Energy Update: New Beginnings of the 4:4 Portal

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I am sitting here outside now in the dark energy of this moon and “listening energy” of spring — the beginning our astrological new year …

I am feeling deep how crucial it is to OWN ALL of who I am as I step into this next phase of my life …

Even when you had a day you didn’t quite expect — to them FULLY show up anyway and GO with the energy.

So that is what I did. Focus more on what is working and let go of what isn’t.

Stop trying and pretending. Purify instead. Create and contribute.

Stop holding onto grievances and fully FACE what the fire is showing …

I feel so many are taking off the masks to fully let go of old “needs and fears” and are beginning to open ourselves to receive the new (heart chakra openings for many again) …

To stop overthinking because what we think we need to own our power isn’t what we we need!

Only the fire of the heart burns through the illusions that keep you living small.

I feel I am being asked to cultivate myself — the aspects that I shy away from embodying — that I shy away from receiving and from shining in my own “creatrix,” power and truth.

I am being reminded that I am the creator, the beginning and ending and I can birth through anything into existence that I am am aligned with at the core.

I want to focus on growth and owning all of me — light and dark. Instead of being right — I want to see where I am wrong with a free heart.

I want ALL of me as I KEEP SURRENDERING my judgement of what is right and wrong so that all of me can stay.

Everything in my soul is asking me to stop looking at others, helping, saving. Stop over giving. Stop caring what others are doing. Stop comparing.

And step ruthlessly, fiercely into my own void, my own pain, my own wisdom and higher surrender — where spirit speaks more clearly.

This way I can even hear what I am being called to do and feel it, receive it, embody it, offer it and take action from higher understanding.

This way I can take accountability for my existence and make space physically in my world for the energetic — I can make sure i have my time alone, share it with the right people, set the table and dress for it — and dive into the unknown and ask for it.

I can focus more on what I am creating and wielding within my being and get out of my head. I can let go of the wrong people be exchange with the right people — I can arrive from alignment.

I can make more space for divine time and entering into places that are unfamiliar in myself.

Yeah, it’s not always comfortable. I get it.

If you’re reading these words and feeling like it’s GO TIME more than ever in your life to step more into your scared gifts — I understand.

I also know if you’re reading and resonating with these words it’s likely you’re one of those souls meant to bring something new to the world.

I feel it’s time for breakthrough leaders who are peeling off the BS masks and finding their own way … you are not looking at someone else’s ways or relying on a gurus to save you …

No One Is Coming To Save You But YOU

If you truly want to live in a peaceful state, you have to do the deep work and take responsibility for what you create everyday. Be open and don’t resist and this time will expand you instead of make you suffer.

I know many in my private reads have shared the depths of this high intensity energy being met with purging anger, denial and sadness as this New Moon is illuminating the “mercury retrograde” issues we just went through.

Mercury went direct last Friday, and then immediately conjoined Neptune. This murkey Mercury-Neptune energy over the last couple months has been helping us realize old nostalgias, old patterning, attachments and fantastical ideas around love and happiness.

So this New Moon is also helping us move forward be helping us see whatever escapist qualities we still haven’t purged along with an overview of the truths that the mercury retrograde took us through…

…profound places we didn’t really foresee taking us deeper, having us ask questions — dive straight into our gap — our sacred void …

Asking us to dive right into what’s been holding ourselves back…where we have been self sabotaging or where we have been dreaming from in foggy disrepair …

Spirit is asking you now that if you know now what is true (if you have not denied the truth and the gift) what do you want to create?

You are stepping into warrior energy love, and Aries season is the first frontline energy helping you take this next step into the next phase of your journey.

Spirit is asking you to stop putting your mind into overdrive and loop what you cannot heal with the mind.

When this happens, put your hand on your heart and slow down. Feel it. Start functioning from this space and you train yourself to quiet the mind and enter more into your soul.

Everything in the energy now is asking you to use the keys you were already given to unlock yourself.

This is the core of TRUE HEART surrender where we show up all in and we walking into the unknown territory as if you are walking a new door and through a rite of passage.

If you are willing to crack open, aspects of you’ve forgotten will surface and you’ll feel vulnerable but these are DIVINE sources of POWER for you to utilize … this is the deeper understanding of the heart.

This isn’t a time to find short term comfort and go back to sleep. This is about following through with our initiation and finally feeding our soul ALL the way.

Today’s new moon is asking us to not only claim our personal “I Am” but also strengthen our devotion to truth — hone our arrow of intention, become impeccable with our word while staying connected to our love focused intuition.

To take responsibility for your spiritual world manifested in the physical and to stop following other people’s maps.

Your way is asking to be discovered, trusted, believed in and surrendered sacredly to as you swallow your own medicine.

The seed of creation fully exists already inside you and when you fully see this, you’ll realize that no one can create and love you — like you.

For so many I know you are beginning to recognize your awakening personal power.

Yessss you are not here to be anyone else. Your own flavor of genius is your own power to utilize in the world as a form of light.

A lot could be on your mind about what your purpose is and that’s a great place to be in. In the midst of taking the inner journey, your outer reality experiences some major shifts.

You may be getting signs and seeing things unfold in your favor, yet with 2 steps forward and one back. Don’t panic if you’re being challenged, tested, or pushed right now.

As your are closing out these old karmic loops more and more, you’ll notice timelines dissolve. People will drop out of your life as you go through transformations.

But as these people and timelines fall away, realize that they were part of your old limiting thoughts, negative activities/behaviors, and old ways of doing things, that are now being challenged.

Remember: You are the dream weaver. The creator. The creatrix. The creator.


The energy now speaks to full accountability. You don’t have to be the projection of others illusions or fears; just rest and stay in your own field.

No more being triggered by what you already know – embody it. No more saving others – focus on you.

You don’t have to worry about what others think or do or if they don’t resonate anymore.

Surrender the judgements and open your heart instead of closing it — it’s time to let ourselves through the right door.

Stop making other people the bad guys. There is no enemy. Stop making others wrong and stop making yourself wrong.

This fiery energy is asking us to UTILIZE our fire through making space for BEING the gift within and driving this energy forward.


If you have been stuck because someone hurt you, this is the perfect energy to use this event for your higher good and take responsibility for your happiness.

You may be starting to face yourself more at the core of who you truly are by questioning everything you’ve been taught to believe.

You’re starting to notice yourself growing more and no longer settling. You want more out of your journey. You want more out of life. You want to be real to who you are. You want to truly feel and really understand yourself.

An authentic and embodied life in all areas doesn’t have room for energy that is dissonant and incongruent and doesn’t “meet” itself — as these connections only distract, stagnant rot blind to your true potential.

Keep allowing old friendships, relationships, and things that aren’t fulfilling your soul fall away as you rise inside your own self understanding.

You might even start being aligned to people and situations that fit your life more beautifully, as my life has drastically shifted since the January eclipses.

You may be finding yourself getting stronger and less caught up and some might even find themselves being challenged by the shift, because they want to remain the same or don’t know how to get out of the same karmic loops playing out.

This is the time of GOING straight into the pain — and birthing magic from it’s depth. Most pain comes from “our idea of it” along with resisting and holding on.

Yes, the familiar always seems comfortable, but it’s the journey into the unknown where you discover your soul.

In order to understand yourself, you have to know what you’re made of. Don’t try to avoid changes. Don’t avoid growth. Don’t resist.

Once we let go and allow instead of thinking we have all the answers, we suddenly find everything making sense. Trying so hard to force things can be the reason why everything is stagnant in your life. Just breathe and allow the shift to happen. Be open to what can enter, by releasing what’s holding you back.


You must remember love what is truly meant for you and what is destined for you is already yours…

Again this energy of powerfully moving forward isn’t about looking at others or grasping or “working hard” …

Moving forward where you receive the higher call (of what you want) happens all on its own when you’ve made the room by releasing previous karmic loops, mission and it’s lessons so you shift into the timeline where you receive these gifts physically.

It’s time to let go of the past and step into our own renewal and inner magician and not choose anything else above our own souls calling otherwise we will keep coming up against the same lessons.

See who you are when you are no longer trying so hard, but you are instead taking care and sourcing from within?

‪How much softer you can be when you are only accountable for you and not others?‬

When you no longer allow people to throw triggers at you, and when you don’t lower yourself for love or your just don’t engage … if you are trying to prove yourself you have already forgotten your value.

When you know yourself, you’ll trust yourself. Honor yourself. You’ll know what I mean about “setting the table for success” … making physical real world space for the “new” to arrive.

You will know more and more what IS your energy and what is NOT your energy, so that you can just stay in your own field and stay in your own space.

Trust your own silent power and be kind.

If another cannot love you or meet you in your power, then know they cannot meet themselves.

Stop filling in the cracks for them and calling it a loving exchange. This is about your own self health, your own collusion and/or abuse patterns.


It’s about what you are willing to wield from your own gifts and using them for good.

Stop making excuses. Take action in what you are truly being called to do, create, offer and embody!

Everything you have gone through in your life has prepared you for where you are right now…

You are ready to take the next step forward yet you must trust your inner knowing and follow it. Trust you are on the right path.

If you’ve always felt called but ignored it, trust you too are an angel sent here to shine your light in the world in some way.

Yet you have to take personal responsibility to step into your power and wield it as well as create new “space” in your life for you to practice your purpose and gifts.

‪To clear out collective programming start by removing the tools used to implant it such as tv, radio, music, magazines and most of social media. If you purify your own energy field first, the templating will surface seamlessly to be acknowledged and removed.‬

‪It’s impossible to ignore the soul desires once you clear out the collective programming. ‬What does your soul need, crave and wish for? That’s what you should be working towards now.

Be open, and ruthless and willing to surrender. Stay in your heart. Your mind can’t figure it out on its own.

The mind tries to end its fix and change and solve its suffering through endless little boxes of definitions and chasing. Let the mind rest.

The alchemical magical cauldron is INSIDE YOUR HEART — this is surrendur.

Its only the fire of the heart that burns what’s false and untrue down helping us as through the illusions of the limitations and walls we give ourselves. All the things we think are missing before we begin, are here — or the people you think are “wrong” are truly just perfect and a needed catalyst for your awakening.

Ask your angels to and have faith that IF you stay open you will receive what you need and so much more.

Its time to be open to diving straight into the void and align with what’s real within and if we don’t attune ourselves to being in flow and face our stuff it will a rocky road.

Lesson after lesson you’ll be faced with until you align with what’s true for you and this is a process of rebirth and transformation.

The energy right now is vibrating at the exact frequency to crack is open so that we can surrender and TAKE THE LEAP.

It’s time to stop procrastinating and to dive into being your own hero and run towards what you used to run away from.

I ABSOLUTELY KNOW that you if you reading this whole message and resonating that this message is for you to make space for the divine.

Spirit is calling your own soul to see itself.

It’s up to you to make the time and space — to be around new people that support your new life and be responsible for your awakening gifts and unfolding purpose.

Are you willing to discover and embrace your own brilliance?



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