Energy Update: Sacrifice and Offering

By May 14, 2019 Energy Update

“If only we’d stop trying to be happy, we’d have a pretty good time”

Yesterday was a deep day of mothering, release, and understanding for me.  Today “I allow life and the energy of change to surprise me…”

And with the Schumann resonance waves coming in potently all week, it’s been an intense energy demanding us to STEP forward on our new journey and honor who we truly are …

We’re amidst heart, throat and third eye chakra activations happening collectively …

And as we receive hidden intelligence through surrender, it’s opening you to a whole new world that effortlessly breaks you out of your old/current reality…‬

Yessss 🔥✨

Where you’re realizing it’s not really about the triggers, the lessons and karma — it’s about your FREEDOM and YOUR choice to LOVE.

You now see that it’s a waste of energy to resist what is and you can instead watch how fast new solutions arise the moment you release resistance to what is so!

You can be authentic just as you are, wherever you are RIGHT Now!

You can choose to play, allow, surrender, activate and embrace as you choose to live, be and do for the SOURCE experience itself — and not for what the experience gets you…

This is HOW you cultivate your inner Kundalini fire, giving you permission to RECEIVE and CREATE!

And this is the perfect energy now as we’re in the midst of major shifts, experiencing old timelines collapsing, as we make way for the new.

Boundaries are being drawn and false towers of how we thought things “should” be, crumbling.

Lots of movement happening as major collective leaps in progress are being made, allowing us all to deeper release, surrender, activate, integrate and embrace change.

A new cycle begins as you make closure layers of your past you’ve outgrown and don’t choose anymore — and all the energetic changes within you are now slowly becoming more obvious.

A New Cycle Of Desire Has Begun

You must be true to yourself, now more than ever. Being the Mother and Father you never had.

Discern what it is YOU truly want.

Ask Spirit for each specific step as you do the work and only when you are offering the work.

Discover what you want your soul to express and this is where you find power if you haven’t already discovered this.

Fulfill your spiritual mission in creative ways and keep trusting your medicine, your own trailblazing WAY forward.

You are SO needed in the world (please read my previous updates on how much your UNIQUE medicine, gifts and path is needed by us all for you to light up your own way — if you are attracted to these writings then this is YOU too).

The answer is between you and Source.

It’s not the answer that brings you the peace you want – but more your ability and magical cauldron to sit with the question.

I know the past week to 72 hours has been very powerful for the collective heart surrender and greater “physical activation” of it.

Also throat chakra and up are going through and energetic overhaul as 5D timelines become more solidified for many on earth.

You may be recovering from a head cold recently as the heart chakra/thymus/lungs and throat chakra/thyroid/respiratory and your third eye/pineal/autonomic nervous system are being upgraded through the incoming light frequencies lately.

Keep going and surrendering into the new…

The first few months of 2019 have crystallized and grounded your awareness more, helping you see new directions to take.

If you have been going through deep initiation, walking your path then congratulations on your stepping into a new level of power and inner mastery!

Blinders are coming off and you’re a little more able to see the world for what it is beyond just the physical — but with the energy of your whole body and nervous system.

You have come SO far and you’re going where others have never gone so it’s needed for you to GO WITHIN and drink your own unique sacred offering that you were always here to bring.

We need you. The world desperately needs you.

It’s time to be ready to stretch out of your comfort zone and be able to receive the unknown as you walk towards an expanded you …

“The only thing holding you back is what you think you know”

We don’t fear the unknown and the direct experience.

We fear what we think about the unknown.

You are being guided to ask the right questions and go within to your own inner magic and stop using Spirit and your own ego against ourselves.

Stop using “spirituality” to avoid deeper awakening that already here in the moment.

Stop using denial and masks and deflection of what is really true — and honor ALL of the journey.

USING it ALL for soul food — not splitting it up and playing checkers or wasting energy through inner wars.

To spend time with those who nourish you, honor your energy as you release the energy vampires, the victims narcissists, the flakes, the doubters, the low vibrations …

And forgive yourself for these same aspects in you as you release those who don’t respect your journey, your soul, your growth or your love.

Because whatever is happening, whatever you’re experiencing in life right now even the paradox and uncomfortable is the effect of you choosing the calling in your soul.

You’ve chosen it. Keep going! You’re doing it!!!

I know you are learning to trust yourself more, we’re all collectively feeling you…

You are evolving to the tipping point of learning surrender —where your situations, lessons and karmic scenarios are fully released and dissolved into creating the new.

This is the energy of liberation and completion.

No matter where you are on your journey, feel into how far you’ve come and the awareness you carry now…

You may feel you’re able to form new ways and responses to the external as you can better discern “what is new energy vs. what is repetitious old energy” by directly going IN.

I see you. I see you tapping into your unknown, being more dedicated to play, your imagination and creativity, your happiness and service — even witnessing the triggers as gateways.

I see life is nudging you, refusing to let you turn around, showing you to continue on this shadowy road and that heaven IS the path.

So keep going and tuning IN to Source within.

Keep choosing your own energy and sending back to Source what you identify as not yours.

This is about mothering/fathering yourself as YOU choose your own self, choosing to meet your own needs.

If you’re an empath feeling really drained right now, please embody being & actions to these words.

It’s time to focus on YOU.

What in your life is draining you of your happiness and freedom?

Once you get clear on what you want:

It’s Time To Accept “What Is”

This is a major theme of the energy we are moving into. You can’t move forward and find your own sacred way that’s so needed by us all until you honor what is, just as it is.

Your can honor what is and still change at the same time, there’s enough “abundance” for both.

Accept what isn’t serving you anymore, competition of karmic contracts and what has run its course and at the same time embrace what you DO resonate with.

By fully being and experiencing what is – just “as it is” – you will move through it and no longer have to repeat the lesson or experience.

Through this you confront the resistance, you identify the barriers keeping you from already existing peace, happiness, intimacy and love.

This is ascension, enlightenment and growth. This is the process and the path, be evolution of layers of consciousness. This is the art of becoming. This is self love.

Any distraction or belief or method we use to “cope with life” instead of just direct experiencing life, just as it is, is the issue.

So what that simply means is don’t take that photo at that profound destination and post it because you want people to validate how awesome you’re doing …

Take a snap after basking in the sun, dancing in the wind, after you’ve connected with the sky gods and the trees — after really enjoying amazing energy that you want to remember always.

Don’t get that degree because of how it’ll make you look or how others might see you — get it because of an authentic core desire inside you that really wants to do it for you!

Don’t but that pair of designer boots because it makes you look wealthy — wear them because they make your ankles feel good and supported when you walk …

Don’t marry that person because of how they make you feel or look — marry them because of who they are — you love them FOR THEM not just because you love to be with them.

Don’t take that job because it works on paper and gives you status — do what you love and what fills you with passion and purpose.

Be real, especially with yourself.

You Have To Be Authentic To Your Desires

Aside from our primal desires for food, shelter and love… most of our desires are born from a bad experience.

Something may have happened that made you recognize a certain lack in your life, and have an emotional reaction to this lack that has stuck with you ever since.

This negative feeling made you WANT the opposite to be true.

Because of this, most people cannot accept their desires. They feel ashamed of their desires and they stop themselves from ever having what they want.

This is a self made prison, where you’re not only the prisoner, but the warden who holds the key to your own freedom.

This prison is made up of your own self judgements based on the surface level of your desire.

You can either stay inside this prison and judge yourself for wanting what you want…

Or, you can go beneath your desire, understand where it comes from, and find out what you REALLY want – because what you think you want, sometimes, is not what you really want at all.

This is why you may have been feeling conflicted lately. It’s a sign to go within and look deeper.

When our focus is on how we should be, our focus isn’t on creating what matters to us, or on discovering and living from our own authentic values.

It’s on ourselves – and trying to be the ‘right’ kind of person.

No wonder we experience so much struggle in creating what matters to us.

Any time we judge a desire as bad or wrong, we really need to question this judgment and consciously look deeper into understanding the desire itself as well as our resistance to it.

Even conflict is simply an opportunity to get clear about yourself, your beliefs, values and desires — and conflict is the perfect breeding ground for authenticity.

As it’s when conflict arises that we get the see alarm bell that shows us —“here’s an opportunity to get to know yourself”

No matter what whether your real about what feels good or real about what feels bad — authentically is going to increase your frequency no matter what.

This is also why being authentic mattered so much in order to paint your new life from a place of wholeness instead of duality, lack and war.

Owning your desires just as they are (even the ones you want to transform) as acceptance has nothing to do with condoning or condemning what is.

Being authentic to what IS has nothing to do with whether you want to change something or not.

It’s not about the dual. It’s about being non dual; wholeness; BOTH!

It’s being able to acknowledge something as valid and let it in instead of fighting (denial) to keep it out AS you create the NEW….

There’s no fear of missing out, YOU can love you & the right beings will love you just as you are.

You Can Have Both

Just please stop comparing yourself to others as a yardstick for progress. See that we all have our own internal map of reality — a certain way our brain works and perceives, that is different from each other. That and we all grew up with different experiences and processing.

Yes, you could be more wealthy, peaceful or drama free than the next, yet you don’t know another souls journey, why they’re here on this planet right now, what lessons they’re here to learn or what challenges they’re facing in their learning experience.

It is always possible that those going through the craziest times are advanced souls, who came here to work out tons of karma in a way that our soul may not have YET had the courage to do yet.

Either way you or I – or anyone – never has the full layered conscious understanding of anyone.

So we can’t judge. The wisest choice we have with others is to be compassionate and humble, admitting we don’t understand.

And as far as deciding where YOU are in your own spiritual path, only you can truly decide this, based upon who you are, and how you live your life.

Just remember this one key fact: Trying to be spiritual, is missing the point of spirituality.

One of the biggest distortions of Soul, is that you must strive or try to “be spiritual” and always be a certain something.

As if Source isn’t all you need.

Falling into the trap of thinking that it’s the particular way of walking that matters on the journey, instead of showing up for every step of it.

Talking about meditation instead of doing it. And, despite oneself, turning the whole thing into a goal-oriented process with goals.

That you must be some ideal perfect in order to grow evolve, ascend or be enlightening.

That you have to look a certain way or heal certain issues, always be loving, forgiving and patient…

That you must be this ideal before you can receive enlightenment.

But none of it is real. None of it is true!

For it’s only when you stop trying to making what is — anything other than it is, in the end, that is ALL becomes spiritual.

You stop “trying” and accept your humanness AND divinity in the same space.

Your authenticity: ❤️☀️✨

Mainstream society says that in order to be an “evolved” or spiritual person you will be:

“Happy, positive, loving, grateful, aware, fearless, connected, calm, peaceful, compassionate, generous, even-keeled, fearless, non-reactive and patient all of the time…

On the other hand, a spiritual person “should not” be:

Angry, sad, selfish, anxious, irritable, depressed, worried, jealous, resentful, impatient, reactive, stubborn, bored or unsatisfied any of the time.

This is very fake (wounded feminine energy) as this leads to a life of ego, materialism and spiritual masks.

Attaching rules to what “spiritual” should look, behave like or “should be” is ineffective when we EACH have our own multi dimensional souls with our own internal maps and soul purpose contract in the world…

When we hold fast to our spiritual “shoulds,” we end up strengthening our sense of lack, and using the path as just another means to try to become a better version of ourselves, and solve our basic inadequacy.

When we practice spirituality as another way to “improve and add” we defeat the purpose of living as Source energy by striving to once again not be who we are.

Stop trying to be spiritual and BE you.

No longer wait for happiness and fulfillment, why?

Because you are supplying your own milk and honey now…

You are coming from “already whole” within the Universe inside YOU and outside you, why?

Because it’s about meeting our own needs and not looking outside of ourselves to FIND OUR OWN SACRED UNIQUE WAY FORWARD.

You are supplying your own milk and honey. Choosing your own energy. Choosing your own self. Choosing to meet your own needs.

Of course your SOUL knows that owning your power doesn’t mean coming into power over others!

Rather it’s about coming into power with Source and your own creator/God.

This IS the very paradox, process and “IAM” space that transforms the vibes of victim into inner victory and lemons into lemonade.

True Spirituality Comes From Within

Don’t be that “spiritual” person who tries to tell someone who’s been through deep trauma that they should just “think more positively” like you or that “the only reason they’re upset is because they’re choosing to be”…

There’s no reason anymore to give judgement about how “conscious”, “enlightened”, or “evolved” others are.

If you want to help, be united inside you and stop separating against yourself:

This means you CAN let go (and still be thankful for them) of thoughts like….

“Did you just see how unconscious that guy was?

“My boyfriend and I are in a fight. Sometimes I just wish he was more aware.”

“Conscious MEN are sexy.”

“Why is it that I’m the only one who gets it? Sometimes it’s hard being more evolved than the rest of the world.”

Spirit is saying you don’t need them anymore.

Avoid telling others awakened or not they are …

How free they or you are from ego, how open you are in your heart, measure this and measure that.

Spirit wants to see how you treat your soul and how you honor it.

How you treat your body temple, your sister, your lover, your partner, your parents, your children, your friends…

Surrender your talks about “Universal oneness” and “Absolute Consciousness” — your higher soul wants to see how you smile at the old woman.

Don’t tell others psychic and gifted you are — show how you treat others when you are wrong and/or you didn’t get what you wanted.

Don’t harp about the illusion of separation or how you achieved permanent love by meditating only 8 minutes a day when I can’t even FEEL your heart when you are sitting right here in front of me…

Your spirituality is only a self-sabotaging ego trap when you let it be…

So Spirit says to you…

“I want to feel your soul and it’s simple truth in your eyes and the rawness radiating from your heart.

I want to see all of you and feel you. See how much you receive, listen and take in new information without judgement …

I want to feel you when you deal with people who disagree with you and how you show up and shine when shadows arrive …

I don’t want you to tell me how good of a well dressed monkey you are — I want to KNOW you through the masks.

I want to experience you beneath your clever words, if you can let me FEEL you, if you can feel your anger instead of numb violence — if you can feel your wound instead of anger and so on back to your heart.

I want to know that you can go into the war and come out in peace — where your sorrow or loss doesn’t have to be a prison.

Where if you ask for help — you know your ‘re worth it and when you say you’re sorry, you mean it.

Where you can make mistakes and still be loving and loved; in process and yet already whole.

Yes. I want to know if you can honor your divinity and your humanity.”

So before you talk to me about your “Spiritually” please know I ONLY want to meet and know YOU just as you are.

Know your soul in your eyes. Feel your precious heart.

And know the truth of your REALNESS struggling for light yet sometimes learning how to receive in the dark.

If you are afraid, you must go into the fear.

Trust your journey.

And most of all…


Your practice is where the rubber meets the road.

It doesn’t matter necessarily what your practice is — tantra, energy work, meditation, breath work, gardening, compassion, martial arts etc.) it REALLY matters that you do practice every day.

In fact, without some kind of practice that you live daily, you are at high risk to become jaded and deluded — even using most spirituality concepts against yourself.

For example: One of the hallmarks of having clear perception is the ability to see the wisdom and light in others.

Not just the black dot ⚫️ of fears on the white canvas. But the whole WHITE wall.

You see this light, this wisdom, this inherent unbreakable connection to the divine in others because you’ve found it in yourself.

And when you look around and see others as less conscious than you, or pass judgement on where people should be in terms of their healing process or spiritual journey…

You are not doing anything more than affirming to yourself that you, yourself, are in need of healing, and that you yourself are unconscious.

Doing your best from a place of not really wanting to will ensure you DON’T do it at all…

So much of the journey is frequency and perception and this is why authenticity matters so intrinsically.

You must be authentic wherever you are, just as you are, even as you are shifting into higher vibrations.

If you do not want something at your authentic CORE do the true desire it is, you’ll be completely unable to see the excellence of that thing or whatever you masked it with.

Ie). If someone ONLY desires comfort at their core and their have done zero work, they will be completely incapable of recognizing or caring about the excellence of someone who is offering truth that is painful.

The recognition of excellence is 100% dependent upon the desire of the observer.

Remember the Universe is simply your mirror, teaching you before testing you …

So remember that whenever stuff hits the fan that it’s MORE about Mastery and Love — than the pain and “what’s wrong…”

It’s more about being focused, lit up and connected to your inner fire as you paint your masterpiece with each brush stroke than focusing on the one line that’s off — or the block, person or issue …

‪So ask yourself: “Am I FULLY ON FIRE with the life I AM creating?”

If your daily life doesn’t align or resonate anymore with who you’re becoming — it’s draining you — instead of giving you LIFE.

Again, as you upgrade to the next frequency you’ll be met and confronted with previous karmic ties and cycles, so notice …

Notice: know resisting change helps create more blockages, so accepting what is just as it is — IS how you flow more toward what you DO want.

Notice what fills you, what drains you, showing you the direction ahead.

And please STOP feeling guilty for giving you what you need before you help others.

You cannot help or love another until you exist as love itself FOR YOU; you must start living for you!

‪Remember: it’s not your job to carry others who don’t carry themselves and it’s not your place to make other people understand you — that’s only ego, let it go.

Speak your truth be authentic. Don’t force …yet… don’t suppress.

Don’t get pulled into other lower loops — witness instead and don’t project anger through your throat and voice. Instead express love, and you’ll bring more love.

Keep in mind its not about blame or the trauma or being triggered — it’s about the awareness of patterns that block your nature!

Truly the process is a Gift, love if you are willing to receive and utilize the gift inside the lesson, the process, the understanding.

Remember to ask for the Divine — to ask for source. To ask for IT.

Remember to ask for specific clarity on something, ask for healing, wisdom, peace, guidance.

Remember to ask for abundance creativity, light and love.

If you feel you are tired and burned out, tired trying, of seeking love and buying things that don’t seem to fill that hole …

If you’re tired of the work. The shadows. The doing. The showing up and asking for what you need. Tired of feeling truths that doesn’t feel good to feel.

Trust this is the way: Only when the old is happening can you disrupt the patterning that is stuck in the lack, fear and codependency and repattern them!

You are rearranging the parts that keep you thinking small and doesn’t allow you to “let go of things that make you tired” …

You’re reprogramming the part of you, however dramatic, however deeply buried that feels unworthy like you can’t or “aren’t ready” to receive so that you’re more freely planting seeds of play, abundance, creativity, pleasure, and excellence into your energetic and emotional system.

You are LITERALLY built for the purpose of knowing abundance.

Of wholeness, non duality and to learn how to THRIVE on this planet.

I known that’s why you are here reading this, because you already do know this.

You are meant to be in service to your heart and thriving — you don’t have to be tired.

That is the system and you’re body is NOT the system.

Come Home to the balance and Beauty you’re built for, love.

It’s just inside of you… right HERE.

With Love,

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Katherine says:

    I must say that you just reiterated what I’ve started to feel for myself starting about 2 years ago, although I knew something was underlying my entire life…I just have started to be aware of what I am, what this world is about and where it is headed and what that means for the other souls on this planet that are like myself.

  • Yola says:

    It is a LIFE CHANGING energy!
    Thank you Crystal, profound and well written and it hit me between the eyes!❤️

  • Alexandria Chavez says:

    The reality of your words have deepened I’m just understanding what you’ve said was exactly what I’ve been waiting for sometime. Thank you truly for knowing and understanding. It means more then anything to take what you’ve wrote and really apply it. Again thank you.
    In deep appreciation of you,

  • Mandi says:

    Dear Crystal, yes the only barrier to growth is what we think we know. Thank you for your words, your emails always resonate with me and where I am in my journey. You are such a conduit to the truth and light. Source is enough. I need to remember this! With love and thanks Mandi

  • Lisa Vogtner says:


  • Viviane says:

    I am human, I know I have one thing to do. LOVE. Love like a human to shed all my old thinking and give way to my new way of thinking and living. I leave myself to have all of the spirituality come to me without forcing and trying to show to the world who I am. I am who I am, that’s it. People accept me as is or they will never understand the light we represent to the world.
    I send you all my blessings and thank you for your guidance.

  • denise duff says:

    Hi Crystal hun .. tonight I just looked at the full moon and started singing .. this little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine .. thank you for bringing joy back to me ❤❤❤❤

  • Jonathon Storie says:

    ❤️Thank you

  • Fatima Leyla says:

    This was so powerful !! Thank you <3

  • Karen says:

    Yes Crystal I do resonate with your emails and all your work. There are many days where I am still fighting the process, still tired, want to walk away but yes I can no longer go back to what was and I don’t want to. I am starting from zero in just about every area of life and being tested on the daily. Thanks for your words, always coming at right time and like you have my back in this change that I am going through. Sometimes it is overwhelming, as change usually is but I keep plugging away. Hace a beautiful day!

  • Mary says:

    Hi Crystal I received many of your messages on my email and each time I am drawn to read them. I have decided to respond by stating that I don’t mind saying that I really have been trying not to see the truth of what was going on in my life. I have been so long looking for the answers to the whys in my life. I’m truly thankful for the the people on this journey and the kindness and love they have showed me through the times I would keep turning back. The question I have now is, where do i go from here? I don’t mind saying that I do fear the unknown but only seek to know the truth. I’m not afraid to move forward anymore but I need to find like minded people to help me. I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide me with. Sincerely Mary

  • Erica hernandez says:

    Your message felt like it was specifically written just for me…you hit it spot on…I feel like we’ve known each other, like were family or something…I hope that doesn’t sound weird or creepy cuz I don’t mean it that way…n perhaps we do know each other…maybe before we volunteered for this mission here on this planet…much love n blessings

  • sandhya says:

    HICrystal Aryana ….
    Surely your connection to the universe is commendable…..Thank you so much ….for torching the light for us ….Privileged to get associated with you…

  • Wow that’s all I can say, if you only knew what all was involved. Michele

  • Doreen says:

    Thank you Crystal. I love your blog and words/ storytelling. Your emails are VERY personal and seem made just for me only….but we’ve never had the chance to meet. Never the less it resonates with me. Wishing you a blessed evening. Namaste

  • Michele says:

    Hi yes I have been receiving your emails for some time now. And the last 3 or so have been spot on regarding my spiritual journey. Thank you for your help. I do feel the shift, I’m always vibrating, I also have a vibration that I can hear. There’s a Goddess inside of me. Your messages keep me on track with the moon schedule and planet alignments, how they will affect me. Much love and light to you

  • Raevun Johnson says:

    Im going through lots of transitions in my life right now and having these readings and realizing all the things you’re saying to be true is really helping.

  • denise duff says:

    Hi Crystal you are such inspiration to me ..thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • Rosa says:

    Hiiii dearest . Good morniiing . Happy to you a blessed thursday . Excellent words . Great like always . So true words , I feel it in 99.9% of my moments after i know him ❤

  • Candace Hawkshaw says:

    Thank you so much ! I love this!

    • Helen says:

      Hi Crystal to open one’s true identity is to realise and see we are all light works want God Our Father very much apart of our every day routine it’s the special feeling of Oneness and Freedom to one’s life, thank you.

  • Ron says:

    Crystal, this has got to be one of your deepest and BEST! Everything here is so profound and timely. As a man, I sometimes don’t fully identify with all the feminine issues, but the Divine Feminine is alive and well inside right along with the Divine Masculine. I often read and re-read each of your articles in order to absorb the most from them. I truly hope others resonate with what you say as much as I do. With all the conflicting energies and chaos swirling about these days, your channeling insights go a long way in helping me clear the fog and point a way forward when the path gets pretty dim. This particular channeling should hit many people right between the eyes! It certainly did me. I will also forward to a couple of friends who are having a particularly hard time making sense of life right now. Please keep up your good work. I eagerly look forward to each new article. Be blessed and be assured you are a Blessing already. Ron

  • Crystal says:

    Omgosh, I love your writing!! You are so informative, it helps so much, thank you for your love and guidance, many blessings to you!!

  • Roberta McInturff says:

    Beautifully written – resonated with EVERY WORD! Thank you so much. Love

  • Stac says:

    Thank you ❤️

  • Extraordinario tu mensaje Crystal.-Seguirè a tu lado para c ontinuar recibiendo tus orientaciones.-

    Whith love.

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