad. My heart is with him and his family.

They are a living reminder of what to fully appreciate while we are alive on this planet.

Yes, I feel it’s time to sort through what really matters.

Your relationship with self, state of being, your relationship with others and what you value is getting the opportunity to open up to a deeper level of awareness…

And you are getting the opportunity to level up, so what do you choose between now and the Solstice?

You are moving into a “bigger picture perspective” the more you release mindsets that keep you from “trying, seeking earning or manipulating” for love (and instead just taking care of yourself).

And the deeper you see, the more you realize you DON’T have to keep “doing and doing” in order to be worthy of love (or a life you totally love).

You only need to practice allowing yourself to recognize what you already are.

Like I mentioned earlier this month, December 3rd opened up the 12/21 Solstice energy and since the 3rd, the energy has continued to increase (last week, the Schumann resonance went to it’s highest recorded peak!)

So a lot of light shining, reflecting into our dark…so even before the Solstice, just remember when you’re triggered, it only means the light has found your shadow…so let love in (surrender ego).

And Yesterday, during the 12/12 Full Moon we entered the eclipse portal to the Capricorn Solar Eclipse on December 26th, which we’ve also been already feeling…

So it’s your most profound time to reflect and choose, what are you going to create?

2019 is a 12 or really, a “3” year (2+0+1+9 = 12/3) = …

3 … The Number Of Creation

3 numerologically speaks to so many things, like birth, holy creation, trinity, union without and without.  It’s the number for integrating our duality into wholeness, so we’re able to manifest, wield and create as ONE coherent piece.

Gemini “The Twins” is the sign of duality, making this a perfect full moon to reflect…soul retrieve…integrate/heal…self love and make love with life or others.  Some divine unions are happening as well as “false unions” that will repeat lessons.

And there’s tons of numerology happening now if you want to research, I’ll save it for another post.

And today is Friday the 13th!  Wow, right after this full moon too!

Originally, this day was not scary, but was an ancient day set for sacred lovemaking and honoring the Divine feminine.

So on a simple level  “3” energy speaks to the focus on Earth, union of Divine feminine and Divine Masculine, Creation and Abundance.

The energy also speaks to embodiment, truth, integrity, one’s inner to outer alignment, throat/third eye chakra and walking your talk!

It’s time to embody the truth and our own lived power.

I feel those healing as they step deeper into their authentic voice, truth and rewire a new story.

I feel those moving through the moments of painful intensity, anxiety or uncertainty and still remain deeply anchored in love and trust.

I feel those honoring pain when it shows up “frozen” in the body…

I feel those aligning to the natural love codes of “being” and being easily given what they ask for.

I feel those learning to go straight away to love, instead of the drama and b.s.


Allowing and letting love can be easy, even when you forget…

Yes, you have permission to let in your self worth!

I also feel collective higher heart activations (and lower heart purging) is releasing so much of the Mother wound deeper into our awareness right now.

All the ways we project, run, hide, twist, manipulate and “DO, do” to try to GET love, instead of remembering and being love…

Is being highlighted to support its own return back to self.

So that we INNER-stand our own being and we can stay rooted.

(ie. Staying rooted in your own self worth, permission and authentic truth during the Capricorn eclipse will be very meaningful for you…)

Yes, “Love” exists no matter what.

Love, just is.

Love doesn’t announce itself.

Just like your inner knowing and self worth.

A Queen (just like a King) doesn’t announce.

She simply exists embodied.

He simply moves embodied.

As love.

As trust.

In union.

And this is what we’re all learning, why we are truly here and what we vibrationally are, even within the vessel of our own physical body.

And the time is asking you to re-prioritize your relationships, beliefs, thought forms, patterns and lifestyle to better match your core truth and deeper knowing inside you…

Distraction games are over.  Lessons have been shown.

You’ve greatly expanded in capacity with all that’s been revealed to you since you began your awakening journey.

You’ve been building your dream for a long time and now it’s time to scale it, but you must balance life to do so…OR…you’ve been dreaming/planting seeds, yet now it’s time to apply this wisdom as you build your foundation.

If things are excruciatingly tough, know this is a sign to go deeper and do the real work.  You don’t need to hide or run anymore if you face the music and choose your own embodied love (inner union).

And with all the planets moving direct now (except Uranus, direct 1/12/2020) you’re feeling the forward momentum to pursue your authentic urges and deeper purpose in your next life transition.

2019 has been a year of preparation for this December/Jan eclipse cycle.

It’s been getting you to heed the call to shift you more into your soul’s purpose. It’s been trying to give you the sturdy surfboard to ride to wild waves that are ahead of you.

Those who’ve been listening to their soul, doing the work will most likely surf and flow, but no matter what, it’s a year that will change everything you once knew as you set out to build an entirely “new house” within a new place of being.

Which brings me back to 2020 = 4, and reminding me to share with you that your new foundational structure in 2020, including your daily organization must reflect your TRUTH, self love and (growing/evolving) sustainable, being.

Only what is sustainable with grow in 2020 moving forward.  Everyone else not on track will keep repeating tough lesson in the coming year.

Or they’ll be in alignment with themselves, and they’ll flow…

So in this sacred space before the eclipses fully begin, really reflect on your year and decade.

What do you choose?

Truly reflect and consider, what are you creating and what are you leaving alone?

What authentic truths do you need to speak up, live more and share?

What B.S. must you surrender so you can truthfully show up, nakedly as YOU?

Major cycles are ending and you need to find the grit to be penetratingly true to yourself.

Get to the bare truth.

And then fully forgive by releasing (releasing again, again) and every time speaking out loud what you want as you train yourself to consciously choose (and create from, narrate from) love.


Yes, love is what you are…

It’s actual “light photons” naturally resting at the vibration of love holding your own atoms and cells together.

And you’re waking up to this, even if you don’t know it, have words for it…

That you are indeed “light energy”…

That your awareness, nervous/endocrine system and body is connected to your own bio-field that spans 10 feet around you (this has been scientifically measured).

That you can either recognize that you are energy too (and that you must be “whole” with it) or it will keep showing up, outside you as “duality.”

Yes you (we/us) are light, the frequency of love, the heartbeat of this planet…

It’s time to choose love, or keep repeating the same cycles and lessons.

You’re on the verge of significant change, like I said in the lead to the Gemini Full Moon post…

After all that you’ve revealed, been through and learned…

You Have A Decision To Make

You have to figure out what’s important to you and what no longer is…

Your NEW BEING is now meeting your old beliefs.

What energy would you like to imprint the next 10 years with?

This moon is highlighting a major “choice point” in your own evolution.

As you head into 2020 from here, which path will you take?

Will everything you want for yourself need to involve bleeding, hardship and sacrifice?

Will the things that light up your heart and life, need to cost you pain?

Will you continue with relations that are not sustainable or embodied in love as you use it to avoid your own?

Is life, a constant process of grinding, “not enough”, suffering and disappointment?

OR can it come with ease?

Can you DARE let it be good and easy?

Can you fully see you don’t have to DO one more thing to be worthy?

Can you let yourself be opened as LOVE, all by itself?

Choosing the path that heals?

Knowing your expression of radical honesty is enough?

Can you devote to living your own inner truth and stop fighting the world?

Knowing your own nervous system, your voice and boundaries?

No longer abandoning your most vulnerable parts as you stay with them through it all?

Being willing to stay open and curious?

Giving yourself more of what you love?

Receiving, thriving and enjoying being alive?

Knowing everything is happening to bring you back home to YOU?


Spirit is saying, make your decision.

Do you want to keep doing things the old way as you run, chase, fix and hide?

Or are you rewiring your  whole life to LET LOVE IN and make it easy in 2020?

It’s time to consider what you truly believe and what you honestly want for yourself and then move forward with these decisions.

Sort through what matters and what no longer matters, so you can get clear and coherent within as you embrace new movements in the uncharted waters ahead of you…

Are you ready to stop reacting from trauma and doing the very things that push away what you truly want?

Are you willing to train your body to trust and choose love without your obsession to pain?

You can let it be easy as you tap more into your (body & being) and healthy feminine energy.

You can trust the ancient parts of you and what you are here for, as you’ve likely done it before.

No need to keep trying to leverage the Universe to “give you what you want” when in reality you have everything when you remember who you are.

And there’s no better time to reflect internally than right now…These are deep and powerful energies moving through right now with a theme of completion…

Every experience happening for you, through you, to bring you back home to yourself.

All so that you can CHOOSE who you want to be, how you want to feel, how you want to show up–so are you going to complete, inner stand, unite your shadow and level up?

You have full-circle illumination now of what was secret, hidden or confusing.  You have clarity or insight of the whole and the time is highly encouraging you to be truly honest with yourself.

Any truths we have not faced head on, hidden out of sight, are coming home.

See It As A Call For Love

There is such incredible power in knowing the truth and just where you stand within yourself.

Even with those who hurt you, instead of making them out to be the cause of your misery, let them be a reflection of your choice and self love.

You can slow down, reflect, choose you and make love that overflows to all, in the end.

You can receive the gift, even if no one else gets it.

There’s nothing wrong…

I promise it doesn’t have to be hard!

Remember from my post last week?

You are the universe, the universe is YOU, and you have full permission to expand your capacity to receive and recognize what you already are…

Everything happening is all serving you when you see (confront) your own barriers to self love.

So. you. can. consciously. choose love!

You don’t need to “do” anything except allow love in.

You don’t have to keep “doing” to be worthy of love or a life you love!

You only need to honor yourself, remember who you are, let love in and express your boundaries clearly, truthfully.

Again it’s the obsession with thinking, doing, earning, manipulating and trying to prove you are worthy of love that is the very thing blocking you from recognizing what you already are, and “allowing love in.”

Know you (embody/demonstrate/exist) worthiness before you even think or move.  Period.

And you have permission to be abundant, connected within and juicy …

You already have permission to be given everything you want from an embodied heart place without suffering for it.

Earlier last week I spoke about this saying…

“Your deepest life lessons can come to you in rose petals and champagne, in orgasms and wealth…it doesn’t have to be hard…nothing you need or desire must be received in pain—you can let it be easy…”

It’s true!

You don’t need the drama, shaming or the projection to get to the love you crave…

The key to truly “letting in” love is retraining your body and nervous system to let yourself “taste” what trust tastes and feels like.

And the same for love.

Trauma is the most avoided, ignored, bypassed, misunderstood and untreated form of human suffering…

But what if it was about acknowledging the trauma, speaking it out loud, not identifying with it and then choosing love?

What if we fully trusted the process of knowing ultimately we’re getting exactly what we need?

What if drama, suffering and resistance only happens when we haven’t yet unlearned the old ways?

What if suffering disappears when we learn new ways to lean into and drop into our vulnerability, feel ourselves, our deepest core desires and needs?

What if resistance is only showing you anytime you are being or doing things that go against your own truth, therefore draining your essence? (instead of cultivating more energy aligned being and flow…)

What if your own nervous system, body and field, is your guide?

The world hardens when you heart is closed and softens when your heart is open, so choose love.

There’s nothing wrong.  There’s nothing “wrong” with you..

There’s generational patterns to unlearn, new behaviors to embody and wounds to return sacredly home, but nothing is “wrong”…

Choose what nurtures, heals and allows you to face the full truth and still be worthy.

There’s a power within you begging to be seen and no longer feared.

It’s really the process of remembering love.

The universe has bigger plans for you, so surrender to the flow…

If you knew you would be supported, what would you do?

The Universe is conspiring to give you exactly what you need to level up.

Be true to yourself.  Keep facing your true north.

Your job isn’t to pave the path, but to simply live what truly lights you up…

What is your true north?

Keep facing it one step after another as you walk toward it and the Universe “meets” you.

Really, the UNIVERSE is YOU.  You are the Universe.

Trust the unfolding and allow it to be easy.

Yes stuff may not always work out the way you are planning, but if you have a little faith and keep showing up, things will work out even better than you could possibly imagine.

Lead with your embodied being, trust your path and voice your truth so you can move into deeper embodiment with yourself.

Use your heart as a compass and put one foot in front of the other. If you follow the invisible trail of what lights you up, you will light up the world without even trying.

Current Energy Influences:

Okay so let’s do a fast wrap up of the current energies…

First of all, miracles and full turn around manifestations are afoot, so keep your heart, mind and being open.  Speak out loud to what you want.

The moon is full at 20 degrees Gemini talking out loud your healing process, conscious choice embodied being and expression.

Know that your core truths, voice (and your own embodiment) is directly needed in your transformation, so speak out authentically. Your voice and words can heal, showing you the way to live deeper in your body/actions, roots and integrity.

Until the end of the year, allow all the integration of high and low, thought and being, feeling and action, soul and flesh, masculine and feminine, energetic and physical, manifest and unmanifest and so on as you journey throughout the process of self unification and embodied being, anchored in the present.

What you value and all your relationships, including with self is being asked to step up.

It’s not just about your focus or work, it’s about your connection to your worth, truth, abundance and even your connection with love and money is being called into the light…

Yes, the energy may feel conflicting wherever you’re not fully in alignment with yourself or in whatever you are doing in life, so your unconscious and conscious has a chance to meet, if you’re two minds about something.

Overall the energy is asking you to reflect, feel, voice, open up somatically and connect with your higher truth.  So you can consciously live it.

Expressing your genuine truth out loud is very healing when being radically honest with yourself and rewiring a new narrative for yourself.

During the full moon, we’ve been feeling Venus squeeze between Pluto and for a triple conjunction and it’s been showing us deep things about our self worth, love and boundaries.

Also, there’s been strong healing vibes around this full moon as Chiron just turned direct, bringing deep clarity around wounds asking to be brought into the light.

Yes you can learn to disagree with someone without being offended, or express your deepest truth, without getting angry.

And you can transmute your biggest wound into your strongest power!

And you can love someone without agreeing with them.

Most don’t express their boundaries, not because they can’t say no, but because they don’t know what they truly want, outside of their “wounds”…

Again, boundaries are not barriers.  Expressing your boundaries with clarity rather than walls is an important key.

It’s not just about others, or about your past wounds…

It about the space you create within (as love) as you learn about yourself from them.

Because when the inner sh*t collides, you’re going to want to give yourself the best possible chance of meeting it with grace instead of two feet and hands stuck in limiting beliefs and old emotional scar tissue.

Even in the trigger, you can fully accept what your nervous system can handle at the same time as giving yourself the love you need, even despite how much MORE you still desire…

As soul, everything ultimately serves you…you’re like the feeling of flowing breath.

As ego, everything seems to resist you…you’re like the feeling of an anxious nervous system.

So choose your own union.

Choose your own integration and your remembering love show you how.

You don’t need to force or push.  Again the more you do, the less can receive.

The more your nervous system relaxes, the more everything you wish to receive is given permission to enter your reality!

It CAN Be Easy

You can begin to rewire as you fully inner-stand there’s nothing you need that must be received through pain or suffering.

This fated month is asking you to remain soft and centered in your own nervous system throughout these shifts changing your foundations…

This is also about trusting what you already spent lifetimes doing too.

The authority and love isn’t going to come from outside of you.

And it’s all happening to awaken your inner fortitude as you walk through the fires of your own self permission and make your dreams a reality.

And Capricorn eclipse will help you do just that (along with Jupiter in Capricorn now all year…)

Also on the day of the Solstice December 21st, the Sun moves into Capricorn.

So its now all about putting our embodied understanding, self worth, values and expansion into a practical plan of action!

It’s time to only focus on the right things.

A time to build a current, sustainable, daily structure that fully support your new life, growth, truth and transition.

No more bypassing or gas lighting away from felt embodied truth, no more abandoning yourself for another.

It’s time to fully bring the energetic (YOUR BEING) into the physical ground and STAND in it!

Stability and structure sit shotgun as half hearted promises and ideals take a back seat.

The Capricorn eclipse energies will also be urging you to be true and root in your own knowing.  You have no obligation to place yourself in uncomfortable positions just for another person’s comfort.

So stay rooted in your heart, worth and truth.  If you loving another means not loving yourself too, it isn’t love.

Be willing for naked and raw honest conversation as the energy is potent and ripe for truth provoking exchanges.

With this last full moon of the decade and the Solar Eclipse on Dec 26th, be prepared for changes coming.

Keep in mind that eclipses are like really power pivot points in your life…’

These are a time of potent beginnings, endings and “jumps” in your evolution or next step in life.

The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is bringing a major awakening to how you embody life and do things from here….

No more holding onto old patterns or situations, this Christmas will wake you up so that you can move on from what isn’t working.

It’s all about bringing new ways of being into how you structure your new life.

It’s about starting an era of self love, integrity and response-ability.

If these words aren’t in your vocabulary, they will be by the time this baby comes.

You’ll feel the eclipse energy is already helping you turn off what’s no longer good for you.

It’s helping you switch off the old life, so you can sort through and give focus to what really matters…

Again, so you can be ON POINT when the January 12 Saturn/Pluto Conjunction arrives.

So whatever is happening, being stirred up and whatever needs to be release, allow it–drop into your body (find a somatic way) so that you can see the bigger picture, release the old and collapse it out.

Keep in mind, circumstances are going to change things beyond your control.  People will leave, new people will come. Old family constructs will be dying/rebirthing in some way.

The eclipses are not about what you think is going to happen-instead it will be very somatic on an experiential level (being in your body is key!)

So realize, before anything else, that your body needs your full support. Clear your personal space, your physical, emotional and energetic environment and make sure you choose to sleep and drink enough water…

Take leadership in your own integration, releasing, health, embodiment, union and wholeness. It’s a perfect time to take care of yourself, make that self-care appt or just allow your nervous system more rest.

Take care of your spine, your brain and nervous system (go to an energetic chiropractor who fully understands the holistic side of your body, organs and nervous system).

Do something new. Reach out to new people. Exercise. Listen to new tapes, even Solfeggio frequencies and BE kind to yourself under this energy.

Reflect and celebrate all the ways you are growing and be grateful for it all.

Even be grateful for the worst as you release what no longer serves and continue to embrace new ways to see things.

Again, it’s happening to serve you when you see (confront) your own barriers to love, so before you can change your experience, you must learn to be real with it.

In being authentic and raw, you become powerfully “open’ to true transformation. Your own voice holds magic when you embody it.

This where you inner stand your own being, truth and power.

Your greatest gift, your response ability…


The power within you begging to be seen and no longer feared?

Is really the process of remembering love.

You can let it swallow you whole.

You got this, babe.

I love you and Happy New Year…

Here’s to the biggest adventure of your soul’s evolution, in this lifetime.

It’s GO time, baby.


Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Hi Crystal,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my conversations with you, felt very connected.
    Off all the people who contact me to tell me of my star sign, you are the closest, none of the others have reached the truth path it is like they are reading it off a program in what to say, without saying anything. I like to hear truth, instead of rambling on and on. I prefer a reading of what is about to happen rather than offering books to read, I only read what i am interested in reading otherwise I cannot absorb the pages I am reading.

    It is the same as if I am attracted to a male, my energy has to connect with the same, otherwise it is a complete waste of time, and I know it will go nowhere. I have only loved one person in my life but at that time it could not be, so we had to part and that broke my heart. I finally have let go but it has been very hard, not at all an easy path to walk.

    Your conversations warmed my Soul, finally someone I could connect with and understand me, like I understand myself these days, it has been a lonely path to walk by the self, to learn all about myself. Spirit guides us and gives us these lessons to understand ourselves to make us stronger. The strength gives us resilience to bounce back and know our self worth. Love and Light to you Crystal I am pleased our paths have crossed. Love Pam

  • Kayleechandler says:

    I would like to get a email every day so I no what going on

  • Al says:

    I heard a quote from Gandhi saying that if I want to change the world I should help someone in need so that’s what I did this whole weekend even though it wasn’t my first choice and made my fiancé a little mad lol.

  • Trissy says:

    Dear Crystal,

    How deep and powerful and full of love you are! You inspire me to take my full share of Breath! Sending you so much gratitude for your transparent Being and Love!
    You Shine the Light, You Shine the Light! And show us how We All Need to BE the Light! THANK YOU!!!

  • Maria Fe Yamamoto says:

    Thank you crystal I really appreciate you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. You gave me hope and strength Into my life thank you again and God Bless you❣️.. ❤️❤️

  • Rosie Roberts says:

    Hello gorgeous,just quick thanks for your time energy n love your messages inspire me to be the best version of me, happy happy new year n happy happy everyday

  • henry says:

    hello crystal, leaving you your message here, i just want you to know that the only thing within my self/heart/mind for 2020 is love, finding a love that can love me for who i am, in every shape and form, mind, body and soul and i know that this person is coming, thanks for all of your messages, keep them coming as they are really a true loving guide for me during these uncertain dark times that are upon us, but soon the light will shine in and all will be seen,
    lov ya always,

  • Paola R. says:

    Thank you Crystal Aryana. Your messages are full of light and give me encouragement all difficult days..
    Take care. Be always well and Happy New Year with Love and Prosperity <3

  • Paul Green says:

    Hey Crystal,
    That is the most pertinent and to the point message, thanks for that.
    Had a rugged 3 years and have taken myself deeper than ever before. Faced lots of my bogeymen, and feel lighter and freer, cost me in many ways, but that’s why we’re here, to dig and delve and go deep.
    Could relate to every word in your message.
    Happy New Decade to you
    I’m feeling it…….

  • Mrian says:

    Thanks Crystal ❤️Love you

  • Mandi Bosworth says:

    Hello Crystal
    Thank you for your heart knowledge that you share with the world so freely. Your posts always awaken something within me and they are always relevant and timely – how do you do that?

    After a hellish year when my own parents betrayed me with the brother who abused me as a child and forced me to recognise that I could no longer wear those old shoes that were too small for me, I finally understood that I needed to break contact completely with all those lies and toxicity. I will be moving 150 miles to a new house in a new place near the ocean in January where I know nobody to start again. This has been my dream for the longest time. I am asking myself what I need to let go of, setting my intentions for the next 10 years of my life. I am 54 years old and I work as a counsellor in the NHS. I recognise that focussing on others’ needs has enabled me to ignore my own. I need to change that. Your words keep me true and honest with myself. Thank you. You truly shine the light for others to see that beacon of hope and respond if they are able. Love and light.

    • Melinda says:

      I really appreciate everything that you have to say…. Your words are always on time… Love you and continue to be blessed with helping others

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    Thank you for the light you shine ✨

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    To confession. I heard the Lord’s voice when I apologized for being gone so long. I can feel my unhappiness in my current life. This is not where I want or need to be. My marriage is wrong. The man is manipulative and mean. I’m ready to move on. I am love have been need to be again. I need a man to show me love. Hug me want me around.

  • Lynn says:

    Hi Crystal,

    You’re a trip, but “Real” at the same time. I enjoy your mail, truly hits home……
    I always laugh at something you say, but it be “True”.
    I think I will invest in your books.

    Thank You, and much love to you as well.

  • Nicoleta says:

    Hi! Reading you is like I remember something deeply hidden inside of me…
    I had a terrible year but everything happened awaken me. I feel reconnected to the child of the Universe inside of me.
    I still am a little bit confused. I always knew I have a mission and it is related to healing souls or being a guide for others. I know II HAVE TO accomplish this mission, but I do not know what do to exactly, where to start from?
    It helps me a lot to read and remember the truth about what we really are. I calm down and I know the clarity will come.
    Thank you!

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    I absolutely love these post, I am newly awakened so I’m feeling my way through this in the dark but now my eyes are slowly opening and these articles are my light and now it’s not so dark my direction is clear and I’m starting to embrace my light. I greatly value and appreciate my connection with you all.

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    Thank You for all the information that you have given me I surely hope everything happens that you said will. It’s wonderful that you can say the right things that is going on in my life. You are a blessing to so many people. The details that you go into is amazing.. I appreciate you very much so thank you. Love and prayers, Brenda

  • Dawn Graham says:

    First of all I want to thank you for sharing your innate gifts with me. I can so relate to your messages of being love! It is so empowering to read reflect and reread. This past year as I reflect on my experiences has taught me a lot ( my sons motorcycle accident which left him handicapped, he is now walking and doing well. Traveling with my husband for the first six months of the year for the first time of our marriage in his semi and being treated very poorly. After 28 years of marriage him telling me he wants a divorce in June yet still hasn’t filed. I know this is a blessing in disguise I’m looking forward to it! ) . I have been purging my home letting go of what no longer serves me. Every day I try to remind myself to take care of me through breathing meditation and prayer. Reading your emails inspires me daily thank you so much . I know that 2020 holds a whole new wonderful future ahead for me and I am looking forward to it yet scared at the same time. Keeping my mindset knowing that my future is laid out ahead of me by God and knowing that I will be OK is the only way I get through day to day. Thank you again, Dawn

  • Moraine says:

    Hi Crystal,

    I find your blog email posts so insightful and bang on for what I need to move forward in my soul’s evolution. I write down so many of your wonderful insights like, “Heres to the biggest adventure of my soul’s evolution” (Funny I wrote revolution instead of evolution. One and the same in spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your infinite wisdom. Bless you!

  • I look forward to your posts everyday. You have a way of getting right to the source. I am open to all the changes that are coming in 2020. I have been feeling more motivated and focused within myself. I have to go and help some friends today so I am just going to end with this. I Love You Crystal and Thank You!❤️

  • Patty says:

    This has been the most helpful postings in all the places I have sought out help for the place I find myself. I have been married for 34 years and known my husband for 36 years. He had an affair and now is deciding to be with this person. I am still in shock as are all who know him. I’ve never observed him be unkind to anyone and yet he has treated me horribly in this situation. I know some of the lesson is about me taking care of myself and not let old triggers consume me. We have two adult daughters that he also hasn’t treated well. It is like a dark shadow took over him. We created a wonderful family foundation and yet he doesn’t seem to care about anything but hanging onto this other woman. He says none of this has anything to do with me. Nothing is my fault. This life of marriage and family has felt like my path from the beginning. We have been involved in our community and I have been in a job as a 911 operator for many years helping people in all kinds of life situations. This is by far the biggest pain I’ve experienced in my life and I have had my share of them. I just feel deep pain. Many days I wish to disappear. Our daughters are strong women. Where is my strength? Many people have had this problem. My vision has been to continue to support this foundation and upon retirement my husband and I would do more community things together. We would continue to build the love in our family. Now it lies in shambles. I always have believed that love would be the glue. Now I can barely cope with the pain in my body. This woman lives 5 minutes from our house. She works with him every day. He is living in an apartment right now. He has chosen to spend Christmas with her. We have never been apart at Christmas as a family even though our children are now adults. My husband is a kind, loving man. What has happened to him? How do I see this as giving me a better life? Why such a harsh way to learn? Thank you for the kindness evident in your postings. They seem to hold truth.

  • Boreta Mitchell says:

    I am already going thru the transition of getting rid of the old and embracing love. I have forgiven myself and now I’m free to move forward into my truth. It’s my time now. I choose to let my love shine and my light shine. I truly embrace love and light. This is my truth. I boldly step into a new chapter.

  • Cassandra says:

    This is such an inspiring informative post. I just wish I wasn’t so indecisive about my decision on what I need to do. I keep looking everywhere and anywhere I can go for guidance but still feel so lost on what to do. I just want to feel alive again so I can enjoy life with my kids and granddaughter. I hope that happens for me and for everyone in 2020. Sending love to all and hopes for a very happy and healthy 2020. Thank you for the articles. You are a very gifted lady and people are lucky that you share that gift with them.

  • Douglas Jackson says:

    Thanks Crystal much love to you

  • Elise says:

    You are such a bright light and I love your powerful wisdom! Thank you for being you~ Blessed by you! Much Love sister❤️✨

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