Energy Update: Your Life Is Up To You

By March 18, 2019 Energy Update

Hey lovely …

As these words came out, I took my time while laying on a giant bed of crystals after a sunny hike with the fur babies …

I hope you’ve been stilling inside your inner nest egg lately, receiving, visualizing, cultivating as the energies are very ripe at this time.

And at the same time closing out what isn’t aligned and applying what you now know, drinking within your inner nectar…

Calling your power back of what is for you/not for you, where your energy is trapped, choosing to witness pain and liberate, letting yourself “crack open” to allow new expressions to come through.

Calling back all the power and control we give to things and people outside us — our partners, family members, culture and even the egos idea of who we think we should be.

You don’t need permission to call back your spiritual authority and claim this life as yours souls own. You do NOT need to fear your power and you don’t need to fear following your soul.

You have the power to choose every event – even worst tower moments – as an opportunity to release and become more light.

Drink within your sacred medicine. Surrender to what is trying to reach you instead of pushing or forcing.

Listen as energy speaks to you over this last zero degree full moon of the year. Spirit is saying it doesn’t have to be so hard.

This is a time of going in, trust and alignment for what’s to come — NOT a time of trying hard or putting forth “hard” effort. Let go of all control.

Take all the time and space that you need to allow more divine interaction and practices.

You need to trust that you are a channel if you are reading these words. Yes you may be feeling very alone, more than you ever have and you are not sure if you are “wrong” …

You are not wrong. Trust the messages coming to you, through you. Work on grounding yourself. Honor your spirit, honor your feelings. Nothing is scarce or urgent. Don’t go to the external if you’re unsure.

What’s meant to be in your space will, even if you rest, even if you take space. Straight through the doubt as the Universe is dreaming way bigger than you right now.

The fog will lift soon. All that is needed is you devoted to self-love and honoring.

Trust that you have what you need. Focus on the good and what is opening up for you. Align deeper and do more things to ground if you want to manifest faster.

Things will land, in one way or the other in heart will and divine time.

It’s time to trust and let yourself be guided through this Libra full moon coming up, beyond what you could possibly ever “know.” You are moving forward. You are ready.

You are are safe to be more happy and make more room. Are you following your soul’s call? Your inner voice and soul medicine? Are you trusting your own soul guidance?

When you’re on the right path, effortless and flow shows up even amongst challenges. Stay in the primary source of vibration itself; your body. Stay focused and everything will work out.

Old timelines are destabilizing now. The energy for so many is feeling electric, wild, unpredictable, fast moving, ungrounded and exhausting and it’s moving your through, shaking you through waves — all that is energetic, core deep old or ingrained within you.

Old paradigm thinking, exchanging, sex, connection and relationships have been breaking down heavily since the eclipses energy set in this new year.

And for me, especially since March (and much of last year) the energies of Taurus moving direct in Uranus are strong for the unification of the body, soul mind.

What we value and honor must be acknowledged and embodied first on a vibrational “being” level – a deep, sovereign celebration for the divine feminine removing embedded false control layers to her gentle radical power on the planet and for the divine masculine learning how to love and rise from the heart, even when it hurts.

Trust that whatever isn’t a part of your higher timeline is being shaken up right now for you to look at and come to terms with somehow.

Again this could be your relationship to how you see and live life and your entire conscious and subconscious relationship with yourself … to different family members, friends, lovers, partners and so on.

Trust what is falling away and step into your worth and own the multi dimensional being that is you.

The more you know your worth and feel valuable, the more things that are worthy of you find you.

Feel worthy and hold the vision, it’s not about giving up, it’s about losing what you don’t need…

Trust that you deserve what’s best. The best, is coming in waves to you every time you stay in your body, trust your soul, learn to not dim or settle and keep embodying your worth.

When you feel doubtful, agitated or wanting life to can go back to the way it was before, know an energetic earthquake is moving through you, encouraging the unraveling of what isn’t really real – or really for you.

As always, there are choices to make about which direction to go in, if you feel ready enough to take your next steps into your higher timeline which affects the health of all of your ‘bodies’: emotional, physical, spiritual, etc … then trust your soul is going to push every single button you ever thought you were suppose to be, and how you were suppose to do it.

Spirit and your soul doesn’t care if it’s not what others are do, or if it doesn’t make linear sense to you, spirit is asking you to step into a higher perception and alignment anyway.

You attract what you want through your increasing your energy prowess, intensity, presence and aligning your energy, thoughts, intentions and actions in the same direction you want to go.

See the buttons for what they are = magical doors.

No matter if it’s the heartbreak or nay sayer, Debbie downer or the runner —the family crisis or cutting financial month …

… that thing that others do that works for them but to you just doesn’t seem all that fulfilling .. those two steps back when you just took a giant leap forward …

Yes buttons. All of this stuff comes up to trigger us and press the buttons that used to make us give our power away and choose someone else’s truth over our own, pulling us out of heart center — SO that we can SEE a and begin to choose our power, our truth and our center that much more powerfully.

Don’t look at this as tests but rather the ONLY REAL moments you have that GIVE YOU the opportunity to break through another limiting layer, stalemate situation or false pattern.

These are magical doors to CHOOSE YOU in the face of something that wants to distort, seduce or scare you away from your souls highest knowing.

Come back home. Feel nature in your body. You are so loved, supported and powerfully guided. And you are READY.

Don’t Force Anything!

Don’t control or make things fit into the what you expect. Don’t give up or settle. Stay committed and trust the process.

Even if you don’t feel you are ready to shift – YOU ARE READY if you are reading this message!

Get that if you are NOT willing to be uncomfortable, then listening deeply to your soul and what’s matters may be a fight.

Stop resisting and allow yourself to flow because nothing is more tantalizing, rewarding, alive, rapturous or beautiful as allowing yourself to listen to what your soul has been telling you.

It’s time to deepen your connection within and without and FEEL the higher connection to source. Open up and the energies will take you to new places you have never been before.

The message keeps coming back up so the collective must still need to honor and hear it — trust your soul and drink your own sacred medicine within.

Show up – the world needs your medicine as you meet your own teacher within as staying hidden isn’t serving.

There are people out there who need the medicine that you drink yourself and that you have to offer — they need your voice!

They need you messy, ripe, imperfect and “unshiny real” more than they need you to look good.

Your going to have to listen and follow through with whatever is calling you right now even if there’s no proof that’s is going to work out.

Higher timelines are here, are you recognizing them and focusing on energizing the good?

It Starts With Empowering Self Talk

Tell yourself you are a magician of love. Work the magic and your small daily offerings and infusions of love for reception and expansion (PM me if you want practices for receptivity)

YOU are a bad ass, in every situation repeat little things to yourself like …

Good hearted situations keep finding me
Good things & aligned people are coming my way
Good things are happening for me every day
Good things are attracted to me
Good things are manifesting for me…

Sit within your own inner egg of ripe and rich fruition, and stop working so hard.

Remember that fear is just an idea, while compassion is the ultimate measure of a person strength …

You are ready now and you don’t need anything other than you, just as you be.

When you’re on the right path, effortless and flow shows up even amongst challenges. Stay focused and everything will work out.

You attach what you want my aligning your energy, thoughts, intentions and actions in the same direction you want to go.

Again. Don’t force anything, be patient. Don’t give up or settle. Stay committed and trust the process.

You do NOT need to fear your power and you don’t need to fear following your soul.

The astrological new year begins March 21st as Pisces is the last of the zodiac.

This transition phase between the old and the new has been allowing us to release old trauma and limiting habits, structures and perceptions of how we see ourselves.

Many of you might have been suddenly down with a fever and cold last couple weeks, body aches or a flu lately and you’ve been hopefully taking good care…

As bad as it feels, many of you may have felt a strange release lately. The walls you have put up around you have been broken, energetic walls of past bagged have been cracked open. You can feel the fresh wind and the energetic shift this brings even if it feels strange and scary.

It’s time to release resistance about going to the next level, let go of “clench” … acknowledging where you are, being happy just as you are, nothing more or less.

Breathing Your Way Into The Higher Timeline Of Your Best Life

This shaking up of old timelines is not meant to bring suffering, though parts of you may be experiencing it this way.

This is actually love waking you up to what has NOT been love, or at least what has not been ENOUGH love.

Yes it’s lonely. So master loneliness into self love.

You also may have cultivated extraordinary self-love lately than was ever possible before now and this is catapulting you into a new timeline where this self-love overflow gets to transact more fully and nourishingly with others.

Yes light or love isn’t here to save you, nor is love here to control, guarantee, provide or give evidence to.

Instead, Love is here to be alive, exist as the raw joy our being naturally is and share it. Love is here to make beauty through the pain or the celebration.

Love is here to witness you blossoming, watch a baby smile or feel the sun as it’s rising, showing you that you don’t have to try hard – you just have to go home.

You are not separate from the Divine.

If you feel so, there are wound patterns within you telling you, that you are doing it wrong.

Show up anyway, trust and breath.

Know that in the periods of lows .. the out breath .. the ebb, the let go is when most will kick, fight and resist.

We feel wrong and we think others must be wrong — and that means we’re doing it wrong, failing, going the wrong direction or making some sort of mistake because we are not moving forward …

Yet have you forgotten to breath? Do you remember that you need to pause, open and receive too?

That you have to take the IN breath in order to keep breathing at all?

Like how the ocean has to pull out into its center before she is even able to flow herself more toward the shore?

Do you think your lungs feel remorse when they need to inhale or that the ocean feels like it’s doing it wrong?

That the trees compare the sun to the soil?

No, its existence just is, just as it is. The whole is so much bigger than one single wave, tree or breath.

Your energy patterns and timeline trajectory is like everything else, so the faster you stop resisting flow, thinking you are doing it “wrong” and the deeper you trust vibrationally, the more you hold space for what is and the faster you allow yourself to align with what’s powerfully birthing and wanting to come
Through inside you instead of fighting against what’s possible, outside of you.

And the faster you’ll land what you desire physically and find the beauty of flow of being “already whole” …

You’re not doing it wrong even when you think you’re not enough. See the “program” for what is and step into a higher timeline.

Old Wounds Don’t Have To Be Your Prison Anymore

Know these are “wound patterns” that tell you, you are not safe — that you will be rejected, punished, banned and lose all of your love, security, happiness and comforts … yet this is not real, this is just a idea that is feared.

This is an idea of fear, it’s not even the real thing. Fear is such a tricky little shit, if you are not careful it can creep up and try to paralyze you.

I had some fears creeping up and then did some deep releasing work yesterday and along with this, a deeper reception of what I couldn’t see came through …

This happened even though I couldn’t see through the fog yet – and almost instantly several things manifested as the solution to the feared thing overnight – however I couldn’t have seen it unless I opened up my mind and disrupted the focus of my fear by slowing down my energy and stepping into MORE of my fullness (heart, presence, expansion and creativity!).

Yes! Your soul is always calling to you every moment of energy day, the more you listen the clearer the whispers get.

IT IS SAFE for you to step into the fullness of your power and come back home where you know at soul you are loved, supported and powerfully guided.

Think with your heart what the mind cannot comprehend.

Hear with your heart what the ears cannot pick up.

See with your heart what your eyes cannot perceive.

Stop Imagining You’re Doing It Wrong!

Focus legitimately on what is possible and what you CAN do, and not about what’s wrong.

Take your focus off the old lower vibrational circumstances and people and timelines. They are collapsing and imploding. Do not energize them in this NOW.

Don’t hang on what’s wrong. Don’t hang out with those who want to stay stuck, living a story that is not meant for them, being someone others want them to be.

This is about you being ready to rise and ready to take that quantum leap in the area your soul has been expanding you.

You are ready when you have the kind of events and happenings in their life that your soul chose before you got here and it’s yours if you choose it and you want it to choose you.

Direct your energy toward new sustainable energy habits; toward creating the new higher vibe timelines and what you are aligned inside already for.

Can you say no to good things so that you can make room for what you truly love – things and people that you can say “yes” to with you whole body, mind and heart?

Fear Is False Evidence Appearing Real

Remember, the idea of fearing a thing is WAY WORSE than facing the thing.

Get out of your identity and ego.

Your masks and mistakes are not your essence or who you are … your failures are not you … your doubts are not you .. your successes are not you .. your money is not you and none of this crap defines who you truly are.

Your heart is expanding as your ego is shattering. Know that. Keep going deeper into yourself as you let old control and old beliefs collapse.

Yes it is uncomfortable but Soul is leading the way. This time is getting you ready for the start of this new energetic year.

Keep opening the doors. One after the next, fear after fear. Remember feeling fear doesn’t always mean your in danger. On the other side, you’ll find your rebirth.

We know it has been hard, and IS hard in so many moments. Moments where you want to give up.

Moments where you want to ‘go home’. Moments where you are consumed by pain.

Moments where your heart is tearing viciously. Moments where soft “open” tears fall and sobs shake your body. Moments where the sky feels like dark with unexpressed pains as you are moving away from what’s untrue, what has become irrelevant or dissonant for you – while surrendering to the unfolding of what is right.

Don’t resist the calling, the tide. You don’t need to fear your power any longer love or fear following the song of your soul .. it IS safe for you to step into the fullness of your intuition, gifts and abilities and let go of what’s holding you back.

Your strength to do so has lot is about how you value yourself. When you increase your energy, desires or standards, what’s to be and to stay always remains. Only what isn’t meant to grow with you, doesn’t.

There is nothing to fear in you evolving. This is about unplugging from your wounded inner warrior masculine aspect and becoming fully sourced in your own power to create, call in and manifest your highest destiny …

This is about not selling yourself short as you deserve all the magic of the Universe even when it’s difficult to believe.

This is the energy of starting before you are ready and going before you know. Not taking things too seriously, staying in your center and your body as much as possible.

It’s like the whole cosmic lesson of the whole collective right now is to simply GO WITHIN.

Tune into your inner world and get it right and then you will align with the outer.

Life changes when you realize how temporary every moment is — from your darkest moments that are temporary so you don’t give up on to yourself when it’s pouring rain the hardest to the brightest moments that are temporary where you learn to live in the moments the sun is shining the brightest.

Be Kind and Compassionate To Yourself

Embrace your mistakes, Learn, grow and let them go ….

Release your shit and ongoing attachments that are unhealthy or someone who hurt you in the past … stop sharing those thoughts and giving them power, as they carry hurt in your heart. Cut the chords and do not allow it anymore.

Know that you are not for everyone, the world is filled with those who no matter what you do, will point blank not understand, hear or like you.

However the world is also filled with those who will love fiercely — those are your people.

Don’t waste precious life force Source energy or your time or gifts trying to convince those who can’t see of your value or to walk alongside you.

You’ll waste both of your time and likely inflict unnecessary wounds. You are not them and they are not you.

Instead see the gifts these amazing souls are to you from a greater place, even if you are upset with them right now.

This inner work is about reception!

The receptivity and ability to apply the insights about the energies behind every pattern we have in our lives — so that we “get” the understanding and tools to stop working against our own innate medicine and gifts.

Yes very source of struggle and pain – every time we doubt it feel stuck, suffer or feel scarcity we are working against, pushing and operating ourselves against unseen inner vibration.

Instead align within and it will be incredibly easier to rise. Your soul path, soul purpose and soul tribe are always found where your soul is leading you to go.

You can have the life that you want. You can move through the layers that keep you away from it if you stop pushing and trying so hard. If you feel stifled, see this as a clarion call from the universe to begin aligning to truth inside you.

Trust in your ability to move through whatever needs to go or to evolve. There’s a call right now for many who have been paralyzed in shocking events and fear — to see the fear for what it is.

You can actively surrender instead of trying to force what’s not aligned for you. The universe has way bigger upgrades that are dreaming bigger than you can see right now …

This is your soul that you feel is ‘too much’ or you’ve second guessed, forgotten or you have disowned… aspects of you that are from and of your soul.

Yes trust your soul will trigger every single fear button you ever thought you were suppose to be, and how you were suppose to do it.

Spirit feels your heart and knows it’s hard remembering our power, this journey of forgetting, remembering and traveling through soul amnesia and separation.

This path has many curves and dips and turns and spirit sees all of these textures with you, witnessing you crawl at times, lay at times, feel like giving up at times and surrendering into the greater unknown.

You do not give up. Yes? Did you hear that?

LET YOURSELF not judge and surrender into another way of perception as your soul carries you forward.

Yes it can feel like you are walking to Mars without a friend and may feel like you are alone but in truth…

You Are NEVER Alone

Your eyes may see no one else. Your heart may feel exposed, naked and alone. Your birth family might reject your changes and who you are becoming.

Your friends may not come along. Your mate may choose to stay behind or fear what you are awakening into, your boss may ridicule you …

But, you are NEVER alone.

Spirit is letting you know in this message that source divinity is always with you and NEVER leaves you.

You are the magician of your struggle and suffering and what feel and think you deserve.

And it’s time to remove the parts of you that this is NOT the truth.

You are not “less than” or “not enough”. You are not wrong. You are worthy of love, worthy of awakening, worthy of connection and you forget how strong you are.

You forget that you are infinite possibilities, infinite awareness even though you ache to remember again.

You ARE worthy of love, and will you make it TIME for you to remember again?

If you are resonating with these words, then I invite you to connect within. Reach inside. You don’t have to look outside of yourself.

This inner work is life-changing, mind-blowing, time-bending and paradigm-shifting.

These days I open up a lot, even in the sh*t, alone in the dark and bringing it all straight through my gentle fierce loving heart.

I shake, I cry, I laugh, I dance and surrender almost every day, peeling back the bs ego voices as I let myself show up to the magic and beauty that is wants to rise through.

Your great work, your sacred inner medicine and your message — or even stuff about you offering those things or how they’re received by others — is not about you.

You doing your inner work is not JUST about you.

It’s why your Soul came here and you have already existing nature, inclinations/instincts and soul food that is asking to come through you.

It’s about the state of the world, and how desperately it is asking to receive a new life beyond the wound.

It’s the very reason you incarnated here, on this planet, in this time, in that body, in that family, with that pain, with that trauma, with that Fear.

Want to know who you’re actually trying to prove everything to when you stay small, stay hidden, stay quiet, stay-the-course, play along, play by the rules?

It’s not about “them” at all. It’s about your own mind and it’s ego.

Want Freedom from all the BS that’s been holding you back?

Show the ego how to be in service to the soul, this is what this transition is all about. And so that we can remember that it’s not the heart that breaks, that’s the ego. The heart only expands.

We are here to let the ideas of ourselves go up in flames so that beneath the ashes, the soft core of who we truly are and what we love arises.

No more hiding in fear of your power or from the idea of pain. Trust your gut and follow your Soul. You can allow yourself to be a channel for cosmic wisdom, empathy and clarity.

You can have enough heart to be disliked by those who are your contrast “catalyst” and protagonist to your story.

Don’t push. Don’t wait. Actively receive, cultivate your “stilling nest egg” …

Trust. Align. The ego has a timetable that the soul couldn’t care less about. When you are in service to love, it’s easier to follow your soul.

And when the ego is in service to the soul, divine timing and magic ensues. This is mastery.

You are are safe to be more happy, make more room and follow your soul’s voice and sacred inner medicine.

I hope you can drink this message in, let me know how you receive 👁💎✨

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Dana says:

    What beautiful words of wisdom to my soul when I needed it the most.
    Thank you, Thank you so much!

  • Wendy Valentine says:

    Your messages always seem to come right when I need them & say exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for helping me into & through my soul journey. I so look forward to reading whatever you write. Thank you again. Peace & Love always, Wendy

  • Tamaraanne says:

    As always thank you, before I read what you wrote, I had a diffence , like I could finally breathe , I pick up a pen and paper and the first thing I wrote was , it’s time, it’s time for me to start living…and to do what brings me much happiness and joy , especially love by being a child of God, instead of saying why me, today for me I truly understand why somethings had to happen or didn’t happen the way I wanted it …I also learned it is true today that If I would of taken my parents or any other adult advise just maybe I wouldn’t have gone through some of the Things I did, but Then i say I wouldn’t have learned so much about my self if I hadn’t been so stubborn, curious, so forth…I especially wouldn’t have so much knowledge or wisdom, that I have endured , I to especially learned and am still learning everyday for that matter .. but the one thing is to never give up on God Yourself, just cause things aren’t going your way ,When you feel that ,just stop for that one moment and say to yourself there may be a reason, and don’t lose yourself cause that’s where you start making wrong decision, to where you lose sight in what or why , made me become a person that people no longer wanted to be around me, shit I didn’t even what to be around me so I tried many times to end my life, all because i lost sight of who I once was , nor would I except my Consequences, was blaming everyone else, instead of making myself happy cause I felt I didn’t deserve it cause of everything I had gone through or want other people would say….Well I learned a lot in these Two years and I have to say I will no longer aloud someone else to live my life, I’m taking my life back. I’m proud of the person I am becoming, no longer will I feel that I don’t deserve it…I will stay true in what I believe in , I also truly feel the difference in what love and unconditional love is, and that I was never alone the way I thought I was , it was me that didn’t reach out , and I’m okay with being with just myself time to time, the biggest thing is I have so much Gratitude about life, my kids for never turning their backs on me…..it’s time as my oldest son said , now mom go do you, you deserve it, you have sacrificed enough, I have three kids and today they say don’t Dewell on the past in what you did wrong , it’s what you have learned and how I taught them how not to give up no matter what, they said if it wasn’t for me they wouldn’t be who they are today, they are proud to call me there mom, and a couple months ago Oct31,2018 I got to experience what it feels to become a grandma ….I know I still have learning to do with this whole new chapter , so with that I thank you so much crystal for your wisdom and courage , kind words, keeping it real, but not giving up in helping for people to see what God, life, the universe, has to offer , Thank you again, Tamaraanne

  • Chen says:

    Hi thank you for let me know. Thank you so much

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