Energy Update: Super Moon In Gemini 6/15/2018

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Rebirth: When Your Mind Awakens To Your Soul

Hi love, hope you are doing well during this New Moon.

I am writing from my cozy couch and fuzzy purple blanket. I always like to write the energy update when the energy for me, feels the strongest!

Feeling intense highs and lows lately? Like two parts of you itching to fuse together and become whole?

I know it can be overwhelming – all the fast paced information moving around lately – or maybe you’re just feel a burning passion to express or speak your truth in ways you haven’t?

Maybe there’s a wish hidden under layers of doubt and skepticism that seems impossible but that you deeply crave as you step into this next chapter in life?

Either way, if you’re like many waking up, you’ve probably felt like a beach ball underwater and now bursting through the surfaces of your life, breaking new grounds!

If so, be excited! You’re picking up what the Universe is putting down and since the beginning of the year, the energy has been INTENSE!

Perhaps you’ve seen a bigger doorway lately as to how you could be living your life in a way that is deeper to your roots and what truly matters.

In other words, you have SEEN a doorway to the life you have always wanted open up for you in the past couple months – but you may have rejected it through negative thinking or lack of new action.

Your thoughts and words are SO powerful and shape how you see the world, the steps you take and the options you think you have ruling your life and even your awakening.

The good news is you don’t have to believe everything you think and you may be seeing lately how you are sorting through truths where you must discern what is false, limited, projected from your mind and what is coming from wisdom, your heart, asking you to trust what you already know within.

So this means whats thoughts are based on the whole truth (which is a paradox) and what thoughts only stand up from fear?

The reason you are asking yourself this now is there is a potent doorway to move ahead in life but you must get “how you think” could be limiting your grasp on what is possible for you inside and outside of you …

This could be anything you want in your childlike heart yet in “real life” you doubt … like that real, genuine love partnership, dream job or favorite lifestyle.

Now is the time the Universe (and your subconscious) are showing you – that YOU are the WIZARD with the pen writing the script, shaping your reality through the energy of the words and thoughts you choose.

In fact with the New Moon opening this portal for the summer you may notice now that you have a heightened ability to see many sides of the picture at once in your life as if viewing it for the first time. This can feel scary!

You may suddenly question how you’ve managed hang onto certain toxic relationships, dead end jobs and soulless routines for so long.

But at the same time, this bigger picture view can also empower you to focus on what your soul knows is true so that you can create this expereince outside of you.

Now is the time to get in touch, express and live what you already know and let go of anything that is blocking you…

Here’s why:

Just yesterday, we experienced a SUPERMOON in the talkative sign of Gemini.

(Note: It’s called a SUPERMOON when a full or new moon is as close to the Earth as it will be all year long. This means, yesterday’s “new moon” in Gemini was roughly 3 times as powerful, and its effects will last all summer)

Gemini is the sign of the twins. It represents duality and adaptability, it signifies the conscious and the subconscious mind, light, dark, high and low.

So the energy asks us to to acknowledge, honor & integrate all the “missing or disowned” shadow parts that create a functioning whole.

Internally, this could mean integrating the disconnections in our inner psyche and nervous system to become a more conscious, empathetic and whole human.

Externally, it might mean bringing together family, friends or team members who have been at odds, into harmony again.

Under this influence, you’re encouraged to witness more of how you write the narrative on life through your thoughts and the words you use.

Whatever has been repressed, held back or “split” by our words and thoughts, will find a way to the surface where we can no longer deny what is true!

We are being encouraged more than ever to look within to the wisdom of our soul and assess what thought processes, words and belief systems are we holding onto that is squashing “the greater truth” we hold within?

What scarcity and lack from your projected limitations are strangling the life of your original playful, innocence?

Now is the time to look straight into your heart because you will receive the truth you are asking for:

-What stories do I keep telling, and what thoughts do I keep having that are blocking me from taking inspired action or moving forward / letting go?

-What limits am I telling myself that is keeping me stuck in addiction, obsession and codependency patterns?

-What have I been waiting on that my heart simply isn’t expressing or living because I think it’s just not possible for me?

-What must I fully express or communicate to move forward?

Hint: If you’ve been feeling like you are not enough for greater things to happen in your life and instead experiencing illusions that don’t truly exist – take this as a sign! A sign to KNOW the difference between what your hearts feels beyond the bullshit and what your mind tells you through fear, clouding your inner wisdom.

-Ask yourself if there is more to see of the situation than you are possibly seeing? When you can’t “think” your way from discerning truth from illusion, your heart will tell you if you can feel it.

-Have you been submitting to a way of life – a relationship, job or business that undermines your ability to shine? This energy shows you where your focused mind has been repeatedly sabotaging your heart’s deepest desires by projecting old things that simply don’t exist anymore.

-Can you CHOOSE to rewrite your story based from the inner knowing intelligence of your right brain, heart, gut and soul and make it come ALIVE in the world around you? This means you have to take the tough actions and steps, even when your mind says you can’t.

-Are you willing to let go of what you think you know so that you can make room for that genuine love relationship you thought wasn’t real? That soulfully turned on life, purpose, mission or career you thought you could never make?

Because you are being supported right now to ask these kinds of questions as you dig into the wisdom of your soul and given all the support you need to rewrite the stories that are no longer serve this current life you are stepping into.

If any of this resonate with you, here’s what I want you to do:

Take advantage of this new and empowering energy that’s allowing you to see all sides of the spectrum right now as you write your new chapter on life because YOU CAN let go of the limited, old distortions on reality so that can you manifest extraordinary life outside of what you think you know!

If you’re willing to work with this cosmic energy, instead of fearfully resisting it, you’ll be able to remain positive and open so that we can take full advantage of this rare energy portal the next 8 weeks.

For example: If you have been obsessing over something … spending time with addictions or people who are not good for you NOW is the time banish the very habits, patterns, dynamics that are weighing your soul down and keeping you stuck in a reality you don’t truly want.

In other words…you can’t wait any longer, so do the spring cleaning you must so that you can let your creativity flourish!

Just pay attention! Yesterday’s’ Supermoon is what highlights what we need to change, in order to make the most of the powerful, alchemical “self love” summer we are walking into. So this theme is sticking around during the NEXT two super moons, July 13th and August 11th.

Until then, anything that no longer resonates with who we are and how we want to be living will start to dissipate, we can’t hold on anymore. It’s time to trust our hearts and follow through – the energy has been building up to this all year!

You must choose to stop delaying what you know is true. Express, Live, Be and FREE yourself from the low frequency attachments that are keeping you from existing as your higher self. Now is the time before we head into summer to let the over toppling power structures that are imbalanced fall.

You’ll notice more and more you are feeling a craving for what is truly real and you might feel a low tolerance for people who are inauthentic or dysfunctional.

This is because in your own soul, you know it’s time to migrate towards those things and humans who radiate total authenticity, integrity and sincerity. So yes we are being pulled into our soul through the contrast of the mind.

It takes one, to know both. Yes it’s a time of healing the separation of all parts together so that we know where we begin and end within and without as co-creators.

This takes coming from the whole .. not just the mind but where the heart meet the mind.

Where our subconscious meets our conscious, our being meets our doing, feeling meets our thinking and so on.

This magical point of creation .. of singularity where the un-manifested meets the manifest …

…or in other words that rich, fertile, alive “blank canvas” of possibility where you paint your dreams from the wildest rawest place inside you …

Where you trust the process and follow through = inner wisdom. Where your soul know “you are already whole”

Dear child like heart, it is never too late to #rebirth


Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

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