Energy Update: Karmic Solar Eclipse Turn Around

By July 3, 2019 Energy Update

Hey loves,

I hope you’re enjoying your 4th of July week, allowing yourself some nurturing rest and body love.

I decided to write this energy update first before I made a video to further unpack it.

Let me know your feedback or questions and I’ll make sure to include your thoughts in my next video.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your week, allowing yourself some nurturing rest and body love.

A major destiny point is upon us as we’re all receiving a collective DNA activation bringing us all in some way, closer to understanding the truth of no separation.

When our perception shifts, our hearts become more coherent and our DNA can actually “see more” of the light spectrum (and we can feel and sense a more direct experience of unity consciousness).

I know with the energy coming in the last few days, everyone doing internal work (even those in the flow) are going through deep cellular renewal and wonky body stuff as the energy sticks.

From July 2nd, to the 16th, we find ourselves in another intense eclipse portal.

This time, on the Cancer-Capricorn axis as both of these signs currently host the north and south nodes and accelerating our shifts in emotional growth, fated timelines and current realities.

Many of your old patterns and layers of fears have been dissolving yet it’s time to practice what we’ve learned to a deeper degree.

For me, it all arrived as the message of more freedom and surrender, play, laughter…more inner alignment, allowing and self nourishment as the Mother (Cancer) and the Father (Capricorn) helps me balance this higher energy within my heart, my life structure and humanity.

As I sit here, deeply reminded that we must first nurture and raise vibration…come from inner alignment FIRST, so that our “actions” flow from inner alignment.

This is where we slow down, breath, investigate and be curious.

Yes, take action, when aligned.

Yet above all stay open to what you don’t know.

Don’t jump to conclusions.

Allow and receive the rest when you need.

I had to listen to this all within today as I continued to surrender.

Earlier this morning was flow until I had “plans” wanting to publish the energy update, around noon.

Funny how this post wouldn’t come out until I let go of my plans, sat and took a breathe under this dark moon, receiving late into the night, that I felt it…

Nope, this energy isn’t about controlling, expecting or forcing.

This portal is about nurturing your own source power as you play, dance, offer, create from within your own embodied medicine and FULL open heart.

So yes, raising your vibration and alignment is the first step of creation.

And it happens from a state of nurturing creativity and play—not being focused on the problem, criticism, demands, expectations, duality and fear.

You can be the magic, the honey, the acknowledgment and healer within as you embrace all the parts inside you, looking for greater love at this time.

Yes you can be courageous enough to say NO and release what is no longer serving your highest and have the faith to say YES to what is and does.

This is an eclipse for healing emotional imbalance that is unconsciously sabotaging higher love and truth.

So to allow yourself this opening and to receive more light, especially in the smallest moments.

Also it’s VERY important that you open up to the light as much as you can authentically call until the lunar eclipse (July 16th) so that you can lift your trajectory into a higher octave of your next major life cycle (instead of continuing to drag old repeating loops/lessons into your new phase of life).

You don’t want to be grinding in the old, collapsing energies anymore as the repetitious cycles are only going to break down faster and get harder for you…

It’s time to raise your vibration and understand Flow.

You’re not stuck. You’re facing the fear. And if so it’s because you are still waiting (duality) instead of co-creating.

This is the process of seeing what facing fear really means as you honor the high and low and use it all high/low as golden nuggets to create from (what non duality and non attachment is all about).

Where you don’t need to do anything except honor what shows up and investigate with your free being, like you would a small child.

Allowing more authentic “right action” from inner alignment and choice instead of overthinking, trying hard, fear, conditioning and forced effort.

Yes. Choose what lights your fire.

This means more fire. More creativity. More play, wild, art, nature, contribution, body rejuvenation, love, fun, laughter, inner child, curiosity, creation/creativity and direct source practices.

Also make sure while the energy is at its highest to take the next 3 days and allow yourself to integrate any epiphanies—so disappear into nature or your own space.

It’s important you integrate and make some room right now for greater receptivity within.

This is about you coming home and no longer being convinced that some outside authority knows better than the intuition of your own soul.

I know how far you’ve come and I know you are ready to receive more light, new ways and understanding before this eclipse energy doorway closes on the 16th, launching you into 2020 and beyond.

If you’ve been reading my energy updates this year, you know that I’ve been talking about this new phase and you finding your own sacred way —since about the middle of July last year (today just officially marks this new major cycle moving forward).

How A Solar Eclipse Like This Can Shift Your Destiny

This supercharged New Moon eclipse in her home sign of Cancer asks you to expand beyond what you believe is possible as you unfold into the unknown, bit by bit, through these energy waves.

Eclipses overall are not scary, rather periods that are SO needed, nourishing for your soul…

They help you shift into your bigger picture destiny as you make choices to eliminate, change and start something new.

They reset you. Many times you’ll realize you need more (or less) of something than you’re currently receiving.

It’s also a time when the moon is between the earth and the sun, which in turn leaves us with no light, fully exposing our shadow which is so powerful for our inner light and path…

Because we need these moments of eclipse and SHADOW to sit and revolutionize how we are embodying, projecting and creating our world from within…

This is why you want to send the highest most receptive abundant frequency and specific calling out into the world right now and LIVE it especially the next 14 days and you set embodied intentions.

It’s time to be willing to receive, from the already abundance whole that you are within that we’ve been talking about for months which means:

No longer “charging the old ways energetically” and choosing the gift, non duality, the whole—painting your magical canvas and filling your life with what makes you happy (you by yourself alone) instead.

This may be a deep dive for you, pulling up and pulling out any self made emotional prisons or unhealthy patterns so that you can free the chains around your heart.

This happens from creation which means that you must come from non duality.

You must raise your vibration, first and come from within your own unity.

This means stop comparing, chasing, fixing and warring and instead slow down to experience the breath, art, music, nature as you choose and play with every brushstroke, color and texture on the blank canvas you wield from.

Like I said in one of my last videos (I’ll post again) raising your vibe is about nurturing play (non duality), not fixating on solving a problem (duality).

We must come from the whole which is where our masculine and feminine meet within.

So we must create a healthy (divine masculine) container and structure for our inner wild, aliveness, inner source “abundance juice” and creativity to be supported and encouraged.

We must come from inner alignment and a higher vibe before we can back up and see the bigger picture and solution (higher frequency).

If you’ve been dealing with people or situations that have been confining, rigid or unhealthy—this portal is going to give you another lens to look through.

Mind you, can’t truly receive clarity of perspective until you’re not inside the bubble.

It’s like looking back on parts of life realizing “wow that was imbalanced, crazy, confining, uncomfortable or overly controlling” along with revelations of “why’d I ever put myself through that?”

It’s okay, this is how you know. Pay attention to what you feel in your heart and fully step into it as these instances reveal themselves at this time.

If navigated properly, this could be a time when spirit (and your unconscious, higher self and the universe) is moving you along on your evolution of growth.

Karmic cycles must close and it’s time for a timeline hop as you open your heart even more as you truly see how much love is inside you.

For you are made of love. You are love. And the time has come to remove the barriers of protection that you have previously sought refuge in.

Be gentle within to those wounds looking to come back home as you apply tender balm, forgive, embrace and transmute like soul food.

For your heart seeks expansion, back to truth, back to union, back to your innocence child and who you really are …

Back to the portal of the heart, where your belonging emanates and your heart-mind’s eye is receptively grateful for new opportunities, ideas and openings presenting themselves to you…

Yes a new approach needs to be embraced around how we love, heal, nurture, nourish, feel secure and parent (ourselves and others) in being at home wherever we are.

Allow the nodes, Neptune and Uranus (all aspects of source consciousness) to open up these supportive aspects and new ways of seeing for the first time (perhaps even to cycles that have kept you stuck for a very long period of time) …

However, again when we move to the full moon partial lunar eclipse this month on the 16th, this door is shutting as another evolution of growth cycle comes in.

So allow these energies willing you and uplifting you to open up that beautiful heart of yours and shine its light out onto the world.

Call in your highest alignment and be specific with what you want.

Know when you make a decision the universe moves quickly so it may surprise you and help you shake off any shackles and shake up your reality, encouraging you to step into the new, unique and embrace what feels aligned within to you.

So sit in the dark the next couple days outside —you may gain some flashes of insight of what’s hidden rising up for air!

BE aligned with what you say you want to receive on a true body vibratory level and vulnerably (silently) own it.

Next is to stay gentle with yourself and EMBODY this until the full moon with ALL YOUR HEART and WILL (pm me if you need specific steps and guidance).

Don’t get all inner critic with yourself. Don’t allow your energies or words to sink but if they do just watch and “witness” when it gets low.

Allow yourself to discern and choose to create from the full “whole” spectrum, even when in the trenches.

Know this powerful moon phase is generating life changing events with you—so whatever is happening is a needed ending/new beginning.

Remember that it’s usually the scariest moves that speak the most to your heart and is usually the right thing to do during the eclipse period (not always the most convenient).

It’s also likely a cosmic push from Spirit, forcing you to take action and embody new ways you never thought possible.

Remember that it’s only as high as you ask, reach, invite and allow that you can you grow …

It’s only as far as you seek and open can you go …

Only as deep as you look and feel can you see and only as much you dream that you can see you can you be …

So please allow yourself to receive even when you are outgrowing the old.

Don’t make one aspect or process “higher or lower” than the other. Please honor it all and use it for choice and higher good.

Trust every time you release an outgrown layer, it’s because you are choosing to create as life unfolds from a place of heart and unity.

That’s why it’s so important now, while we are still at the beginning, to…


Please be gentle with yourself and don’t force.

The grass isn’t greener on the other side, you are both sides and you are in the perfect place.

No you are not doing it wrong, even though it may feel like it now.

We are constantly evolving and if we didn’t have these solar and lunar resets, we wouldn’t be able to see ourselves, make peace as well as be open and curious to what we’re being shown in life.

This month of July we have the solar eclipse now, which is a new moon, yet we also have another new moon on the 31st, which is wild and rare…

Which means that this Solar Eclipse, the Lunar Eclipse and the extra new moon this month is giving you extra super charged energy to close out old cycles in your life.

The Solar Eclipse took place today, on July 2 in the sign of Cancer (followed by a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16)

This is the second series of eclipses via the Cancer-Capricorn axis, as the first took place last year July 12, 2018.

During this portal you’ll be met with both challenges and opportunities now.

What cycles are you going to keep repeating or close out, with your energy, and what new patterns and openings will you choose, with your energy, to step into?

And while some of us are already acquainted with this energy, themes from July 2000 & 2011 may also be resurfacing so see it all.

This is a time for stretching beyond what you think you know as a major old cycle in your life fully closes.

Also, this eclipse portal is happening in the pre-shadow phase and beginning of mercury retrograde (which right now means heart based mindset).

This is where you practice mastery and being the mystic at heart you are and allowing your inner magician to surrender.

Don’t try to analyze or get all the pieces lined up and figured out from a head space. This means not making too rigid of judgments as the time between eclipses is very malleable, so don’t expect (or make) any hard decisions this month if you can help it.

Eclipses also seem to speed of timing of important events in our lives. Things can happen quickly, as there’s a lot happening at once.

This Eclipse (along with the other astrological influences below) and this entire portal is an invitation to look deeper into how you are loving yourself and living in alignment.

It’s to remind you that the guru and answer and “at home” isn’t out there….

…it’s at home, within you.

Awaken. Arise. Ascend, inner guru.

Yet it won’t happen if you don’t choose it.

This is about feeling more fulfilled, alive and fully connected with the space to grow from the innocence of a total fully seen and open heart.

This is the space to fully feel all your emotions and whatever (secrets, desires, truths) you have been keeping below the surface.

You are being encouraged to express your needs and desires safely even when long term structures, family dramas and conditions are collapsing, dissolving and shifting.

The eclipse portal is speeding up the external development of all that has been incubating and gestating under the surface.

So allow yourself to shift and grow as the inevitable seems to happen at this time.

It’s all happening for you to understand your own power, helping you make room for MORE light into your life overall.

Choose to see from the greater whole.

Solar Eclipse In Cancer
The Return Of The Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine

Eclipses work with the energies of the North and South nodes, marking karmic points in time, based on the theme of the sign it’s in.

The theme for this solar eclipse in Cancer has to do with growth and ascension of your family bloodline, the dharma you carry, and your future potential.

This Solar Eclipse in Cancer is about the heart, your truth, your emotions, and working with what you carry in your bones and blood from your ancestors, your imprinting and your own personal lineage of lifetimes…

Choose to come with your inner child a LOT playing, dancing, laughing, especially if you think you don’t know how.

Its time to crack the shell (ego) to SOURCE. Finding innocence and “at home” heart belonging.

Be very careful of overly self criticalness and be GENTLE even when you must own your own pain, dear feminine.

Whoever didn’t love, honor, protect and nurture you —forgive them as they are just pointing you to these chords of your heart, sacral and navel as you choose to retrieve the old and integrate it into the new.

This is a time of mastery and of learning more mastery, within yourself community, your birthing ability and your nurturing capacity.

Also thanks to Mars just leaving Cancer, entering Leo, there’s far less tension in the sign and our new moon as we head into the eclipse.

The energy is asking you to see life and logic from a more intuitive, curious, innocent point of view especially as this cancer eclipse meets Mercury retrograde.

You may be feeling a calling to dive into the mystic and the unseen, beyond structure and boundaries, craving “new wave after wave of new experiences”…

This has been bringing shifting perceptions regarding safety, authority, home, wounded/healthy feminine, wounded/healthy masculine, old ideals, old traditions, belief mindsets, family, communities and all structures, even institutions into a new way of being ..

I can’t stress enough the need for clearing, cleaning, eliminating and completing as a way to create the space needed for receiving as you no longer allow what’s “misaligned” to block good things arriving to you.

(Make sure to clear your root and sacral chakra. Your hara as a man or womb as a woman is not a place to store fear and imprints of pain and abuse —but instead as a juicy place of creation.)

Keep in mind that whatever gets reset during this time is helping you insightfully navigate as you set the tone for the rest of this year and into 2020+.

Pay attention to what is showing up and bubbling up, like waves on the shore lapping.

This Solar Eclipse calls us to pay close attention to our true selves, so that layer by layer, our possibilities and options beyond our linear ways, can unfold.

Notice what no longer works and choose to create from a bigger place (nurture play + heart + contribution + creation energy intent/action = non dual solution).

You may be noticing less tolerance in the waking collective for manipulative behavior and fake light because our intuition is climbing as a whole beehive (the old is collapsing and those frequency options just don’t work anymore ..)

If you notice this stuff happening and it’s still doesn’t make sense, you are in the middle of it. Back up. Soon it will all make sense. You are the Universe and the Universe is you.

Also on a collective level, the Divine Masculine aspect inside us is still undergoing deep rebirth as we find the courage to trust our divine feminine more than ever, by gently, curiously, playfully bringing the wounded “Dark Mother” into the light, step by step.

Instead of taking away, create what you DO want and offer it. Instead of judging, love yourself here.

Own all your pain without cutting yourself down or using masked words of fear.

Be gentle and allow more light to build so that you have higher energies to unpack as you roll into 2020!

Also keep actualizing your progress, grounding your energy in the physical world.

Just as much as you are being asked to receive more light at this time, you’re also being invited to initiate more balance within your own inner Divine Father so that you can create healthy boundaries and more room to truly embrace your own self worth and inner light.

This means stepping more into witnessing more —your ability to hold a thought without making meaning or see the old from a new perspective…

Or even the capacity for deepest authenticity, or to reach into the fullness and innocent, childlike nature of your hearts and to hold, forgive and trust.

To heal the dark mother energies not balanced with her own Divine Masculine as you learn to dance at zero point (without squashing it!)

Her belittling ways of shaming, blaming, taking away approval, not giving enough credit and overall, not feeling impressed, receiving and joyful or surrendering.

When we are consumed by her, we can be demanding instead of contribute and often forget that we are the source of the love we seek (inner divine feminine nurture, energy regulation & self love).

If you recognize these Dark Mother tendencies in you, forgive her as it only it means your inner wounded feminine simply needs intelligent heart and presence so that she can come back to raw honesty, clarity, authenticity and balance within her own masculine aspect; own needs and desires.

By working to heal these energies during this Eclipse season, you are giving yourself…

A New Chance For Spiritual Rebirth

All Eclipses tend to bring you into a meeting ground with something that needs attention, awareness, nurturing and opening (and that we need more of) and that we are becoming aware of —so what is it?

This may come in the form of strange or fateful events, interesting texts, phone calls, people from the past, and commutations that come out of left field.

Remember these times are bringing something significant.

If you’ve been doing your inner work, many of your old patterns, layers of fears and self-sabotage have been dissolving in recent months.

Now this gateway is about what has been learned and is now ready to be RECEIVED on a deeper level as you practice what you know to a deeper extent and degree.

It’s time to allow and show up in this change and make it happen from all of your heart.

Hiding away isn’t an option and you must fully digest what’s inside you “at home” and belong wherever you are and choose to go from here.

Know life is asking you to dive into new, healthier and happier place where you physically experience more of who you truly are at your core.

Choose to not know. It’s neither a fortune, nor a misfortune. Take one step at a time.

Divine guidance is everywhere and in everything if you are willing to look. Do not judge or be overly self critical.

Fully shut the mind off and listen, one day to the next and allow yourself to unfold and be moved from higher guidance within you.

Use this time as an opportunity to become an active listener and pay attention to the doors opening and closing in your life.

Go down the path that appears naturally. Don’t use your energy to force or fix from fear or duality. Nourish. Rejuvenate. Come from the whole. Be receptive and patient. Everything will make more sense in time.

When the brain has the courage to listen to the heart, the brain will lose all it’s fears, forever, and so be ready to work with the heart in co-creation with the timeless and unmanifested

Stuck is simply “fear” and a lack of lighting your FIRE enough dear creator.

Fear is the manifestation of resisting the flow and what is just as it is.

Fear is resisting creation.

All letting go is —is simply instead of focusing on the dualistic aspect of “letting go” you are focused on what you WANT to create and creating it instead.

This is how you let go, otherwise letting go is a fairy tale. You let go, by creating and transmuting it ALL.

Keep your heart open (practice heart chakra exercises) as you allow this next big upgrade because miracles are truly possible and will be revealing themselves more and more as you practice.

This is just a time to be open to receive; to witness all the ways in which you close off from receiving and dissolving those barriers just by bringing them through your felt, innocent, fierce open hearted present (zero point) awareness.

You are not separate from the whole, you are not separate from love and you are not separate from the Divine.

Everything that isn’t love is revealing itself to be seen through the eyes of love and to let go of, as you are journeying through all that has been hidden, out into the light of complete (healthy divine masculine) clarity.

Fears and doubts have the potential to surface, but through their rising we will see them for what they are ~ illusions.

We are asked to let go of all attachments to time and to rest deeply in the present moment, for it is from this space that we have access to all the knowledge and love we have so long been seeking.

It is all here right now and there is nothing to chase or work hard for.

We are being prepared to acknowledge, see and accept all aspects of our shadow which we keep hidden—yet needs to be lovingly seen, held, embraced, heard and then integrated through new being and action to come back “home” to the whole.

If you choose to rise you must acknowledge your deepest hurts from compassion, patience, open hearted nakedness, innocence and fierce love.

You are now moving into the unknown, beyond all preconceptions and imaginings of what life is supposed to be like so that your soul can birth this new life for you.

I know many have never felt more in depth and connection to their soul and gifts than ever before!

At the same time I know many for a while have been moving through a period of hopelessness and stagnation.

However know swift shifts and turn around are possible yet it all is up to you and your own alignment.

Please trust that the Universe knows all that you need to fulfill your highest destinies, that nothing will be denied to you, and all will be provided the moment you are truly capable of the inner alignment, embodied being and receptivity to it.

The harvest is guaranteed, it is only the details that are to be revealed of WHAT you are choosing to call in and create between now and the lunar eclipse on the 16th.

For many this cycle marks an increase in Source/kundalini energy that will likely initiate a quickening within your body toward union with spirit and matter.

This new major energy cycle heading into 2020 is bringing you face to face with who they truly are at your essence and why you must come home (nurture and embrace healthy divine masculine energy) so that you can fully step into more into your embodied receptivity, abundance, light, energy prowess, Source power and higher (divine feminine) gifts.

Because, while the Solar Eclipse in Cancer is the centerpiece, there are several other astrological influences that help set the table …

Other Influences You Must Be Aware Of

Along with this super charged Solar Eclipse, a lot is happening, all at once.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer sitting at the North node of your greater DNA expansion, thriving your bloodline and your higher, evolutionary gifts.

The eclipse itself is opposed by both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, bringing a rigid, possibly overly critical energy …

Saturn forces you to be aware and clear about something in a finite way, while pluto forces intense transformation that cannot be ignored.

Thankfully this eclipse is slightly sextiling Uranus (in Taurus) speaking to your growing value system of freedom and authentic expression.

With that in mind, here’s a short breakdown:

July 1st: Mars leaves Cancer for Leo.

Shifting our power center from the hypersensitive, slow, sticky moving crab to the fiery “go out there and get it” lion energy which is like a breath of fresh air for everyone as it feel like things can start moving again!

July 2nd: Today’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer

A powerful gateway to your new beginning, just as Mars leaves the sign, making this a much smoother transition than it could have been a few days ago.

July 3rd: Venus Leaves Gemini for Cancer

Venus leaves the hall of mirrors Gemini and enters the nurturing, heart centered grounds of Cancer, adding magical fuel to the Eclipse portal we’re in. This emotional and heart felt tone is a great reprise from the intellectual halls of gemini we’ve been used to. Venus in Cancer creates a fertile ground for new love, and rejuvenating old love.

July 4th: Solar Eclipse in Cancer opposed Saturn in Capricorn. Hard decisions are made about doing the right thing. YOU ARE NOT DOING IT WRONG. STOP COMING FROM DUALITY. Raise your vibe first to come into alignment. Then take action. It’s not about the amount of actions, but about the “right” action from the right inner space. Often, we need to go back to alignment, feeling good, in a high vibration and with a sense of inner joy and peace, before taking action and doing. We find that it’s best to go back to this frequency, and allow what has to be done for it to happen, before everything else. Do what’s real and take care of your inner child, self love and heart even if it’s not convenient.

July 7th: Mercury goes retrograde in Leo.

The mind is going to the past. We need to dial things down. Get more in touch with our inner voice and feelings thoughts without pressure of big decisions “out there”. The mind must catch up to the present as you are moving through August.

July 8th: Venus in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus

You could be greeted with unexpected abundance from a place you didn’t expect, especially if you’ve been doing you work over the last two years. On the same day, Mars meets with recently retrograde Mercury in the same degree of Leo, charging miscommunications and ripping the lid off of inhibitions. Watch what you say today as the wrong words may cause unnecessary problems.

July 9th: Sun in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn,

This aspect makes for a depressing day all around. Serious topics will be discussed, and put-aside responsibilities will be unable to be put aside anymore. This is a day for bearing your cross, bringing insights into where you are most lacking in personal care. The issue you deal during this time will be relevant to what has happened as the Eclipse portal opened today, the 2nd.

July 11th: Sun trine Neptune, Mars square Uranus

Last trine to dreamy Neptune serves as a reminder to surrender to the divine within our human self. Tend to yourself and be aware that others will be feeling emotionally triggered by unstable mars energy. Unexpected conflict may arise. You can experience a really beautiful moment today, but don’t let that go to waste because you and someone else aren’t seeing eye to eye.

July 16th: The Lunar Eclipse closes the door of the portal, and the new major cycle begins. Then we will see the responding full moon total lunar eclipse in Jan 2020.

You’ll find that new opportunities new openings taking you through into the second half of 2019.

We are figuring out where to open up more and say yes I need nurturing…Yes I need to be held.

We are finding where we need to be self accountable as we continually father ourselves.

Remember: One of the interesting things that is happening during this Solar Eclipse is that it opposes Saturn in Capricorn.

Saturn, who is currently conjoined the South Node, speaks to what it means to let go of where we hold ourselves back (restrict ourselves) in the name of being independent.

Yes of course. We do have to choose to be our own advocates, lovers, creators and healers.

Don’t expect others to take care of you. Be the best we can be and show up and take responsibility and step up and do own own healing.

Yet the shadow side of this is “okay I am not going to show myself at all until I’ve shown up to the table after doing all my work.”

Or, “after I’ve achieved that goal and have all my stuff competed, or had those conversations, then it will be the right time to be happy or alive, open, raw, deep or vulnerable”

No this is a trap and a huge lesson right now. It’s teaching you to raise your vibration and get out of duality.

Stop trying to be perfect prepared. Stop trying to think you are doing is wrong or right.

Step up now. Be authentic.



Your innocent childlike heart and vulnerability is a powerful gateway and rite of passage.

Stepping into it invites real freedom, expansion, depth, wisdom healing and your greatest love.

It’s a pathway born from courage, connecting your truth and being to the magic already living inside you.

It’s time for you to be raw and simply in your heart. Not worried if you are doing it wrong—not perfect, not prepared or self contained.

But just you—being at home with you.


Can you just show up just as you are, already worthy enough?

Can you balance being your own guru while still being open to what you don’t know?

This solar eclipse portal is THE invitation of this year to show up to the table with full heart of you want to experience new things.

Be gentle with yourself. Don’t force it but don’t run away from your feelings either.

You might feel like mush for a while, but what’s really softening up is your heart.

There’s this invitation to feel whatever you have been putting on the back burner, held yourself back from feeling or ignored even though you’ve known it’s something you need to initiate on a bone level that must come to the surface.

Maybe it hasn’t been the right time or maybe you have been wanting to keep putting it off. You may get invitations that sync up in wild, profound ways.

This is a time of heightened synced experiences that spiral out into your day; little opening to the right passage in a book or running into a person you’ve been thinking about on the street.

On a karmic level, Cancer is an expression of source energy so this is why the energy also feels kinda magical right now. The mystical feminine. Guided by source. Guided by mystical energy.

Don’t be too guided by old ideals. Feel your way first.

Yes, show up and be responsible. Show up for you, and what you stand for and yet be able to receive what you don’t know yet and keep surrendering to the process until the portal door closes.

Life is not going to be what you think it’s going to be at the end of this portal period, so spend your energy finding ways to nurture and call in more innocent childlike play and nurturing creativity at this time.

You may even find that a new way of thinking may bring you back home deeper than you’ve felt in a log time.

Either way, it’s best to let life surprise you now, and allow life and others to show up in their perfect roles for your transition at this time.
Allow The Magic To Come Through You Now

I promise if you open up, clean your energetic house and make the steps upward, you’ll find bigger magic at this time maybe you’ve been feeling since March.

However it won’t be what you expect and will come in a different package that you expect it and feel different.

Allow who and what to bring out the understanding and the culmination of what you are to receive as you ask yourself:

‪What do you truly want out of life?‬

‪The answer to that question may be changing right now.

Let yourself outgrow the past.‬

Ask for signs this week. Eclipses always bring symbolic messages of the future and clarification of the past. A lot is happening, all at once.

NO! You are not doing it wrong. What’s leaving is meant to leave and it’s meant to be sake so that you can see where you are going in life right now.

Think about it, how can we see where we’re really going without your own inner light?

So know that surrendering to the universe is essential to your eclipse journey. Trust the process as this portal is about self reflection, emotional processing & deep karmic ancestral healing as you choose to evolve instead of repeat.

You can learn how to nurture yourself, despite the previously-set structures of your upbringing, karmic lineage and family bloodline.

Because, with this Eclipse opposition to Saturn, Pluto & the South node in Capricorn, we’re finally tuning into what matters most: our emotional truth & the family karma deeply embedded in our DNA.

In other words, we have big windows flying open.

You will want to go as high with the energy as possible as this will be playing out into the weeks and months ahead.

So it’s best to imagine floating on your back right now.

Do breath work to connect with your body every morning, afternoon and evening.

Take simple steps and be in your heart. That’s what matters most.

SELF LOVE and your supreme energy management like I’ve been saying in my last few energy updates is everything. Be around the very nature, art, music and people that nurture your soul and BREATHE.

If you have a sensitive nervous system, spend time in water and resetting your nervous system with breath exercises.

Don’t let yourself get worked up or out yourself in high voltage situations. Stay grounded and allow this light to set inside you.

You don’t have to be perfect, just stay real to whatever is just as it is. Whatever or whoever is in front of you is your guru and exactly where you need to be.

Where are the places that we want to hide and don’t want to display who you truly are?

It’s Time To Mother Yourself With Creative Light

Offer yourself your heart…

Show up and set the table and be willing to receive, shift and revolutionize.

Feel through your emotions as you allow your divine masculine inner truth and childlike innocence to exist even through the chaos.

You are at home wherever you are. Allow your inner divine masculine to be worthy just as he is so that he can bring your inner dark mother back into the light.

You do this by no longer trying to get rid of the pain and instead you heal the pain by holding it, intelligently.

You no longer have to be perfect, gain approval or show up right in order to be loved or celebrated.

This mother wound can be held from intelligent arms if you want to deepen the understanding of your own inner divine masculine (self worth).

Stop relying on old scripts and rigid expectations of how it’s supposed to be in order to be worthy, safe, seen, loved or valued.

You don’t need all the answers to exist as truth and you don’t need to tell others what they want to hear to be loved.

No more perfection prison, overthinking preparation—no more avoidant behaviors because this isn’t about control. It isn’t about creating from more fear and duality.

This isn’t some “once I do these things then the magic comes.” No.

That’s not how expansive flow and alignment works.
You can’t be that rigid and tight.

You have the ability to feel and move from spontaneous depth and truth as much as self accountability and structure.

You must be conscious of where you are feeling love fragility, curiosity and anger.

You must allow yourself to feel these things and share openly … without expectation of return.

You must stop controlling the outcome, and presupposing that “if you just do these steps in the right way then these things will come.”

This is where most people go wrong with the Law of Attraction..

I feel we need to move past one dimensional “I’m responsible for my vibe, so I’m going to do my homework and perfect all the right things” and therefore this person or outcome or situation is going to show up in this way as I get my attached idea of happiness”…

No, that’s not how this energy plays out well because we get too linear, factual, dualistic and fear based.

We start to get really tight and tense, too serious.

Because we think we are controlling our vibration out of lack and all we are doing is creating duality from a place of duality.

You see, you are the universe and the universe is you so the biggest thing you can do for the world right now is choose take steps toward healing your own abandonment.

This means the universe is at your fingertips but you still need to stay in your own field, surrender, trust yourself, flow, allow and be present.

This comes from self awareness, real inner nourishment and your own supreme energy management between your mind and body.

For example, if you are choosing to self love without integrating lost parts of your shadow (unconscious inner child) than you aren’t choosing self love, you are bypassing.

The reason you keep losing yourself if you keep lowering yourself to meet duality instead of staying in alignment to your childlike (creator) heart.

You don’t need to keep matching the lower frequencies even if you spot them—you choose to exist where your energy is celebrated, reciprocated, honored, celebrated and received.

Self love isn’t about half spectrum accepting yourself so long as you look a certain way (that’s self destruction) …

Self love is full spectrum.

Self love is about integration, embodiment, wholeness and our deepest authentic innocence.

The way the universe will deliver it to you will be surprising and unexpected how this is taking you to a new shore, by healing our father wounds (which, in turn, Heals our dark Mother wounds and visa versa)

We all want to experience deep love.

Yet if we hold back from being stuck in fear thinking we will be disappointed, trapped or destroyed, we won’t know how to deserve, honor, see or receive love.

You are whole and complete exactly as you are.

This is about self mastery and raising your vibration FIRST, going home into your heart before you create.

This is about maturing both your conscious and unconscious aspects as one whole so that you can step into this next cycle of your souls plan.

This is about loving yourself so fiercely and being in alignment to the point that even your natural unconscious energy and aura literally rejects anyone not aligned with your highest good.

In order to let go, we must first feel (body level) what we want to leave and also mentally understand (belief level) that we ARE the whole as we take new actions from the whole.

This is why you must first develop the capacity to nurture yourself through challenges as you take greater response-ability of cultivating a life that is truly happy for no reason; that is happy beyond reason.

You are the way: and here reading this so that you can open up and move forward as you create your own, unique way forward.

It’s time dear healer, channel, way shower and light bringer.

The power is only inside you.

The new is upon you and it can seem scary, but when you know that you have everything you need within, you can walk into the unknown with freedom in your heart.

So use this energy to feed your soul deeper, allowing you to see more of the new experiences, openings, pathways and connections that inspire you to exist more freely and feel more loved, supported, appreciated and celebrated.

Choose to be held and supported within as you surround yourself more within what moves you, calls you, inspires you to be more in the very places that open up your heart, soul and mind.

Choose to be more around the very things and beings that fuel you to feel more small joys of wonder; nature that calls you, music that knows you, art that melts you—poetry and adventures all reminding you, bringing you back home.

Know things will not be the same a month from now in the house the eclipse falls in your chart.

Because after this eclipse portal ends on July 16th, who and what you thought once was, will never be the same.

It’s time to do things differently.

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  • Tina Lee Johnson says:

    How do I find out which house the eclipse falls in my chart? I am triple Pisces(and Chinese Pig which is equal to Pisces). Talk about sensitive! I could definitely feel strong energies the night of July 3rd and July 4th. I agree with that kundalini energy statement. I felt it and so did others I communicated with! Since I am an Empath/healer/sensitive I posted on social media yesterday for everyone to meditate, manifest, pray for the world and themselves. Especially just after the eclipse and the ramped up energies in the US yesterday. Southern California even had an earthquake. I knew something big was happening. I could just feel it. Then I read something about the star Sirius which is closest to earth right now. Wow! We are all getting a reboot. It is so exciting!

  • krystina kellingley says:

    Thank you for reaching out and for your guidance.

  • LaTrina says:

    Tiny Tim said it best.. God bless us everyone! And God bless you especially Wendy for caring and sharing.

  • Milena says:

    Tack underbara Crystel
    Tack för dina ord.
    Jag älskar att läsa dina kloka lärorika texter
    Tack att du finns och vägleder mig

  • Nivethitha says:

    Each and every word of yours helps me. Thank you and i hardly need your guidance… And im sure that my future will be fruitful since im undergoing very hard timings.

  • Nivethitha says:

    Your each and every word energies me… Thank you so much and really i need your guidance.

  • Suzanne says:

    I really needed every word of that!? Thank you so much ..

  • pat says:

    my boyfriend of 27 years has left me for a 19 year old he left in February and it killing me he said hr still love me ??? . sometimes I love him and sometimes I hate him

  • Wendy says:

    Thank you Crystal. I have taken much comfort and guidance from your gentle kind words recently. I have evolved in ways that I never deemed possible. Strength, the dragon, has finally been quieted within me . I really did feel her fiery tail unbalancing my outer composure until today. Your work has helped me a lot today. Am I babbling on ? Haha. Lots of love always Wendy Witch

  • Edit Christina says:

    I don’t know how to save my relationship this months. He’s a Capricorn and I’m Pisces. This months very stressful. Don’t know what to do…

  • Gopala Iyengar says:

    I had cursory glance of the report and felt like reading like chewing the cud. With regards.

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